SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 116

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Posted: 6 years ago
I was dusting all the Windows and in between checking for updates...noupdateCry
Posted: 6 years ago
I was also checking for update...no update for today?Unhappy
Posted: 6 years ago
awee a very good update nisha!
Posted: 6 years ago
Hello !

Nisha I hope you slept tight.

Day Dreaming before I head later tinightEdited by Orangen - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Orangen

Hello !

Nisha I hope you slept tight.

Day Dreaming before I head later tinight

So sweet
Posted: 6 years ago
The sweet lifeDay Dreaming

She had set herself an alarm, at 11:45 she woke tip toeing to the sun room to pull the bag from under the day bed
"Classic Hikes of the World: 23 breathtaking treks" that and Audio Technica headphones for $1200
Getting it delivered to DII and sneaking it into MM was a big deal last week
She leaned on the sun room bed, sitting on the floor, thinking up a cool new way to wake him, umm... too late

He stood at the door of the sun room, hands tucked into his Alex Wang sweats, his tee crumpled as she crushed and held it when he made love

"Busy?" he asked

"WHY DID U WAKE UP?" she demanded

He walked over and sat down on the floor by her, stretching his legs out just like she had

He half smiled

"U shud have just been in Paris" II grumbled "My brain is fried, oru idea vum tonale (kuch nahi soojhha)" she placed the two wrapped boxes on his lap

He undid the packaging gently and elegantly, she watched his fingers move like he was playing the piano, she reached out and touched his index finger

He paused and kissed her cheek

"Innokavadu shave pannipeya?" (will u shave today?)

"Probably not" he whispered

Her insides slid, splattering on the sidewalk like a ripe tomato, his honesty was extremly sexy.
His effortless, wordless existence, the way he had walled himself off from the world after Ma's passing

He was done unwrapping, he opened the booked

"To Rakshasan" "From II"
II had not so elegantly carved in a blue pen in TAMIL

"Is that my name?" he asked in a husky sleep drugged voice, letting his thumb stroke the word

"Umm.. no" she whispered "It says Rakshasan"

"What no love poetry?" he asked

"I had an erotic one in mind, but couldnt ask Amma to translate" she whispered as he tackled her on the floor
Pausing to throw his head back and laugh

He bend down and kissed her fully...
they ended up staring at each other longingly

"My purple backpack sits all alone, I dont get to trek atleast u shud" she expressed envy
"We shud all head out after she is born" he promised

"Do u have this book?" she asked

"I dontt" he lied
And watched her smile wide "Phew!!" "U need a librarian" (u have so many books) she whispered, scanning the face she held protectively in her hands.
"I love women that wear glasses" he whispered on her curves, and felt her arch

He fished in his pocket and handed her a slim case, Harry Winston? Fred Leighton?
It was black silk, she opened it to reveal the most delicate bracelet with charms

A pacifier, the alphabet, a lil hair clip in the shape of a bow and a pair of tiny feet...

He kissed her again

"Sing for me?"

"Hindi" she asked
"Tamil"he nodded in the vicinity of her neck

She picked him up and sat up, holding him in her arms protectively.
In her deep Carnatic trained voice, she sang like she sat in a concert, with not one tune offkey

"Enai saaithaale uyir theithaale
Ini vaazhveno inithaaga
Thadumaaramal.. tharai mothamal
Ini meelveno muzhuthaaga"

(Oh! she makes me swoon,
Oh! how will I live this sweet life
I stumble, and I might crash to the ground
Oh!! Will I manage to pick myself up, wholly and rise up")

Posted: 6 years ago
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