TaaRey 3S : His True Love -Completed-

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Hello Guys! This 3S is continuation from an episode telecast on 18th January, 2013. When swayum come to know about Taani & Rey's relationship. Hope you all like it. Enjoy Reading <3


Chapter 1

"Mein apna best friend nahi khona chahta, bhale hi uske liye mujhe ek relationship hi kyun na khona pade. I'm sorry swayum i took you for granted. I thought you would understand , I know mujhe tujhe pehle hi sab kuch bta dena chahiye tha. Taani se baat karne se pehle mujhe tujhse baat kar leni chahiye thi. Agar tu nahi chahta toh mere aur taani ke beech kuch nhi hoga, kuch bhi nahi." Rey said to his best friend. His eyes were blood shot red, his heart was bleeding for choosing his friendship over his love but he was helpless, he truly didn't want to lose his best friend who had supported him in his thick n thin time, always there for him.

"Theek hai Rey. Aaj ke baad tu taani se baat bhi nahi karega. In this relation my sister will get only pain" Saying this swayum walked out of the college premises leaving a shock sharon and heart broken Rey behind.

Sharon look at Rey, her face fell seeing her best friend's broken state. The bubble of anger burst inside her and she followed him outside.

"Swayum..Swayum" Swayum stopped in his track hearing sharon's call. Sharon stood before him and gave him angry look.

"What was that swayum? Who are you to decide if taani and rey should continue their relationship or not. I know you are her brother but still its her choice if she wants to be with rey then what is wrong in that?" Sharon asked in her usual diva style. 

"I don't want my sister to get hurt" Swayum replied in curt tone.

"So you think Rey will hurt her?" Sharon asked, quiet shocked seeing him not trusting Rey with taani.

"Yes Sharon I do think. Taani had already faced alot here in mumbai, and i don't think she will be able to bear more pain." Swayum replied her, remembering since she had stepped in mumbai, she had faced nothing but pain.

"But why swayum? Why you think that rey will hurt her?" Sharon asked him, her tone soften seeing his moist eyes.

"Kria is coming back in few days. I never told anyone but after she left we both were in continuously in touch. And she is coming back to get rey back, to tell him truth." Swayum answered her, giving her another shock.

"Truth? what truth swayum? and how kria is related to taani and rey?" Sharon questioned him.

"Kria was forced to leave because of her mother. Her mother asked her to chose between her friends and rey and she chose her friends, She love rey with all her heart but she made her self villain so that he can move on but now she is coming back and do you think after learning kria had done all those things just for rey, Rey would chose my sister. Sharon we all know how much Rey loved kria and when he will chose kria and i know my sister will be broken so its better, its better they end this relation now."  Swayum explained her with moist eyes. For a brother the most painful thing is seeing his sister broken in front of him while he is helpless to ease her pain. Swayum don't want that. he was saving his sister from pain, pain of rejection.

"I know, Rey loves taani and he will get her back. Kria don't matter to him" Sharon thought to herself with small smile touching her cheeks, she had seen love in rey's eyes for taani which she never saw in his eyes ever before.

"Swayum don't you trust rey's love for taani?" Sharon asked him.

"I don't know that but i do know my sister can not handle anymore pain" Swayum told her, deep down he was hoping Rey truly love his sister but he was scared, scared that after seeing kria, his first love back, Rey will leave taani and go back to her.


She entered the college premises, she was walking in college corridor like a lifeless body. She wondered why her brother asked Rey to stay away from her and moreover, Rey also agreed to him and broke up with her. It hurt her, thinking they both didn't thought about her once and take decisions on their own, not caring how it would effect her.

She was walking, lost in her own thoughts when she collided with something hard, She whimpered as she lost her balance, was about to fall backward when a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her up. She sensed the touch and knew its him. Her Rey.

She opened her eyes and look at him, and found him staring at her, with love visible in his eyes. Taani found herself getting lost in those beautiful pair of eyes but realized what is happening, she forced herself to look away and stepped out of his cozy embrace and mumbling a quick thank you, she walked away from there. Leaving him, still lost in her touch. 

"Dude, you promised your best friend, you will stay away from him then, what happened now?" His inner conscious mocked him. Rey felt heavy at heart. He knew he should have fought for his love, not gave up. Sacrifice his love for his friendship, he was regretting his decision now, by each passing moment, he was realizing he can't live without her. He need her beside him.

"I know, I did a mistake by choosing friendship over love but i can't even lose swayum. He has always been there for me, in my good and bad times. I couldn't betray him." Rey told himself. He started walking aimlessly in corridor. Wondering where his life is taking him.

"What about taani? She was always for you too, directly or indirectly she had always supported you, stood by you. Don't you have any priorities toward her? And don't forget, You want to spend rest of your life with taani, not with swayum." His mind retorted back at him. Rey felt like banging his head against the wall, his mind & heart were playing games with him. One side he wants to break the promise he made to swayum and go back to taani then, on the other hand, his promise to swayum stop him.

"Rey." He stopped in his tracks when he hears sharon's call, from behind. He turned around and saw her coming toward him while running.

"Whoa! Slow down sharon. What happened, you look tensed?" Rey asked her, sharon was panting heavenly, once she stopped before him.

"Musibat aa gayi." Sharon told him. Without waiting for his reply, she held and hand started dragging him toward the fire escape.

"Musibat? Sharon, kya keh rahi ho? Kuch samjh nahi aa raha." Rey says, highly confused by her sudden change in behavior.

"Samajhne ki jarurat bhi nahi hai, tum bas chalo mere saath." Sharon told him as she dragged him toward the canteen. He gave her a confused look as they entered the canteen area. 

"Sharon, atleast now tell me what happened?" Rey asked her, getting irritated with her behavior, it was confusing him. Why she wasn't telling him anything?

"Rey!" A voiced came from behind him, It was familiar. He turned around and gasped seeing the person infront of him.

"Kria?" Rey whispered, shocked seeing her there. Kria, without seeing anything else, ran toward him and threw her arms around him. Hugging him tightly. While Rey stood there shocked, neither he hugged her back nor he pushed her away. He was too shock too react on anything.

Then, his gaze fall over her, stood near swayum. Looking at him with hurt and look of betrayal in her beautiful hazel orbs. His whole world came crashing down and he realized what is happening. And he knew, he had messed up big time, unintentionally.



Chapter 1 (Above)
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

- C o m p l e t e d -

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Hello guys! Kria is positive character here, in this story. Hope you liked it. Please do leave your feedback. <3
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Posted: 2015-08-19T11:19:36Z
awesome... lovely... masha-allah...
taani baby is hurt... Cry
thnk god kria is positive here...
even i liked the brotherly love of swayam he is also right at his place...
its upto rey now what he wants at the end...
though we know already...still will love to read how you will bring it...
thnks for the pm...

p.s. i resed... but first comment itna pyaara lag raha hai edit karne ka mann nahi karta ROFL
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Posted: 2015-08-19T11:20:09Z
^^ ohh teri second bhi me hopefully third bhi ROFLROFL
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Posted: 2015-08-19T11:26:43Z
Ohh poor Taani waiting to see rey's reaction 
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Posted: 2015-08-19T11:33:04Z
nice chapter
taarey r in pain
loved swayam n his concen for his his
kriya is back but rey will proved that he only love his taani n kriya is his past nothing else
egarly waiting for next update
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Posted: 2015-08-19T11:35:43Z
Another new story
Niw i really wonder where u get so many ideas from
Bt it was a great update
Rey chose his friendship over love
Taani was so heart broken
Kria is back in town
Hope our favourite couple get back together
Bt i also wish that taani should give him a hard time
He so deserves it
Update soon
Thnkc for the pm
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Posted: 2015-08-19T11:35:56Z
nice and itneresting start
swayam wants best for taani and he doesnt want taani will get hurt so his pov is completely justified
loved to see how rey will explain swayam that he loves taani not kria
loved to see positive kria .
interesting ending..
do cont soon
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