Baldev Singh: From Ravan to Ram <3

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Posted: 7 years ago
This thread is dedicated to the most popular character of EVKAV

Pind da Sher

Baldev Singh started off as a spoilt brat, the naughty kid, who used to feel insecure of Ranvijay as he got all the attention from the pind people. As it always happens with kids, Baldev was compared to Ranvi in every step and was branded the "bad kid" of the pind. 

Baldev, spoilt by his mother's love, always tried to put down Ranvi. All he wanted was some attention, importance like all kids of his age! But all his plans were foiled by Ranvi's little sister Veera, who was equally mischievous. 

Gradually, Baldev's attention shifted from Ranvi and his prime focus was on outsmarting Veera.

But though Baldev was mischievous, he had a heart of gold, which surfaced at times.

Post-leap, Baldev was shown to be rugged, ambitious, whose biggest dream was to be the surpanch of his pind. He was a spoilt brat, the gunda of Pritampura,but with morals. Extremely handsome, with an evil smirk!

He always got what he wanted. He was the sher. He was the king. And no one dared to cross his way.

Except one girl. His childhood foe, Veera. She challenged him. Foiled his plans. Irritated him.

At the same time, we see a different Baldev. One who loves his family above all. A protective brother, who wished to see his sister happy and settled. 

A caring guy, who couldn't even see his biggest enemy in tears.

He was cute, a child from inside, who innocently thought that the girl who hugged and cried in front of him, loves him. He thought keeping her happy was his responsibility.

His cute antics to woo her. His flirty andaaz, well that just made us all go awww.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Then comes yet another shade, heartbroken Baldev, who made us all cry with him. Cry
Here we see a broken sher, more ambitious than ever. Ready to go to any length to prove his worth. We see his tactfulness, shrewdness, a grey shade.

Next we see a friend, who will not think twice before jumping in to help his friend. Embarrassed His cute antics automatically bring a smile on Veera's face. He becomes her most dependable friend whom she can rely on for anything and everything. Afterall, "a friend in need is a friend ki deed". 

Then comes the best, the aashiq Baldev! Embarrassed A lover every girl dreams about! Day Dreaming Intense, romantic, sexy Blushing And caring beyond limits! The man of your dreams, ready to sacrifice himself for his lady love! HeartBlushing

But as it is said, "yeh ishq nahin aasan". He faces the wrath of the world, but like a true sher fights them all, just for his beloved!

He is tortured and tormented. But none of that could deter him. But woh kehte hain na, "jis se aap sabse zyada pyar karo, dard bhi sabse zyada wohi deta hai". Cry He married his lady love, only to be broken again by her words! Broken Heart

And then comes, what I would describe as a masterpiece in terms of acting, the psychopath. A tormented soul suffering hell from inside and trying to show his wrath outside!! Cry 

Then the wife realizes her mistake and takes it upon herself to get her loving husband back. And then, we see the most loving and caring husband of the world! Embarrassed Every girl's dream man! Day Dreaming Romantic and irresistibly HOT!!  Blushing

He has committed mistakes too. He is emotional, easily influenced. But always realizing his mistake and making the right amends.

Like an ideal king, he thought about the well-being of his people. His intention always being his pind's development. The best sarpanch! Big smile

When it comes to his family, he protects them like the lion. Respects his elders. His most desired wish being to make his father proud, which he eventually does. Big smile

Baldev is not perfect. But he represents the real human, you and me. He makes mistakes and amends them too. He is the loving husband, whose love for his wife is unconditional and undying! The mama's boy! The son who wants his father to be proud of him. He is a normal human being. That's why he appeals the most. All of us see ourselves in at least one of his shades! Baldev Singh for this reason is one of the best fictional characters that I have come across. Clap

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Posted: 7 years ago
Express your love for the Sher people!! Cool
Posted: 7 years ago
Lovely postStar
Aww baldevHug
Love dis character n the actorEmbarrassed
MemoriesDay Dreaming
Posted: 7 years ago
Wow lovely awesome post. I miss veeba so much Cry I'm eagerly waiting for Vishal's come bk. 
Posted: 7 years ago
HayeDay Dreaming
Before marriage wale VeeBaDay Dreaming 
Posted: 7 years ago
Suma Hug
Awesome post pri my Ballu Disapprove
Posted: 7 years ago
Love ur post to the core pri Hug
nowadays I'm watching all my favourite scenes of veeba. .n realised
how awesome they were before marriage. .the wooing days Day Dreaming
That baldev z my favourite one..teasing as well as caring baldeva Star
poland track has its own charm..n generator room scene..the awkwardness n all... Embarrassed
never loved any character I loved baldev.. Heart
missing you sooo o much baldev Cry
vishal plz choose strong character next time ...lyk baldev not lyk ayaan.. Ouch
Coz u win our hearts as baldev..u were the only reason for watching veera..
dat means hats off to both..the actor as well as character Thumbs Up Embarrassed

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