TaaRey OS : Love Is You

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Love Is You

Taani entered in canteen only to witness world war 3 going on between dazzlers & weaklings, both the dance teams of St. Louis. she drew a sharp breath thanking her stars that she is not part of their group. Just then she notice her brother swayum and sharon fighting with each other like tom & jerry. She was about to walk toward her brother but Before she could the captain of team dazzlers Reyaansh Singhania came in front of her, blocking her path. Taani look at him nervously, She is hell scared of him since she had heard a lot about his anger. Taani lowered her eyes, not daring to look at his intimidating figure. 

"What happened? The little kitty is scared?" Rey smirked at her, both the dazzlers and weaklings stopped their fights and looked at the two. 

"Rey leave her way! She has nothing to do with our fights" Swayum's angry voice boomed in whole canteen, Sharon looked at him shocked, she had never seen him so much angry but she could understand his anger, Its about his sister after all and He don't want rey to harm his sister. Sharon shifted her gaze toward taani and rey, she could tell how scared taani was which also didn't go unnoticed by rey who was gazing at the most innocent face intensely. Swayum took a step toward them but all the dazzlers except sharon blocked his path, preventing him from reaching there to save his sister from Rey's anger as he thought rey would take out his anger he had on weakling on his poor baby sis.Rey took a step more close to taani, leaving an inches space between their bodies. 

"Rey what are doing? Leave her! Weaklings are our enemy not her" Sharon said pulling him away from taani, All were shocked seeing sharon defending taani. Swayum had a small smile seeing it but inside he was hell angry on his best friend Rey for doing something like this to his innocent baby sis. Rey closed his eyes and curse himself when he saw tears falling down from her beautiful hazel brown eyes. Before he could say anything taani turned around and ran out from the canteen. 

"You bas***d! How dare you make my baby sis cry?" Swayum shouted at him. Rey look at him like he is crazy. 

"You know the reason swayum. I was just trying to talk to her" Rey answered him, Swayum knows that rey have feelings for taani but taani never ever talked to him and the reason is unknown to them. 

"What are you both talking about? And why rey wanted to talk to swayum's sister, she is not even a dancer nor his friend" Kriya, captain of weaklings spoke, no body is aware about Rey's feelings except swayum.

"Nothing guys! I was thinking why don't we end this enimity between us" Rey said shocking them. Swayum smiled knowing the hidden motive behind his words. 

"Yeah! You are right rey. We should end this rivalry and become friends" Kriya said as an instant reply to his words. She stand beside rey, occasionally rubbing her arms against his. Rey stare at kriya wondering what is wrong with her, why she wasn't fighting with him today.

"So we are friends from now on and as a friend i would love to invite you all for tonight's party at my place, to celebrate our friendship" Rey said soon everyone agreed, they all left for their classes except swayum and rey. They both sat on their table.

"And its your responsibility to bring my taani in party" Rey said with dreamy look. Swayum made disgusted face seeing his best friends lattu all over his baby sis. 

"Do you really think she would come after that little stint of yours" Swayum asked him, he knew rey wanted taani to talk to him but in all that he scared her pretty bad by blocking her path in front of whole canteen. 

"But i thought she would talk to me, fight with me if i will initiate fight" Rey said to him with sad grumpy face. 

"Talk to her tonight. I will bring her with me" Swayum said to him, not liking the fallen face of his best friend. Since taani had joined st. Louis he knew Rey had started liking his sister at first sight and some where he knew taani too liked him as he had seen her secretly stealing glances at rey in lectures. 

"Thanks dude. I owe you for this one" Rey said to him, feeling happy his best friend is supporting him in winning his love. They both talked for a bit more than left for their respective home, Rey was excited for the party and couldnt wait to meet her and pour his heart out in front of her. 


Rey was glancing at the door impatiently waiting for arrival. All have arrived except swayum and taani, were enjoying the party. 

"Rey what happened? Why are you staring at door for so long?" Kria asked him finding his behavior weird.

"I'm waiting for swayum, dont know where he is?" Rey answered her but his eyes remained on door. Just then door bell ring making him jump from his seat and ran toward the door to open it. Everyone look at me wondering why he is so excited to meet swayum. 

Opening thr door he was welcomed by the most beautiful sight, taani was standing there with her brother but rey didnt even noticed him, his eyes were glued on her, dressed in white anarkali she was looking like a fairy, heavenly beautiful taking his breath away. 

Swayum looked at the duo with awkward expression, they both were deep into each others eyes completely forgetting he was standing right there. Swayum sighed and went inside Before his possessive brother kicked in and he snapped at rey. 

"Thanks for coming" Rey whispered softly as if she would run away if he spoke in loud tone which in a way was true.

Taani smiled lightly at him as he gave her way to enter inside the house. Taani look around all were dancing on the beats of loud music, then she noticed her brother standing near sharon trying to talk to her. Taani shook her head at these two, who are in love but still in denying mode.

"Taani" She turned around and gave him surprise look who was standing there with tray of soft drinks in his hands. She smiled lightly at his gesture and took a glass of soft drink from him.

"Thank you" Rey smiled hearing her sweet low tone, Rey kept the tray back on table and stand beside her. They stood there for almost half an hour just looking at others as they dance. While taani was seeing them rey was adoring her, her beautiful smile took his heart again.

"Taani" Rey called out for her, He thought it was right time for him to talk to her and tell her about his feelings. Taani look at him with confuse expression.

"I want to talk to you" Rey said, leaning close to her ear so that she could hear him in loud music. Taani gave him a nod, telling him to continue.

"Not here. Come with me" Rey said in her ear, taani reluctantly agreed. Holding her hand he brought her in his room, surprising her with his move. Her gaze was fixed on their intertwined hands, making her blush little. Rey saw this and left her hand slowly, not wanting to make her uncomfortable.

"Woh..I'm sorry about the morning incident, I didn't meant to scare you" Rey apologized, remembering her tears. 

"It's okay." Taani smiled at him, which eased up his tension. Rey gained some courage and hold her hand in his gently. She looked in his eyes and found him already staring at her with love visible in his honey brown orbs. 

"Taani can i ask you something?" Rey asked her, his tone was surprisingly soft but what surprised her more was when she nodded at him positively. Rey smiled in return. Her heart went frenzy, his one smile could turn her world upside down. 

"Can you give me a small place in your heart, in your beautiful world" Rey took a step close to her with his each other, she look at him with moist eyes, couldn't believe whatever happening is true, not one of her dream.

"How can i give you a small place in my heart when you own it since when i don't know." Taani confessed making him look at her with wide eyes, couldn't believe what he heard was reality he was not hallucinating. 

"I love you, I do since i laid my eyes on you on your first day of college"  Rey confessed it to her, finally his heart felt light as he told her about his feelings which he had hide inside him since so long.

"I..I love you too" Taani confessed her love shyly making his heart jump in joy. He was jumping up n down and shouting, expressing his happiness. Taani blushed seeing his happiness. She too fell for him since she saw his dance in dance fest but was scared of rejection thus never told anyone about her feelings for him. 

Once rey calmed himself, He looked at his love who was standing in front of him with red shade adoring her cheeks. 

"You love me then why you always avoid me?" Rey asked suddenly, Taani bite her lower lip.

"Urm..I was scared" 

"Scared? Of me?" Rey questioned her, hoping for a no as an answer. He wouldn't be able to tolarate if she is scared of him. This is the last thing he would want. 

"No. I was scared that you might reject me if you come to know about my feelings. You are a heartthrob of college and I'm..I'm just a normal simple gir.." Taani continued rambling but his lips cut her off. He kissed her on lips, sliding his arms around her he brought her close to him. It took her a moment to realize he was kissing her. Running her hands through his thick locks she kissed him back. He tucked at her lower lip, seeking her permission. She opened up for him, groaning in her mouth he slide his tongue inside, tasting her sweetness. They both kissed each other till they were breathless. They broke the kiss and rested their foreheads against each others.

"Now you believe, I can never reject my love. You are the only girl i love and will always love." Rey whispered making her smile at him. Bringing her body close to him he embrace her tightly. She couldn't believe her love had accepted her while his thought were no different than her. All the negative thoughts he was having were now gone, She was finally in his arms. And he won't let her go at any cost. She is his girl and he will cherish her forever.


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beautiful os
loved it
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Posted: 2015-06-29T05:23:20Z
Adorable os...
It was really so sweet
Aww.. Taani got scared of Rey..
Weaklings and Dazzlings are friends...
Party at Rey's place
Heheheh... Possessive brother Swayam
TaaRey confession was so nice...
TaaRey kiss... It was an amazing os
Keep writing!!
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Posted: 2015-06-29T05:43:34Z
superb os
rey loves taani and swayam knows about it 
i loved it how rey said to swayam to bring his taani to party
awesome os 
thanks for pmSmile
keep writing
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Posted: 2015-06-29T05:48:50Z
Awww this was one of your
Cute and sweet Os taarey
Confession was cute
Thanks for PM
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Posted: 2015-06-29T06:02:03Z
Such a cute sweet OS
Keep writing
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Posted: 2015-06-29T06:08:55Z

lovely os

d cute one

both loved eachother

so lovely

keep writing dear
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Posted: 2015-06-29T06:12:49Z
wowww beautiful OS..
lubly concept..
Welly describe all part..
Thnkww for pm..

plzz do write more..
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