An Arranged Love Marriage (AR FF) #2; NEW PART- 04.08.2018(Page 100)

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I know I am a little late this time...but but but I am finally here with this looong part so umm...I guess I am already forgiven Big smile  Hehe anyways, dont worry main jyaada pakaungi nahi, here's the part; enjoy!!


He moved out of his cabin and whole office's lights shut out except for the passage lights and her cabin lights on just as expected. A smile knocked onto his lips and he shook his head making his way to her cabin. Passing through the passage he got a glimpse of her through the glass walls, her eyes glued to the desktop, while she played with the pencil in her hand fighting off the fringe on her forehead looking cute as ever dressed in his favourite red suit of hers. Just two minutes ago he received a good scolding from Ananya for making Riddhima wait till so late in the office, but thankfully he too was still at the office so he let het know that he would get her home in just half an hour. Little did his mother know the reasons of her staying back.

It had just been a week she had joined office once that she recovered. But she had reached an hour late today which rewarded her with a good lecture from him, in front of all the members present in his cabin.(around 6 people including Rahul, she had done a quick maths) He knew she had definitely been upset and she only confirmed it when she had her lunch with her collegues irrespective of knowing that he was free then. She was so engrossed in her work that she startled and her pencil rolled out of her hands as he entered clearing his throat. With all his efforts he gulped the chuckle back as she jerked in fear but refrained herself noticing him.
"Aaj ghar jaane ka koi iraada nahi hai Mrs.Mallik?"

"Just getting my work ready for tomorrow SIR!!"
His eyes shut at the way she addressed him, it had been a silent pact that she would only address him as Mr.Mallik whatsoever. But the use of word "SIR" only meant she was highly upset.
"Riddhima it's quite late, you should have been home by now. Chalo let's go."

"Sir if you don't mind, you may please carry on. I need to finish this draft by today, afterall it's my responsibilty"

That was a clear and direct taunt he knew, as he had lectured her on her responisbilities right this morning.
"Ok enough now, don't you dare call me that and just shut the damn thing. Mom wait kar rahi hai tumhara aur ab mera ghussa ghar jaake nikaal lena, abhi chalo yaha se."

But she did not move an inch so he himself walked to her desk and saved the draft beforing turning the pc off to hear an instant whine;
"What are you doing, that's not fair sir aap ye---"
Armaan spun her around and her eyes turned round as he held her by her waist,
"Just one more time you dare call me sir and I swear you will regret it."

She stayed mum for a minute dazed until the monitor buzzed as it shut down,
"Ye aap kya kar rahe hai, stay in your limits si---- Mr.Mallik, don't touch me!"

"Oh really now?"
He pulled her closer caressing her waist;
"Don't touch me; is it? Kyu? Kyu nahi touch kar sakta main tumhe?"

Riddhima tried her best to push him away but all in vain;
"Kyunki ye office hai aur main aapki employee hu remember? Aur sabse jaroori baat there's a camera just over our head Armaan."

The lady indeed had a point he agreed and so pinned her aside to the bookshelf where they could hide from the camera.
"Hmm so you were saying?"

"Armaan kya kar rahe hai aap... chodiye mujhe."

"Uhuh pehle batao tum lunch mein aayi kyu nahi mujhse milne?"

"Kyunki mera man nahi tha!"
He cocked his brow and held her hands downright moving dangerously close;
"Come again?? Man nahi tha tumhara Riddhima?"

The look i n his eyes told her it was wise to take her words back and she did exactly that;
" mera matlab... waqt nahi mila mujhe. Arma--- ughh..."
She gasped as he stepped ahead pushing her dupatta away nuzzling deep in her neck.
"Armaan koi dekh lega chodiye mujhe"

"Is waqt office mein humare alawa koi nahi hai Riddhima."


"Shh... Pehle batao late kyu aayi?"
He moved to the other side pushing her hair away but she did not reply which he knew was on purpose. She shrieked as he bit her collarbone;
"Ughh...Armaan nahi na!!"

"Toh then answer me."

"Gaadi kharab ho gayi thi."

"Toh mujhe bat----"

"Maine koshish ki thi call karne ki par aapka phone nahi lag raha tha toh maine Jiya (one of her collegues) ko bataya tha call karke."

"Ohh par vo----"
He looked at her trying to frame something as he realized all his lecture in the morning in front of the staff was needless.

"Haan par main jaanti hu aapne use kuch bolne ka chance hi nahi diya hoga. Bas Riddhima office nahi pohchi hai ye baat leke baith gaye aap; uff! Aap bhi na, meri toh baat theek hai kam se kam mujhse sun liya sab kuch aapne, main toh sochti hu aap apne bechare staff ka kya karte honge?!Unhe toh muh kholne ka mauka tak nahi dete honge aap."

"Vo... I was... just..."

"Hmm hmm... you were just what?"
Riddhima stood with her hands on her hips waiting for his excuse that he was busy making up in his mind but she could see how badly he was losing. So finally giving up he pulled her closer;
"Ok fineee... I am sorry. Mujhe tumhe sabke saamne aise nahi daantna chahiye tha."

"Nahi!! What's wrong with you Armaan? Aapko mujhe daantna hi nahi chahiye tha!"

"Ha...haan mera vohi matla----"

"Armaan please ab rehne deejiye, mujhe koi baat hi nahi karni aapse."

"But I said I am sorry!"
He held her hand as she walked away but she turned with a snap; "Toh?"

"Toh mujhe maaf kardo please."

"uhuh... mera mood nahi hai!"

"Ohh that's defintely not a problem; I'm sure I can take care of that."
And with a pull she was back in his arms and she almost shrieked as he hid in her neck nuzzling deep. She made an effort to push him away but was soon pinned back to the shelf as her retorts fell on deaf ears.
"Armaan aap... koi... dekh lega..."

She tried to reason away as he started a line of passionate kisses on her neck, earlobe and wherever he could get access to. But her retorts soon died as she reciprocated and his lips found hers. He let his discarded blazer rest on the chair next to him and next came his tie. His teeth left an imprint on her collarbone waking her up and she slowly pushed him away panting hard; "Armaaan! Hu...m off---ice mein hai!"

He rested his forehead against her catching up on their heartbeat.
"Ab dekho meri galti na---hi hai, ek toh... tum itni khubsoorat lag... rahi ho, uspe mujhe challenge ka rahi ho bina vajah toh galti toh tumhari hi hai na."
She looked away blushing hard as he nuzzled her nose but anyways slowly came out of his hold; "Haan haan aur kuch? Aapko toh aadat ho gayi hai, har galti mujhpe daalne ki. Chaliye ab Mom intezar kar rahi hongi."

Armaan smiled as she adjusted her dupatta, he picked his blazer all set to leave but to his surprise she held his wrist;
"Umm rukiye..."

That was followed by a pin drop silence while she just kept looking every where turning cherry red making him cock his brow; "What? What did you stop me for; to see you blush?"

"Nahi vo..."
Confused by her behaviour he shrugged his shoulders trying to know the reason for her blush when she moved ahead and pulled a tissue from the desk and with her shaky hands resting against his shoulder she cleaned the lipstick mark off his face. That turned his frown from smile to a wider smile and eventually intoa smirk. The minute she was done she picked her bag and walked away giving him no chance to tease; "Main neeche intezaar kar rahi hu...aap... jaldi aa jaiyega."
That made him ruffle his hair chuckling at his cute little wife.

The week after had been quite tiring for both of them, but none of them had any complaints since they were in front of each other the whole day. Though they couldn't spend much time together, but just the mere presence around each other was enough for their hearts. He had just freshened up after a talk with Billy who was out of India for some deal he finally walked down to the dining area.  It had been a long day and he was now sitting quietly having his food but seemed quite disturbed. Well the reason was none other than his lovely wife. For some reason she had been too quiet today and now had just had half a roti and was done with her dinner, so Ananya and Nikki were busy convincing her to have some more. After quite a few more minutes of this drama as both the ladies gave up; Riddhima stood up to go to her room when Armaan had had enough and spoke up staring hard at Riddhima;
"Enough Mom, bas hua Nikki koi jarurat nahi hai use itna samjhane ki. Aur tum... chup chap vapas aao aur aake baith jao, aur khana khatam karo apna!"
Riddhima definitely did not like the way he commanded her but she knew he was just concerned; "Armaan vo... mujhe bhook nahi-----"
The glare that he passed was enough to shut her up but Ananya butted in;
"Arey tu ghussa kyu ho raha hai. Uska man nahi hoga, main baat kar----"

"Nahi Mom please... koi 4 saal ki bacchi nahi hai Riddhima, she should understand usko dawaiyaan khaani hoti hai toh khana theek se khana chahiye. Aur aap bhi har baar mujhe hi mat samjhaya keejiye, kabhi kabaar uspe bhi sakti dikha diya keejiye, fir dekhiye baat kaise nahi maanti!"

Nikki cleared her throat also in Riddhima's team;
"Armaan yaar chill kar na, kyu bina vajah use ghussa dikha raha hai."

Riddhima repeated softly; "Armaan vakai mera khane ka man nahi hai main dudh pi lun----"

"RIddhima just get back and finish your food, I don't want any excuses. I am telling you if you fall sick anytime soon tumhara agle din se office jana band karva dunga main!"
Riddhima seemed much more than annoyed by his words but nonetheless got back to her seat and continued with her dinner as she knew he could actually do as he said. Both Ananya and Nikki just kept staring at Riddhima unbelievably as they really never thought she would eat, atleast not on a warning but Armaan just shrugged his shoulders at them.

Soon after dinner they settled down to watch a movie but Riddhima sneaked out saying she was tire and wanted to sleep. Ananya knew she was upset for Armaan's behavior so she instantly snapped;
"Kya jaroorat thi tujhe aise baat karne ki use. Dekh bechari kitni upset hai."

Nikita too agreed with Ananya;
"Haan Ammy, tu bhi na kitna ghussa karta hai. Hum baat kar rahe the na use."

"Oh yes of course tum log baat kar rahe the, aur tumhari baat bohot suni usne, nahi?"

Nikki tried to defend but she also knew he had a point; "Haan par----"

"Please... afterall baat toh usne meri hi maani na, toh kya fark padta hai. She finally had her dinner right?! Aur vaise bhi she knows meri dhamki ka koi matlab nahi hota, it's just to get her to do things."

Ananya shook her head at her crazy son and smacked his head as she called it a night;
"Vo hai ki tujhe upset karna nahi chahti, aur tu hai ki bas use har waqt naaraj hi karta rehta hai. Ab jaldi mana bhi le use samjha? Main chalti hu abs one, good night."

"Haan mom don't worry; Good night!"

Nikki narrowed her eyes at him as he was smiling; "Arey kya? Aise ghurna band karo, kaha na mana lunga!"

"Vaise jo harkatein karta rehta hai tu bewakoofon ki tarah, vo maan jayegi aasani se? Tujhe sunati nahi hai vo kabhi?"
Armaan smiled as Nikki stated her doubt;
"Nahi! Matlab, naaraj toh hoti I hai, fir kuch der baad nahi karegi par kuch der baad jab use raha nahi jata toh aakar jhagad leti hai, sara ghussa sari naarajgi nikalti hai par fir maan jati hai."

"Bas...aise hi?"

"What do you mean by bas?"

"Nahi matlab...umm... agar vo aayi hi nahi baat karne toh?"

"Toh main baat kar leta hu na tab tak."
Nikki just kept looking at him, with no one watching the tv as if he was stating something out of the world!
"Aise kya dekh rahi hai mujhe?"

"Yaar tum dono bade ajeeb ho... matlab... abhi toh itni naaraj thi vo, aur tu ghussa, abhi keh raha hai maan jayegi, matlab tu-----"
Armaan started laughing at her face but anyways justified;
"Nikki Riddhima aur mere beech har din, har ghante kuch na kuch an ban hoti hi rehti hai, par hum dono ek dusre se baat kiya bina reh hi nahi sakte. After everything that we have been through, humne ye seekha hai ki ek dusre se kuch bhi chupakar hum kabhi khush reh hi nahi paayenge. Chahe baat kitni hi badi ya choti ho, jitni der chupi rahegi utni hi badi misunderstanding create karti rahegi."

Nikita could see him talk seriously looking distantly with a mild smile playing on his lips;
"Is liye we talk things out, chahe baat jo bhi ho. Agar maine aisa kuch kiya ho jisse vo naaraj ho toh hum dono jald se jald us baarein mein baat kar lete hai aur yahi koshish karte hai ki jhagda bade hi nahi. Aur agar kisine baat nahi bhi ki tab bhi I guess... we have come so far in this relation ki bina kuch bole bas kuch bole hum ek dusre ki khamoshi padh lete hai. Because I guess at the end of the day humara rishta jyada jaroori hai, is liye humare beech ye silent pact hai ki galti chahe kisiki bhi ho, do din mein hum mein se koi ek peeche hat hi jaata hai taaki humara rishta bana rahe!
"Taking a deep sigh he continued; "And you must have already guessed vo "koi ek" mostly main hi hota hu, since I am the husband so you know how the saying goes right!"
Both of them chuckled as he ended his serious speech with a joke.

"Any which ways you guys are adorable Armaan, you make a perfect couple. And I am so glad right now ki I am allergic to this paint and stuff toh mujhe chance mila to spend some time with you guys. And I have to thank Abhi Riddhima for that!"

"Oh great so sara credit sirf use, that's just great!"

"Aur nahi toh kya, I am sure ye idea toh usika hoga tune toh sirf haan mein haan milayi hogi!"

"Woow so much confidence. Ab toh mujhe pata lagana hi padega."

Nikki frowned at his sudden declaration; "Kya? Kya pata lagana hai tujhe?"

"Ki kahi Riddhima ko koi kaala jadu toh nahi aata. Matlab see jab se vo aayi hai sab uske team mein ho gaye hai. Mom, dad, Rahul, Abhi aur ab tu bhi!! Ab toh hadh ho gayi ha----"
He was cut by a hard smack from Nikki which was followed by fits of laughter and senseless talks.

 Nikki was sprawled on the sofa and Armaan was sitting on the sofa behind her with his legs spread out while his eyes were glued to his mobile screen as he was least interested in that clichd romantic movie. The movie was almost about to end when Armaan sensed some commotion, as the lights were turned off he could just see a figure walking towards him but he knew it to be Riddhima. She came ahead next to him and uttered a small hello to both of them. Nikki's head turned at the sudden interruption but she gave a wide smile seeing her, greeted her and was back to the movie. After all it was "Shahrukh Khan" on the screen, how could she miss him! Armaan looked up at her confused as she was still awake;
"Tum abhi tak jaag rahi ho Riddhima?"

"Hmm... aap kya kar rahe hai?"

"Kuch nahi movie dek----"

"Umm...toh can I join?"
Armaan looked up at her totally surprised as to why was she been so formal; though anyways composing himself he held his hand out for her;
"Haan come!"
Just as she was next to him she snuggled into his arms caring least that Nikki was just a few steps away surprising Armaan.


"Tum... yaha, umm ...I mean ..."
The movie had ended by then and Nikki turned around switching the tv off and cleared her throat;
"I guess it's quite late toh main chalti hu... you guys carry on!"
She chuckled and left passing a wink his way. Armaan rolled his eyes at Nikki but afterall she wasn't at fault, Riddhima was actually clinging to him irrespective of noticing so she was going to tease quite naturally. He detangled and finally voiced his thoughts;
"Dinner pe jo hua uske liye tum naaraz nahi ho?"


"Kyu?... I mean... kaise? Aise kaise----"

"Kyunki mera ladai karne ka mood nahi hai na Armaan.Are you insisting me to be upset with you?!"

he looked at her puzzled but anyways let her be. She was right; why was he worrying if she wasn't upset?! Shrugging his shoulders he took her in his embrace and they settled quietly for some time when he sensed sudden heat which made him realize that she was neatly draped in a shawl. He could see she was herself pretty much uncomfortable in it.
"Riddhima agar tumhe thand nahi lag rahi toh fir sham se ye sholay ke thakur jaise banke kyun ghum rahi ho? What's with this shawl?"
He teased her and laughing at his own joke tried to discard it away but she moved away.
"Par mujhe thand lag rahi hai... Rehne deejiye."

"What are you talking about? Tumhare sir pe acha khasa paseena dikh raha hai mujhe! Jhut kyu bol rahi ho?"

"Nahi vo... rehne deejiye, I just need it."
He frowned but his eyes caught some mark near her neck in her attempt of adjusting it properly;
"Riddhima shawl utaro!"

"Armaan maine kaha na-----"
She held it firm as he tried to move it away but he had realized something was fishy so he stayed adamant as she retorted.

"Riddhima!! I said...utaro ise, let me see!"
His one look and the urgency in his voice let her know it was no time to trigger him so she simply dropped her hands while he moved the shawl. He simply waited for her explanation as her neck and hands had some red spots at various places.
"Aise kya dekh rahe hai mujhe, ab is baar maine vakai kuch nahi kiya hai. Vo dawai ke side effect ho gaye. Vo tablets mein heat jyada thi toh----"

"Par kal tak toh aisa kuch nahi hua tha tumhe, aaj achanak kaise? Isi liye tumhare forehead pe ye marks aaye hai... maine socha tha dust se hua hoga. Par ye haath par vegera bhi... aakhir hua kaise ye?"

"Vo umm..."
She averted her gaze as she continued;
"Un tablets ki vajah se nahi hui allergy... actually ye... alag dawai hai."

"Alag dawai matlab?"

"Tch... ab kuch nahi rehne deejiye na ab theek ho jayega, maine anti-allergy tablet le li hai kal subah tak theek ho jayega."

"Par ab tum poori baat toh batao, aur kaunsi dawaiya le rahi ho ab? Vaise toh dawai ke naam pe itna chidti ho toh mujhe bina bataye apne medicine list mein aur kya add kar iya tumne?"

"Kuch nahi na, rehne deejiye aap nahi samjhenge!"

"Kyu... baat urdu mein hai jo nahi samjhunga?"

"What?! Armaaan!"


"huh... kya hai kyu tang kar rahe hai?"

"Toh batao na!"

She pouted going into his arms once again as she continued;
"Mere jo chemo sessions ho rahe the, aur fir ye sare strong doses uski vajah mera loss ho raha hai Armaan. You know how it is with these medicines na!"
He for once went completely mum as he understood how upsetting it had been, and stroked her back encouraging her to go on;
"Par uske liye Abhi ne tumhe oil bola tha na, toh fir ab ye kaunsi dawaiya?"

"Vo oil jo aap le kar aaye the vo khatam ho gaya..."

"Arey toh mujh----"

"Aapse hi kehne wali thi par market mein available nahi hai, main khud dekh kar aayi us din. Toh maine online try kiya par use aane mein abhi waqt lagega is liye tab tak maine Abhimanyu se poochke koi tablets shuru karne ki sochi; par uska side effect ho gaya!"

"Hmm... jalan ho rahi hai ab bhi?"

"Nahi ab kam hai, aur lotion bhi diya hua hai ek vo laga lungi kuch der mein."

"Kuch der mein kyu? Chalo abhi laga lete hai. Acha tum chalo main jara ek phone karke aata hu."

"Abhi itni raat ko?"

"Haan bas do minute mein aa raha hu baba tum chalo na."

As he entered the room he found Riddhima trying to apply the lotion on her nape. He took the bottle from her and started applying it himself;
"Aap itni raat ko kisse baatein kar rahe the?"

He rolled his tongue in his mouth as he could sense the jealousy in her words;
"Hai koi! Tum jaan kar kya kar logi."

"Hmm sahi hai, main kar kya lungi?"
She said it in a low voice but he noticed her upset face through the mirror and realized she was actually upset.
"Arey majak kar raha hu, kya hua tumhe?"

"Haan abhi toh majak hai pata nahi kal----"

"Riddhimaaa... kya bol rahi ho!"
He turned her around and pulled her closer;
"Itni upset kyu ho, kya hua hai? Maine toh bas aise hi keh raha tha and you know that!"

"Armaan aap... aap..."
She looked up at him holding his hand that caressed her cheek but somehow couldn't finish her statement.
"Haan Riddhima main kya? Aage bolo Jaan I am listening!"

"Ye saari dawaiyon ke chalte mere haalat, main jaanti hu aap jatate nahi par main toh jaanti hu ki main kaafi badal rahi hu. Aur ab toh... mere baal bhi. Agar mere baal jhad gaye toh main kaisi lagungi... aapka saamna kaise karungi---- "

"Riddhima ma----"

"Main jaanti hu ab aap kahenge it doesn't matter aur aap tab bhi mujhse utna hi pyaar karenge...lekin kab tak... main bohot ajeeb ho jaungi, fir aap toh vaise bhi har roz kitni khoobsoorat ladkiyon se milte hai kaam ke silsile mein. Main toh khud apne aap ko vaise dekhna pasand nahi karungi toh un haalaton mein ye umeed bhi nahi kar sakti ki aap kisi aur se----"

"Hmm aur mera affair hona toh paaka hai fir... par socha hai kitni difficult situation ho jaayegi!"

She uttered totally taken aback.

"Matlab ab dekho, agar maine affair kar liya toh samjhti ho meri kitno se pitaai ho jayegi. Tumhari saari team talvar nikaal ke khadi ho jayegi mere saamne. Tumhara Spiky, Mom, ----"

"Armaaan aap majak kar rahe hai?!!"
She turned away absolutely offended by his words.

Heaving a sigh he turned her to him;
"Toh batao main aur kya karu? Kabhi kahi samajh hi nahi aata tumhari aisi baton par hasu ya ghussa karu."

"Kya matlab?"

"Dekho Riddhima seedhi si baat hai ki main is waqt jo kahu tumhe jhut hi lagega, toh fir faayda kya hai tumhe samjhake?"
But his words were definitely of no relief for her which made her frown hard;
"Maine kaha tha na... aap nahi samjhenge!"

"It's easy said than done, and in your case "to believe"...par fir bhi main yahi kehna chahta hu ki agar tum change hui ho, ya aage jaake aur change hoti bhi ho in terms of physical appearance toh usse mere jasbaaton mein fark kyu padega Riddhima? To be honest, hum dono ye jaante hai ki appearance does matter, koi kabhi nahi chahta ki vo apni khoobsurti kho de par ye jaroori nahi ki vo khoobsurti do logon ke beech ka itna ahem masla ban jaaye ki uspe unki pyaar ki zindagi tiki ho. Ye sach hai ki agar tum apne aap ko vaise dekh kar khush nahi rahogi toh main bhi khush nahi rahunga, but that's cuz I wouldn't like to see YOU unhappy. Is liye main poori koshish karunga, ache se khayal rakhunga taaki vo din hi naa aaye jab tum khudko aisi kisi vajah se aaine mein dekhna pasand nahi karo but I cannot guarantee ki humari in koshishon se you will be able to retain the health of your hair; your looks.

In cheejon ka bharosaa toh main nahi dila sakta tumhe kyunki all that depends on our luck, par main apne pyaar ka yakeen jaroor dila sakta hu tumhe. Main sirf itna jaanta hu Riddhima, tumse milne se pehle maine kabhi kisi ke liye aisa kuch mehsoos nahi kiya jo tumhare liye karta hut oh ab jab itna waqt tumhare saath bita chukka hu iske baad kisi aur ko pasand kaise kar sakunga! Haalat ab chahe jo ho tumhare pyaar ke saath saath tumhari aadat ho gayi hai shayad mujhe. Is liye tum jo kaho jo karo chahe jaisi ho, par mujhe sirf tum hi chahiye ho. Mujhe ab kisi aur se koi matlab nahi hai Riddhima, aur tum jaanti ho ki main bohot jiddi kism ka hu. Agar main aaj tumse pyaar karta hu toh is zindagi ke aakhri din tak karta rahunga aur is sach ko tum toh kya koi bhi chahkar nahi badal sakta. Usi tarah agar tum aaj mere liye khoobsurat ho toh mere aanewale har kal mein tum mere liye khoobsurat hi rahogi, chahe kisi aur ke koi bhi opinions ho including you; I won't care a damn about it and you know that, don't you?"

No need to say Riddhima had got all her answers and; she was now free of her worries would be an understatement. She was really overwhelmed seeing his love but somehow decided to not show it so as to lighten the atmosphere. After a long day she was finally feeling at peace all thanks to him, so why not let the guy be at ease too;
"Hmm? Acha hi hai... vaise bhi mujhe nahi lagta mere alaawa aapko aur aapke ghusse ko koi jyaada der bardaash kar paayega. Sooo!!... Aap mere saath hi theek hai!"

He raised his brow at the sudden change in her but smiled anyways as he was finally successful in lifting her mood.
"Achaaa! Tch tch tch bechari Riddhima... kitna kuch jhelti ho meri vajah se nahi?"

"Vohi toh!!"
Riddhima laughed as he narrowed his eyes at her but soon he was all smiles as she lifted herself on her toes and pecked his lips. It took him no time to pull her up into a deep kiss and she happily surrendered. That night she had knew, however big insecurity she possessed, he would have the solution to it. He was the answer to her every question, relief amidst every turmoil of her life.

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aur yeh ridhima k dimagh mein patani kya fitoor chalta rehta hai...
pagal hai voh pataani kya kya sochti hai bewakuff ladhki...

thank gawd Armaan ne usse samjha diya..varna yahi baat leke apna dimagh kharaab karti rehti...

chalo ab mera kaam kardenaa...
jo jo bole hain..samjhe naa...varna dekhana...
Wink Tongue 
Edited by megbans - 2016-07-19T06:34:36Z
Posted: 2016-07-18T05:08:01Z
awww poor armaan har jagha se dant padti hai usse 
armaan is the sweetest husband 
the way he got rid of riddhima's insecurities was so good
update soon please 
Posted: 2016-07-18T05:08:11Z
just 1 word wow...
update was written beautifully...loved it <3 <3 
Posted: 2016-07-18T05:14:13Z
Finally an update after such a long time
and the update was lovely specially armaan ridz conversation in the end..
Naughty Armaan sir in office making his charms work on a certain Mrs.Malik...romance is in the air

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