An Arranged Love Marriage (AR FF) #2; NEW PART- 04.08.2018

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An Arranged Love Marriage #2(AR FF)
Hello guys.first of all i would like to thank u all the people who are loving and appreciating my hard. I am very much glad to see the response i have been receiving from such a lovely readers... Haven't imagine that My FF will reach To Second thread. Thank u all so much.Here i m starting new thread and hope to get same love and response from u all lovely beings...

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Part 41: Scroll down!!
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Part 41

Within a minute Sophie came out with a bowl and handed it over to him. "I'll take your leave sir; Good night , goodnight ma'am." Both of them greeted her back with a smile as she left for the day.

She turned her attention back to him as he sat down on his knees in front of her. "Aap neeche kyun baith rahe hai; yaha khursi par baith jaiye na."

But he was Armaan afterall; he had to retort! "Nahi aise hi theek hai; so's time for some dessert." That is when she looked at the bowl's content and squealed loudly; Rasmalaiii!! His eyes widened as he nearly had a heart attack due to her outburst. 

"Shhh... kya kar rahi ho; sab ko jagaogi kya!"

"Sorry vo..." she bit her tounge feeling stupid making him smile at her antics. "Aap ye mere liye laaye?"

"Nahi padosiyon ke liye laaya tha... socha tumhe bhi thoda taste kara hi du!" She pouted as he teased her and tried to get up but he held her back. "Ab tumhare liye hi toh launga na Riddhima; ofcourse! Maine socha ki peechle kuch waqt se tumhe ye sab khana allowed nahi tha; toh kam se kam aaj tumhare liye kuch special le aau. Ghar par hi kuch banvane ka socha tha pehle; par sab is vrat ke liye already itna kuch kar rahe the toh unhe aur workload nahi dena chahta tha toh socha yahi le lu!"

She corrected him right away "Kuch nahi Armaan... bohot waqt se ye sab nahi khaya maine!"

"Ya right... bohot waqt se."He giggled at her cute complaint and fed her the first bite which she ate happily and moaned in delight. "Ummm... ye bohot yummy hai; thanksss Armaan!"

Handing her the bowl he sat next to her; "You are most welcome bacha!" He placed a tight kiss against her forehead as she ate like a two year old. She did feed him 2-3 bites in between but later almost forgot that someone named Armaan even existed around as she got too busy cherishing her sweet dish and Armaan had no complaints. Cause when she was lost in sweetness he was lost in her cuteness to even retort!

Once that she emptied the bowl she placed it aside and licked the remaining contents off her lips.

"You want to have some more?" He offered her with a huge smile but she shook her head.

"Mera bas chale toh main poori rasmalai abhi khatam kar sakti hu; par abhi mera peth full hai; aur bohot raat bhi ho gayi hai na; toh itni raat ko itni saari mithai khana sehat ke liye acha nahi hota. Toh main baad main kha lungi. "

He looked at her surprised; "Kya baat kar rahi ho... tum health ke baarein main sochti bhi ho. Now that's something new!"

She narrowed her eyes at him with a big pout on her lips; "Aap humesha mujhe chedte kyu hai?"

"Kyunki; jaise you enjoy teasing me vaise hi mujhe bhi bohot maja aata hai tumhari tang khichai karne main. Jab tum aise ruth jaati ho aur ye tumhari naak aise laal ho jaati ho toh mujhe bada maja aata hai!" He poked her nose as she sat with her hands folded against her chest.

He held her hands admiring the dark brown mehendi; "Tumhari mehendi sach main kaafi achi rangi hai! No doubt afterall mere naam se lagvai hai!"

As she blushed her down casted eyes reminded him about their evening encounter; "Vaise sham ko kuch poocha tha maine tumse! Kuch keh rahi thi tum par fir baat aadhi reh gayi...toh bolo kya bolne wali thi?"

She remembered what she wanted to say and went mum. Looking everywhere but him she started fishing for words; wondering how to come up with it when she felt him hold her shoulders. Pulling his chair closer he held her hands in a tight hold assuring her; "Itna sochne ki jarurat nahi hai Riddhima. Tum jo bhi kehne wali ho; main us barein main tumhe judge nahi karunga. You are free to keep your thoughts in front of me."

Her hands as always moved up towards his kurta buttons playing with them nervously. "Armaan I was just ... I mean; aapne is sab ke barein mein kuch socha hoga...toh"

He frowned as she spoke in broken words beating around the bush; "Kis barein main socha hoga?"

She gulped hard shutting her eyes tight and spoke coming to the point. "Humari... first night Armaan. Aapko mujhse... i mean as a husband kuch socha hoga; mujhse aapki kuch expectations hongi. Aur pehle hi itna waqt beet chuka hai; par agar jo apne socha hai; vaise... I mean what if main aapke expectations nibha nahi payi... I mean I..."

She looked up and hissed as she felt a smack against her head and caressed her head where he had just hit! She gulped her words as she saw him staring at her unbelievably; "Shut up okay just... just shut your stupid mouth! Matlab tumne mujhe samjhke kya rakha hai jara bata hi do mujhe tum aaj. Pehle all about that denial for surgery and stuff aur ab ye! Tum kya jaanna chahti ho ki what if you are unable to satisfy me... I mean seriously!! Ye saari behuda cheejein tumhare dimag main bharta kaun hai I really wish to know?"

She bowed her head guiltily. "Tum sach main kabhi kabhi itni bakwas karti ho na ki... you should just slap yourself once in a while you know taaki kuch akal aaye tumhe!"

She looked up at him tongue tied as he scolded her and looked down again. He sighed and held her face "Riddhima... I agree ki har normal ladke ki tarah meri bhi kuch demands, desires; kuch expectations hai tumse as my wife; humari is special night ko lekar. Par ek baat jo tum bhul rahi ho vo ye hai ki mere liye in saari cheejon se badkar vo lamha hoga jab tum khudko mujhe saupogi. Mere liye yahi sabse badi baat hai Riddhima; ki finally tum poori tarah meri banogi! Baki sari cheejen maayne nahi rakhti mere liye! And just to make things clear; the most "satisfying" (he stretched the word giving her annoyed look) thing for me Riddhima; would be the fact that we are going to complete each other. Ye sachayi un saari expectations ya desires se kahi badhkar hai mere liye samjhi!"

A small pearl like tear dropped out of her eye didn't go unnoticed. "Ab dekho ek toh ye faayda hai tumhare ladki hone ka; ek toh khud hi kuch bakwas karti ho fir main kuch kahu toh rone lag jaati ho! Ab is mein rone wali kya baat hai; main bas samjha raha hu tumhe."

Riddhima wiped her tear and shook her head "Hmm... kuch nahi!"

But he didnot budge; holding her chin up he once again asked this time in a soft tone; "Kya hua batao?"

"Kuch nahi Armaan...bas ..."

"Riddhimaaa... batao kya baat hai. Bura laga?"

"Nahi vo baat nahi hai...vo..." He kept staring at her as she slowly lifted her hand and caressed her head; "Vo... aapka haath..."

Realization struck him that maybe he had smacked her head a little hard than needed and he instantly held her head. "F*** I am so sorry... itne jor se lagi; i did not meant to...I am sorry..."

Removing her hand he himself started caressing the place he had hit "I did not mean to hit that hard...mujhe realize nahi hua itne jor se lag jayegi baby... I was just... am sorry; sorry..."

Armaan!! Both of them turned as they heard Ananya's stern voice. She had come out to check if Riddhima needed any more help but as she came she just saw Armaan apologizing and had only heard the last line which in itself; made the situation look quite different.

They stood up as Ananya approached giving Armaan a deadly glare; "Tujhe sharm nahi aati Riddhima par haath uthate hue. Vo bechari din bhar tere liye bhuki pyaasi baithi hai aur tu..."

Armaan and Riddhima were both flabbergasted as they realized what she took out of the whole situation "No Mom listen to me you are getting it wrong..."

But she did not want to listen to him. Thinking that her son had HIT his wife (as in domestically violated her) twisted his ear making him yell "Oww mom...yaar mujhe bolne ka mauka toh do..."

"Chup kar tu mujhe kuch nahi sunna. Har waqt bas ghussa karta rehta hai. Kitni khush thi din bhar vo aur tune use rula diya na. Maine pehle bhi tujhe samjhaya hai; shaadi ke dusre he din baras pada tha uspar aur ab... khabardar jo meri bachi par ungi bhi uthayi hai toh tune. Billy se keh diya na maine toh pithkar buri haalat kar denge teri!"

Riddhima cut in to handle the situation "Nahi Mom ye sach keh rahe hai; inhone vakai intentionally haath nahi uthaya tha ; matlab vo toh bas galti se mujhe lag toh bas mujhe samjha rahe..."

"Tu chup kar...koi jarurat nahi hai tujhe iski tarafdari karne ki. Har baat pe bas ghussa karta rehta hai ye; jara si bhi akal nahi hai biwi se kaise pesh aate hai!"

"'s hurting kaan toh chodo!"

"Chup... aur maafi maang isse abhi isi waqt!"

"Haan toh vohi toh kar raha tha... but aap galat samajh..." She just signalled him to shut up and apologize so he turned to Riddhima caressing his own ear; I am very sorry Riddhima...SORRY!!

Riddhima who was a little tensed a minute back had now started enjoying the situation. Though Ananya mistook the situation but it was the first time she saw Armaan going tongue tied and completely helpless scared by his own mother! She wanted to explain but before that she tried to stifle her laugh that erupted seeing her poor hubby apologizing for something that he did not even do! Any even that she made any attempt to defend him; Ananya just shushed her so she couldn't help it.

Just as he apologized they sensed someone's presence behind and found Tia standing at the door. Ananya looked at her a little disappointed by her body hugging clothes but nonetheless enquired "Tia itni der ho gayi aane main aaj!"

"Haan...vo aunty late night party thi toh... really tired toh main chalti hu. Good night!" She left to her room quickly as Ananya did not seem quite happy at the moment.

Ananya nodded her head and turned back to Armaan; "Ab ise kamre main le ja aur aaram karne de! Aur khabardar jo doobara ise rulaya hai tune!"

Armaan kept staring at her retreating back and as she was out of their vision he heard some hard giggles. His mouth hung wide open as she was giggling hard at him! "Tum has rahi ho mujhpe; yaha mujhe itni daant padi aur tum..."

"I am sorry... par aapki shakal. Aap kitna dar gaye the! Aur maine thodi Mom se kuch bola vo toh khud hi kuch aur samajh baithi!" She again burst into fits of laughter seeing his puppy eyes. He tried to remain upset but seeing her smile couldn't hold his own smile anymore. Pulling her closer he kissed her head softly and apologized once again "Sorry!"

"Armaan it's okay main theek hu; itne bhi jor se nahi lagi!"

"Hmm... I hope is sab main tum vo nahi bhul gayi jo main tumhe samjhana chahta tha!" She nodded her head; his point was taken!

"Good... ab isse pehle ki Mom vapas aaye aur mujhe fir daant lagaye hume chalna chahiye."

"Haan it's quite late; vaise... aap din bhar kamre main kya kar rahe the? Mujhe bhi andar nahi aane diya; aisa kya kaam rahe the aap?"

He smirked at her in reply "Ab chal rahi ho na...khud dekh lena!"


"Surprise hai..."

" Surpriseee... kaisa surprise?" Her eyes twinkled just hearing the word.

"Jise dekhne se insan surprise ho jata hai na vaisa wala surprise!"


"Shh... surprise hain na baba toh kaise batau? Khud dekh lo!"

She smiled and nodded her head excitedly all set to go. "Ruko... aise nahi!" He held her midway and she just awaited his move. She gasped as he picked her up all of a sudden and started walking. She did not move her gaze off him all the way till they reached their room. He placed her down as they reached the door and signalled her to open it! She frowned at him but none the less did the honours.

Door was unlocked and as she got a glimpse she couldn't believe it was their room! Entire room was decorated with small colourful scented candles. Rose petals sprinkled all around. Bed was canopied with white and peach pink garland of lilies. She was mesmerized by beautiful aroma that hit her nostrils and a sight that left her awestruck.

She came out of her trance as she heard him lock the door. She gasped as he hugged her from behind. "Kaisa laga surprise?"

She turned around in his hold and looked straight in his eyes "Aap din bhar ye sab... This is beautiful Armaan! I loved it."

He kissed her forehead and she rested her head against his chest hugging him tight. Both stood in each other's embrace with closed eyes for a long time. He slowly opened his eyes and whispered in her ear; "Vrat toh poora ho gaya... aur dessert bhi tumne kha liya toh ab mera kya?"

"Aapka kya?..." She replied still in his arms having an idea what he was talking about but did not wish to show it! So he held her chin up "Ab toh tum vrat tod chuki na; aur maine tumhare liye itni achi sweet dish bhi laayi; toh ab mujhe bhi mere hisse ka dessert milna chahiye na!"

She blushed at his words but instead of answering him she rose on her toes and pecked his lips softly. He shut his eyes feeling her soft petals against his lips and smiled with his eyes still closed. He opened his eyes as she slowly tried to move out of his hold and grabbed her waist tightly. She looked up at him as he pulled her closer completely jamming her in him and stared deep in her eyes. Tucking her hair he simply placed his lips against her and slowly fondled them.

 Taking her lower lip between his teeth he then licked it slowly; part by part making her restless. Nipping her upper lip he placed small feather light kisses on her philtrum; chin; cheek; and at all the corners of her lip but did not let his lips touch hers. Knowing him well she understood he was just playing around to tease but as she had had enough; she ruffled his hair pulling him closer and kissed him right against his lips. Holding her head he deepened the kiss and smiled as he succeeded. He kissed her full mouth as she ruffled his hair and other hand roamed over his back igniting the fire.

Sparing her lips as she felt out of breath; he moved down to her earlobe and kissed every inch of it as softly as he could. She held him tight as he nibbled her neckline placing random kisses while his hands caressed her waist. He showered another trail of fervent kisses on other side of her neck and stood with their foreheads touching to take a breath.

Caressing her cheeks he held her face and uttered taking a deep breath "Tum din bhar bohot thak gayi hogi; kafi bhaag daud ki do din se... tum chaho toh aaram kar sakti ho; it's okay!"

She knew how hard it was for him to hold his desires and wishes and prioritize her comfort every single time. But he managed it...not once; not twice but always!! She looked up in his eyes and said "Haan thak toh main gayi hu..."

Even before she had completed her sentence he replied "Theek hai toh fir tum..." She knew what he would say and she did not want him to back out. So she simply placed her palm against his lips shutting him "Shhh... main thak gayi hu; par itni nahi ki aapki saari taayariyon par; itne sare sapno se sajai hui sejh aur humare is lambe intezar par paani fer du! Main aaram nahi karna chahti Armaan... aaj mere paas koi bahana nahi; na main koi bahana chahti hu! Aaj ki raat maine poori tarak aapke naam ki hai."

She could feel his lips turn into a smile against her hand. Holding it he kissed her palm and her forehead. "Ek minute ruko main bas abhi aaya!"

She walked towards the window as he opened his side of wardrobe and watched the moon shine bright up in the sky. The winds felt so different tonight. He came back and forwarded both his hands from behind caging her in his arms; his palms held a small wrapped box which looked quite beautiful.

"Ye kya hai Armaan?" She turned her head sideways to face him as he rested his chin against her shoulder.

"Tumhe yaad hai maine tumse kaha tha... ki tumhara first night gift pending hai. Humare actual first night pe tumhe jaroor dunga; toh ye raha vo gift!"

She smiled at him and held the box delicately as if it was the most precious thing. But as she just admired it he suggested "Ab aise hi nihaarne ka iraada hai? Go ahead... unpack it na!!"

She unpacked the box and was stunned seeing what it contained.

A beautiful swan design toe-ring! "Armaan aapko pata hai bilkul aisi hi toe ring maine dekhi thi par fir khareed nahi paayi thi main aur..."

"Aisi nahi Riddhima; ye vohi toe ring hai jo tumne dekhi thi!" She looked up at him surprised "Aapko kaise pata?"

"Kyunki jis waqt tum ise dekh rahi thi main bilkul tumhare side pe khada tha remember? We were there for our engagement rings Riddhima; how could I not notice standing next to you?"

"Aapne ye tab se khareed rakhi hai?"

"Umm...not exactly; par maine dekha tha the way you were looking at it par pata nahi kyu tumne ye khareedi nahi. Ab acha hi hai nahi khareedi; mujhe toh tumne idea de diya na ki main tumhe gift kya du! Anyways it's of scientific help too for tonight!"

Tucking her strand flushed by his words she bent down and wore the ring. As she moved up he got busy admiring how did the toe ring look. What he didn't realize was that Riddhima was busy watching him all the while. Winds played with his hair while he looked an absolute Greek God today in that simple white kurta of his. He was always charming in whatever he had on him; but white suited him best! And his irresistible dimple that he carried so casually having no idea how it skipped her heartbeat every time that he wore it!

His gaze turned up to get locked with hers. She stared back into his eyes speaking volumes for a minute; but then averted her gaze and moved away to the window now holding onto it. She got back to admiring night sky and it's beauty. He stepped ahead and circled her waist; his lips traced her earlobe whispering softly; "Kya soch rahi thi mujhe dekhkar...hmm?"

She held his hands that rested against her waist closing her eyelids. "Aap par... ye kurta bohot acha lag raha hai!"

"Uhuh... so indirectly you are saying main handsome dikh raha hu. Chalo tumne notice toh kiya. Ab meri tareef ki hai toh khud ki bhi sun lo." His fingers moved slowly against her bare tummy and lips descended down to her neck. All of a sudden she pushed his hands off her waist delicately "Nahi mujhe kuch nahi sunna..." she walked past him trying to escape but he held her wrist still with his back towards her. He turned around and with a jerk twirled her back into his arms. Twisting one arm behind her back he sandwiched her in his arms. Nuzzling her nose he whispered against her lips "Abhi toh keh rahi thi ki aaj ka saara waqt tumne mere naam kiya hai; toh ab kaha bhaag rahi ho?"

"Bhaag... nahi rahi... bas... "

She hissed as he pulled her even closer and she gripped his collar for support; trying to catch her breath. "I know tum toh bas... sharma rahi thi? Koi baat nahi... aaj tumhe poori chooth hai; jitna chahti ho utna sharma sakti ho. Aakhir... aaj raat tumhare paas sharmane ki...kaafi saari vajah bhi hongi!"

Her breath turned heavy as he leaned in closer. His free hand moved up and unpinned her dupatta. 

He made gentle love the whole night as promised but with lots of teasing and brought her to the edge making her feel she was his and completely his. She smiled as he had so correctly stated; she would never forget this night. She did not know if making love felt so good; so content everytime; but right now she felt defeated and conquered all by him and still she was happy. Happy that she no more belonged to her ownself; but was now a part of him!


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congrats hope to get this threads first update soon
Lots of best wishes
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mubarak ho badhai ho :D naya thread aya.. so excited to read the next chapter. PLSSS make it cute and romantic with only ar and no Tia in this part pls and no kebab main haddis :D
thanks in advance ;) :P
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well i am silent reader but you puts me to the edge with your beautiful writing that i could not help but to comment first congrats for the new thread you totally deserve it. Its a beautiful journey of RiddhimArmaan shared by such an awesome writer. I truly adored you for writing such a beautiful story and the pm part you wrote proves how marvelous writer you are. As you showed the beautiful part of woman and man relationship with such beautifully that its so elegant nothing dirty in  it and that makes you fantastic writer keep it up kudoos to you
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congrats for new thread :-)
Posted: 2015-06-05T13:56:16Z
Congratulations on your 2nd thread... You are one helluva writer... Keep up the great work TongueTongue

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