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Posted: 6 years ago
Manny is damn weird.
Thats all I could figure out from the update.

I mean, SO insecure that a girl can make her brother do something that he probably wanted to do since ages and for  completely differnt reasons (Selling his shares)

Manny is more immature than Ishita. And damn stupid I feel. 

But she is so real that I am able to dislike her ...that's good portrayal Nisha. 


I love ishita raman together.. Sigh. :)
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

Originally posted by blue5sky

The comments have been too prolific for me too read..still catching up after my travel last fortnight!
Is romcomfan missing or have I missed her edits?

RCF is missing.i think in the previous thread too she came twice only.may b busy with academics or something.

Thanks for letting me know! Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Infamous & Famous

"Tanmay puttar" his Dad called out to him in his louddd booming voice

He glared at both women and turned to leave, the kitchen was as plush and gleaming as the one in MM... the door leading to the formal dining room had the push open kind
He turned and paused "Both of u" "show some compassion for the girl"

Sam stared somberly, Manny didnt even look at him

"Would it have been OK for you if he had continued down that path of self destruction?" Sam asked

"I never said that" Manya went on the defensive

"Do u know something, two years ago when my mother in law visited, he was in town with Marliese, he was HERE for dinner,
u know what she said loudly in Punjabi to someone on the phone? "She looks much older than their son, in a way its good,
he is marrying someone pre menopausal, I mean who would want to bring a child into that family"

Manya looked at Sam shocked  

"I bet she knew I was within earshot... YET she said it, she wanted me to hear it"
"Does THAT make you happy Manya?" "My mother in law thinks like this about us? Ma would have been thrilled right?" Sam sobbed uncontrollably

They were the epitome of dignity and class among the affluent in Delhi... it all went with Ma... pooof!

"THEY havent said a word about Dad do u know that?" "The Iyers"

"Thats a cop out Sam" Manya was angry "He married her because they didnt?"

"To tu kya chahti hai? he should have married someone within the community, and listened to glowing "compliments" like my mother in law hands out?" Sam challenged

"So by marrying her he is running away from  it all?" Manny tried to win an argument

"TUM kya chahti ho? Woh Punjabi se shaadi karta, meri tarah apni mother in law se roz taane sunta? would that make u happy?" Sam asked bitterly.
"Mrs IYER is the MOST refined woman you would ever meet" Sam smiled fondly "Ma unko zaroor pasand karti"  "Vandita? Vandita is a super woman"
"She has all sorts of complications with her second but was ready to go back to work" "Ufff tak nahi karti" "Good people" Sam smiled and nodded self satisfied

"I dont want him hurt at all" Manny said sobbing  "I cant bear to see him heart broken"

"So u will cut off his leg even before u are able to determine if its infected or not?" Sam asked logically
Manny stared...

"U ran away too... tera Ph D khatam hi nahi ho raha? Usko main KYA kehkar mana karti? Dad has brought us shame... Ma is dead so please dont get married?" Sam challenged

"Thats mean... aise mat bol" Manny cried

"Or yeh kehti marry someone jo masochist ki tarah roz baaton se maarti rahe" Sam asked jittery quivering, trying to hold back emotions

"We have Chachi, we have my mother in law, we have chachu, and willingly, with our eyes wide open we should have gotten into yet another disaster" Sam muttered
"WHILE wrestling with Dad's situation and Ma's loss"

"Shaadi was too quick" Manny said

"He shud have waited 6 months or a year so Chachi or someone can get to Ishita... and convince her not to marry into our screwed up family?" Sam asked sniffling

"My mother in law once said her son in law's Dad's name was announced on local TV, he teaches at Univ of Kansas or something... for some award"
 "she goes "MERE us samdhi ka naam...The name was mentioned in the news for a good thing"

And she stopped...Sam cried softly

"Tan just gave it back to her... he said Dad/Ranjan ko FICCI ne honor kiya for transforming personal transportation in NCR" Sam smiled weakly

"We dont stand a chance Manya, we dont stand a chance... what happened to us was a staggering... we are still cleaning up...
we will be as long as we are alive... I pray my kids should be unscathed"

"So may be its a good thing I dont have any kids" Manny lied

Sam looked at her in despair, as she knew her sister was lying

"Stop endangering yourself Manny... u are again allowing Vik to take advantage of you" Sam said softly but firmly between sobbing hiccups,
holding her face in her palms
Kissing her forehead

"Why not? TO Kya karoon main? While he lives with his wife U live with Tan and ur kids... I let the goddamn research suck the life out
of me at the lab all night and return to a cold bed?" Manny lashed out

"Tch tch tch tch" Sam shook her head unable to say anything coherently "Umm... uh... I.. na... na... na" "shhh shhh" " she pacified Manny

" saaye ki tarah hamara peechha karte hue chali aa rahi hai yeh bad dua" Sam cried
"Ma ne to sirf khush kiya sabko... even chachi" Sam wondered... baffled "I dont know how or who to plead our case with"

II walked in smiling, holding Lasya and the bag containing the Ikat prints...
Both women quickly wiped their eyes

"R&B hates to talk about it... so we both were talking about Ma" Sam lied

II froze... took a step back... "I am sorry I will come back later" "Mujhe nahi pata tha"

"Good idea" Manny said

"Arey nahi" Sam jumped off the bar/breakfast stool and chased after her, as she left with the baby...
Sam turned and dragged Manny and walked out of the kitchen...her mother in law was back... "Dono behne aapas mein kya baat kar rahi thi?" "How are u dear?"
"I couldnt come to the wedding... ur brother's" " MIL air kissed Manya... as her eyes followed II

Manya: Hey I am sorry I am just too upset I didnt mean to

II:Oh! no... u shouldnt apologize at all... I throw a lot of tantrums too


"I am sorry I meant I get upset and cry a lot, aap Raman se poochho" II said softly

Lasya cooed thinking II was talking to her, clapped and sucked her fist, nuzzling II's neck


Manny: I tell her she should be in the movies

II:I shud produce it... coz nobody else will sign me (self deprecatingly)

Sam: Tan ko kahoon?

II: Sure... agar SRK will be my male lead

Sam called out "Tannn TANNN"

He came running... R&B did too, and Ranjan, and Vik and Tan's Dad...
"She agreed to feature in a movie, aap produce karogey?"

"Kar lengey...Main ban sakta hoon hero?" Tan asked, hugging her warmly

II giggled shaking her head, as they surrounded her like she was a celebrity
she cuddled Lasya... in a red white and blue frock with tiny checked pattern, with red glittery bejeweled anklets

"Sorry...aap nahi ...sirf King Khan" II said smugly...
looking at HER King Khan "I would be so famous Millions will say nice things and I dont even have to beg" she said meaningfully looking at him provocatively...

"Ummm...King Khan? Really?"Tongue R&B muttered scratching his stubbly jaw... as if deep in thought...

SMUG B-----D!

"Kyon? Tu khud hero banega kya?" Tan mockedBig smile

"I was thinking... David Beckham" he said huskily
looking straight at her eyes...and slowly savored the sight of his wife turning pouring red wine in a glass... sparkling and crimson

Posted: 6 years ago
Lovely update as usual
Posted: 6 years ago
Love it! 
I don't find Manny's reactions strange at all... Now, I'm wondering what that says about me, lol.
Another "worth waiting for" update!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Love the support and interaction between two sets of different, but so endearing. 
Do we wait patiently for 10 more hours for  ' the hero's " gift to be revealed , or do we get lucky ...along with II Tongue

Come on Nisha...the night is young and one more update will make so many people happy and you could go to bed satisfied  too Wink
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha...Manny and Sam...they remind me of Vandu and II
I don't know why but i find a lot of resemblance in Manny and II

Aj I knew what II means to the family...they take her as a blessing to R&B...I knew they always loved her...but so much respect and value is hear warming

Superb update Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
hope savitha's death was an much these 3 kids are suffering by that scandal!!!ranjan too!!!really want to know beenukumar version.tan's mother!!!!aargh...i am not saying something mean about her only bcoz she is tans mother...and now david bekham v/s SRK!!

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