(Software Symphonies-15) (In)divisible Siblings on 132 - Page 21

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Vikas, you started off early morning only with your jokes??
And dont get me started over HYDERABAD and TELANGANA Angry
I haven't started any yet.
It must be some misconception.

I had continuous holydays over that period.
Everymonth had chance to go home because of all strikes and things.

Posted: 6 years ago
will mr iyer accept rb ?
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nichuss

will mr iyer accept rb ?
may be in his nightmares.

Posted: 6 years ago
5th tallest and world poverty

Appa began doing what he seemed to be a pro at, baying for his younger son in law's blood

II took off her pointy two in heels, teetering on her heel to take off her left one, grabbing her husband's elbow..
II and R&B had brought boxes of chocolate, mithai and flowers

"u dont have to take off kanna, in our house why do u have to follow formalities"


He took his Suede shoes off, clean well maintained, , his socks was also silver grey... as if his feet needed protecting

She walked over to Periappa's room and sat on the bed, the night nurse was half asleep,
"Uthenge zara" she asked
The man looked curiously at the dude
First question he asked II "Kitne lambey hain aapke husband"

"Umm 6'6""Cool

"Inka sar to pankhe mein lag raha hai!!!!" the guy made the discovery, astounded with it, lounging comfortably on his seat

"Haan" said II hoping hed get up

"Yeh to aapse bhi lambe hain" he saidAngry

"Duniya mein paachve sabse lambe hain" II liedROFL

The man got up in shock, he was 4'11 max...

"Jaane se pehle ek inke saath selfie le sakta hoon Maam?"ROFL

"Waise yeh har photo ke Rs.100 lete hain, par aapke liye free" she said grimlyROFL

R&B watched patiently as his wife, used her gift of gab, the nurse walked out staring semi-curiously and elaated at him

II woke Periappa up, and hugged him, sat on the floor near his bed, "Yaara kootindu vandriken paathela?" (see who I brought

He stood solemnly by her, she held his hand

Periappa acted like he knew  R&B was... stared curiously

"Ivanukku advice pannungo" (give him advice)

"Anything Periappa" she begged, laughing and teasing

"Tell him he shudnt stay up the whole night.. umm tell him to sleep more, read one book less, not throw his tee,
NERAYA PESA SOLLUNGO (Ask him to talk to me LOTSSS)
and enna paaka sollungo, enna maatram paaka sollungo (HE SHUD ONLY LOOK AT ME), ennodave irukka sollungo (he must always be with me)
naraya sanda poda sollungo (ask him to fight with me), konjalam aduvum OK (she giggled)

He cried when she said this, she wiped his tears

To II it felt like there was a sane intelligent man trapped inside a body that didnt cooperate with him, his eyes always shone, like precious stones

"I got 5 kinds of chocolates and 5 kinds of sweets, IVAN DAAN VAANGINAAN" She pulled the dude

She hugged his arm tightly  "He likes u a lot Periappa. You have no idea.. umm... ivanoda jaali ya irukku enakku... Shravu oda sanda podra madiri irukku (its a lot of fun to be with him, its like being with Shravu)
Enna Appa madiri paathukaran (he takes care of me like Appa does)

"Epaavume ennoda irupana kekarela?" (will he be with me forever, will u ask?) she asked earnestly

Saying so she began to cry... "I miss you so so much. U have no idea, I dont read Tamil gossip anymore only Hindi" she giggled

the Tamil ones she didnt translate for the dude...

She got up let go of his hand and hugged periappa tight

"Idu 4 weeks aa pottindrikken" (I am wearing my choora for 4 weeks)  "Innam 6 years pottupen" (will wear em for 6 years) she giggled
Periappa looked shocked, sometimes his expressions matched her talks mostly it didnt

"Next week varela?" (will u come next week?) U must stay with me for a week or 10 days.
I will take you to the ridge for a walk, there is a motorized wheel chair I saw in Vasant Vihar I will buy that for you"

She went and brought a box of mithai unwrapped and slowly fed him one and R&B brought water she fed him water, wiped his face clean

Periappa mumbled loudly... besh besh he said

II leaned on the window in the room and stared out, swallowing her tears with difficulty
"We are here arent we" he said softly

"I know... I am being silly" she said softly...
Amma had pinned meters of jasmine in her hair... as soon as she stepped in..

They stood silently gazing out at the night... she pulled the blankets over the old man, shut the light,
kissed his forehead, wiped her tears off his forehead, and reapplied his vibhuti
Appa applied some every night to ward off seizures, for in faith there is hope...

"amma coffee tareya?" she walked out

"Ippo coffee edukku dee, have dinner, its past 8"

R&B sat in the EXACT same chair every time, a one seater couch... facing the TV...

"anda TV volume kammi pannungo" (turn down the TV)

Appa acted like he didnt hear

"Hey II, can u get me some water"

She smiled mischievously, "I mean the ride was 3 kms long I bet u are thirsty dude"

Amma: How are you beta?"

"I am fine Mrs Iyer thanks" he said

"How was Zurich? Geneva? Where were you?" Appa asked, pulling his veshti over his ankles in a affected way... arms folded acros shis chest

"Geneva Sir" he said politely

Appa got up with a "excuse me"

II brought water in  a SOMBU (its like a tear drop shaped water holder that usually holds atleast 4 glasses of water)

He gave her a look, she giggled and produced a tumbler from behind and poured out, Amma brought a
bottle and handed to him "she will always do something unexpected, sorry"

He smiled

"Ishita stop it raja, its a new place, dont make him uncomfortable"

Appa returned with his cell phone from the bedroom "Mr Nair has  called back Madhu" he said sitting down again

"sorry please continue" he said

"Did u have a question" R&B asked

But she was busy gossiping with Amma in the kitchen, dropping pots and pans  "Ishita, stop it"

"Ishita dont fill up to the top raja"
"Ishita tap a first moodu nee, tanni waste pannaade (dont waste water)

She appeared at the door way "Will u have coffee da?" she asked

Appa stared SHOCKED

Amma:ayyyoo!! Appa is there dont say DA.

"II: will u have coffee kanna?"

Appa was now angry, his endearment for his darling is now his darling's endearment for the "rich Punjabi boy"

R&B: A lil may be?

Appa: So what sort of companies are you looking at?

R&B: Mostly incomputers and networking sir

Appa waited dfor the paragraph but nothing came

II heard that when she came to the frig to get milk

II:PESU da. Please?

R&B:Umm... mostly companies that have better way to network, or get a certain kind of data, or search engine technology?
The geneva proposal was a nano technology venture
He spoke about it for two minutes

Appa: Do u ever fund companies that help the common man?

Appa was on a mission to pin world poverty and hunger on his son in law

R&B: We occasionally get interesting ones, but most dont pan out

Appa:WHY? If there is money there should be good research!!

R&B: Unfortunately its not so straight forward Sir!!

Appa: Companies have all sorts of products that are only looking for good investors you know. If u are shy of spending, u will not find good candidates

R&B nodded, though he vehemently disagreed he nodded to get it over with

II brought his coffee in a davara tumbler.. he handed her the davara and sipped softly between his thumb and index finger tilting the tumbler backwards
She went into the kitchen and looked at him, he raised an eyebrow

Appa: according to Economics Times housing, travel and food and beverage are the top sectors in India, you only have e-commerce and SW?

R&B:Thats my area of expertise Sir, we have 7 on our team

Appa: any other Indians?
R&b: None sir!

Appa went back to looking for an article to show him
II returned and sat on the arm of the chair he sat on...

"Shud I scoot?"

"Appa will kill me" she whispered casually... at such PDAs... not a very Iyer thing..

It irritated him that she was being afraid of the guy

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Charlie and Nisha!!
You are hilarious ROFL

I love your little ones...The questions they ask you are sooo cuteee ROFL

Yenn di sirikka maatey nee,
Inga namba pozhappu avlav joke aa pochu onakku ille?

Yahan meri zindagi tere hasi ka zariya ban chuki hai
Posted: 6 years ago
Are we going to get new update Nisha?
Posted: 6 years ago
check 21 buddy there is an update already in it
Posted: 6 years ago
Come on tall dude all girls r afraid of their dads married or not married or perhaps not D'oh

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