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Posted: 6 years ago
Oh God!!!whipped cream!!!no just water kanna!!now wait dude what your wife gonna mess with her hair,right?she has already targetted your lets see what will happen next.lovely update..
Posted: 6 years ago
I now want the song "aapki aankhon mei kuch" ... Sung by II...ONLY coz it has those lines...aapki badmashiyon ke ye naye andaz hain!!! I love love love this dusht R&B!!! Whipping creme lagaya n water bola... II sach mei gadhi hai... Water n whipping cream ke consistency mei isko difference hi nahi pata!! I laughed out so loud reading that last part!!LOL
Loved that Savvy is dropping often in their conversations... I think R&B will make her audience to his memories of his mother... Even though he doesnt talk much... He might tell her a few of his fav memories am sure!
He cares for her n she cares for him in such a heart tugging way...he doesnt want to leave her outside without being able to trace her but doesnt want to ask her inside the butcher shop!! Respect for choices is the biggest booster for relationships coz no two people can ever be alike!
There is such genuine camaradrie between the two doing homely stuff!! EmbarrassedDay Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
Omg they r like kids who want to out smart each other with their pranks.
His sisters warned her in advance that
he use to trouble them with his pranks
He loves troubling her even b4 they got
married why would he stop now that he married ll
Poor soul frens coming over for dinner and
she is in a mess.ll needs to teach him a good lesson not to mess with her
Posted: 6 years ago

One of those updates where we get a peek into R&B's mind... we know that the caring is mutual from both sides... but actually hearing R&B's thoughts.. and when he mentions his mom albeit only briefly.. tugs the heartstrings  

And of course these two have no fear of doing the laundry...LOLchalo honeymoon pe all is fair - play to your heart's content lovebirds  coz once the kids come into the picture - water, cream, foundations, lotions are all props from hell [u can add nail colour, lip colour and all any colour cosmetic in that category ]LOL

Posted: 6 years ago
She bosses him and gets him to do what she wants. R&B respects her choice and does not expect her to like non-veg but does not want her out of sight without a way of reaching her. Oh they both are brats  foundation, chocolate, whipped cream and what not.LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
I really liked the title... Trading peace for him...very nice :)
Also the description of her sari look...smoking hot
Posted: 6 years ago
Great set of updates Nisha.  Love how R&B notices every little thing about II...he loves it when she talks and talks!
The dinner party should be interesting, we will get to find out more about R&B as like II we don't know much about him.

Looking forward to the next update...

Amazing as always, thanks a bunch :)
Posted: 6 years ago

For the first time since the start of this saga I haven't commented in the last two updates. Here I waited an entire day for an update and once Nisha said that update in an hour, I boasted to Swati that we will be first ones to comment as people in India must have slept, I just jinxed myself. OuchI read the updates on the phone as made a impromptu visit to India town. Ate all sorts of greasy food, but atma kush hogye.Dancing

@Nivi: Buckle up on Vitamin C (Airborne or Zigham) and also on Vitamin D for a faster recovery. Drink Gatorade and drink miso or Chinese noodle soup as they have more sodium, it makes you thirstier, and hence the water intake increases. Get checked for bronchitis as it is often not diagnosed. For high fever take anything with acetaminophen, it works wonders. Most probably the doc is gone give amoxicillin. If its pneumonia then rest, rest and rest. Get a back rub and drink fluids is the way to go.  If someone can't watch you, then don't even hesitate just hop on the train from Penn station and come to my house, its 45 minute ride. And for future reference just check ,NYU Langone at Trinity, its in downtown on Broadway (It's the best medical facility I have ever been to) Get well soon

@Anu: Your daughter sounds adorable and special treatment for the entire monthClap. I wish I had done that growing up, I just used to do 1 week.Confused I love her obsession of horses. Did she watch too much of little pony as a kid.LOL

@Ashu: U commented right back when I said that we will be the first one to comment.Sleepy

@Nisha: Your son sounds like a Casanova in making. Super adorable.Cool

@ Updates: They were all super amazing. If II is becoming like a typical wife, RnB is not far behind in becoming a husband. II is rubbing well on RnB, he is becoming a prankster with her. They are trying to understand each other in their own way, which is nice...I always find it funny if a couples same likes and dislikes, where is in the fun in that relationship, if there is no healthy discussion. But that juts me ...Embarrassed

I think, I will stop as everybody has done a great job at reviewing. I will wait for the next one Wink 

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