article-Gautam Gulati lashes out at Ali Quli Mirza and Pritam Singh!

Posted: 8 years ago

Gautam Gulati lashes out at Ali Quli
Mirza and Pritam Singh! #BB #HallaBol

Gautam's aggressive face off with Pritam
and Ali shakes up the Bigg Boss house..
Tuesday's episode ended with Sambhavna
Seth banging the Bigg Boss doors and
asking the team to take her out of the
house after she accused Dimpy of
abusing her and maligning her character
on the show. When Gautam Gulati is
consoling Sambhavna and asking her to
get away from the exit door, Ali Quli Mirza
and Pritam Singh plan out to distract
them and take away the remaining
wooden ladder.
Gautam gets upset and ask Pritam not to
play dirty politics anymore. Pritam
immediately loses temper on hearing
those words and starts yelling at him.
Gautam asks him not to yell as he is not
his servant. Ali interrupts and Gautam
asks him to not butt in between their
The three get into a major spat which
slowly turns ugly. Gautam and Ali come
close to each other and Gautam tries to
pull up Ali's Ajaz Khan stint and starts
asking him to hit him. Ali who is now very
angry yell out that why do everyone
considers him as a bad person. Ali
explains that everyone is a part of the
house politics and dirty games in the
house, but it is only him who is targeted
Sambhavna comes in the middle and tries
to separate Gautam and Ali. After a lot of
drama, the three men calm down. Pritam
decides not to talk to Gautam again and
wants to make him feel guilty by his
silence. Ali agrees with him.
Later Gautam come to Pritam to humour
him playfully. But Pritam doesn't talk to
him and Gautam leaves without saying
Pritam and Gautam have had some major
feuds which they have settled within
themselves. But will less than four days
left for the finale, there's only one
question- How far will their tiff go this
Posted: 8 years ago
Sam banging door for exitence
Paltimaar wha par game khal rha hai
kbi too game sa hut ka sochna chaiya pritam ko
Posted: 8 years ago

Go Ali. Rula de loser ko. 

And what dirty politics?

Ali and Pritam almost won the task but yet coz of Dimpy's emotional drama, gave away ladders. Tab sab thik tha Gullu ke liye. Ab when Ali - Pritam are making strategies.. baba ko dirty politics lagta hai? Ouch

Game show hai Gullu baba ji. Bhajan sandhya nahi hai. Jaha aap shirt nikal ke short circuit wala dance karte ho. 😆😆

PS - I am a heartless. Aur kuch. Ermm
Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by SanayaMyLIFE

Sam banging door for exitence
Paltimaar wha par game khal rha hai
kbi too game sa hut ka sochna chaiya pritam ko

kyun? they r in a GAME so obv they shd play a game 24/7... it was a good strategy of pritam to try n get sticks when they were distracted... gautam ko kyun itni mirchi lagi... sore loser hai bilkul gautam 🤢

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Posted: 8 years ago
"Gautam tries to pull up Ali's Ajaz Khan stint and starts asking him to hit him."

This self-righteous hypocrite was giving sermons to Ali to change himself, not repeat things, blah blah.

But he is hell-bent on repeating the same nonsense. Yesterday in the morning too, he was making those stupid songs about 'taklaa' and Ali's habits...out of the blue. Totally unnecessary. Confused

Poking artist. 🤢 Sore loser. Hypocrite.
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Posted: 8 years ago
Sore loser Gulati. Cry,cry,cry some more. Play blame game and cry foul so that BB mamaji will fix matters in his favour. Glad that Pritam saw the light for the time being and is taking a break from bhaichaara bullshit which baba practices as per his convenience. Hope it continues this way till final.
Posted: 8 years ago
ajeeb baat yeh hai kal gauti dimpy ko ali ko blanket dene se mana kar raha tha pritam was bashed on same thng par yaha chuppi karishma dimpy injjury fake karne wale hai yeh dirty nahi hai??alag rules alag insaan ke liye kyun hai show mein game khelne nahi dete hai 😆

Gautam Gulati Ali Quli Mirza Pritam Singh

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