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Posted: 7 years ago
poor II...she is just thinking about his achievements now...ha ha..though not a iyer i know how it feel when somebody with such good credentials is in front of u...ur own feel worthless..n II she has humiliated him on this very point and the fact that R&B never said a word is bugging her more... that's a masterstroke from him...bin kuch kahe bin kuch Kare II ka ego blast kar diya R&B ne...
im happy for R&B but sad for II too... plz inka patch up kara do...n y so small update...plz write a big one soon...
Posted: 7 years ago
Beautifuuly described her inner turmoil. Humour still intact though LOL .Enjoyed the Iyer pride description. LOL
Can't wait for their next encounter! Wonder how II is going to react?
Hope R&B does somerhing to assuage her lost pride. Cry
Posted: 7 years ago
Aweieee poor girl Di...I dont like her down... she looks better when she is her angry self. She should bounce back fast daa...

Hope r&b and her sort it out between them... [B][/B] Broken Heart
Posted: 7 years ago
Part 100
Bath Allergies & High Jinks

Sunday eveningish Sam called, II still had not shared R&B's "truth about education". 
She knew the moment she said anything Akka would connect the dots and and figure out thats why she cried Friday nightCry

Her grief HAD to be private, just like the gurgling joy of meeting him at happy times

"You would probably not even call when I am sick" she complained when they lay in each others' ..arms when she went to check on him.. under the Minion cap pretextLOL
"I would probably send u a text, or check with Baldev" he chuckled, bending downWink
"I knew it" she cried...Cry
"I was kidding" he whispered...Embarrassed
"No u were telling the truth, they say when people are sick they usually speak the truth"Embarrassed
He smiled fully...
"Oh! then I must say, in order to heal you must stay the night" he muttered, sounding sick and husky on her neckEmbarrassed
"And?""Big smile
"Give me a massage whenever ever I wake u at night"Embarrassed
"May be give me a sponge bath"Wink
"Oh... aur kuch"Embarrassed
"After the bath u need to be careful with drying me as I dont dry easily" he laughed on her, as she wiggled... kicking himEmbarrassed
"Oh  really you poor thing! maybe baths are not the thing for you then? Like cats.." she she said smugly...
"No I am not staying the night" she moanedBlushing
"Can u atleast give me a bath?"he beggedBlushing
She had kissed him to shut him up..
He had never called her when she was sick for a week

"Hi! Sam? Happy Republic Day?" she giggled
"Oh! Hi! likewise Ishita, busy ho?'
The baby moaned in the background...
"Is she AWAKE? Maine aaj tak usko jagey hue nahi dekha" II gushedShockedBig smile
"haan, I am hoping u will be able to see her awake" Sam's voice was polite
"Can u watch her for a couple hours tomorrow Monday 26 January jo hai? Tanmay aur main shaam ko bahar jaane ki soch rahe the"Embarrassed

II's heart skiped multiple beats... and then came to a grinding halt
"Sree was in town, and Akka wanted to meet himCry... Sree had promised to come over and Akka as well, bringing her test results for Amma and Appa
Everything was confirmed, a baby was on its way...yayyy
"Kitne baje?' she asked II was temptedConfused
"Whenever YOU are free, this will be the very first time Ive left home do u know? Manny has gone to Goa with Vikram, Dad is in Chandigarh and Amabala showrooms"Big smile
"Ummm... 6 baje?' II said hesitantly...
OFCOURSE THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH" Sam giggled "Tumhe virtual hug bhejti hoon...Hug
"Sam" I began
"Haan khaana yahi khaana padega I will ask the guys to make a slew of veggie stuff, khaana snacks mithai whatever u want"
"Oh nahi.. mera matlab nahi... main ghar par khaaoongi" II said vehemently
"Ofcourse ghar ka khaana hoga" Sam winkedWink
"Sam can I aske u something if u dont mind?"
"can u make sure... ummm... R&B wont be home?" she said softly but firmlyCry
"OH?" said SamShocked... "Oh?" R&B? Sure... I give u my word" she said softly
She would wonder if they were fightingCry
Rakshasan... enda velaila avana paatheno, I am 10 lbs lighter and  ready for rehab... kis waqt mili main us se.. hey Ishwar"CryCry
Her tears threatened to get out
She cleared her throat...

"6? or 5:45?' she asked politely
ANYTIME said Sam
"Achha suno tum fees kya logi?' giggling
"Nothing oh please nothing... I am not doing this for money" Ii bristledAngry

"Oh no Ishita I WAS KIDDING... kuch to lena padega I will think abt it" cheerfulWink
"Nahi main aapse kuch nahi loongi"
"R&B se le logi?" Sam asked harmless lyEmbarrassed
"Aapse le loongi" she said coldlyAngry
Sam did a "Ouch!" and nodded... worried... hung up..Ouch

She reached at 5:45 they left immediately...she wore sea green velour pants and a sprakly sequinned pink skinny tee and a 
sea green hoodie, she took the hoodie off so she can feel the lil angel in her arms
The house was heated so why not?Wink
She took her ipad with her and asked for the wi fi code and got it set up... and took a bunch of Cosmo and Elle and marie ClaireLOL
and her paattu/songs note

She told Amma where she was going NOT Appa, "Vandu sollikalam, inda this time OK but please kanna NO MORE BABY SITTING"ConfusedAngryCry
Amma expressed her first displeasure at the idea
"Tomorrow if U and Sreekanth move forward no man would like his fiancee doing these things for someone she is in a biz relationship with, Sam is not even a friend, 
though I didnt say anything in front of Appa I dont think they are "our type" "namba madiri ille ava"
She almost blurted "the man went to CMU I was clobbered on Friday"Cry
She knew that was going to work against the Bhallas somehow...

"I will tell Appa u went to meet a friend" Amma conspiredConfused
"I can tell Appa if its a big deal" she said bitterly... Cry
She wanted SOME distraction, Sree was not managing to distract herEmbarrassed, he had tried to reach for her hand while waiting for the movie to begin..
Her heart raced and she turned red at the idea of how R&B would react if he saw that...Embarrassed
IF they were in a committed relationship that is..Cry
would he kill Sreekanth for even being any closer than two feet from her...?Blushing
Or would he be cool and dispassionate like at all other times?Cry
She hadnt seen a posessive side of him... may be she never willCry...

She helped the nanny change the baby into a yellow frilly frock and and striped frilly shorts, 
she picked out two yellow bows and made tiny fountain style pig tails on that luscious lil head
 Combed the hair upfront and JUST HELD HER... inhaling every few minutes, walked up and down the room, smiling to herself
She sang a Krishna song to her, and spoke to her in Tamil...Embarrassed
Gave her the bottle, she burped her... and just HELD HER close
She smelled like a baby... soft as silkHeart
The Nanny held the baby and forced II to eat an array of snacks, she ate sparingly only drinking chai...

She heard boys in the hallway... and then... bingo... they rushed in to stare at the cooing baby in the bassinet, reaching for her, she held their hands
R&B sauntered, book in hand, the other in his pocket... yanked his left ear bud off... in a pink Lacoste tee and Navy cargo... flip flops
He stood outside the room, out of sight tho...
"Who put the hair thing on her?" Nandan askedBig smile
"I did, doesnt she look pretty?' II askedEmbarrassed
"She looks like a GIRLLL" he said shockedLOL
"Ummm... I am sorry to disappoint you but she is... dude" II giggled holding her laughterROFL
"I only like boys" Nandan said..Confused
"I only like girls" II said smuglyEmbarrassed
"When did u get here da?" shocked "Did Appa bring you?"
(HE DID... TO MALCHA MARG BUT UNCLE R brought us here, of course kids dont say everything in detail when they are in a hurryLOL)

kneeling holding Shravu's hands, giving him a hug, Nandan reached for a hug too, she squeezed both, smiling...Hug

"5 minutes ago Chithi" they began to run... Nandan extricated himself and fled

"Yay, iru da... are we done? Polama? You've played the whole day, tomm is school day da"Big smile
"Nooo PLEEEZ Chithi 2 more minutes?"LOL and showed 10 fingers

"No 10, I hear Sam Aunty is on her way, polaam kanna"Cry

Unaware he was leaning on the door listen to her pleading with the 9 year old
"You are boring Chithi... Uncle R is fun"LOL

"Sure da... tell me about it"Angry
Yanking him closer
"WHO adds extra sugar to your Bournvita after paatti leaves the kitchen?"ROFL
"Who buys you a new toy every month?"Embarrassed
"Who climbs to the top shelf in the kitchen to bring the murukku dabba down?"Embarrassed

"Who cuddles with you every time you come to Paati's? Does ur Uncle R do that? He is the worst cuddler in the world"Embarrassed
How do u know?" Shravu askedShockedWink
"I KNOW BAS." she said decisivelyEmbarrassed
"Who enrolled you for tennis lessons?"Embarrassed
"I dont want tennis lessons I only want swim lessons"Cry
"Po da! It took me three weeks to research this, tennis or nothing"Cry

"Chitheee Nandu is getting swim lessons"Cry

"Beacuse HE has a pool in his backyard, DO YOU?" Ii demandedAngry
"Shravu, dont push my buttons"Shocked
He pressed his index finger all over her face, neck and chest and did a "There, There There" "Cheee" for her chestEmbarrassed
"Too late NOW, you activated the monster arm" she wore her hoodie and let half of it hang and went after him, crawling, he ducked and ran, giggling hysterically
She caught him and held him...
They rolled on the floorHug
"Who is teaching you to be boss of the world?"Embarrassed
"Ummm... you... but Uncle R he is too, he swings me and throws me up HIIIGH"LOL
"Poda Uncle R is Nandu's Uncle, u need to only think of ME... who smells like flowers?"
"Eeew... I want to smell like soap.. like HIM"Embarrassed
She smacked his b---
"The next time you want to watch more TV, or watch another movie ASK HIM. He'll help you" sniggeringEvil Smile
"Of course he will, he says Nandan and I are his best buds"Embarrassed
"He says that to EVERYBODY. That doesn't mean a thing"
"Oh ya? He also said you lied, he said you cannot order twins after you decide on ONE"ROFL
"Pfffttt! That's not true. If you misbehave, Amma will order two, you just have to ...send a check for  an extra Rs.1,000. That's all. They are just making babies all the time u know... throwing them on the conveyor belt, they just have to pick two up, tape them together and put them in the DHL box"Evil Smile

"You are lying. You don't know anything about babies"Cry
"Oh ya! WHO was watching Lasya for 3 hours? Hmmm?" "When the store delivered you to Amma's toppai/tummy I was right there, I opened the door" she said proudly
Shravu looked confused...Confused

She dragged him to the bassinet, "See she is wearing matching bows, and dress and socks. I dressed her"
"How come she is wearing matching but you say matching is BO-RING to me"
"Ummm... that's how it is da Po da"LOL
"Chithi 20 mins pleeez"Cry
"OK Promise me you will pick ME next time if someone asks you whos the best?"Embarrassed
"Ummm OK" sadly
"If u don't I will show Nandan your baby pictures wearing a frock" she whispered in his earLOL
"Oooh! Chithi is evil... you have NO IDEA"Evil Smile
Rubbed her hands together
"OK Fine... can I go now"
"Hug kudu da"
"In 5, 4, 3, 2" Nandu yelled from the hallway "I will begin firing"
"If I hug u will u cancel the order of the twins?" Shravu became impatient...Embarrassed
"Oh! Ummm...kandippa, Sure! " Pretending to give it a lot of thoughtEvil Smile
squeezing the life out of him... pecking both cheeks..  rolling on the Turkish carpet in laughter having fooled the lil kid...
Shravu ran into R&B... "I lied I will pick HIM next time"
 And HIM was the man she was running from... he shut the door behind him twisting the lock...Blushing


Posted: 7 years ago
Can we have the next update within half an hour? If ordering babies is that easy, surely an update would be easier, right?

To be honest, I'm sad since she didn't make the 30 under 30 list. Very sad. I kinda knew that he was an over achiever- I mean everything about him shouts that! But II lagging behind in a professional thing because of her personal life- that's got a very deep significance for me. So, I'm sad. I need to forget that and a romantic update will help!

P.S. In my grief, I totally forgot to notice the update number! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!PartyParty
PartyPartyClapClapClapClap Edited by Wings-of-Fire - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
awesome update :-) 
Though I feel for II, it is good that she came to know about R&B. But it is high time R&B realizes that he loves her. Also he crossed a line when he spoke about arousal... tooo bad and he deserves this silent treatment from II :-(

I am waiting for their next meeting. There are lots and lots of questions 

How are they going to unite ??? Will the sisters help ???
Will R&B forgive his father???
Will II's family accept ???
What will II say to sree ???

Oh god... Waiting for all the updates
Posted: 7 years ago
I really wanna know what happened after this!!!! U cant leace us all hanging in mid air with a ticipation like this di
Posted: 7 years ago

I just think you know what buttons to press  with us in terms of  your cliffhanger  endings...Wink

Loving these much.

The education reveal was sudden and shocking and absolutely perfect... as was her reaction.

 It's like she started to give into him again and then his low blows combined with the knowledge of how much she'd underestimated him... can't imagine the hurt.

... all it was was another reminder for the 'things we ought to know but don't' about each other- the fundamental  basic things that you know about even a neighbor- that's the uniqueness about their relationship.  Everything is backwards, never a straight line- but it is as it should be for them somehow.

Love  the flashbacks, somehow she's convinced he doesn't care, and she doesn't know him... Unhappy...  .. but he did inquire about her when she was sick (from Shravu not Bal)... and he did call, what can he do if her phone was off?... hope she finds out eventually. She needs to know, for herself.

Loved her convo with Shravu- so cute, sweet, realistic and well described... love that she is openly acknowledged her familiarity with R&B in a sense.. if only to Shravu... and that he heard it all.

...  she's underestimated so much about him, wonder when she'll realize she's underestimated a lot of other things too? ...about feelings and jealousies and such?

Appah looks like he's going to be a tough nut to crack... but seems like both sisters are determined to make it work- looking forward to it... and to your  update, as usual.  any doubts?

Oh and just FYI:  Your story was recommended on G's thread as an alternative  to the current crap fest by 3 of your regulars (nividances, Ranu1234 et  moiEmbarrassed )... because you are amazing and so is this and all should know.  I also told  Kiara ... she said Payal also recommended... your fame precedes you.  Just so you know.Wink

Revel in  our adoration...I demand it!LOL

PS: Ch 100?  Congrats... and thank you!

Edited by RomComFan - 7 years ago

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