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Posted: 7 years ago
Haha.. Sisterhood indeed! With Vandu on one hand, and Sammy,Manny on the other, their little secret is going to fall apart soonWink.. 
I'll blame II for it though.LOL If she had been as discreet and nonchalant as R&B, no one would have guessed..But no, madam has officially lost itEmbarrassed

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Originally posted by Seriousreader

Originally posted by Nisha0604

Note to the 40 that are desperate to read it 1500 times eachLOL:

The next part will be posted at 8:00 AM IST

Your readership is PRICELESS... wouldn't trade it for a THINGClapEmbarrassed

The newspaper isn't of interest to me today. Waiting for Nisha Times to go with my morning cuppa!
I have decided to drop the habit of reading the morning news entirely-just wondering if there would be #5something with my lunch. I can eat my lunch before breakfast WinkEmbarrassed
you've officially made this topic the FUNNEST PLACE TO BE
I ALWAYS SMILE when I am checking on my phone
OK... abhi emosanal atyachar shuru honey waala hai
The biggest fight they ever had... no NOT Mr & Mrs Smith like fight where they growl at each other and tear each others' clothes off... this is SERIOUS
TOTALLY SERIOUS fight that will make their incompatibility glaringly apparent
They are sexually compatible 180%
Professionally? Not even 50%
Posted: 7 years ago
awesome nisha but one complain. why so short update??? u have to compensate this by posting 2 or 3 updates todayWink
Posted: 7 years ago
Oooh bada dhamaka aayega! Now I have to stay awake until you post it. Won't be able to sleep knowing that they are going to have a fight anyway...need to read it myself to see what becomes of it.
Posted: 7 years ago
Earned vs Entitled
Part 59?
This is for ANUBig smileTHANK YOU
Hope it turned out like how u imagined it
All others... I am sorryCry
No making out no flirting no sex...
This is a intelligent love story, I HAVE to write serious stuff sometimes
We are a bunch of smart cookiesBig smileClap I have the smartest readers
Based on the comments I CAN CONFIDENTLY SAY THAT
 I HOPE U ALL WILL HIT "Like" and will love reading it
This was definitely entering dangerous territory... she had to use different tactics...Evil Smile
Around then KMPG received reports from Ashwini's team that the Gurgaon showroom's accounts employees training on the new software was going really badlyCryAngry

And they insisted on using the legacy systems secretly.Angry
That was the last provocation II needed... all their deadlines were slipping and 4 weeks into the show and NOT ONE unit was 100%Evil Smile

She convinced Baldev and Ashwini... to bypass R&B and get started on the workshop pilot.. ALL IN STEALTH
things went well for a week, since R&B rarely went to any workshops... Baldev and her met with Ranjan's brother, Chachu...
HE was willing to do ANYTHING to suck up to his older brother in order to keep him in good books for the AGMDeadAngryOuch

His goal was to get his hands on Raman's shares, and Manny's if he could and gain controlling ownershipBig smileClapEvil Smile

The scandal had come at a good time... and Raman had returned at a good time...Big smileClapEvil Smile
He gave his approval after meeting Ishita & Baldev for TEN WHOLE MINUTESBig smileEvil Smile

R&B? He rarely went to the workshop..
There was too much going on, too noisy, having his door be shut for 10 minutes straight was impossible.Angry
They needed a million signatures on random expense vouchers.
The WS Manager was bringing in some parts vendor or another every few hours to "introduce and visit"

"Aap mil lo"Dead

Typical babu culture of sucking up to the boss's son to get a vendor approvedDead

Chachu handled the workshops mainly... that was one of his reason to get a hold of the majority stake... he probably made a killing in approving vendorsAngry

They had a choice of using OEM parts or "local" ones... the costs were prohibitive on OEM so many preferred "local"


R&B did not care... about Chachu's wealth or his Dad's willful negligence in letting this happen...

R&B had a straightforward way of approaching and addressing problems...
if things were brought to his notice he would deal with them however he felt appropriate. Friends Family, he did not care, what needed to be told got done...

Chachu and him clashed a few times when he would visit... and venture to the workshops.
"Raman... u have to learn to let things go beta" Ranjan would sayCry
"HE SPENDS ALL DAY TALKING TO PARTS VENDORS, we got an ISO9000 certification for quality, and the guy...
spends all day talking to seedy parts suppliers from Naraina and Punjabi Bagh...?
Ranjan would squirm... "Hes family beta"Cry

"A crook is NOT family"Angry
He had very clear rules for right vs wrong...Big smileClapEmbarrassed

His Dad coaxed him to abandon the venture capital gig and return...
But the thought of watching everything and acting like nothing happened was not something he could ever do

He did not care for Bansal Bhalla friendship, the SW would NOT have been his first choice... but the decision was already madeAngry
The service delivery was mediocre at best...Angry

He plainly did not go to the workshops that often

The issue of the sputtering software being launched in the workshop came to his notice after it was tested on 10 machines there...Angry

Lets put it mildly HE WAS LIVID. The task of overseeing the deployment was handed to him, and things were happening all over without his knowldgeShocked

He demanded to meet KMPG IMMEDIATELY.

She wore a tan Burberry and dark trousers, a diamond nose ring sparkled on her nose
Something dangled over her cleft... tantalizingly...
He looked up at her eyes... they were NOT on him, the big kohl lined eyes were on Ranjan...
Ashwini, Baldev and her... and Ranjan... and the GM of the workshop

R&B: There are serious deficiencies in the process..
ii:I dont understand... we decided to apply patches at the showroom and begin training... whats going on?
R&B:This has been handled less than satisfactorily and I CLEARLY SAID AT Dilli Haat I DID NOT want the global deployment to happen any time soon.
The stakeholders are disconnected, the cost has been revved thrice already and we are not even past the "pilot stage"on the showrooms This must be some kind of a joke

II: its certainly not a joke Mr Bhalla.. we have approximately over 18 of us working JUST ON THIS PROJECT

R&B: The software is buggy and kluge, your IT team fixes one error, only to have it fail in 5 other places... Angry
the patches take too much memory...I DID NOT APPROVE piloting the workshop, WHO approved it?Angry

Ashwini began talking

II lost it, she waved at her and began

II: Your GM sitting right here and Mr Ranjan's brother, he invited us to come on board as soon as possibleAngry
R&B I specifically said I DID NOT WANT IT DEPLOYED THERE UNTIL AFTER THE SHOWROOM was up and runningAngry

Ranajn squirmed

Baldev began to say something...II shushed him

II: The problem is NOT the SW Mr Bhalla...The employee morale is low..
You have low skilled workers that are not smart enough to do more than 5 mouse clicks a day. Toggling between 6 spreadsheets takes an act of Parliament at the Gurgaon showroom..
Your connectivity seems to lounge in the 19th century, you should not be placing the whole blame on KMPG.

He looked at her like he would pretty much reach and punch her

His nostril was flaring, she had never seen him angry, THIS WAS IT
Ashwini and Ranjan and Baldev started whispering and Ranjan began

R&B: I will not approve any payments from this moment on, I will not pay for  inefficient training, you need to update your project tracker right now

II was maddd
II: We are into second month and have barely trained 5 people,
they seem to be wanting to do things the old way... U have THREE MACHINES RUNNING THIS NEW SOFTWARE AND U WANT US TO STOP BILLING?

R&B :I am not sure what conversation Mr Bansal had with Mr Bhalla
(EVEN IN PASSING HE WAS CAREFUL NOT TO USE HIS DAD'S NAME)  but this does not do what we need and how we need it...
its grossly inadequate and malfunctioning...
II:A FRIENDSHIP did not cause this deal Mr Bhalla
Ranjan waved begging wanting to speakROFL

R&B :Seems like it to ME... the software is so GODDAMN klugey.. it would send the whole M company system crashing down... we deliver 77 cars A DAY from the showroom...I WILL NOT APPROVE OF IT.. I am extremely unhappy I was bypassed and the workshop pilot was begun... if work continues, I will need to be compensated for every car delivery that gets delayed. PERIOD.

It was a full blown shouting match

The GM looked like he was going to have a heart attack
Baldev hissed, "Iyer, rehne de, Bansal or Bhalla sort out kar lenge, lets pull out of the workshop"

Baldev:Mr Bhalla...
R&B: Hang on a second Gupta...

R&B: Its a huge company, Fortune, 50, 100, 500, 1000 (he continued mocking)Evil Smile   I expect the people to be a tad bit more qualified and proficient

II:Oh please I don't think we should venture into THAT territory Mr BhallaAngry

R&B Oh! but WHY NOT?Angry

II:Some things are not as easy as walking into Daddy's office and getting handed the keys to a rS.20,000 crore Net Revenue business you know..

R&B: Its 20,000 crore for a reason... its being managed darned well (In getting back at her, he had inadvertently defended his DAD)

II: Sure! hand me something I AM ENTITLED TO and watch me defend it until the cows come home

R&B: You think you are extraordinarily qualified for your role Ms Iyer?

If there was nobody, they would have LITERALLY KILLED EACH OTHER
II: YOU BET I AM...NOT ONLY THAT Mr Bhalla... I EARNED IT..EVERY BIT of the influence and authority I have
R&B: Sure all of that with no accountability


II: I will disagree...BUT in the same spirit I would say KMPG is a global company
that employs 80,000 people and has a turnover of $7B USD.. that's US Dollars for you...(she smiled sweetly, shes made up her mind the guy's a BUM)

Ashwini excused herself hurriedly...

R&B:That's $7B DOLLARS WORTH OF INEFFICIENT systems, processes... (he didn't say PEOPLE)  MISS IYER.
My instructions were CLEARLY overlooked and I need answers


II:KMPG Made the decision... after discussions, WE ROUTINELY DEPLOY MULTIPLE SITES,
in fact all the hand holding you seem to be getting is clearly because of certain friendships


His Dad touched his shoulder, her turned to give his dad the LOOK

R&B: I want it all uninstalled by Friday and want an updated status report on Gurgaon showroom.

I will just direct to hold everything off until we can do ONE FRICKIN WEEK OF COLLECTIONS USING THE NEW SYSTEM... ERROR FREE. You can rest the clock, or do whatever

I am not paying for the botched job at the showroom or the impending disaster at the workshop

II: You are contractually obligated to pay... I can let our legal get in touch with you

Baldev: We can work together Mr Bhalla...
II interrupted Baldev and said "AND I mr Bhalla owe you a deliverable to
communicate to you the cost of time and resources invested by KMPG on a
 HOST of things up until 6:49 PM, including bandwidth issues, employee resistance,
lack of interest shown in training and plain lack of collaboration"


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Posted: 7 years ago
Ooo! She  is mad.  He is mad.  So why does this make me  so happy?ROFL  I love it!

Their first real clash.. and just when their  secret sis starting to get suspected... I am so excited for the fallout.

When they fight, they really go for some low blows huh?   Guess that's the entitlement to eachother that allows for that...LOVE IT!LOL

Where , when and  how will they expend all this  energy I wonder?Wink

I know I am not the Anu this is dedicated to... but I am going to say thanks on behalf of all the other Anu's in the fandom for a fantastic, make out free  battle session that  was just as exhilarating!Wink

Really looking forward to your next update...Day Dreaming
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Posted: 7 years ago
Now this is a clash. II still thinks R&B to be getting the business handed to him ,will be great to see when this is cleared. I guess Srikanth will be the one to let her know who R&B really is
Posted: 7 years ago
Phew... THAT WAS GOOD...
loved it. 

Clients not wanting to change from legacy..  oh story of my life - a deja vu - ; only no R&B and no II... just me and boring clients

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