SW Symphonies-Silk Pouches and Horned Helmets on 147 - Page 27

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Posted: 7 years ago
Arey nahi I was kidding...
I will update every evening/night after work

This is so much fun... and gives instant gratification

So enjoyable

These characters are in my mind now housed fully with warts and all

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Arey nahi I was kidding...
I will update every evening/night after work

This is so much fun... and gives instant gratification

So enjoyable

These characters are in my mind now housed fully with warts and all

Posted: 7 years ago
Upside down at Paatti's House & Stolen Art

She spoke to Baldev the next morning in the elevator, "He seems like he is out to get us"
"Tumhara popular with WOMEN hero" she sniggered
"Arey maine kab kaha"
"U told Mr Ranjan, hero dikhta hai" Ishita muttered... like a fraud..
"Handsome hai yaar banda, usko padhne likhne ki kya zaroorat hai, dekha tumne turnover for 2014? 6000 crores kuch hai" Uska baap usko sereiously launch kar sakta hai"
"Are u jealous or are u attracted to him?" Ishita laughed
"A bit of BOTH" Baldev said candidly
She shook her head as they walked into through the glass doors...
On a serious note, Ishita had cried last nite thinking about her break up, her total devastation and resurrection
Her job had helped her survive the news Subbu was marrying the daughter of a Supreme Court Lawyer... and his wife was a multinational bank mid level manager
She actually lived in "MUSCAT 18 out of her 26 years" Subbu's Amma injected that bit into the Iyer grapevine as if Muscat was the other name for the White House in DC

They spent a few hours trying to come up with logical meaningful responses to the 2 dozen questions R&B had sent over email, 
they split the task in half... Ishita spent all morning looking at random market research data of "accounting software deployment disasters and benchmarks"
Her head spun by Noon, Baldev said he was going to the Gurgaon showroom , she had taken the Mtero in the morning, she decided she would take an auto at 3 ish... and join him when she was done
She stepped down to the gleaming spectrum lobby, today was yet another saree day... Bengal...in pink... 
she teamed it with her newest acquisition a Delhi Haat shawl in magenta... a warmer winter it was thus far... so shawl worked fine
Amma loved what she had done with her hair
"Cut pannade" everytime Ishita went to the salon Amma's orders would reach there before she did
She would sneak and get two or 4 inches trimmed and hear a ear full about how Seshadri Mami thought Ishita had a boy cut, 
or how Natesan Mami thought Ishita went bald...

Ranjan got off an elevator just as she stepped out "Have a good evening Ms Iyer" he wished joyously
"Nope Mr Bhalla I am headed to your Gurgaon showroom"

She took the ride, and reached the showroom, worked until 8 ish with Ashwini and Baldev and Bhavna and the Excelsior employees and the IT folks
Her back hurt so did her head...
They all wrapped up to leave, she turned and felt for her purse under the work desk, IT WAS NOT THERE...
She panicked and looked all around the showroom was almost closed...
Baldev left too, only the Accounts Mgr was around, a pot bellied Mr Bhatia... a man in his 60s...
"Aapne Bhalla sir ke car mein chhod diya kya?"
"WHY WOULD I DO THAT?" I AM NOT AN IDIOT, leave my things there so I can pretend to be a owner of the S class Merc?"
"I dont know Mr Bhatia" she mumbled
They were in the showroom basement... they walked up to the ground level...
Her PHONE was in it too, Amma & Appa had gone to Haridwar for some Shrardh for Thatha..
Ishita panicked... "WHY DO I NOT REMEMBER TO CARRY MY BLOODY PHONE" she cursed herself...
"His son is HERE" Mr Bhatia announced

"I want my PURSE AND PHONE RIGHT NOW" she muttered almost in tears
She walked in to the CEO room... R&B sat in the tall stately chair IN moss green cargo shorts and a white V neck tee... 
"Akka ivan office banian la varaan"1(he comes to office in a bloody banian) she formed her first complaint of the day to Akka

"Sir Ms Iyer left her purse and phone in Papa's car" Mr Bhatia announced was that PRIDE on his face?
R&B looked up from his imac...their eyes met for the 5th time ever...
"I need my purse and phone" she repeated
He had a "SO?" look
"Mujhe please help karenge?" she begged... YOU JERK she completed the mental sentence
He didnt move...
She hissed and started to get out, 
"He must be home... I can give u a ride home u can get it"
"I can take a cab" she mumbled
He shrugged and went back to his laptop
She went out... called her Akka told her
It was almost past 8
Appa would kill her if she took a cab... it wud be past 9:30 when she got home in the bloody mehrauli gridlock
She wnt back in to his room walked up to his desk "Abhi chal sakte hain ghar?"
He looked up at her eyes... saucers?
He quietly shut his laptop down and packed his stuff in a "backpacker-REI OUTDOORSY way" and stood up, KOMBU MADIRI TALL AA IRUKKAN (he is tall like a pole) she said to herself
He waited for her to let him pass.. she jumped back... and they left the room, he didnt lock up

He walked down to the basement... and unlockedf his Porsche... it buzzed beeped and sang
He set his stuff in the back seat of the two door car... and set clanked her back rest back and stood on the side
She sat uncaringly...
He played some LOUDDD REALLY LOUDDD METAL WHATEVER... "no wonder they call it death metal it kilss you" she thought

It took him  1:42 minutes and 11 seconds to pull into the marbled drive way of the plush bungalow

She jumped out in glee when she saw 3 other cars parked in there
"Oh! THAT BLACK ONE" she said like a gawar at a Lexus...
"Its a lexus his is a Merc" said R&B
A strange sensation formed in the pit of her stomach for the first time in two hours...
Like she was upside down on the clothes string at Paatti's house in Madurai
When she jumped off the mango tree...

He walked INSIDE like she would wait in the drive way...
SHE FOLLOWED HIM CHASED HIM MORE LIKE ... he held the door open
"Can u please call him?" she begged
He set his REI monster whatever bag on the couch, there were half a dozen all over the living room, lounge whatever room "Room where family meets proleterians"..
The house was QUIET AND GLEAMING... recess lights flickered all around... NO SIGN OF HUMANITY
"Ivan oru rakshasan he probably lives in a mausoleum" Hes the devil he probably lives in a...
He called the help to get something... it was muted

She stood at a spot by the door near a wall, it had Monet or Picasso or some other rare art ("Rakshasan had stolen from the Louvre, no wonder he lives in Paris... because he has a day job at the Louvre... stealing...")

"You owe me five bucks Ishita"
He stood an inch from her and had his hand tucked SAFELY IN HIS POCKET, she had her back to the stolen art and front to the devil that stole itEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Edited by Nisha0604 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Abb bolo kaise chukaogi??? 
Luvz the update
Posted: 7 years ago
Nisha m busy these days a bit so not able to read n respond to long post.
Everytime i start reading ur first part of OS U have already made up another one ROFL

M not asking u to go slow but I will surely come back to comment Wink

Whatever I have read so far its awesome. EmbarrassedClap
Posted: 7 years ago
Wow wow wow wow wow.. U killed me.. Is he gonna kiss her fro those 5bucks!!! Omg i cant wait now... Nishu u r killing me wid dxcitement
Posted: 7 years ago
Bahut tadpa rahi ho
Jaise rakshas 5 rupaiya baare aane walli ko

I don't think I can survive another update iss beech mera dehant hona Pakka hai 

Pata nahi ek tarah ki bechaini hai in your writing like somewhere kahin kuch bahut bada hone vala hai and if we are not there we are going to miss and the feeling of getting there the anticipation is what your writing evokes 


Posted: 7 years ago
What I loved about R&B in this update the speed with which he collected all his stuff the minute she came back and asked if they could leave now
Like last ke Aayi hai I should not miss the opportunity for it will not strike thrice

Almost like I need to take the chances I get 

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