SW Symphonies-Silk Pouches and Horned Helmets on 147

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Posted: 7 years ago
This is on Columbia's request...Big smile

He is Raman Bhalla, fondly referred to by his family as R&B ...is a 6'3"... 30 year old... Paris based, single... wealthy Punjabi venture capitalist, he's a co investor/partner in a French company called Argent Graines which translates to Silver Seeds  Big smile
He returns to India... reluctantly... to manage his Dad's biz, a chain of automobile dealerships across North India called Excelsior Automobiles... for  M company cars  He abandoned the family over a scandal that rocked it three years ago.  To say he doesn't like his Dad would be an understatement.

She is Ishita Iyer a 27 year old...  5'9" IIM MBA & CPA ,single... Delhi based Iyer,  daughter of a bureaucrat...she is a Public Accountant and SW Mgr with KMPG Inc. signs off her emails with a "II"
Her company will install and support a transaction processing SW in ExcelsiorBig smile 
BTW she has  a broken heart alsoEmbarrassed...

How they meet and fall in love is the story of R&B and IIBig smile

I have NO experience in the IT/IS industry, Accounting? yes... so this is all just a figment of imagination... I am sorry if its factually incorrect
After all, its just a storyWink
I AM TOLD Its all of the followingEmbarrassed
Brilliant, funny, Intelligent, Urban, Classy, Racy, Witty, Crisp, sexyBig smile...Any other adjectives it makes you conjure up would be a  sheer windfall to meBlushing

Warning: Not proof read, not spell checked... either Cry In my defense I will say impossible task... at the frequency at which I update Big smile

Hate Swiss Air

Part 1

Sam called when he waited for the gate announcement at Zurich International 
"Are you still going to pretend you dont know me" she screamed

"Sam" he grunted... Samyukta, she was five years older, as tall as he was, TALLER she claimed, fair and leggy, he puked a bit at that thought about his own sister.
"Raman, I am serious" she shrieked
"What the hell is wrong with you" he barked
"Tch Tch" he scolded

"OK three f**kING YEARS you moron, GET OVER IT" she yelled

"My gate got called, I have to take the sky train I will call you back" he told coldly
"OH NO OH NO! NOT THAT AGAIN... you are Zurich arent you?" she said
He looked at his phone... "HOW did she know? He panicked...
"I can hear the Swiss in the background genius" she responded
"I gotta go Sam" he said carelessly."You hang up and I am calling Interpol and pinning some money laundering fraud on you and dragging your sorry ass back home"
He laughed out loud... a SwissAir gate agent looked at him admiringly

He was over 6 feet tall... when he smiled e cleft formed on his left cheek... DIMPLE his other sister would mock him Manya, Manny to him... 
he never adddressed either sister by Di or Didi... it irritated his Mom... His smiled vanished at the thought...the Red Plus sign...on the plane that pulled into the nearest gate magnified in his line of vision 

the Swiss Air logo almost a warning... exactly like a warning

He picked up his overstuffed back pack and wound his way to Skytrain terminal... the flight to London LX316 was in three hours
"Are you there?" Sam came on... she had put him on hold...

"hmmm" he grunted"
"Have you stopped talking altogether?
'"What do u want to know Sam" irritated
"I want you home R&B " she ordered... Rhythm & Blues was his nickname... for Raman Bhalla
"I am not going to" he said unemotionally
"Do u even care if I had my baby?" she asked agonized...

"Its not like it wont come out if I dont make it he said careless"
"Its the most insensitive mean thing youve ever said you jerk" Sam teared up
He felt like a heel... but continued on... his white cotton shirt was crumpled... he hadnt taken a shower at the First Class Lounge... he took a nap instead..
"R&B please get home sweet heart, Chachu is back doing his thing u know" Sam begged
"The old man deserves it" Raman said punitively "He should rob him of all his money and leave him on the streets" Raman said scathingly
Sam sucked her breath in... dismayed "R&B PLEASE"
Raman did not apologize...
"Raman please, DONT SAY THAT"
"Oh I will... I will say that and MORE SAM"
She sobbed...
"I cant make it before the end of the month" he said grudingly...
"Have you met Manny?" she asked sadly...
"DID U JUST SAY U ARE COMING HOME?" she shrieked...
He got on the Sky Train... "I might cut off" he mumbled...
Rubbing his 5 O Clock shadow...
"You are coming home, you are coming home, I am so happy R&B... I am going to send Tanmay to the airport" she giggled betweebn sobs
"Have you had that baby yet?" he asked kindly
"Its not coming out until u show up u moron" she said happily
He smiled... as she hung up, the sky train sped past Terminal 2 and 3 and glided to 4... he looked at Departures and scanned for LX316 Zurich to London...
DELAYED it flashed, as he swore colorfully... his THIRD cancelled/delayed in 18 hours..."Never flying this goddamn airline again" he cursed


"Amma enakku vendaam" Ishita Iyer squealed as Amma piled yet another steaming hot idli on her plate...
Appa looked up from his newspaper, the R K Puram Sector 12 Government flat in South Delhi was East facing... Appa enjoyed the early morning December 
sunshine sipping his second dose coffee

Ishita tucked her Burberry shirt into her black dress pants, her lonnng braid swung as she shook her head...
"One more kanna" Amma cooed
"NOOO Amma" Ishita said sternly...
Appa shifted in his chair "let her be, if she doesnt want to eat" he said
"She has to go to Gurgaon" Amma said worried
"Shes beenm going to Gurgaon for SIX MONTHS Amma" Ishita mocked talking about herself in third person
Amma was miffed, she walked into the kitchen where the Tamil maid engaged her in conversation about a new flower vendor at Malai Mandir.
"do u like your job kanna?" Appa asked
LOVE IT Appa" Ishita gushed...
Appa stared at her... sombrely... "No trace of grief" he wondered... the young 27 year old... was headed to her job at the Professional Accounting firm...
She had topped her class at IIM Bangalore... at the mention of IIM Appa shifted uncomfortably... even a mention in thoughts did that to him
Ishita checked her phone... "5 minute, aap pehle mujhse milo phir hum dono client ke paas jaayenge" she said anf hung up quickly
Amma HATED it when anyone talked on the phone while eating

She took a quick sip of the scalding hot filter coffee...
"What will you be doing now?" Appa asked distracted

Appa had asked this Q a atleast 5 times, she smiled... it was his own way of making convo... "I am like a Deployment Mgr AND a certified CPA Appa"
"So u guys bought that software?" Huh?" he asked
"Mr Bansal bought the whole company Appa" she said PROUD...
Her eyes gleamed with hope and ambition...
"As long as they dont ask you to SELL stuff" Appa said bitterly
Ishita looked up from her email... "No Appa I wont sell, whoever buys it I will be the first point of contact for deployment" she said clinically

Her throat clogged up at the word Sales... she got up didnt say goodbye to Amma she just let herself out, and stepped down... a string of white ambassadors lined the block... all Govt Babus...
the drivers wiping and washing and wiping them off, she headed to towards her Toyota Corolla... silver... and used the keyless entry.. 
it clicked multiple times...threw her laptop case in the back seat...and suddenly rememebred she didnt say bye to Amma
"Bye Ma" she texted...The phone was programmed to Suryan FM, her fave Vidyasagar song from an Ajeeth movie started to play, she reversed gently..
"Bye Kanna drive safe" Amma texted back...
her phone flashed a Reuters Newsflash "Swiss Air in deal with Airbus to buy 30 planes"
"DON'T CARE, NEVER flying YOU guys again" she said in frustration as her tires screeched  as she floored the gas... and turned towards Ring Road

Part 2 Page 4

Part 3 His and Her Past Page 6

Part 4 Burberry in Blue and pink Kalamkari  Page 8

Part 5  Satan in Blue jeans and white shirt on 9

Part 6 Rakshasan & Roman Numeral on 11
Part 7 Google on 13

Part 8 Blood Pressure & Coconut Fiber on 17

Part 9 Holes in Swiss Cheese and Rs 5 on Page 19

Part 10 Brushing routine and Meenalochani on 25

Part 11 Upside down at Paati's House and Stolen Art on 28

Part 12 Notes to All Page 31

Part 13 Sugar Bin & Night vision on 37

Part 14 Loan Shark & Cab on 39

Part 15 Iyer Warriors on 42

Part 16 Menopause & Penang on 43
Part 17 Abilene Paradox & Appa's text on 47
Part 18 Star Wars & Samyukta on 49? God knows what... cant keep track nowLOL

Part 19 Mahipalpur & Backless Choli on 51

Part 20 100 crores & 45 minutes on 54Wink
Part 21 Nose rings & Umbrellas on 57
Part 22 Abhang & Serpent on Page 61
Part 23 Srikanth & "Even" on 63Blushing
Part 24 Renegade & Cerebral Exam on 65
Part 25 Google Translator & Andamans on 69?
Part 26 NGO & Geometry lessons on 75
Part 27 Arsenic & Musical Chairs on 78
Part 28 Brooksea Chameleon & Working From Home on 80

Part 29 Radha Krishna & Plant Species on 82
Part 30  Just "sex" & Strategy on 85
Part 31 List of Complaints & Imagination Horses on 86
Part 32 Basketball matches & Making Babies on 87
Part 33 No Porsche YAYYY! & Homicide on 89
Part 34 Color Coordination & Rhythm on 90
Part 35 Time Allotment & Vampires on 91
Part 36 Akka's Crush & Grated Coconut on 94
Part 37 Water Color & Grammar on 97
Part 38 Kolaveri & Gillette on 102
Part 39 Haldi & French on 106
Part 40 Sherlock Holmes & Color Science on 110
Part 41 Definition of Scope Creep & Various Uses of Razor on 111ROFL
Part 42 Cleaning lady & Agri Business on 11
Part 43 Countless & Counting on 115
Part 44 R&B-ly and French Lessons on 118
Part 45 A "Suitable Boy" & Fire Cracker on 121
Part 46: Lists & Books on 125
Part 47 NOTHING from NOBODY  and Minion on 127
Part 48 Mini Onions & Kollywood rain fight scene on 131
Part 49 Forfeits & Proposals on 133
Part 50 Revelation & Recipes on 136
Part 51 Sixth Sense & Sea Weed Green on 138
Part 52 Acrobatics & Math Hegemony on 141
Part 53 Earrings & Eight plus eight  on 143
Part 54 Differences & Dimes on on 144
Part 55 Silk pouches & Horned Helmets on 147

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Posted: 7 years ago


Shall come back with comments
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Posted: 7 years ago
Comments for this deserve a special box - not one or two maybe more
LOVED loved it!!! 

Am sensing the slightly uncomfortable past with appa's discomfort 
Will have to get used to Manny and Sam and just like I am already 
Am loving the single braided madrasan from RK puram sector 
Am lusting after casual and sexy R&B 

So many questions 
You cannot leave us hanging like this 

Shall never look at a swissair flight the same way again 

Love love love 
Thanks thanks thanks 
Posted: 7 years ago
A writer who "finishes" with a bang is a writer after my own heart
Humei pata thaa if there is someone on this forum who gets passion it is you 

My mother always said I am a good judge of people 

I knew it! I knew it!! 

Passion oozes with every sentence! 

Loved R&B's oh so shall be there when the child comes
You drove it home in more ways than one Wink
Posted: 7 years ago
Yep both have a past HIS is darker


Sorry my fantasies are super cliched... rich guy, smart feisty career minded... and SEXY to boot
Posted: 7 years ago
Am reading it again 
Posted: 7 years ago
Manny is borrowed shamelessly from Diary of a Wimpy Kid BTW
He eats boogers  AND is annoying... hes 6

Manya is 31 and does not eat boogers
Posted: 7 years ago
Don't know wimpy kid but love manny 
And I must share something with you 
My Preggie Bhabhi is Meenakshi and when my bhaiya wants to tease her he does a sing song manny manny o meri manny drives her up the wall!!!! 

Like I said you drove it home dahling! 

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