TR SS : Flames Of Love (CH 2 : PG 11)

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Chapter One

"Bhai, How could you hide such big thing from me?" Taani shouted, She came in hall where swayum was sitting with his wife sharon.

"What happen Taani?" Swayum asked her, Taani gave him glare and sat on couch opposite to him.

"How could you, how could you hide that Reyaansh Singhania, The reyaansh Singhania, The international dance icon is your Best friend, Just today I saw your college album and saw him with you and bhabhi" Taani exclaim excitedly, She is the biggest fan of reyaansh singhania.

"Ohh, Itni si Baat, Actually he left for London after college then we get busy in our respective careers, didn't talk much and sorry forgot to tell you, waise Tell me one thing, you never take interest in my any friends then why you are interrogating about rey, Whats the matter little lady" Swayum raise his one eyebrow. Taani bit her lower lip.

"Swayum, don't you know...Your sister is die hard RS fan, She is crazy about him, day n night she only fantasize about him" sharon said, Light blush crept on taani's cheeks, she never told anyone about her craze for rey except sharon. Swayum gave her "Really, are you serious" look.

"Taani you are just 17 year old, you should stop fantasizing about guys and concentrate on your studies." Swayum tell her, possessive brother in him was feeling awkward hearing her sister's thought about his best friend, For him she is little doll who play with doll and watch cartoon.

"Okay i will. But can you arrange a pass for me of his next show, its in mumbai next week...Please pretty please, I promise I will not ask you for anything else for a month" Taani pleased making cute puppy face, hoping her over protective brother would melt.

"Ugh, why you have to be so cute my little sis, I will arrange his next shows pass and we will meet him personally too" Swayum said, taani jump in excitement, she will meet her superstar RS.

"Really bhai, thank you so much, thank you, you are the best brother" Taani hug him tightly, Swayum smiled seeing his baby sis happy, after their parents death, All he have is taani and he wants to fulfill her every wish.

"Now go in your room and study, your finale exam are near" swayum told her, giving him seet peck on his cheek taani ran upstairs in her room, She has the dreamy smile on her face thinking finally she is going to meet her rey.

Here swayum dialed Rey's number, After two three ring rey picked up the call.

"So finally You remember that you have a best friend too" rey said sarcastically from other side of phone, Swayum rolled his eyes at his over dramatic best friend.

"Stop being sarcasm king, tu bhi toh mujhe call kar sakta tha na, So when you are coming India, I heard that you have show here next week" swayum asked him.

"Yeah, i am coming back day after tomorrow" Rey replied him.

"Great, So can you send three passes of your show" Swayum asked him.

"Dude, why are you asking..tu toh bas order kar, Passes pahuch jaayege" Rey said happily.

"And yeah one more thing, You are staying with me and sharon, So I am coming to pick you up from airport, send me your flight details" Swayum said in stern voice.

"As you say, even I was missing you all guys thats why i am planning to coming back India and settle down there" Rey said to him, swayum got a big smile on his face.

"Thats great dude" swayum said, they both talk a bit more them cut the call. Swayum and Sharon went to their dance academy where as Taani was in her room, dreaming about her rey and how their meet would be, She was in her Rey dreamland.

Two day's has passed, Taani was still over excited about the fact she is going to meet Reyaansh Singhania, Seeing her excitement and happiness, swayum and sharon didn't told her that Rey is going to live with the, they thought to keep it as surprise for her or else she would get more excited.

Taani was in her school when Swayum went to pick rey from airport. Media was present there too as they got the news of rey's arrival. Crowd present there went wild seeing him coming outside, His body guards immediately took their positions and safely Rey came toward swayum avoid talking to media.

"Hey Rey Swayum greeted him, Rey pulled her in brotherly hug. After putting his luggage in car, they drove away to shekhawat mansion.

"So hows everything in London?" swayum started the convo, Rey was on passenger seat while swayum was driving.

"Everything was good but missing you guys a lt, hows everything here?" Rey said, swayum look at him.

"We all were missing you too, Our D3 gang had open a dance academy and am handling my dad's business too" swayum said. Rey nodded

"And rey one more thing...Ghar pahuchne ke baad agar tujhe ek crazy fan mile toh shock mat hona" Swayum added while chuckling, imagining his baby sis when she will see rey in their house.

"My crazy fan? Who?" rey questioned as he don't know about whom swayum's was talking.

"My baby sis, Dude you won't believe it, She is crazy about you" Swayum answered him, Rey gave him amuse look.

"Really? She is in mumbai?" Rey asked her because before taani used to stay with her parent in delhi.

"Yeah, Now she stay with me and sharon, After mom-dad's death, I bring her here" Swayum said in heavy tone, Rey out his hand on his shoulder, he knew that swayum was sensitive about his mom-dad's topic.

"How old she is?" Rey asked him, diverting the topic.

"Seventeen years! She is a little devil so you have to be careful, she is a prankster" swayum warned him, Rey chuckle.

"Dude you are saying this to me, The biggest prankster is sitting her beside you and you are warning me" Rey replied,raising his invisible collar.

"As you say but baadmain yeh mat kehna maine warn nahi kiya tha" swayum said to him, till that time they reached shekhawat mansion, servants put his belongings in guest room, taani hadn't return from school yet. Rey was somewhat excited to meet his crazy fan. And after hearing so much about her from swayum he was more excited.
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Character Sketch

Reyaansh Singhania - 23 years old, International dance icon, Girls die for his single glance. Returning India from London after 2 years, Has huge fan following. he is sweet in nature but get angry quickly, His friends call him Rey. His parents lives in Delhi.

Taani Shekhawat - 17 years old, in 12th standard, Die hard fan of reyaansh singhania, Bubbly, cute, innocent and sweet girl. Love playing pranks, Swayum's Sister. Her parents died in car accident 2 years back.

Swayum Shekhawat - 23 years old, Handling his family business with dance his academy, Loves sis baby sis a lot, Married to Love of his life sharon.

Sharon Shekhawat - 23 years old, Taani's bhabhi, Handling her dance acadamy, sometime help swayum in business. Loves taani and swayum a lot.


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superb concept
superb cs
awesome start yr
taani is so much crazy abt rey 
waiting for taarey meet so much excited for that
update soon yr 
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awesome concept
liked the cs
nyc beginning
eagerly waiting for taarey meet
updt nxt part soon

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Love the concept of the story! Can't wait to read more! And get well soon <3

Thanks for the pm (: 
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awesome concept
taani is super crazy fan of taani
rey too excited to meet taani
n me too excited to see taarey meet n taanis first reaction
egarly waiting for next part
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Posted: 2014-08-31T08:24:52Z
Great concept
Waiting for tr,meet
Get well soon
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