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Hi Guys,
Here comes  the first part of my second  FF, Ek Nayi Zindagi.. Hope, you would enjoy it as much you have enjoyed the first one Jab Do Dil Milte Hain..

Chapter 1


 "Priya Sharma " They called out my name. Yes I acknowledged it got up taking my file in one hand and tugging Pihu with another. I was here   to get pihu her admission into this prestigious school. 

Pihu my darling daughter all of 5 years but really sometimes I think she is smarter than me. Pihu what can I say about her she is my life. She defines me. She is gives me the energy, the strength, the motivation to lead my life.  People say mothers give birth to children but I believe Pihu gave birth to this Priya Sharma. Without her in my life would have ended long ago

Pihu  is a  happy child. My life's aim   sees to that her smile remains intact.  I came to the school for her first standard admission. Last two years I had saved enough money to get Pihu in this school.

Money it is just paper but somehow it determines people choices and thereby redefine their life .Money has been problem for us.  Last Two years I have worked very hard to save this money for Pihu.  Pay in   Kindergarten school which I teach are not that much but the principal was kind enough to allow Pihu to study there for free for last two years.  Now as Pihu is 5 years she needs to go into the big school for that I needed money. I did not want to ask my family, I knew they would send it me  but, I have  always lived  my life  in my own terms  and  will continue to do so. So my choice was to work hard, take tution cut down my expense and save

Mumbai & past,  something's   I have hidden  even from myself after I came here  to Pune. Pune is now our world mine and Pihu's.  I am  in still in touch with my family... but relationship no longer exist. Time  as torn us all part. Ayesha , kartik& Natasha, ma and papa do live  in the same city  meet each other, but are very far from each other by  the distance of their heart. I came  here to  Pune to start a life which was destroyed by my marriage.  Marriage and husband I cant think about it  now . I can't think about my failure

  I need to think about my future with   pihu. She is  the future. I will never let my past  scar my future never.. I went inside  the room ,  the principal and asked me to fill up the form.,for admission.  I filled it up. And gave it to her.  She looked at and asked'where  is  Pihu  father.? Mr. Ram Kapoor.  I told her the truth we are separated.

The  man who  bought all the world  happiness into my life and  was also the  cause for the pain . I don't now whether  I hate  him  more or love him more... I know one he  will  always be part of me..  before as happiness  but now  as  hurt which will never heal.


  "Mr Ram Kapoor ". There was a thunderous applause a standing ovation.  A tall  handsome man came to the podium, took the trophy from the Presenter, Mr Naraynamoorthy , Co founder of Infosys, Congratulations he said to  the man. The Man  came to the podium and said. Thank you  and  Iam  very happy to accept this trophy on the behalf of Mr Ram Kapoor. Kapoor Industries will always strive  to achieve better  results  and reach higher.

The man got  down . left the auditorium. The Press followed him when he  was about to reach the  car door. The press surrounded him and asked, Mr Shergill, where is Mr  Kapoor,  why did he not come to the award function.  Vikram answered." No comments". Mr Shergill  one more question why does Mr Kapoor never comes  out into public  , they say he has become recluse  paranoid like  Mr Howard Hughes is it  true sir. Vikram answered no comment. He got into the car and told the  driver. Kapoor mansion  chalna  bhai.  

As soon as he entered Kapoor mansion he went up to Ram room.  Called out for Ram. I am here I called out . Vikram, why are you shouting what is need to shout you I don't know I how much more I can  bear.

Ram this is the last function I am going to  go in behalf of you. This is getting highly ridiculous everybody is asking about you how long  are you going hide from the public.  You  do nothing but work,  life cannot go on like  this way, it has been five years and you  need to move on in life.   Having said it , seeing no reaction from my side.. Vikram left the room fustratedly . I took the trophy, and looked at it. It meant nothing to me. Money and success meant nothing to me. Work was only way  I can escape from my past. And memories of that woman, Money and  success are just its by products. Sometime I feel I hate her and sometime I   miss her...  But  I know one thing I never forget her  .  this   pain and this hurt will never  go.. as long as  I live

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interesting starting... Looking forward to next part.. Plz cont soon..
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intresting start plz cont soon.. nd plz do pm the updates
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looking interesting 
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Its awesome..  i just loved it 
Big smile
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very interestingClapClap...looking forward for the story... and what must have happened in the past which hurt both priya and ram...and also waiting for the reunion...you may be thinking itni jaldiShocked...but i am desperate 
continue really soonDay Dreaming
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very gud start.pls continue..
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Awesome start pls continue soon
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