FAN FIC:Kripa- unhappy superstar?

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Well,'s been really long since Angad and Kripa separated...Angad went all the way to Nainital to get Kripa back..he crashes heaven and earth to make her believe that he'll always love her and be with her but Kripa inspite of her intense love cannot bring herself to trusting Angad.Angad goes back......Prithvi makes Kripa believe in herself again nad brings her back to Mumbai to pursue her dreams of being a singing star. To their utter shock , on reaching Mumbai, they get the news that Angad has given up everything...........his family, his home, his career, his star status and has abandoned everything to lead a life of seclusion and anonymity.Nobody knows where he has disappeared.Kripa is grief-stricken and curses herself and Angad for not believing in each other.Prithvi makes her understand that music is the soul of A-K relationship and she must pursue is what connects Angad and Kripa and brought them together in the first place.Kripa is an unhappy woman but to keep Angad's presence alive in her life, she takes to singing and with Prithvi's support turns into a superstar.

Now, the scene is that Kripa has become a big star and is at a concert and she asks her fans that which song should she sing for them?  A teenager in the front requests her.............

FAN:" Hey Krips! We want you to sing your first hit........wahi gaana jo tumne Angad ke saath gaaya tha.Please....please...please...sing it for us.Angad to hai nahiin but you can do it.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FANS in unison:" Yeah....C'mon Kripa! Sing it for us!"

It takes some time for Kripa to let sink in what her fans asked her to.Prithvi is down-stage but listens to the fan-request nad immediately looks at Kripa.

Kripa's face loses colour and she looks crest-fallen...still she keeps that smile on her face.Her eyes become moist as she brings herself to sing that song.....

KRIPA:" Wo gana mera nahiin....hamara hai...mera aur Angad ka(her throat hurts)'s to ANGAD!"

Tears well up in Prithvi's eyes as he sees Kripa sing "Is pyaar ko main kya naam doon".

PRITHVI(to himself):" Koi kyun karta hai kisi se itna pyar? Aur agar do log ek-doosre ko is hadd tak chaahte hain to woh mil kyun nahiin paate?Kaash........kaash..Angad tum aaj yahaan nazaara hi kucch aur hota."

Kripa closes her eyes and all past images of herself and Angad flash across her mind as she sings the song to an enthralled audience.One lonely tear flws down her cheek nad her throat chokes.She cannot sing any further.

KRIPA(to a confused and surprised audience):"I....I....I am sorry."

She takes off the mic and runs away from the stage crying profusely.The audience begins to get out of control but Manan manages the situation......

MANAN:"Relax guys.............Agar kisi star ki entry itni smashing hoti exit bhi zara hatke hona chaahiye na?(his charm works and the audience laughs)...Here's presenting another star performer.....Prajakta Shukre."

She comes on stage and the show is saved.

Prithvi and Manan look at each other and sigh in relief.

Both of them go to see Kripa in the green-room.

MANAN:" Bach gaye Prithvi.....jab us idiotic fan ne Kripa se wo gaana gaane ko kaha na...mujhe tabhi laga tha ki aisa hi kucch hoga...Kripa won't be able to handle it."

PRITHVI:"You are right Manan.Pata nahiin Kripa ka kya haal hoga?I hope that she is alright."

Both of them enter the green-room and are shocked at what they see.All the costumes are lying on the floor.....everything is trashed and smashed on the floor and Kripa is sitting in a corner with her head on the knees nad crying.

Prithvi and Manan rush to her.....

PRITHVI(strokes her hair and holds up her face):'Kripa..tum theek to ho?Ye sab kya hai?Are you alright?"

Manan's face looks as if in a spasm of pain and he says to himself..."Kucch bhi theek nahiin hai..kucch nahiin."

He turns away saying:"Main zara show ka coordination dekhkar aata hoon nad I'll send some water for her.Tum Kripa ka dhyaan rakho."

Kripa looks at Prithvi, gets up nad looks quite calm now but the storm is visible in her eyes.She wipes her cheeks and walks across the room to look at herself in the mirror.

PRITHVI:"Kucch to kaho Kripa.Tumhe concert se is tarah nahiin aana chaahiye tha...tum ek star ho and you have a responsibility towards your fans.Aur ye kamre ki kya haalat ki hai tumne?"

Prithvi is saying all this to avoid touching the painful topic but the look in Kripa's depressed eyes say it all.

Kripa spins around and seethes:'Mujhe dekho Prithvi.....look at me?Do you think that I even care about my stardom?(she relaxes and faces the mirror again)......Tum jaante ho...bachpan se mera ek hi sapna tha...aaj ka din dekhne ka..jab meri jagah sitaaron mein ho...saari duniya meri deewani ho...mera ma-baap ko, mere doston ko, mere apnon ko mujh par fakr ho...aaj ye sab sach ho chuka hai Prithvi...lekin main.......main khush to kya, jee bhi nahiin pa rahi hoon."

Prithvi tries to say something but he knows that Kripa can no longer take it and let's her talk.

Kripa smiles sadly in the mirror and wipes a tear from her eyes......

KRIPA:"Woh sapna kya sapna Prithvi......jab tumhaari zindagi hi tumhaare saath na ho.Aaj Angad mere saath hota to wo kitna khush hota...tum is baat ka andaaza bhi nahiin laga sakte.Sab kehte hain ki jo tumhe chhod kar chala gaya uske baare mein kya sochna...koi nahiin samajh sakta ,Prithvi....mera mann to usi ke saath hai..chaahe wo mere paas ho ya na ho.....Angad ke bina mera astitva adhoora hai...meri aatma ka koi wajood naam , ye kaamyaabi...iska mujhe ehsaas hi nahiin hota...kyunki mera ehsaas Angad ko nahiin chhodta.Don't worry.....jab yahaan se baahar nikloongi to wahi chehra lekar jise duniya chahti hai...Angad bhi to yahi karta tha"

PRITHVI(tearful):"Kripa tum............."

KRIPA(opens a drawer and takes out Angad's picture):" Kucch mat kaho,Prithvi.Tum mere sabse acche dost ho aur hamesha mera bhala hi chaahoge...lekin main shayad tumhari dosti ke bhi layak nahiin hoon."

She takes Angad's picture in hand and looks at it pensively.

Prithvi cannot bear Kripa's state and walks out.At the door he sees a boy bringing a glass of water.

BOY:"Saab, madam ke liye paani laya hoon."

Prithvi strokes the boy's head and says,

PRITHVI:'Rehne do beta.Madam ko paani ki koi zaroorat nahiin...koi zaroorat nahiin."

Manan meets Prithvi on the way.

MANAN:"Kahan ja rahe ho, Prithvi? Kripa theek to hai na?"

PRITHVI:"Kripa theek ho sakti hai?"

MANAN(looking down):'Jaanta hoon...sab jaanta hoon.Par kya ho sakta hai? Kripa ka mann, uski zindagi, uski khushi jisme hai...woh to kho gaya hai."

PRITHVI(looking determined):'Jo kho gaya hai, use dhoonda bhi to ja sakta hai."


PRITHVI:"Main nahiin jaanta ki main ye kaise karoonga.....lekin Angad ko waapis aana hoga...apne liye, Kripa ke liye...apne pyaar ke liye."

Manan looks at Prithvi in surprise.

PLEASE CONTINUE......................

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Posted: 2005-05-30T02:01:29Z
COOL? To continue karo na!Cry
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Posted: 2005-05-30T03:13:43Z
tumne itni acche shuruwat ki hai to tum hi continue karo na! 
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Posted: 2005-05-30T03:14:10Z
it was really nice
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Posted: 2005-05-30T03:14:15Z
Useless ppl! Continue nahiin kar sakte kya?Aaliyah?Pritika?
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Posted: 2005-05-30T03:22:59Z
Tonguewell cuz no one is better than u.. i wrote one but didnt post it it was bakwasLOL
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Posted: 2005-05-30T03:36:53Z

Originally posted by armaans4ever

Tonguewell cuz no one is better than u.. i wrote one but didnt post it it was bakwasLOL

How can u decide that it was bakwaas! Chalo, post karo.

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Posted: 2005-05-30T04:04:55Z

Wink nitica didi kya baat hai!! ab aur intezaar nahin hota, please jaldi likh dijiye. ek gana maan me aa raha hai-

tu is tarha se meri zindagi mein shamil hai,

jahan bhi jaoon yeh lagta hai teri mehfil hai


baaki ke lyrics pure yaad nahin aa rahen hain...but very appropriate, hai na? toh please likhiyeLOL

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