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Posted: 10 years ago

"I am directing a rom-com!" - Deven Bhojani

Known for his perfect comic timing, Deven talks about his involvement in Bh Se Bhade, his special friendship with producers - JD & Aatish and his debut directorial venture.

Deven Bhojani is seen working more with his producer friends J D Majethia and Aatish Kapadia. However, not many know that the friendship goes back several years when they were in college. Deven, JD, Aatish, actor Paresh Ganatra and producer-director Vipul Shah have been friends since those days and the friendship grew thicker each day and the bond is intact even today.

Telling us about it Deven says, "Many people ask me about this since they see me working more with Hats Off Productions. It is like a home for me since JD, Aatish and me we all are like brothers. So since I am in my comfort zone I have a relaxed mind which is reflected in the work too that I do. That is the reason I have done maximum work with them be it Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai or Khichdi or Baa Bahu Aur Baby."

However it is not that he doesn't want work with any other production house. "After Mrs. Tendulkar got over there was a big gap and many production houses came to me with offers but nothing which would tempt me till this show Bh se Bhade came up. When I heard about it I was thrilled with the story and character and thus took it up," reveals Deven.

While he is a versatile actor who has portrayed various roles in Theater, comedy seems to be his forte while doing Television. It is something which Deven seems to be happy doing and even people want to watch him in comic roles. Talking about the same, Deven agrees, "Yes, I have done more of comedy since I get more of such offers but I am not unhappy with it. In fact I am proud of the fact since I feel that actors who can do other type of roles are more in number as compared to actors who can do good comedy. So if any producer wants to do comedy they can think of only limited number of actors and I fall am into that minority which makes me feel happy. I am happy and proud that god has given me this talent, so what more can you ask for?"

Deven has also been a creative director on various other shows earlier so is he giving creative inputs for Bh se Bhade too? "No, I am just an actor in this show and officially hold no other title but I am still involved in the show not only in my own character but also when it comes to other characters, and the rest of the show. I keep a watch over them and I am totally involved. So with all my co-actors, we exchange notes and help each other in our scenes since we have a very homely atmosphere."

He is working on using his creativity on a different platform. Deven is looking at directing films and is already geared up for his first one, "Yes, I am directing a film. It is a rom-com (romantic comedy) which is being produced by Vipul Shah. We are working on the script as of now and with the help of other writers even I am involved in writing it. It will be a full-fledged commercial film and we have already started work on it," concludes an excited Deven.

With his experience in comedy we are sure Deven we can expect one laugh riot from him!

Seema Khot Mattoo