Ishq-E-Jannat : "Agar Kalyug mein koi Ram hai toh Woh Mrityunjay

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This is an live updating, analysis, discussion, venting (Without going overboard), action-reaction and general masti-dhamaal related thread about Ek Boond Ishq where everyone is welcome and can just jump into discussion any time!

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The Most Important Guideline as of now is


Constructive Criticism is always Welcome but not at the cost of insulting/bashing the Character or the Actor who is playing the PartSmile

Try not to quote long posts or multiple posts, instead use the @Name of the person you want to respond to.

 If you feel you must quote, it should be when you are replying to a longer message part by part or where you bold or select a few lines to discuss.

To be Contd...
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While you are here, please spend 2 Mins of your time to Comment of the Actors Profiles.



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Thanks for creating this thread Rajla. Hope to rock this oneSmile
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Thank you Rajla for this beautiful place to hang out and talk about this unique show.Hug Edited by Jugliji - 2013-09-21T13:10:32Z
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Lets get this going.. LOL

1. Kalavati says she only has 20 something days to get Tara killed.. What happens after that? Does she have to return to Thakur's haveli and become a boring Tauji? Or Elections are coming, so her mind will be occupied with campaigns, etc.. Confused

2.. Aditya (Nandini's BF) is a jerk.. We get that! BUT  why did he suddenly text Nandu to tell her that he will NEVER marry her? Why this sudden change of heart when he was on his way to his elder brother's shaadi? Bored with Nandini? Confusing her? Player ki fittrat? Is it REALLY over? Confused
3. Meethi (Aditya's wife) tells Tara about her oh-so-loving husband Aditya! Aditya yeh... Aditya wohh... Even Taara baccchu gets a little envious of her devrani and her patni-vrata pati! BUT is Meethi really telling the truth? Confused 
4. Yehh Mritunjay ka chakkkar kyaaa hai- how does a 'shaadi' save someone from a death sentence? How? Just how? Confused
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