ArHilicious Droolers #: 7 + 8 Dil Kyu Ye Mera, Shor Kare. . .

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Posted: 8 years ago

ArHilicious Droolers #: 7 + 8
Dil Kyu Ye Mera

Song of the week: pancakes
Funny Scene of the week: LazilyAnonymous
Videomix of the week: -Deepali-
Achari Scene of the Week: HK90
Best Character of the Week: deeps_20
Funny Character of the Week: deeps_92
Video avi of the week: HeBarun21
Siggy of the week: -chamkilli-
Best FF of the Week: -Alina.
Best OS of the week: lazyleaves
Icon of the week: shoniharsha12
Most Active Member of the Week: *Khushii*
Costume of the Week: pancakes

Banner and animated logos: -iLoveSobti- + Baki

Winning Siggies: .MeriAashiqui. + Saher_90

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Posted: 8 years ago

Actually I was really confused about which one to choose, while watching episode 45 I was saying, I can see this again and again, and I actually did it LOL 

But then watching the next episode my mind stacked on two scenes in particular, the one in which Khushi said "phele aap darwaza kool dijiye" and Arnav actually doing it, I felt like wow for the first time The Great ASR is obeying/listening someone. 

And then the next wala scene, in which Khushi saying that he should be happy as she is going away, the word Hamesha and Arnav's shocked face after hearing it, are still impressed in my mind.

Really a mind blowing scene, worth to watch. 

I tried to make a Gif of the last part 

but seems it is too much heavy

The Anjali and Arnav scene was hilarious. The conversation between the siblings was hilarious. The expressions, dialogues and acting was perfect. Barun and Daljeet were awesome.
Kyunki agar tum usse door rahoge toh tumari saasein rukne lagegi

You. Are. Unbelievable Di. I mean saasein ruk jayegi. Main jaata hoon warna aapke baatein sunke meri saasein ruk jayegi. 

The expression were bang on. The amused smirk on Arnav's face and the adorable pout on Daljeet's face added more humor to the scene. 

Awesome work Barun and Daljeet Clap
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The best character of this week is Anjali's Chotey. Read it again. It's for chotey inside Arnav and not for ASR. I agree he behaves like a jerk with Kushi. but Arnav as family man is someone to watch out.

He loves his family! and no one can love his family like he does. The scene where he stood outside the kitchen and watched his families happy moments shows his character. He never takes part in their happy moment. But he gets content just by seeing his family happy. Do I have to say about his scenes with his di?

The way he was looking at her spoke everything.
so Chotey gets best character of this week tag!
pic credit to uploader

Well, this week mami regained her position again. Yes, she gets the funny character of the week tag once again. She never fails to make others laugh with her funny one-liners. For example, the scene where she exclaims about self-made jelabi's!!! 

East or west, our hello hai bye bye is the best!

This week we have two funny characters. It's none other than our very own chamkeli and miss.Tiptop Khasyap!  Both of them took teej virat for the first time. The way they both decided not to think about food and the way they kept on thinking about food was really hilarious.

so funny characters of the week goes to Kushi Kumara Gupta and Lavanya Khasyap!  

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Posted: 8 years ago

It goes to khushi kumari gupta
for looking simple yet beautifulSmile


to Arnav
simply for making me look just at him
 through whole episodeEmbarrassedWink


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Posted: 8 years ago


Made by ..Prinzy.. 

Here is ur Gift:

Made by: summer.dillon

Here is ur Gift:


Made By - ayshaomar

Here is ur Gift

Made By :  Hina (Sunshine Girl )


VM Made By : Appy  [  bollywoodfanista  ]


Here is ur Gift

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Posted: 8 years ago

Runner Up

OS: The Sum of all parts. 

by RockBarbie

A cute ArHilicious OS on our Arnav and Khushi heading out for their honeymoon, enjoying themselves, in every way. But this is not the OS where they are just having a good time but the small gestures here have a greater meaning, giving us an insight in to the relationship dynamics of our favourite couple.

A delightful read :)

Thank you :)

OS - Cast and Carry!!!

by libranangel 

Someone please pick this OS up and show this to me on TV with my couple! The forum never fails to surprise me with their ideas of a married ArHi.

The author has stayed true to all the characters, including not only our dearest couple but also the side characters.

An extremely sweet, lovely, cute, endearing and beautiful OS :)

Thank you :)

Here is ur Gift:


ArHi OS | A Crack In The Curtains 

by -Emma.K-

I usually write a paragraph at least to convey to the readers what awaits them in the OS. But I don't think so it is within me to speak about this one. THIS is IPK. This is nostalgia. This is my show! This is our show and I think this OS has done a brilliant job of giving us viewers what we truly deserve.

IPK personified!

Thank you :)
OS: Tum mile..

by mishti_17

This is a full comprehensive story, written beautifully in one shot depicting the past, present and future of Arnav and Khushi.

The story starts with a mysterious past lurking which gets later revealed in the present.

The characters she has sketched for the couple are so relatable because we have seen couples like them around us.

The story has clearly shown that, no matter what, if something is meant to be, it will be. Today, tomorrow or 15 years later. And even after such a long period, certain things never change :)

Thank you :)

Here is ur gift:

Runner Up

FF: Hidden Memories

Arnav changed to a short temper person after the major incident in his life. He used girls and fulfilled his desires. A small girl enters in his life named Pari Singh Raizada. She has been left by her mother at his doorstep with a letter. Whose daughter is Pari? Will Arnav accept Pari as his daughter? 

By Pavin aka ..Sugar_ArHi.. + ARS24

FF: Destined to Love

What happens when you have to pretend to be in love with your friend's ex-girlfriend just because you have to help him? And what happens when you end up falling in love with your best-friend's girlfriend? A story about Arnav falling with his best friend Manav's girlfriend Khushi and their Love, chosen by the Destiny.

By -Mohhena- 

Here is ur Gift:


FF: Jism Se Rooh Takh

This is a story about Eight Friends who grew up together but one day, the 11th May, changed their life forever and Arnav disappears from Khushi's life. They meet again after five years but can she forget how he left her and now is back for only 14 Days? 

By Parm aka DUGGUlicious

FF: Night that changed our Life

What happens when you are going to get married with the love of your life but end up spending a night with your would be husband's elder brother? A story about a night that changed Arnav and Khushi's life forever. 

By Khushi_Sarun 

Here is ur gift:


Here is ur Gift:

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Posted: 8 years ago
heyo Droolers!! Hug 

Did you guys miss us last week? Did you? You better have Stern Smile ROFL 

Anyway, we're back this week with some new members in the team. Let's welcome them as we bid adieu to some of the old one's as they leave for varying reasons.. You guys will be missed!! Hug

This edition is a mixture of last week + this week. 

Enjoy + Congratulations winners! Hug 
-ArHiLicious Droolers Team.
Edited by *Khushii* - 8 years ago
Posted: 8 years ago
great work by NL team..keep it upClap
yes .. missed NL last now  2 NL togetherThumbs Up
congratulations to all winners..

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