Guidelines for Global Announcement Topics

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Posted: 7 years ago

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing well! We would like to take this opportunity to notify every one of a few changes that have been made in regards to Birthday Threads as well as other Global Announcement Topics.

Regarding Birthday Threads

Permissions - If you want to volunteer to make celebrity birthday threads, please kindly seek permission from the section Development team or Channel moderator of that particular channel or the Global moderators before you start to prepare the thread, maximum 1-3 months in advance and not more than that. Since many want to help out, we suggest it's done by the actor/actress respective ATs or collectively by the forum members. If you fail to seek permission before hand, all your efforts will go in vain and no one is to be blamed. NOTE: A single member will not be granted permission to be fair to everyone.

Global Announcement Period - All celebrity's birthday threads will be made global announcement for ONLY 3 DAYS, after which it will be removed. Whether it will remain as a sticky in the forum or not will be up to the section DT post the two day GA period.

Addition of Music Files- Lately we have been asking members NOT to ADD automatic music files to the first page on topics that go up as global announcement since it increases the website load time. Henceforth, please remove any music files before requesting any birthday threads to be GAed. If members fail to do so, the Development Team may refuse to make it a GA or may simply ask the members to remove the content before GAing it. Note - this is applicable only to the first page!

Spamming - We understand a lot of effort and hard work goes into making these birthday threads and everyone want it to be a successful thread. But please kindly avoid spamming unnecessarily simply with the intention of increasing the number of pages. If members continue to spam the thread while the topic is a GA, the development team may choose to immediately remove it from GA.

Birthday threads of the members - Development team members' (Coolbies to Admins) birthday threads will be made as a global announcement as a token of appreciation for their time and effort towards maintenance of this forum. Regular members' birthday threads will be made sticky in the respective forums they are active on. Those who prepare the regular members' birthday threads are requested to contact the respective section DTs to have the threads stickied.

Regarding Other Global Announcement Topics

Global announcement topics - India-Forums Crazy Creative team is responsible for creating Festive threads (such as Diwali, Christmas, Easter, Eid, Thanks Giving, Regional Celebrations (Pongal, Sankranti, Ugadi etc)), National Holidays (such as independence day, republic day). Global Forum Contests, etc. As such, threads made by the team gets first priority and if anyone wants to contribute or collaborate, please kindly contact the CC head Angel-Jot or any of the CC team members via PM with a clear subject title.

Show Anniversary/ Celebratory threads - Only Show Anniversary, Actors' Birthdays, Characters on screen marriages and Actors real life marriage celebration will be GAed. Fare-well threads of shows that go off air will also be made GA, however, we will NO LONGER GA off airs shows' anniversary, as currently airing shows get the first priority.

Any important flash news topics can be made GA upon request, such as nature catastrophe, death announcements of important personals, sports tournaments such as cricket world cup, IPL, soccer, sport finals etc.

We will update this thread if more points come across. Hope you all enjoy the remainder of the summer.

Thank you,

Best Regards

IF Development Team

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Posted: 7 years ago
Thank U Meli Di for the revised rulesHug
Just feel... 2 days for a Birthday Thread of an actor... a little too lessErmm
Just my view...certainly no bad feelings to anybodyEmbarrassed
Posted: 7 years ago
Thanks for the guidelines Mel; this is of great help! Many of the doubts asked by forum members have been added into this, so its very useful!!

Posted: 7 years ago
Thanks Melu, for the revised guidelines for GA topics. Makes everything easier and smoother to perform.

Posted: 7 years ago
This guidelines are good to resolve issues for GA.
Posted: 7 years ago
Thank you so much for the Guidelines.. :)

Posted: 7 years ago
Thanks for the guidelines. Big smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Thankyou Meli for posting these rules. They were definitely needed. Big smileClap

The rest of the post is for those who are going to criticize these rules being implemented now. This does not mean that certain DT members hate a particular fan base but this was long time coming. The timing of it just a co-incidence.

Although, I do think 2 days is less for a celebrities birthday thread to be GA'd because the members do work hard on that thread. But then there are also times that there are multiple birthday threads and some get ignored. So, this rule is great as well.

Getting a thread up as a GA is not the end of the world, guys. It's just to appreciate the hardwork of the actor. So, take the rules in good spirit instead of criticizing them. Big smile

Definitely not moral policing but just trying to say something that was pinpointed in one of my forums.

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