ASYA OS: Plan Isse Kehte Hain

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How had he managed to not get any color on his face? Zoya was puzzled and slightly annoyed. Thinking that she was fooling him, she continued to pretend click pictures with her phone going up to his bathroom to check on the gag towel.
She looked over her shoulder to see if he'd followed her.
 He hadn't.
Humph! How did Mr. Khan pull this off?
She bent to examine the neatly folded towel and saw the gulal intact just as she had left it last night.
Damn! Was he awake when she had sneaked in last night?
She heard a sound and turned but was splashed with cold water. "Aaah," she gasped. "What the ---?"
Mr. Khan standing before her with that slight half-smile on his face. Pink bucket in hand.
"Plan isse kehte hain Ms. Farooqui!" he said smugly.
She couldn't take her eyes of that smile'it reminded her of a different Mr. Khan in a different place from a few weeks ago.
He came closer, bent and taking the gulal from the towel tenderly brushed it on both her cheeks. "Happy Holi" he said softly.
Her breath had quickened. He could see the rise and fall of her breasts. The thin cotton material of her kurta was clinging wetly to her curves and he could see tempting flashes of pink skin under the now translucent clothes.
His own breathing got shallow.
She smiled and flashed those dimples and his heart raced. She too applied gulal to his face, her palm lingering on his cheek. He shifted his cheek to nuzzle her palm while looking into her heated eyes. He wanted to brush his lips on her palm.
Suddenly self-conscious, she broke away from his stare and his eyes were once again drawn to her wet hair dripping over her breasts. He could see the clear outline of a lacy white bra. He felt himself harden.
Her phone buzzed and she turned to reach for it. But being the klutzy Zoya Farooqui that she was, and even more so in his presence, she tripped over her own two feet. She felt herself falling as if in slow motion. She would have probably cracked her skull open on the marble counter if he hadn't reacted quickly and grabbed her arm to break her fall.
Exhaling in relief she looked up to thank him and went completely still.
She was in his arms, heaving chest to heaving chest, their faces a mere inch or two away. She gazed at his lips. She felt his knuckle brush her own lips and her eyes shot up to look at him. He was looking at her lips and his face was bending towards her. She licked her lips and heard him groan as he bent to clamp his lips on her hers.
He had seen her about to hit her head on the counter and had acted reflexively to yank her towards him. But once he had her in his arms her breasts crushed against his chest, he couldn't stop himself. The moisture from her clothes was fast seeping into his thin kurta. He wanted to look down at her breasts knowing that her nipples were pressing against his body. But his gaze snagged at her lips instead. They had parted; he saw her lick them nervously and he just had to taste them.
He felt her body jolt in awareness as he grazed her lips, feathering them with his own. She moaned and he felt bolder. His hands moved to cup her face and his tongue drove in through her parted lips. She mewled and pressed herself closer to him. Her lips sucked on his while he teased and flirted with her tongue.
As her hips suctioned his he felt himself surge and nudge her.
Her eyes flew open and she blushed furiously. But she felt langorous and and boneless. Even though she knew they should stop, her body wouldn't obey.
Her lips latched on to his even more urgently.
His hands roved hungrily over her waist and back as she adjusted to raise her arms over his shoulders and cradle his head. His hands found and massaged her breasts. She began to grind her hips against his in slow circular movements that inflamed him further.
He broke contact and looked deep into her eyes as if asking for permission to go further. She held his face and bent her face shyly to exhale on his neck silently giving him permission and he lifted her up to seat her on the counter. Parting her knees he slid in and nuzzled her neck while his hands continued to trail a fiery passage on her back. She arched her back and threw her head up to grant him better nibbling access.
"Zoya," he breathed and she shivered. He had wanted to do it for so long and there was no stopping him now. He bent and opened his mouth over her breast. He tongued the engorged nipple through the fabric sucking hard. As the heat and added moisture from his mouth spread, she bucked and moaned grabbing his head with both hands and leaned back. His hand slipped through the side slit of her kurta and crept up under it to her other breast. With his thumb and palm he played with it making her shudder with desire. 
He could smell her arousal and it made him leap.
Zoya was reeling with an overload of sensations. She could feel one of his hands on her back and the other tormenting her breast. His mouth feasted on the other breast as he suckled her through her clothes. She clenched and unclenched her thighs wanting him even closer. 

"Mr. Khan, please," she moaned still leaning with her head thrown back. He lifted his head and she protested, "no, please don't stop!" She heard him gasp and he hugged her close while kissing her again. The hand inside her kurta had begun to move to her bra clasp. She waited for the tantalizing release and the feel of his hands on her breasts. She wanted his mouth on her bare skin.
She cried out as he unhooked her bra. He stopped kissing her to look into her eyes. She boldly took his hands and placed them on her breasts. "Touch me," she commanded; "please," she begged.

He lost all control and sliding his hands under her kurta cupped her breasts and snaked his thumbs under the bra to flick her pebbled nipples. They both groaned in unison having wanted this for so long. She edged closer to him and her knees blindly hugged his hips begging her body to be closer to his heat.

She wanted out of her kurta this instant!
She writhed and tried to pull it off. His hands held hers while he kissed her again. Then in one tug he pulled off her kurta. Her bra went along with it. He looked at her naked and damp breasts worshipfully. In a trance his head bent as if of its own accord, and his lips latched on to her nipple. She fell back with her arms over her head and hands resting on the mirror behind her. Her sighs filled the room and his fingers dug into her waist. His tongue moved from the underside of her breast to her aereole. He laved her puckered nipple and then teased it with circular flicks of his tongue. She bucked each time wanting him to suck her harder. Her thighs bounced  restlessly on the counter.
With one hand she tugged to draw his mouth to the neglected nipple. He gave it his full attention. 

His hands had begun to flutter over her stomach and belly button by now. His fingers grazed the top of her salwar. She slid down to grant him access and feel his hands on the rest of her body. They kissed and he whispered hoarsely while biting and licking her neck, "I want you so bad."

She was undone by the raw confession. She pressed kisses into his neck and slid her own hands under his kurta to feel his muscular chest and taut stomach. His abs had been her secret passion. Ever since she'd seen him that day she'd wanted to run her hands and lips over them. She tugged at his kurta signaling him to yank it off as soon as possible so that she could get her hands and mouth on him.
He laughed softly and complied. 

She ran her hands over that glorious chest and abs. She could clearly see his bulge tenting under his pajamas. She cupped him. "Zoya!" He cried while arching his back and grinding his erection into her. She rubbed her nipples against his chest and his breath hissed. 

He tugged at her drawstring and her salwar pooled around her ankles. Before she could step out of them she felt his fingers rub her intimately through her panties. 
She whimpered.
He helped her step out of her salwar and kissed her again. As his tongue thrust into her mouth he pushed aside the gusset and thrust two of his fingers into her wet depths. She went crazy and nearly doubled over backwards.
"Zoya," he whispered roughly, "you are so wet!" He stroked her labia with his fingers parting them to expose her nub. He rubbed it with his knuckle while sucking on her nipple again. She swelled and throbbed with each swift stroke. He removed his hand and she felt bereft.
"No, please don't stop!" she moaned.
He looked into her eyes and raised her hand to his mouth as he sucked her fingers. He knelt before her and said, "touch yourself for me." She felt shy and embarrassed. But looking into his eyes hooded with desire and holding his gaze, she tentatively dipped her fingers into her folds. He groaned and leaned in to follow her fingers with his tongue.
Zoya gasped with pleasure and shock. His hands on her thighs he tongued her, playing hide and seek with her fingers. Becoming bolder she spread herself with her fingers and he sucked her nub after laving it in circles.
She spasmed out of control. "Asaaaddd!" she cried clutching his hair with both hands now.
He rose to hold her tight letting her crash and tide over as waves of passion rolled over her. He nuzzled her neck and captured her lips in a kiss. She tasted herself on him as she clung to him.
Oh god, that was heaven! She buried her face in his chest. She let her fingers dance on his stomach as she bent to suck his nipples. His breath hitched and his lower body slammed into hers. She tugged at his drawstring now, loosening his pajamas and urging him out of them. Slowly feathering her fingertips around the waistband of his briefs, she slipped her hands in to cup and knead his taut butt. He groaned and threw his head back, neck muscles straining and his eyes shut tight.  
On one swift move and she yanked his briefs down and caressed his hard pulsating ridge. So smooth and yet veined. She ran her finger on the beaded tip and he held her desperately. "Zoya,"he hissed, "stop." She laughed softly and knelt to slowly relieve him of his briefs before taking him in her mouth. His pelvis bucked him deeper into her mouth. He looked down at her as she pulled him out to tease his tip with her tongue. Unable to restrain himself anymore he lifted her up and stood her against the counter and thrusting her wet panties to the side, he entered her. 
She gasped. 
He pulled out in alarm. "Are you okay? I'm sorry." 
She  covered his mouth with her hand and looking into his eyes breathed, "I'm better than OK. Take me Mr. Khan, please."
He groaned and crushed her lips with his. He rubbed his length against her making her fall back with pleasure again.
This time she guided him into her. Each thrust took him in deeper and the sound of his flesh slapping againt hers made her dizzy again. She gripped his shoulders and rotated her hips. He dug his fingers into her butt and emptied himself into her crying out hoarsely, "Zoyaaa!"
As they shuddered in each other's arms he kissed the top of her head and tucked a damp strand of her hair behind an ear. She looked up into his face with tears in her eyes.
He bent to lick them away. "I love you."
More tears fell as she smiled and whispered, "I love you too."
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Originally posted by princess555

Nice os Smile
Not too much? Yikes I'm worried it may be flagged.
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Posted: 2013-08-19T18:27:07Z
um well this was ... something LOL 
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Posted: 2013-08-19T18:33:52Z
Brilliant OS Embarrassed

Perfect description of everything.. Big smile 
Really wasn't expecting the holi thing to be used in this manner but to be honest, it worked perfectly.. really suited the concept that you used.. and I really loved the way you linked how he splashed water on her and the rest of the events unfolding LOL 

If this is your first piece of writing then hats off to you because it is one amazing OS Embarrassed 

Their thoughts mingled well with their situation.. Asad and Zoya so bold and open with each other just because of a prank and I loved it Big smile

Reminded me so much of my AsYa SS: Train Ride.. Very very similar style of writing to mine Embarrassed Embarrassed

wonderful work Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2013-08-19T18:56:20Z
Sexy Embarrassed

This is ur first one? Then write 2nd one Asap Wink
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Posted: 2013-08-19T21:47:57Z
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Posted: 2013-08-19T21:58:09Z
Oh my. Amazing os..loved it. Hatts of to u.
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Posted: 2013-08-19T22:12:40Z
Asad n Zoya both make out in the washroom so boldly woww,this is amazing
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