ASYA OSes & Yeh Nikaah Duss Dinon Ke Undar Hoga!

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1. After Dil, Bhaang & More (PART I)

NOTE: This is not exactly a sequel to my previous OS Asya OS: Dil, Bhaang and More but it's just something I imagined happening and how these 2 would struggle with their sexual attraction and guilt even after having consummated their relationship. 


She smiled at herself in the mirror. She couldn't wait to see him at the dining table. But leaning in closer she noticed marks on the side of her neck. Oh god, I'll have to wear something that covers this up, she thought. And she smiled again touching her skin along her neck and remembering how she got those marks. She looked at herself in the mirror again and blushed. Her nipples, still sensitive, had puckered and peaked through her shirt. OK, may be a dupatta as a scarf around my neck with the two ends covering my breasts. It would be too embarrassing if these two decided to make a public show.

Patting her hair tied behind her she remembered how his hand would always stray to tuck in a strand of hair behind her ear.

She walked out of the room self-consciously and saw him at the head of the table. They drank each other in.  She knew he felt the same way too.

She shyly lowered her gaze and moved to where Phuphi and Najma were bustling in the kitchen. 

Najma in the middle of cutting fruit asked Zoya if she could lay the table.

Zoya's heart leapt.

She got the plates and flatware together and headed over to the table avoiding his gaze. Starting with her own place setting farthest from him she arranged the plates and utensils and moved closer. She could feel his gaze on her face but couldn't look at him. As she reached his seat her hands slowed and she became ultra conscious of every movement. She wanted him to say or do something and was disappointed when neither happened. As she moved away she felt him grab her hand and squeeze it. She smiled but looked up to see if either Najma or Phuphi saw anything. They were not looking this way so she squeezed his hand back. As she tried to slip her hand out of his grasp she felt him lift her hand to his mouth and deliberately bite her index finger before tucking it into his mouth and sucking on it. She nearly lost her balance and gasped slightly. Quickly snatching her hand from his she moved to the other side of the table to complete her task. 

He looked at her with a half-smile on his face as she refused to look at him. He wanted her to look at him. He had noticed that for the first time she had paired a dupatta with her shirt and jeans. As she bent down to arrange the flatware the dupatta shifted and he saw the peak of an erect nipple.

He almost moaned out aloud. He felt his body leap in response.  Oh god, it was going to be hard to get up and walk away now. He was already at half-mast when she entered the room, now he was done for. He decided that not having Ammi and Tamatar at the table would be the best time to make his escape into the room. Grabbing the newspaper in front of him, he bolted. 

"Asad," Ammi cried. "What about breakfast?" 

Without turning around but meeting Zoya's startled eyes he said, 

"I have to make an important call. I'll be right back."

Zoya sighed missing his presence already.

Both Dilshad and Najma started to carry dishes to the table and Zoya helped listlessly.

All three of them sat down and Dilshad told Najma to go call her brother.

Zoya felt herself perk up in anticipation. 

Najma came back and Mr. Khan followed soon after. 

This time he avoided her gaze and took his seat and began to gulp down his food.

He knew if he looked at her, he'd think of what was under that wretched dupatta and be undone all over again. 

"Asad," said Phuphi in exasperation, "why the hurry. I know you are busy with work but you must eat properly. Here, have some juice." 

After breakfast he tried reading the newspaper while sipping his coffee in the living room. Everyone else was clearing the table and putting leftovers away. 

Zoya told phuphi that she'd take care of cleaning up the kitchen since Phuphi had to go to the bank.

Phuphi smiled gratefully and went upstairs to get her purse.

Najma too disappeared to the room to study for finals.

Zoya was at the kitchen sink rinsing the morning dishes and she felt him encircle her waist from behind and hold her tight against him. 

The dish clattered in the sink and she whispered reluctantly, "Mr. Khan what are you doing? Phuphi will be down here in a second." 

Turning her around roughly he silenced her with a deep long kiss. They heard Phuphi's door open upstairs and guiltily sprang apart. Brushing his hair off his forehead he left to go to his room.

Zoya felt bereft and happy at the same time. She turned around while Phuphi came down. Mr. Khan too came out of his room wearing his suit jacket over the shirt which had her wet handprints from when she had clutched his shoulders while he tongued her.

"Ammi, I'll drop you," he said.

"No, I'll take the other car, I want to go to the dargah afterwards." 

He cast one backward glance at Zoya who had her back turned to him, and then saying Allah Hafiz walked to the front door with Phuphi following giving Zoya some last minute instructions about the maid.

At the door, he stopped.

"Aap chaliye," he said, "I just remembered I have to get a file from my bedroom." 

Zoya's heart soared. She finished up at the sink and started to wipe down the counter smiling to herself. She heard him go to his room and the door close after Phuphi and waited for him to come out and hold her again.

Nothing happened. She heard his phone and snatches of a conversation. She sighed in disappointment and continued to wipe down the table.

Oh god, please come out and kiss me again. She looked for more things to do around the kitchen. The toaster could be de-crumbed. She unplugged it and carried it to the sink to shake out the charred crumbs and set it aside after removing the undertray to give it a good scrubbing. She felt his arms around her again as he held her tight and kissed the side of her neck. He undid her hair from the clasp and moved it the other side while brushing her dupatta away. He saw the red marks on the side and felt guilty and then aroused. He licked them and kissed the side of her neck as she leaned into him and sighed. His hands slowly came up to cup her breasts and he felt her nipples harden under her shirt. He stroked lazy circles around them with his finger and thumb and then pinched them lightly. Her hands came up to cover his. Her turned her around and bent her slightly over the sink as his mouth clamped hotly over her nipple. He nibbled on it and she writhed under him clasping his shoulders and pushing herself into his erection.

He lifted his head to look into her face and saw her eyes closed and lips parted. He kissed her hard now kneading her butt and grinding her against him. "Zoya," he whispered roughly into her ear, as he came up for air. "I've been hard for hours thinking of being inside you." 

His words were enough to make her come. 

"I want you right now." He lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist pressing herself into him. Carrying her to his room, he locked the door behind them. He sat on the edge of the bed with her still in his lap. Looking into each other's eyes, he tugged her shirt out of her waistband and snaked his hands under it to caress her warm skin.

Her breath caught and she leaned forward to suck on his ear lobe.  He bucked. His hands moved to stroke her back and undo her bra. Freeing her breasts from her bra he bent down to suckle on her straining nipples through her shirt. As she arched back he moved on to the other nipple. She ground her hips into his.

Disengaging, he dragged her shirt off her head and along with her bra threw it to the floor. He couldn't take his eyes or hands off her breasts as he teased them, stroked and laved them. While he loved playing with her nipples and sucking her breasts he realized that she found it more arousing when he feasted on the undersides and nibbled on the sides of her breasts.

But she really went crazy when his hands trailed down to her navel and then dipped even lower. Just watching her writhe and moan in his lap was enough to make him lose control. Still licking and sucking her nipples first gently and then more urgently, he let his fingers wander down to the button of her jeans as he undid them. Lifting her up so that she was on her knees, he slid her jeans down to her knees. She grabbed his hair roughly to tilt his head up and bent down to kiss him. Their mouths parted and tongues warred. She came up for air and he buried his face in her breasts.

Her hands loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. His hands were on the back of her thighs gently trailing his fingertips on her flushed skin. As his hands moved higher her breath became shallower in anticipation. She looked down into his face. Not breaking eye contact, he pushed aside the center of her panties as he slipped his fingers to brush her wet and heated flesh. Her eyes closed and she moaned leaning back which thrust her swollen breasts into his face. Supporting her with one arm he lowered her on to the bed as he struggled to free her from her jeans.

He lowered his head to taste her where he was stroking her wet and swelling bud. He knew this would completely push her over the edge and make her eyes roll back in her head.

She sat bolt upright, pushed him away and covered her breasts. "No, Mr. Khan we can't do this. Najma is upstairs. This is so wrong."

His hands stilled. He knew she was right. Reluctantly he lay back on the bed as he watched her drag her jeans over that butt. She grabbed her bra and shirt off the floor and hastily put them on. Tucking in her shirt and straightening her hair as best as she could, she moved to the door. He grabbed her wrist, stood and backed her up against the wall. Holding her face with both hands, he said, "you're right. I'm sorry." 

Her eyes watered. She didn't want him to be sorry. She covered his hands with her own and shook her head as if to say that it wasn't his fault. He bent this head to lick away the tear poised on her lower lid. Then he kissed her so gently that she could have sobbed.  Afterwards he rested his forehead against hers briefly, and then stepped back to let her go.

In her room, she paced up and down. She heard him leave after ten minutes and sagged against the door. I should move out, she thought as her heart squeezed. She went to retrieve her iPad and started to lethargically searching for local women's hostels. She tried calling a few but there were year-long waiting lists.  Frustrated, she next looked through paying guest opportunities. She narrowed a few possibilities close by and decided to research more in person. 

Mr. Khan too paced in his office. He couldn't keep his mind off how she felt against him.  He wanted to run his fingers through her hair down her naked body and have her shudder with pleasure under him. But trying to steal moments in the house felt too wrong. She was right. My god! Najma was at home, how could he let things go so far. No, this was just a passing thing. He must exercise better control. He couldn't let her get under his skin like this.

Trying his best to concentrate on work he sat at his desk with a ragged sigh. A part of him wanted her to walk into his office right now. He nearly imagined her spread across his desk as he ---

He ran his fingers through his hair and pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger. "Stop it!" he said out loud. He hadn't been so distracted ever before. "Ms. Farooqui" he muttered, "get out of my head."

After Dil, Bhaang & More (PART II)

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You should continue!!!!
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