ASYA OSes & Yeh Nikaah Duss Dinon Ke Undar Hoga!(Page 5)

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Originally posted by -ARLover-

Are you gonna continue this ? :D

I don't know as yet. Got side-tracked but will try. Thanks! Looks like I need to though!
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Originally posted by Klondy

Originally posted by -ARLover-

Are you gonna continue this ? :D

I don't know as yet. Got side-tracked but will try. Thanks! Looks like I need to though!

You need to. Would love to read more of your work. Amazing writer you are Big smile
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Originally posted by NAVI55

Hi. Came across your os today...Simply fabulousClap.
Your writing is exceptional and the way you describe the scene's it's totally amazing...
You simply have to continue, maybe consider writing a ss or ff? I'm sure many would love to read it cos i know i would...
Please do pm me if you write anything else...
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Posted: 2013-12-06T04:06:25Z
plzzz continue... prettyyy plzzz...
it seems like a cliff hanger.. seriouslyy...
plzz try to write more on this.. one more shot plzz.. n end the story properlyyy... plzz..
i love ur work sooo much...!!
all of them.. the prequel then the actual dil bhaang n more n now its sequel... its awesome... plzz add me to ur pm list.. i would love to ur read more works...

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Posted: 2013-12-06T11:51:46Z
Originally posted by Splash-ASYA

plzzz continue... prettyyy plzzz...
it seems like a cliff hanger.. seriouslyy...
plzz try to write more on this.. one more shot plzz.. n end the story properlyyy... plzz..
i love ur work sooo much...!!
all of them.. the prequel then the actual dil bhaang n more n now its sequel... its awesome... plzz add me to ur pm list.. i would love to ur read more works...


Thanks so much for your comment! I am still trying to think of ways to update. Am toying with some ideas. Will probably work on it during winter break!

Happy holidays everyone!
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2. Woh Raat, Woh Taare, Main Aur Aap ...

Jab We Met(eor Shower)

When Ammi had begged and forced him to go looking for her that night, he had seethed with justified rage ... and heck yes, even worry

He'd never admit it, but the sight of her bold figure painted on the horizon had been a welcome relief as he felt the terror leave his body. 

Out alone, at this hour? 

Impudent as usual. 

Her willful independence infuriated him; its bald-facedness staggered him. When he saw her with her back to him standing at the edge of the universe, gazing dreamily into a blue-black sky, his gallant rage had almost bubbled over. To stand so nonchalantly with her back to the world, not alerting even at his looming presence, infuriated him even more. 

Unbidden images of their past duels came to him. 

This too would be volatile. And titanic. And it was this ordained clash they'd been rehearsing for all their lives. Forever reaching toward one another, fingers brushing ... forever tossed and flung apart by their magnetic recoil. Poles apart. Poles bewitched.

His body tightened in anticipation. His body girded for the conflagration.

He allowed his temper to simmer. With all her talk of self-defense and pepper sprays she stood here alone, in the dark, with no sense of the danger she could invite. She may as well have a bull's eye painted on her slender body clad in a thin shirt and skinny jeans: her constant armor, and his consistent undoing. 

Did she not know how vulnerable she was right now? Broad daylight was not enough to protect women from rapacious gazes and grasping fingers of debauched lawless men. And she stood here, alone, unafraid, under a dark sky which would watch mute and impartial if she was attacked. This wasn't female independence or fearlessness; this was brazen foolishness in an alien land, which would, in just a fortnight, brutalize and fillet a Nirbhaya ... 

Swearing under his breath, he had tried to keep his voice level with such control as he had never exercised in his life. It furred with fury. 

"You were supposed to be back at home by 7," he bit out harshly.

She barely registered him. She shifted to face him. But her eyes, dark as the sky they reflected, dark as the undershade a lamp cast, showed no remorse or regret. They had flared and then narrowed at his tone. They spoke when her lips didn't. The stars in her eyes became muddy. Her chin lifted imperceptibly and she looked at him in contempt, irritated at being disturbed from her reverie. She was of a timeless realm until he had spoken and shattered the astral luminescence.

Her stillness ate at him. Acid rushed. He couldn't stop. His knuckles whitened and his forehead pulsed. His words were hot coals meant to lash her for that frosty gaze of utter scorn.

"You're a guest at someone's house and this is the regard you show for their hospitality?" His voice dropped dangerously. 

He would have raved and ranted. He had done so, many a time before. But his clenched jaw and gritted teeth conspired to alter the tenor of his voice. It jammed. 

She held up her hand to stall the usual hoary words of paternalistic wisdom meant to quell her into quiet submission. Both knew that it had just the opposite effect, and yet each was compelled to dance the familiar rhythm; and yet tonight each strained to break the pattern. 

Something would break. Stars from the heaven ... straps from the heart ...

But not yet.

Clear as a bell, her voice rang, "I came here for a meteor shower and am not leaving without seeing one. Stay if you wish, or leave. But don't stand here and glare at me, or lecture me about courtesy and manners."

She turned her back to him. 

It was as if she'd slapped him. Had she not seen or sensed his superhuman self-restraint? Had she not taken heed at the hiss in his voice, the menace in his coal-black eyes?

He forced her around to face him. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" he thundered uselessly.

Her recalcitrant gaze still mocked his lack of control. She didn't, but he felt her laugh at him. When she spun to walk away from him, he swayed, disoriented.

"I'm glad you've seen sense and are coming home with me."

She halted and turned on him; and she flayed him.

"Don't be absurd. I am not going anywhere with you! I'm just relocating to a place where I can watch the meteor shower in peace without your oppressive and judgmental attitude breathing down my neck."

And she continued to storm away from him. 

It wasn't that he scared her. It was her reaction to him that scared her. She had sensed him behind her even before he spat bullets and breathed fire. Her body had become more lambent, her spine straighter, even before she simmered in his inevitable presence. She had seen the battle with himself in his eyes and in the stiffness of his shoulders. She had expected him to shout at her, but his icy timbre had sent chills down her spine. Her thin shirt seemed sheerer and she felt exposed. As she hurried away from him she heard him thrashing and advancing behind her. 

He grunted from barely repressed fury.

"I should have known that a girl like you would behave exactly like this!"

"A girl like me who stands up to a man like you? You cannot bear that there's someone on God's green earth who actually dares to pushback against your rigid, primitive beliefs, isn't it?"

Her fury wouldn't be tamped either now. He stilled at the vision. Her hair coiled and surged around her charged face. 

They faced each other, across time. A swirling universe unfurled between them.

Haughty, imperial eyes dared him to say more. He couldn't resist. A twister raged in his gut. It spiraled and careened. 

"My beliefs aren't primitive! Only girls like you who don't value tradition or culture think so. Dressing modern doesn't give you the right to be rude or arrogant," he blistered.

Shadows darkened around them as they blundered into an unfamiliar but redolent outback, far from the skyglow of a bustling city.

"Oh really?" she huffed, breathless not from the trek but her scorching, churning anger. "You are a fine one to preach against rudeness and arrogance!"

"Enough!" he bellowed, yanking her elbow to make her stop, to draw her irrevocably to him. An inferno lurched in him. His fingers dug into and burned her flesh. She flung her arm out of his grasp as if stung. Neither noticed the first silvery stars raining from the sky.

But he wasn't done breathing fire. Destiny was upon him. His neck corded and magisterial finger stabbed the air, "since day one you've accused me of rudeness. You accuse me of being repressive and old-fashioned. I hope to God, one day you'll marry exactly such a man who teaches you some manners, cuts you down to size and sets you straight!"

"I'd never marry such a bully even if he was the last man on earth! In fact, it's you who needs to be cured of your delusions of smug male power. I hope one day you'll fall hard for a girl who challenges you at every turn, and laughs in your face at your outdated sermons of decorum!"

They squared off, insatiable eyes ablaze, breaths huffing and sibilant in passionate derision.

She whirled on her heel again to leave him far behind, her mission of placid stargazing long forgotten. 

The unfurling drama in the sky was dwarfed by the turbulence in the foreground. 

But the neglected stars putting up a rare celestial show, felt slighted. Miffed, they blazed brighter and plotted other plans for them. 

She tripped on an ancient root and cursed her clumsy self. Before she could meet the ground headlong, his arms tightened around her and she clutched frantically at his shirt. He would have held her upright, but the crisp fabric ripped, as decreed, and despite his hold on her, she fell back taking him down with her.

His hand reflexively cradled her head but she landed hard on her back. His weight on top of her knocked her remaining breath away. Incendiary, she struggled to dislodge him and her palm slapped against his bare chest. It clung. Her glowing eyes widened and moaning breath hissed. 

His heart raced under her palm. 

The more he tried to disengage from her, the more her heartstrings entangled with his. In fated synchrony his watch caught in her hair, and she cried out in pain as much as remembered arousal. Many a night her fevered brain had foreseen her under him, soft and golden, hot and alive. 

The cackling cosmos was done with their futile battle of wills.

"Hold still," he told her roughly trying to free his watch, trying to ignore the heat of her hand on his beseeching skin.

The side of his hand brushed against her cheek and lips and she half-moaned. Inflamed, he jerked and flushed as he felt himself harden and thrust against her. 

Their gazes collided and snagged. 

He saw broken stars sparkle and swim in her eyes and his head bent inexorably to taste the constellation of those full lips he had craved for a lifetime. The perfect bow of her lips parted even before his mouth reached hers. Their previously unyielding and resisting bodies sighed into each other as their lips clung. She sank her seeking teeth into his lower lip.

Their mutual anger incandesced and spun into a primal hunger that neither knew they harbored in the pits of their souls, in the tips of their being. Their bodies recognized the luminous touch and swelled in ageless memory.

Frustrated with the restraining watch, he unbuckled it to free his hand. With the same he grabbed her untamed mane to bow her head back to bite and suck on the tempting column of her Grecian throat.

Her impatient hands involuntarily clawed at his chest, quickening his blood. He rolled over on his back reversing their positions to relieve the pressure off her back. But his body had twisted to do so instinctively, in visceral surrender, seeking consent. His hands explored the curves of her lissom body and hers stroked the hard planes of his. Her assenting thighs gripped his possessively, recalling the sensation from an ancient dream perhaps. When he parted her shirt to reveal the swell of her virgin breast, her arching back invited his plundering tongue. When she bent to press her lush lips to his neck he crushed her to him and lay her on her back to claim her under the hailing stars. Clothes shorn, he loomed darkly above her, blotting the fiery sky; he moved powerfully inside her, branding the shimmering earth beneath. Her lithe limbs wrapped around him, soft and fragrant. 

Turbulent sensations irradiated them ... ebullient surrender consumed them.

When he tried to withdraw anticipating his release, her ankles locked behind him, protesting the unfinished act and forbidding their uncoupling. And her tight clench around him, behind him, drew a fierce cry from his throat. It merged with her triumphant wail of pleasure. She too fell away in limp bliss, replete as his head crashed on her golden shoulder.

"What thing are you?" He whispered, tortured, in her ear. His fingers snarled in her hair and he tugged punishingly at her scalp, "Why do you have this effect on me?"

"I'm a shooting star that collides with the earth," she cried in pain. "I come from the sky, lighting trails of fire like this," her nails raked his back, drawing blood. "I'm---" 

He kissed her mute. "No ... you're a siren ... you crack my soul and consume me ... You're not of this earth."

Her hand at his nape, she pulled his contrary mouth to hers, slaking all the thirst of her eternal desire, "but I am! I'm the river that slices mighty mountains." Her hips swayed. Her muscles milked him.

His breath hitched. He thickened inside her. His shallow thrusts teased her wet again. He bent his head to lick and suck her breasts. She bucked; he pitched.

"I am the solar flare ... " He murmured and flashed. "And you?" 

"The northern lights."

He laughed and swallowed her elemental assent.

... and the incarnation was complete.


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This is amazing. Loved it. Beautifully written. Write more and pls Do pm me
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Originally posted by RAJLUVASYA

This is amazing. Loved it. Beautifully written. Write more and pls Do pm me


Just experimenting with a completely different style.
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