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Oh... Wow tanzie!! The update surely amazed me!! Not because they met again, as being the central characters that was quite what really made it charming, were the way the incidents took turn and leads bumped into eachother. Clap Abhay trying to contact her...lying to kabir for then finding her infrnt hm wth no effort of his...was surely very fine twist n turn of events!!! Very intelligent plotting indeed!!! Star Characters -abhay n pia also shine wth their undeniable raw appeal!!! Clap

The small detailing of high end parties along wth the glimpses of true yet detestable faces of the rich class..and the sad disheartening condition of poverty n broken dreams...were very nicely and perfectly infused!! Thumbs Up So the 2nd chapter shines wth all the needed raw, forbidden and realistic appeal!! Overall a Brilliant execution..StarClap

Well the last part surely manages to leave readers wondering as to what exactly happened!! And that was really a great way to end the chapter wth readers craving for more!EmbarrassedClap

and ya i love the song and also the singer George Michael is one in my favs list!Embarrassed
so 90's pop songs, old rock n american pop are writer's fav8s.. it seems..Smile
and i loved how the song was incorporated in the scene...ClapEmbarrassed

and oh..ya the dialogues! How can i forget them?!! Both abhay n pia's..simply rocked!! Smartness n humour were their plus points!! Too good!!Star

p.s. You know this story n especially this update.. reminds me of the hollywood movie 'pretty women' ... though am sure ths story has sumthng differnt in store for us..Embarrassedand am loving bth abhay n pia in their respective avatars!Heart Bth are soo intimidating and effortlessly charming!!! To knw them yet to nt be intrigued by them is extemely hard!!Embarrassedand kudos to you for coming up wth such an amazing portrayal of abhay-pia!Clap

P.p.s. Will be waiting to know how the story shapes further...please continue soon. And thanks a lot for pm.Hug
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hey sorry for unresing late, was out in the day and net wasnt working in evening Ouch

coming to the update, i really like this firecracker Pia who though hates her profession, but can't help it, so deals with it with a smiling bold face. 

and i m waiting for Abhay's reaction when he wakes up Wink
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Tanzie Eid Mubarak dear Hug
So sorry for unreserving late Ouch I just started catching up with the updates Embarrassed Will get fully active pukka after I finish ur gift Wink This FF is so realistic Tanzie n honestly I feel as if I am right there seeing it with my own eyes! Thats the impact of ur words Clap Be it the conversations among the characters or the settings where the scene unfolds is par excellence in this one Clap And thank u for including my fav song Hug The title itself had caught my attention Big smile Abhay's initial reaction and Pia's rebuke was obvious. It was by instinct n not intent. Its sad to see the way a hooker is looked upon. Nobody willingly chooses to let a man strip her naked - be it literally or with their eyes but who cares? People think they can be taken for granted Dead Nobody bothers to stop and think that probably life denied them the chance that destiny bestowed upon them n not everybody could be lucky to lead a life of comfort, luxury n so called status Ouch I am now interested to know what led Pia to where she is now? It must be such a relief for eye candies at times that they can escape with just having to hang around the arm of their client n not actually spend the night with them. For any woman with lil ounce of self respect nothing could be worse than having a man strip her naked even with his eyes n its the same with Pia too. But she has no choice. She has to do that for a living n swallow the disgust she feels at herself n others to make it look like its not such a big deal. When all the time she is surrounded by people who are anything but genuine but still for society they r respectable though their deeds r far from depicting the fake image they portray to the world Dead For example though Alina willingly throws herself on every Tom, Dick and Harry be it for own growth or sexual pleasure no will point tat out but a hooker is a s**t Ouch The state in which she is living is certainly horrible n studio apartments u barely even have space to take a few steps inside n tats the end of the space. Though she gets paid well when she goes out, still its not sure if she will get work every time. And even if she does she needs to spend all of it in getting clothes, accessories n makeup as that is their bread n butter but sadly it doesn come cheap. And u can barely save any money for urself Ouch
Pia has surely taken Abhay by storm LOL Lets see where this toxic addiction will lead them to Wink A kind of beautiful destruction I am sure Embarrassed He is already restless LOL I liked the excuse he made to get the info out of Kabir. A new script indeed but he doesn know that probably his own life story could become the base for a bestseller! I am sure he must have mentally kicked himself over by offending Pia LOL but his reaction was natural. He didn really seemed disgusted but he shdn have probably mentioned background as tats touching a raw nerve. Pia is an enigma to him n he probably wants to get her biodata out n I am sure it will only be a matter of time before he does that. I am wondering if he will find out for himself or will Pia confide in him? Would be interesting to read for sure! I liked tha analogy with Cindrella here. Its so apt Star Life for me is a twisted version of a fairytale with probably a not so happy ending for most of them. I could relate to Tanushree's character here. These so called hi fi socialites r like pimps supplying girls in the backdrop while they put on charitable facade for the world to see Dead 
So Abhay met Pia in a secluded corner meant for a place for recluses to retire in a crowded atmosphere again? Interesting twist of events Big smile He was looking desperately to meet her n trying everything he could but destiny brought them face to face again n they meet under similar circumstances yet again. Not just Abhay but even I am glad Pia's client bailed out on her ROFL Got a nice Abhiya moment Wink I just loved their conversation n loved it every bit. U know even a simple thing like Abhay pulling up his sleeves up to his elbow, the simple motion of his hands could give the reader a clear view the writer is trying to depict? Clap I know u will probably say they r mundane but for me this is very very imp for a story teller to first set the environment for his story to take place. Not everyone can do that but u do it seamlessly Clap The dress is super hot n liked the way u described it. I could only imagine Suku in tat dress n not tat model Wink 
Pia knows Abhay is charming his way through to get to her but for watever reasons she finds it flattering to know Abhay knows her name n bothered to apologise when the existance of her kind is not worth mentioning for many around her. But at the same time though she enjoys flirting with him she knows its best to keep him at an arms length. I so loved their dance bit n careless whisper is my all time fav Big smile So spl thanks for including it Hug I am confused abt one part though Confused I thought Abhiya meeitng was co-incidental or had Abhay planned to get his clients here so that he could bump into Pia? And now I think if Pia's client bailing out was intentional? Confused me n my crazy brains LOL Coz the last part he tells her before leaving the place is that the lady told him personal questions not allowed. Abt the end u do love cliffhangers dont u? LOL I am guessing nothing would have happened between them but I shall wait to find out Wink
Marvelous piece of writing Clap n I wish u could write a script for a show based on this Big smile Not for crappy channel like SP or Colors please Dead They ruin the essence. Maybe Channel V or Life OK? What say? Wink I am a sucker for realistic themes n this is a real treat for me Big smile I am eagerly waiting for the next update n title sounds exciting Big smile I cant wait Embarrassed
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superb update tanzieClap
of course Abhay had to be shocked...LOLI like this Piya though...
So Piya wanted to study more and become an enterpreter and she is right the society just needs a subject or a person to talk about...piya is shown as a hooker but even the other people living in slums and small houses with small living are also treated like that...
hawww piya tumhe nai pta kya hua tha raat mein...but humein pta haiLOL

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I started reading this after seeing the Banner in the Shop update. 

Tanzie, this Story is amazing. I like the concept.

Thumbs Up
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tanzie! I HATE that ending!
Anyways well written. Like I thought Abhay can be too charming when he turns it on and yes I can see the toxicity of this affair.
Most of the update, I was giggling at the dialogues.
Absolutely love this update and looks like this might become one of my fav FFs very soon...thank you for updatingHug

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