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IPK pagal jantas... Here I am with another mad idea... How will it be if our very own Arhi act in movies?Day Dreaming Ok... that just for the topic, I thought of another plot for a new ff with ofcourse Arhi  featuring in it...

Presenting to you another new FF- rather a short story... I dont intend to make it long... so it will be wrapped in less than 20 updates...

Come on now, bring on the comments- I shall start posting the parts soon... 

Wedding Hues

Summary Plot:
The Raizadas and Guptas are family friends and the elders in both the families want to take their relationship further more by making the elder Gupta girl as the elder bahu of the Raizadas.

Arnav doesnt want to marry Kushi as he is not interested in getting tied to commitments. Kushi doesnt want to marry Arnav either- just as a policy- or so they say!!!. The elders in the family relent to their wishes sadly but alas there are people who are hell bent in making this Rishta made in heaven click..

P.S. - If you havent yet checked out seen my other new ArHi SS, Jungle Tales check it out...LOL My other works are listed in the index link given in my signature...


Chapter1 :Chalk and Cheese
Chapter7 :Trials of love
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Looking forward to the story...
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Man proposes, God disposes! Here we have man disposing and God proposing LOL I'm loving it! Looking forward to the story :)

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From the author's desk: somebody pinch Vi.. She is so suprised herself that she got out of her lazy bones and is updating FFs like crazy! Here you all go people... the first update of this SS.. do read and let me know how you all like it
Happy reading!

Chapter 1: Chalk and Cheese

"Kusheee" Payal screamed her elder sister's name as she ran around the Gupta household
She checked room after room not finding her sister and finally reached the kitchen where she found her sister getting the flour ready'
"yeah Payal" She said calmly
"Kushi.. Did you know who visited our house today? Arnav's Nani'"
"Yeah I know' She and Arnav's Mama, Mami had come to talk about a wedding proposal for Arnav"
"not just a wedding proposal- my behana' They wanted your hand in marriage for Arnav' The man girls at college went gaga over- O M GEEE.. I can't believe it' Arnav as my jijaji'"
"I can't believe it either" Kushi told her sister
"I know' Over the moon aren't you?"
"For what?" Kushi asked as she filled her batter into the cloth and knotted it on top "I meant I can't believe what is there in that guy to go gaga over"
"What?" Payal looked at her sister bamboozled "Aren't you happy with the proposal?"
"Not at all"
"Oh yeah'I never realized .. you are making jelebis'"
"But Kushi' I don't understand' You both were good friends' and then something happened and you both stopped talking to eachother' are you still holding that grudge 3 years after you both finished college?"
"I will hold that grudge till I go to my grave"
"What happened to make you hate him so much' he is not a bad guy' Arnav is so good at heart"
"Then volunteer to marry him yourself'I will be relieved of a pain in the neck"
"How can you call him pain in the neck"
"I didn't mean him, he is more of a pain in the ass category- I meant you talking to me about him"
Payal looked at her sister with wide eyes and open mouth...
"Alright, I am not talking to you about him anytime hereafter' Have you told Father and Mother about your decision to reject this proposal?"
"I am going to tell them now" Kushi said as she switched off the stove and moved out with a plate of jelebis'
Payal followed her with wide eyes'
"I thought I will make enough Jelebis to support me once they start giving me a gyan about how virtuous the guy is' As if I don't know- I know what he is... Arrogant and Adamant kadoos Laad governor!" Kushi told as she made her way to the hall where her parents were chatting with her Buaji.

"No Di' How many times to tell you' Don't force me" Arnav told his sister for the fifth time that evening'
"Won't you even ask who the girl is?"
"Who is it this time- Please Di, spare me of this ridiculous girl photo watch' I have told you- I don't want to get married'I am not interested"
"For how long will you stay like this?"
"For eternity, if you spare me of this torture"
"Leave him alone Anjali bitiya' He don't know what he is missing'"
"I don't even want to think what I am missing Nani"
"Even if the girl is very pious, virtuous, beautiful, intelligent"
"Even if she is the best girl in the whole world- I don't want to marry her"
"Fine then, Lets call Shashi ji and tell them that Arnav is not interested" Nani finally told as she moved out of the door. Anjali went out of the room too
"What? Wait?" Arnav called as realization struck him "Are u talking about Kushi's dad?"
"Yes" Anjali told him with her eyes sparking at her brother. Even Nani paused and smirked at her grandson
"Now would you agree for the marriage now?"
"With Kushi?" Arnav asked incredulously as Nani and Anjali nodded at him. He was almost smiling sarcastically now
"It's a super strong double NO" he told them as their face fell off for the second time in those 5 minutes
"How could anyone man say no to Kushi" Anjali exclaimed
"Any dimwit wouldn't say no, But I am not gonna fall for those charms- I know exactly whats behind that charming face- A big egoistic attitude- No thanks"
Nani and Anjali came out feeling rejected.

"How would he say no to this Nani..." Anjali asked her grandmother... "After we saw him staring at her dreamily at most of the functions and parties... I thought he would say yes"

"I thought so too... He had eyes for no one but her...But now he says no to her also...Who knows what is in his mind..."

"May be we should give it a rest for sometime Nani... and speak to Kushi and see what she has to say about this... May be she can make him say yes"



"Akaash' Kushi said No" Payal whimpered to her boyfriend
"Bhai said No too Payal'" Akaash updated to her sadly
"What is the problem between these two? They were really good friends at one point then what happened?"
"God knows'" Akaash told her as he looked up to see Arnav's friend NK coming in to climb up the stairs to his brother's room' "wait! There is someone else who would know too" Akaash winked at Payal before he went to stop NK
"Hi NK"
"Hi dude.. You bro is up there?"
"He should be there' but there is something that needs your presence downstairs"
"My presence?"
"Yeah come" Akaash told NK, literally lifting him and dragging him to where Payal was sitting munching popcorns and giggling at how NK was being dragged.
"Hey Payal.. you are here"
"yeah' Hi"
"Kushi is here too?"
"No my sister didn't come' I came here to see Akaash"
"Oh' so whats up?"
"Our families are thinking of dissolving the friendship code between them soon'."
"OH my god what happened? "
"Nothing, they are planning to venture into relatives code"
NK blinked for some time before he understood it
"Hey congrats' you both are getting officially engaged then?"
"NO" Payal hushed as Akaash looked around and heaved a relieved sigh noticing no one around
"Our relationship is pretty much a secret with our families still" Akaash explained "they are planning to get Kushi and Arnav married"
NK blinked at them again before he threw his head back and laughed like a maniac
"Kushi?" NK asked as they both nodded "with Arnav?" they nodded for that too. Stop joking guys, it will not happen in a million years
"Why" they both asked holding his hand on each side and effectively sinking and sandwiching him between them on the sofa
"Because they both are like cheese and chalk- so different"
"Different poles attract"
"But this is different' they wont and cant mix.. even if they can' they have not been talking to eachother for ages now"
"What happened between them? Akaash's serious tone took NK by surprise
NK looked at Akaash. Now he realized why he was needed downstairs' He is not going to tell them what went wrong between his friends' that was a long story- something which he himself didn't know fully' and if he disclosed what he knew.. he would become a mince meat next minute...
"look I know why you both want to get Arnav and Kushi together" NK started to tell them- so that your marriage will be smooth'"
"Yes" they both told in unison
"Also I can't think of a better wife for my brother" Akaash told him
"and what more to have my sister as my Jethani" Payal told dreamily.
"and Nani wont agree for my marriage when Arnav isn't married yet" Akaash added to it
"and Arnav would be the best for my sister 'I wouldnt trust anyone to take care of her other than Arnav or Akaash and I cant spare Akaash... so its going to be Arnav! " Payal finished it off
"You both seem to have taken it a mission to get your sister and brother married to eachother" NK observed
"Yes" they both chorused in unison
"But it is the most impossible mission ever known to mankind" NK told them, as he got up from the sofa and they both gaped at him
"NK'" Akaash called him threateningly and then when Nk looked at him, Akaash came on his knees "Please"
"Please help us unite them" Payal told him as she as well kneeled down beside Akaash putting her hands together
"We know you can do it'."
"For heaven's sake"
"For your Friendship's sake"
"For the sake of Arnav and Kushi"
"For our love"
"please say yes"

Nk kept shuttling between both of them as they kept begging him to help them
"OK" NK said atlast to Akaash and Payal's relief "But if they come to know about this, Arnav will kill me' if Kushi hasn't done it already"
"No, we wont tell anyone about this" Payal told him
"Atleast not Arnav or Kushi" Akaash corrected her.

To be continued'




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while reading DG today I was thinking I cant fall in love with your stories more than I already have...and then you surprise me!!!!

Totally in love with this movie style concept and the story know I always tell you that if there is one writer here who can write the story cinema style and weave in all the essential elements then its you...there you go...this FF is going to rock...

now please update quickly...already growing impatient...we can wait to catch up tv shows...but movies tho we need to watch it without breaks yaar...:)
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2 SSs ek saath?Shocked Badhiya hai!Thumbs Up

I can already see how much fun we readers are going to have with this one; seat-belt's fastened...bring it on!
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Nice... But I liked the jungle tare more cuter
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