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waiting...Day Dreaming
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amazing part...i hate daadi 4 watt she did 2 arnav is jelous haan nyc...eagerly waiting 4 nxt part
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really enjoyed possessive arnav 
hating dadi right now
nice one
waiting for next part 
update soon

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Waiting for an update abavi
I miss this story dear
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wen r u updatin...:O
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From the author's desk:  Ok people, here is the next update... love you all for the stalking and where are you questions, apart from the lovely feedbacks that you leave for my updates... You dont know how much I get motivated and influenced by them...

Hope you all like it... Happy reading!
Chapter 10: Savior of Love
Part 3: Friends... (and more)?
As Arnav made his way to the exit of the hospital' these were predominantly the thoughts that ran in his furious mind.

"How dare she treat me like this? First she ignores my offer to drop her and on top of it she ridicules my concern' Why the hell should I be bothered anyway? What is she to me' Let her go and get hurt' Who cares' Yes' that way may be she will learn a lesson' Who the hell is she to refuse my offer? This is it' this is the limit' I am not even going to be bothered anymore' She has friends who care' so be it' let her go with that bulldog' and may be then she will realize her folly and give me a call' Arnavjee' where are you'please come and help me' even as he thought, his sane part of his mind reminded him that not even once did she ask him to come and play the savior for her. He pushed that voice away as he decided that he would not even respond to her if she calls him

His mobile rang at that exact point and he flipped it with a force more than necessary to see it was actually from Khushi, forgetting all his resolve about not responding to her  calls anymore, he picked her call and placed it in his ears, his smirk intact'

"Hello Arnavjee?"

"Yeah, where are you?" he asked his poker tone intact

"where will I be. In the hospital premise only' Its not even ten minutes before we saw eachother" Khushi's  mocking voice came over the phone, irking him further

"Oh yeah.. I forgot, you were having a rendezvous with your old friends" he said to her in an annoyed tone' "Why did you call me now?"

"Actually have you left the hospital?"

"No.. I am about to leave" he said as he opened his car door

"Ok, Wait, I am coming' Editor called just now' He got someone else to do that job as I told I was in the hospital' If you are going home, I will also come with you"

Her decision to come with him and her request to wait for her satiated his burnt ego which was fuming minutes before' and he grunted his affirmation to wait.

He would have waited for some 10 minutes more when he saw her walking into the parking lot. His Car was parked way before the exit which she was coming out from and he wouldn't be able to take his car to her as it would be exit way and he cannot enter in there'When he was thinking to let her know of his car's position with a horn so that she can walk to him, he saw her other friend, Dr.Rakesh also walking along with her and they turn to the lot where the two wheelers were parked.

As Arnav watched her talking animatedly to the doc and exclaiming in excitement seeing a bike' his level as annoyance rose to unbearable levels, Arnav reversed his car, to go near the two wheeler parking lot- all reasons about your exit way to enter flying out of his mind.

Just as he neared that part of the basement, He only  noticed Khushi who had mounded the bike for a fun test drive at the last minute as she screamed at him not able to control the heavy bike. Arnav screeched his car to stop or Khushi's bike would have collided with his car. Khushi's eyes and mouth went in an O as she applied brakes and tried to manage the heaviness of the bike and would have almost brought the bike down with her but for Rakesh who rushed to her side to hold his dear bike

"Are you in your senses?" He screamed at her "You almost hit my car"

"Senses? Look who is asking? This the wrong way for you' you came the wrong way" she shouted back

"admit that you bit more than you can manage' you shouldn't drive bikes when you don't know how to drive" Arnav told her teasingly  "You almost dropped the bike on you"

"This is not your bike to be so concerned about' and anyway, I hadn't even scratched your car' why are you bothered? " Khushi told him

"Khushi, relax' Don't be so tensed" Dr.Rakesh calmed his friend

"You keep quiet Rakesh' Just because he is giving me a drop, I can't take anything and everything from him.. he came in the wrong way and he is now accusing me"

"What the" Arnav gritted his teeth' "If I hadn't applied brakes, you wouldn't have gone from the hospital now' you would be in stitches'"

Khushi opened her mouth to retort

"Guys Guys' "Dr.Rakesh interwined "That's alright' Nothing happened to any of you and the vehicles too'so cool down'" he said as he helped her unmound the bike

"Thanks Rakesh" she said still irritated with Arnav "your bike is wonderful'"

"Thanks Khushi.. Catch you sometime later then" he said as they watched him get on his bike and wave a final bye to both of them and go on his way.

Arnav and Khushi stared at eachother before she started to mutter and reached the passenger side.

But Arnav pulled the car door shut before she could get in.. When she looked at him surprised,

 "What did you say? Just because I am giving you a ride home isn't it? then you shouldn't have requested me to drop you in the first place "

"Why did you then offer to drop me then?"

"That's an old story which got over 20 minutes earlier' you requested me to wait"

"So what?" Khushi asked as she got irritated too "Why do you bring it up now?"

"Apologize for your words and admit that you were wrong"

"What? NO way' You were wrong' " Khushi exclaimed unbelievably "Don't think I don't have any other means to reach home if you are not there' I just asked you because you were so interested and anyway you are going home"

"Oh .. if that's the case, then use one of the so many other ways to reach home' I don't give rides to people with such attitude" Arnav said as he started the car and rode away, leaving a startled Khushi with her jaws opened wide'

"You swell head!! ' Can't you tell before itself? I would have asked Rakesh' you big headed '.eh eh'.. Laad governer... Thinks as if he is the alampanah' almighty of this world .. egoistic fool" Khushi stamped her foot before she started to walk out of the parking lot, to the bus stand.

To her surprise, she saw Arnav's car parked near the bus stop and as she walked by it to reach the bus stop, she noticed his hand opening the passenger side of the door for her.

She shut it close again and stared at him before running to get into the bus which had just arrived.  Arnav glared at her audacity again and all through the journey, they both travelled side by side, but in different vehicles, every time when the vehicles stopped for signal, not forgetting to throw annoyed glares at eachother and on Arnav's part, he was a unnecessarily rude to his dear car.


When Anjali and NK made their way to the hospital corridor which confined Dadi's room to relieve Akaash after his shift, they met Payal who was just coming out of the room along with Akaash.

"I am so sorry about her bluntness Payal" they heard Akaash tell her.

"Hey Payal" Anjali voiced out as she went forward to hug her

"Hey sweetheart" she said as she hugged the girl back "hey NK' " she called out to NK as they both shared a hifi.

"how come the bride is here" NK smiled at her

"Oh, just came to see Dadi"

"and Dadi was so rude to her.." Akaash told apologetically "She asked her why was she here and asked me to send her out"

Looking at Akaash's apologetic face and the other two's sorry face Payal smirked at them

"We are so sorry for her behavior Payal' Dadi has never changed.. and can never change'" Anjali explained her

"Hey hello' don't be so sad' Actually I am happy that Dadi behaved like that'" Payal told her

"Happy? Why so?" NK asked her in surprised

"For now I know that she is perfectly alright.. and she didn't have a concussion when she fell down and she is back to normal- If she had behaved anyother way, that is something serious to think about.. like has she lost her memory' and all that'" as Payal chirped, Anjali broke into giggles. The men too grinned at the lighter mood'

"Ok guys, I have to be on my way' so you two double shift yeh?

"Yeah, its actually my shift, But I can't tolerate Dadi's gyan about being a sanskar girl and all that, so I brought NK along to manage her" Anjali explained as Payal smiled understandingly.

"Does she still give you sanskar lessons?"

"Yeah.. all the time' as if I was born only to go and live in my sasural' Come on yaar' I don't even know who my soul mate is ' and all she speaks about is my sasural and how I have to behave there' as if she is good at it' where did her sanskar go' She didn't even thank that girl who saved her"

"Who? Khushi?"

"Hmm she was so mean to her' Khushi stopped coming her only' I mean, Arnav told her not to come' I think she took it in a worse way' they have been bickering from that day"

"Really? Bickering? The girl is bickering with him? Seriously? I didn't know Arnav accepted cheekiness from anyone" Payal exclaimed, her female instincts getting excited for the fresh gossip'

"I know' But it is actually funny to watch them talk' I mean, no one could actually talk to him like that' Arnav would give it back twice as strong as the one he gets and this one is a strong contender for him' she makes him grit his teeth so many times' its so entertaining to watch him glare at her and walk off to his room' " Anjali told her

"Ok, will you both talk about this later? I need to drop you Payal and Anjali I though you have a shift to take care of'"

"NO" the girls said in unison as the men stared at them

"Anjali and I need some girl's time together" Payal told Akaash waggling her eyebrows "there is some interesting stuff brewing and I want to know all about it"

"and NK can take this shift" Anjali told them suggestively as the girls walked off to the lobby to find some comfortable couch for their gossip.

While Akaash stared at the girls with an open mouthed bewilderment, Nk shut his mouth close and commented "Girls" as he shook his head. "see you later bro" he said as he entered Dadi's room.



So it happened that from that day at the hospital's parking lot Arnav and Khushi always found opportunity to argue or bicker with each other for even smallest things to the greater amusement of the inmates of RM. An outsider would have thought that they both wouldn't stand eachother's company for even 5 minutes at a stretch' why not' because they themselves believed so' Khushi who was at all times very cordial with rest of the Raizada siblings, would always find a fault with their eldest brother and Arnav who at all times maintained the decorum of displaying the most stable minded maturity, behaved like an egoistic and spoiled brat around her.  But this behavior between the both got curtailed to a greater extent as Dadi came home after a week at the hospital.

Both knew that Dadi's patience was not to be tested and more than khushi, Arnav made sure not to give Dadi a reason to tell Khushi off. It was as if their very short days of happy obliviousness that they were grownup with certain maturity level had disappeared with Dadi's arrival and for the other Raizada clan, especially the younger two, this sudden civility between the two raised the curiosity a pitch higher.

Two days after Dadi had reached home, all the inmates of RM were at the breakfast table. This was one thing that had started after Khushi came home' She was so surprised that the family had breakfast confined at their own room'

"Why is it like that? Why wont you people want to greet eachother in the morning and talk with eachother in the morning while you share your breakfast? That is one of the best things with having a small home' People wont miss eachother'What fun is there if you eat alone' it would be so boring " she would say as she dragged everyone out of their room to the table in the morning'

And it had been that way since Dadi got admitted and even after Dadi was back, she had it in her room. So as was the practice for the past week, the family gathered around the table.

"Anjali bitiya, go give this to Dadi and come" Nani said as she filled Dadi's plate'

"Why is it always me Nani' ask this lazy brother of mine'" she said as she kicked Nk playfully "he is her favorite grandson"

"Because you are the girl here" dadi's sharp voice rang out as Anjali bit her lips and the others stiffened.

"Dadi?" NK exclaimed as they all saw Dadi coming towards the table.

"But there is no need to give me my food tray ' I will have it here only" she said as she too joined them all.

One of the other things that changed at Raizada Mansion was now, their taste buds did sang songs of praise for Khushi's abilities to pamper them. Khushi did have amazing cooking skills and the family was very impressed with it- all expect Dadi- for she was yet to know about this new development and ofcourse Arnav who wouldn't admit that he was much more impressed than he let on' . As Khushi brought in another dish from the kitchen, Nk let out a shout

"Here here' It was for me' I asked you to prepare it"

"So? It doesn't mean that others cant have it" Anjali told him as Khushi grinned at them

"I have made enough for all of you"

"You prepared food today?" Dadi asked cynically

"She has been preparing for the whole week Subadra' She won't listen if I ask her not to"

"Why do you ask her not to' I discovered that I too have taste bud only this past week' Don't kill it again with HP's cooking" NK told Nani

"Yeah right, let her do some work other than sitting simply and enjoying luxury here for free" Dadi's sharp tongue whiplashed Khushi as all the heads turned to Dadi in shock and then at Khushi who looked at Dadi in stunned surprise and soon she turned away to go into the kitchen to bring in another dish.

Arnav let his spoon drop into his plate with a clatter averting everyone's attention as they glanced at him unconfortably looking at Khushi's departing figure with a disturbed expression. An uncomfortable silence fell on the table as everyone started to eat ' none of the usual chatter of the past week's breakfast time was present now.

"You also come and sit Bitiya- have your breakfast" Nani said as Khushi brought in another dish.

Dadi looked up sharpely and twisted her face with disapproval at this suggestion.

Khushi was quick to catch this.

"No Naniji, I will have later' you have "she dodged. No sooner than she finished saying this, all assembled heard a scraping of chair as Arnav pulled the empty chair near him

"Sit and have breakfast now' I want you to come with me out now'You wont have time to have it later" he told a little towards the harsher side still not looking at her directly but concentrating on having his breakfast

"Where do you want me to come?" Khushi asked surprised as everyone else watched him eat as if nothing odd has happened now.

"To the bank' there is a joint account which was held by both out fathers and now I am not able to operate it.. There are certain formalities to be taken care of before they can let me operate it.. and You need to come" he said in the most formal way possible as she started at him.

After two minutes of silence, he looked up at her to find her still staring at him

"What are you waiting for? I am leaving right after I finish my breakfast and then don't complain that I am cruel to not let you have your breakfast in peace" he said as went back to his food

"I wouldn't miss my breakfast because you are in a  hurry" she told him slowly as Dadi looked at Khushi in surprise of the tone she was using against her eldest grandson. She was about to comment something on how ungrateful she is when Arnav beat her to it

"Then don't go about saying that I went to the same destination but let you come in a bus.. I am not going to wait" he said cheekily as he smirked into his food.

"Don't be Shy Khushi.. come have food" Anjali prompted her in a teasing tone

Khushi gazed at Anjali unbelievingly as the other girl smiled at her cheekily playing with her food.

As khushi took a step forward to take the chair, Dadi got up pushing her chair backwards and left the table ' her breakfast unfinished.

Every one stared at Dadi's retreating figure and looked at eachother, another silence fell on the table as Khushi bit her lips not knowing what to do.

Arnav simply carried on with another morsel as if he was not affected by anything that happened at the table- not even an ounce as he simply took a plate and kept it in front of the pulled out chair and patted the chair catching Khushi's eyes.


The bank work took most of their morning time and when the couple of them got into the car to leave for home it had already crossed noon.

"I will drop you home and then I will be on the way to office" Arnav said as he put on his seat belt.

"Don't bother' leave me at the nearest bus stop"

"Why? if you feel so cautious about spending money everytime you travel, then you can pay me' You don't have to take a bus for that" he told her

"What?" she asked confusedly "I thought you wanted to go to office, I didn't want to trouble you"

"What about my lunch?" he asked her with his raised eyebrows "I am going home anyway"

"Oh alright" she surrendered finally

A little normalcy started to peep in between them after a week of bickering, their morning at the bank helped them be more civil with eachother, atleast they could now smile at eachother in a friendly way.

Just then, Arnav got a call in his mobile. He peeped quickly before he took the call

"Hey Sheetal... How are you doing"


"going good babe.." he spoke into the phone as he took a quick look at Khushi '

"I am sorry babe, was little held up with work here... I couldnt take your call then... and then got engaged with some other legailities that I couldnt call you back..."

"Really? And whats that?"


"hmm.. is it some gift waiting for me?"


"what kind of?"


"Yeah, I am outside... driving actually ... will reach home in another 10- 15 minutes..."

"oh sure... I will call you back' No I wont forget! "


"Miss you too babe'bye"

As he ended the call to concentrate on the road, Khushi's know it all tone hit him

"It's a bad practice to take calls when on road' its very dangerous"

"It was a short call.. anyway I have amazing ability to do many things simulatenously"

Khushi rolled her eyes' and then bit her lips before she looked at him side ways'

"We have known eachother for sometime now isn't it?"

Arnav looked at her for a moment before turning back to road..

"We have bickered, fought, argued, smiled and even kept company with eachother like friends' But we don't know eachother at all' I mean.. if you don't want to be friends with me ' its alright" she drawled

"What do you mean not knowing eachother' we ofcourse know eachother' We know our families too"

"hmm.. but not the personal side" she said as she bit her lips and glanced at his sideways again. There he goes.. that smirk...' Khushi...' bhuddu...' don't make it so obvious...'  she reprimanded herself'

"So what do you want to know about me?" he asked his smirk still intact as he looked at her, she was looking outside with sudden interest in the vehicles on the road and didn't answer him

"You wanted to know whose call it was?" he asked correctly guessing her sudden interest to know about him personally

"no no' I was just asking about' hmm your er' yeah' graduation.. where did you do your graduation?" she asked going red with embarrassment as he gave her a knowing smile'

"Harvard" he told enjoying himself at her discomfort.

"Oh ok" she told him in a voice which was hardly audible'

"That was my Girlfriend on the call- Sheetal" he told her, not knowing exactly why he was feeling all happy in making her jealous with this news'

"Harvard graduated' obviously you have got many girlfriends then?"

"not as many boyfriends as you ahve got" he told her with his tongue in cheek as she raised her eyebrows at him'

"Happy Singh, Dr.Rakesh...' Aman'" he told as he took a quick look at her'

"Happy is a very good friend' and so is Rakesh" Khushi explained him

"What about Aman?" Arnav asked, not realizing that the very same jealousy feeling that he attempted to arouse in her is coming back to hit him like a boomerang. Khushi kept quiet, lost in thoughts

Khushi's silence annoyed him further

"Is he a friend or a boyfriend?" he prompted again, his curiosity raising high.

Khushi didn't answer him

"your ex?" he asked her, trying to interpret her sudden silence...but she maintained her silence

"that's not fair' I told you about my love life"

"Just because you blabber everything' It doesn't mean I should blabber everything too" She replied cheekily as he stared at her in annoyance. The rest of the journey went off with Khushi lost in thoughts.. and Arnav brooding and angry

As they turned into RM's parking lot, he was still brooding and as they stepped into the hall together,

"Hey Arnie" a happy voice rang out'

"Sheetal" Arnav gasped as Sheetal came and hugged him in welcome. Dadi stood smiling at the two'

"How come are you here? So this was the surprise?"

"yeah man' Are you angry with me? Not even one call for the past three days? "

"hey no.. I was actually occupied with something here" he said realizing that he had been actually very busy to take her calls and then forgot to give her a call back'

"something or someone?" Anjali asked in a mocking tone, but NK quieted her as she again rolled her eyes at Sheetal'

"You know what' I thought you were still upset that I was angry with you on that newspaper scandal' and I couldn't bear that' and also Dadi was not well.. so I thought, I will take a break from work ' and come here' I will be here for some time' are you happy now?" Sheetal asked cooingly as Dadi beamed at her and Nani smiled with courtesy

"Hey no.. I mean.. I was not upset and all that' It was actually some work which was occupying my time' and mind' and that's so so nice of you Sheetal' how thoughtful of you'" Arnav told her as he glanced at khushi who was giving odd looks at him and Sheetal. Pleased at her state, and taking it as her discomforture,  Arnav introduced Sheetal to Khushi,

Khushi on the other hand was struggling hard to maintain a straight face for Anjali was standing just behind her and was doing running commentary in whispers which she could clearly hear.. infact Anjali was talking so low that only Khushi and NK were able to hear it'

"So there she throws her famous soppy look at him's a pity that she thinks that it will make him think that it is all lovey dowey' for it is not going to melt him' all it makes me do is puke' it is a surprise that he takes all that and smiles at her pleasantly not betraying the true emotions that he feels towards her soppy look' and bro is actually being very nice with her'. Very courteous to tell her off' it only shows that he is a decent fellow' no sheetal don't try that cooing tone again' good that our tomboy is tied outside' otherwise he would have thought that we have brought a bitch for him...'you wont know when his threshold crosses...' and you know what people, I think tomboy is a better choice for Sheetal or may be Dadi too' you know' those soppy looks have actually worked their charm on dadi' Sheetal... May be I can talk to dadi and get tomboy agree to your proposal' then you both can coo together' and give those soppy looks.. and he will throw you the best puppy eye look'and spare us of the torture'that way my brother would be saved from those mushy mushy looks'. Oh god its digusting, could anyone mistake it for looks of love'."

Ok... I loved writing this running commentary... I didnt realize until now that I hated sheetal so much... Thats all for today folks, Dont forget to leave comment...


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just in time
Arnav you even realize how you sound?Embarrassed As juvenile as his words ring when it comes to him expecting Khushi to need his help, bristling at the prospect of her spending time with her male friends or even feeling elated when she calls him for dropping her home (and yes, one shouldn't miss that she called his house as homeWink), the reader in me is bubbling with excitementBig smile

I loved their fight...would have wanted the duo to travel in the same vehicle but the parallel travel was fun as wellSmile

So Dadi doesn't like khushi and she doesn't like Payal as well. And she was rude to Khushi againAngry Iss Dadi ke attitude ka main kya karoon?Confused I can so see Khushi and Payal ganging up against Dadi in the future...phir mazaa aayegaLOL

Khushi made the members of Raizada family haev breakfast together...not this is what is needed in a sarva gun sampanna to be bahuEmbarrassed

Anjali's running commentary made me goROFL

Baat dosti se aage badh chuki haiEmbarrassed
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So arnav is jealos...
Who is aman?????
Arnav sides khushi...khushi jealous of sheetal and arnav enjoying it and khushi riding a bike was damn funny and dadi is a hitler...and the running commentry was damn hiliarious loved it yarrr update sooon
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