The story of AGAM ana NIGAM

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Posted: 9 years ago
We know that when shiv shakti meet some creation always happens whether its Natya shastra, Lasya dance, Chousar(dice game). etc. These were the creation which benefited our culture and society. The most precious gift of Shiv and parvati was agam and Nigamas. They are the scriptures based on ordinary talks of shiv and parvati. They used to solve their confusions related to themselves only. If you read Durga Saptashati and other books u can observe it is wholly a story which shiv is telling to parvati. You can see everywhere SHIV UVAACH type of phrases everywhere . These talks were covering all the karm-kaands, Tantra, Mantrayog etc.  
Agmas were the Epics which shiva tells to parvati- It mainly follows Tantra tradition, Devi stotram etc. Rudryamal , Durga saptashati  Tantra chudamani, Shakti sangam etc. These were of 3 types Shaiv, vaishnav and shakt agams.

Nigams were stories which Devi tells to shiva. It mainly consist of  vedic systems even Vedas come under Nigamas. It comprises of Karma kaand.
I think this track should also be shown in DKDM as it knowledgeable and it is a proof that even general talks of shiv shkati can do a creation. Their every activity afftects this universe.
Posted: 9 years ago

The Dasha Mahavidya, were explained to Shivji by Sati, when she appeared as the Mahavidyas. Shivji asked her about each one of them. She introduced them to him & told him to make people aware about their importance, rituals, mantras, stotras etc, they will be known as Aagamas.

Saiva Agamas

The Shaiva Agama perceives its texts were generated from Shiva as

" Shivena devya datham
Devya dathamthu Nandhine
Nandhina Brahmana Datham
Brahmana Rishi Dhathakam
Rishinaam Maanusha Datham
Athyethe agamodhbavam


" From Shiva to Devi

From Devi to Nandhi
From Nandhi to Brahma
From Brahma to Rishi
From Rishi to human beings


The Saiva Agamas are found in four main schools - Kapala, Kalamukha, Pashupata and Saiva -- and number 28 in total as follows:

    Kamikam Yogajam Chintyam Karanam Ajitham Deeptham Sukskmam Sahasram Ashuman Suprabedham Vijayam Nishwasam Swayambhuvam Analam Veeram Rouravam Makutam Vimalam Chandragnanam Bimbam Prodgeetham Lalitham Sidham Santhanam Sarvoktham Parameshwaram Kiranam
  • Vathulam
  • Shakta Agamas

    The Shakta Agamas

    or Shakta tantras are 64 in number and grouped into Dakshina marga (right-hand) and Vama marga (left-hand).
     Vaishnava Agamas

    The Vaishnava Agamas are found into two main schools -- Pancharatra and Vaikhanasas. While Vaikhanasa Agamas were transmitted from Vikhanasa Rishi to his disciples Brighu, Marichi, Atri and Kashyapa, the Pancharatra Agamas are considered to be revealed and handed down in three ways --

      divya, directly revealed by Lord Narayana,
    • Munibhaashita, handed down to sages such as Bharadvajasamhita, Parameshvarasamhita, etc.,
    • Aaptamanujaprokta, those written by men whose word is trustworthy
    • Soura Agamas

      The Soura or Saura Agamas

      comprise one of the six popular agama-based religions of Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shakta, Ganapatya, Kaumara and Soura. The Saura Tantras are dedicated to the sun (Surya) and Soura Agamas are in use in temples of Sun worship. One of the earliest agamic texts of Jains, the Jaina Souraseni, is said to have derived from the Soura tantric element.
       Ganapatya Agamas

      The Paramanada Tantra mentions the number of sectarian tantras as 6000 for Vaishnava, 10000 for Shaiva, 100000 for Shakta, 1000 for Ganapatya, 2000 for Saura, 7000 for Bhairava, and 2000 for Yaksha-bhutadi-sadhana.[3]

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Posted: 9 years ago
thanx minaxi for sharing

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