Arhi SS : Who Knew? COMPLETED *Awarded*

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Posted: 8 years ago

This SS was awarded with the title FF of the week by the IPKKND Newsletter. I'm extremely humbled and happy to say soSmile Hope you enjoy this read!

Who Knew?

Chapter 1

A handsome young man in his mid twenties walked into AR designs. 






That was Arnav Singh Raizada for you.  Women drooled over him, men envied him, and he was admired by all.


He felt his phone vibrate against his jacket pocket and picked up immediately.


"Hello?" the beautiful husky voice answered.


"Bhai, come to my cabin right now! Please? I have something important to tell you!!" Akaash pleaded.


Arnav rolled his eyes and sighed, probably some more talk about guy stuff.  "Fine, I'm on my way up" he replied.


As he opened the cabin door, he met with the smiling face of his brother Akaash.


"Bhai we're pregnant!" Akaash exclaimed.


Arnav stood there confused. "Me and you?" he muttered.


Akaash smacked him on the shoulder. "I mean Payal is pregnant! I'm going to be a dad!! Isn't that amazing?!?" Akaash jumped around like a lunatic. "You're going to be an uncle!" he exclaimed.


Arnav smiled and both brothers hugged.  "Congratulations. I'm so happy for you guys" he said genuinely.


"Thanks bhai! The family will be so happy when we tell them. Now the only thing left would be for you to get mar-" Akaash started to say, but was cut off by his brother.


"Akaash, forget about it!"


"But bhai!"


"Nope, not happening. I am NOT getting married" the tone of finality was so evident in his voice that Akaash argued no more.




Khushi Kumari Gupta sat in a cafe with NK opposite her. If you were to ask NK to describer her, he would say that she's a little crazy...with a sharp tongue, but overall...interesting.


"Khushi honey, this isn't working out" he said holding both her hands.


"What do you mean NK?" she asked.


"I mean, I really like you.  And I really wish this could go on, but this relationship has no future.  I mean, I'm 26 and it's high time that I get married. Don't you think?"


"Oh...marriage. I get it now.  This is because I said that I never want to get married, isn't it? I just don't see why it's necessary, marriage seems dumb! But you know, you could at least try and convince me" she said.


"No, sweetie it's not because you don't want's not that. Look I really, really like you Khushi, you know I always have. But you're just not'" he hesitated.


"Not what? Just spit it out NK"


"You're not...marriage material" he said.


She stood up suddenly, knocking over both their coffee mugs and exclaimed in quite a loud voice "I'M NOT MARRIAGE MATERIAL?!?!?!?!? You think'you think I can't be a proper wife?!?!?? WHY NOT? I can cook, I can clean, and I can be cultured and respectful! How the heck am I not marriage material?! Does the fact that I don't want to get married, mean that I'm not capable of being a good wife?!" she asked, more surprised than angry.


"Look, it's not that Khushi, it's just'you're still young...and a little immature" he felt like he had just accomplished the scariest mission of his life.


"Immature?!?!? Are you crazy?! I'm not immature! You're immature!" she shot back.


"Khushi stop yelling, people are staring'" he whispered.


"GOOD! Great! They should know too, that I'm APPARENTLY NOT MARRIAGE MATERIAL, did you hear that guys?! You know what NK Sharma?! This is OVER!" she yelled.


"Khushi, that's what I was trying to tell you -"


"Yeah, you heard right!! This is DONE, I just dumped you. You can go marry some stupid girl who will become some stupid housewife, and you can have a stupid wedding for all I care! GO, go do it!" she said loudly.


"Khushi, you're making a scene...please just listen-"


"Goodbye NK! Have a great life!" she turned back to yell.


"Khushi, wait!...She really is crazy'" he muttered before smiling apologetically at the people who had stopped whatever they were doing to stare at the scene, and almost ran out of the cafe.



Meanwhile, Garima Gupta and Shashi Gupta stood in the doorway of the Raizada mansion, being welcomed in by an ever smiling Anjali and her Nani. Shashi noticed how much the young woman resembled her. The same eyes, the same smile'


"Namaste. Please come in" said Nani gently, with a sweet smile.


Shashi and Garima stepped in cautiously, noticing the lush grandeur of the mansion. The Gupta family would not necessarily call themselves wealthy and nowhere near poor either. But when entering mansions such as Shantivan, they stood in awe.

"Ji, are you sure about this? Won't she be upset that we're taking such a big decision without her?" asked Garima hesitantly.


"Of course she'll be upset, especially in today's day and age when it's common for love marriages.  But we're doing this for her own good; she needs to settle down with a proper man, and a good family.  And'I know the family quite well. This is keen; otherwise she will keep roaming around without understanding the importance of having a life partner. She needs someone who can support her, understand her. She is the apple of my eye, I would never do anything to hurt her, but she would never agree if she found out.  And so, this is the only way" said Shashi.


"But we know nothing about the boy.  What if he turns out to be the opposite of what we expected?"


"If he is anything like his mother, he will not disappoint us" Shashi replied.


This made Garima scrunch her eyebrows together in confusion, but her thoughts were interrupted when Nani asked them to sit down.


"I hope you are here to talk about the proposal. Do you bring good news?" asked Nani expectantly.


"Yes, we are here to discuss the proposal you have sent for our daughter'we thought about it and we are ready to accept" said Shashi with a smile.


Anjali squealed in delight, and Nani's eyes lit up with happiness.


"I am so glad Garima ji and Shashi ji, thank you for accepting the proposal.  If Ratna were alive today, she would be so happy to know that her Chote is getting married to your daughter. She was very fond of you Shashi ji, I know you both were good friends in your youth" Nani smiled sadly.


Shashi swallowed a lump in his throat upon hearing her name. His childhood best friend, his...Ratna.


"This means a wedding!" said an excited Anjali, suddenly walking over with a box of sweets in her hands.


Garima and Shashi ate with content, and then smiled warmly at the duo. "We should get going" said Garima.


"Yes, there is a lot to be discussed, and a lot of planning to do as well.  It is my only daughter's wedding after all" said Shashi.


"Of course, there is a lot of planning for us to do as well" said Anjali clapping her hands together in glee.


"Very well then, I hope to see you soon.  Namaste" said Nani, before the two bid farewell and left.


"But Nani, Chote will kill us if he finds out we decided this without his permission.  And he will never agree" muttered Anjali.


"Chote should realize that we are doing this for his own good. He needs to settle down with a nice girl, but he is just being stubborn.  Of course he will agree eventually, and I will make sure of it. Devyani Raizada gives you her word" she said confidently.


"Really? Oh my goodness, I'm so excited.  Nani, this is our Chote we're talking about!! He'll finally settle down with a decent girl!"


"Start making preparations Anjali bitiya, Khushi Kumari Gupta and Arnav Singh Raizada are getting married"


Hi guys! I've been meaning to start this for a while now, and I finally had the motivation to do so. This is going to be mostly a fun, light-hearted SS, and probably short.  You know, one with romance, and a bit of comedy and happy endings. I'm trying to balance this out with my FF which is more serious and emotional. The updates for this one might be a little slow, so apologies in advance.

So tell me how it was, it's important for me to know! Good, bad? Let me know by dropping in a comment or hitting the like button if you get the chance, it would be greatly appreciated :) Feel free to buddy me for PM's!

You can also check out my FF if you haven't already :) - Running From The Truth


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Posted: 8 years ago
Yay! I'm the first one!!!!!!! 

This sounds great. I can't wait to read more!!! Please PM me!!! 
Posted: 8 years ago
Nice concept. Like it. Khushi will easily say yes to this marriage because of Nk's comment but how Arnav...Like the story
Please pm me next time when you update
Posted: 8 years ago
I loved it! Enjoyed your style of writing.
Posted: 8 years ago
Nice concept
so both dont want to married
n their hv plan something else for them
its mean they will be trap soon
plz pm me for d next part
Posted: 8 years ago
amazing concept. amazing update. please continue soon
Posted: 8 years ago
Nice one...Smile

                        NK-Khushi convo was very funny and akash???!!!!"We r

Do update soon...Can't wait to read more...Could u PM me the next chapter...I'll send u a Buddy request.could u accept it??????Question

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