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Posted: 8 years ago

Hello all!

I'm truly delighted by all the kind and wonderful comments you've left for me. Thank you!

As I had already posted, I'm not a very computery person and expecting me to figure out how to PM all of you would be in the same league as Sanaya's mom expecting her to eat Bhindi!

Hence this Index, which will hopefully make it easier for you to bookmark and follow the updates.

To the uninitiated, this is a series of one-shots, basically moments in their life that I wanted to see. I truly regret the fact that after the episode in which Shyam was kicked out, we lost not only our Arnav and Khushi, but also our beloved Raizada parivaar. We did get a few beautiful sequences for Karvachauth and Mrs. India fiasco, but the essence of the show was gone.

That's when I started cooking these up in my head. Iske liye koi tax toh nahi hain, nah!

Well, in my head, these moments did happen!

The setting is about six months after Shyam was evicted in that "oh-so-beautiful-Arnav-Anjali-scene". There is no Aarav, no Sheetal, no Mrs. India. Life has progressed pretty uneventfully for the family and Arnav and Khushi are blissfully occupied in loving and being loved. The Raizada parivaar is back in full force, including Mamaji and our much-missed Lakshmi.

These are a few peeks into life in Shantivan. Heavy focus on Arnav and Khushi, of course, but I love each and every other person in that house so much that they'll make very, very frequent appearances.

This series is not going to end anytime soon. So brace yourselves.

The sequential list of OSs are below. Please do me a favour and read the OSs in the order that they are written. That way you'll get a feel of how their relationship has progressed.


Now, since my stories tend to span several timelines, here's a short guideline to the timeframes referred to in my Vignettes:

September 2012 - Shyam's truth revealed to Anjali, he gets chucked out - Vignettes start

Summer 2013 - Dhruv's return - Vignette 12

November 2013 - Hai Re Nandkishore - Vignette 18 - NK and Pooja's Engagement

November 2014 - NK and Pooja's Wedding - Anjali married and 7 months pregnant, Khushi 3 months pregnant

That is, Anjali gets married early in 2014, and conceives by February... so, that story will come up in December 2013...and Khushi-and-Arnav-starting-a-family story will come up only much later...
Hope that clears up the confusion, and gets me breathing space from all the yelling and screaming I heard after you guys read the epilogue of HrN :-)

1. Peace

2. Evening Rituals

3. Saturday Nights

4. Sleeping Patterns

5. Ahem!

6. Understanding Payal

7. Frequent flyer

8. This day, that year

9. Fruity matters

10. Cloudy skies

11. Olfactory perception

OS - What we can...

12. From ... , with love - FF

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6

    Part 7

    Part 8

    Part 9

    Part 10

    Part 11

13. Magnets

14.  I told you so...

15. Remembering

16. "Uninvited" visitors

17. Metamorphosis

18. Nayi Reet

19. Hai re Nandkishore! - FF

Thread 1

Thread 2

20.  Unprofessional Rivalry

21.  Beauty lies in the eyes of...

22.  A Stitch in time

23. Three things

24. Mera Beta

25. Sirf Khushi ki... - SS

26. Annapoorna - TS

27. Tujhpe Kurbaan Dil... Chapter 12 updated 4th Dec 2020 

28. A Phonecall 

29. An Old Friend 

30. In Flight Mode

Koi Hai?! ~~~WINNER OF OS CONTEST!!!~~~

31. Dil ke Rishte

32. Bhai

Hope you enjoy...and please, please do leave your comments...

P.S : I would like to take this chance to confess that I'm not a native HIndi speaker, though I've learnt and used the language since my KG classes. In fact, I live in a part of the country farthest from the Hindi-speaking area - Kerala. Hope I've not made any blunders.

P.S.2 : I've decided to post the Vignettes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that I can get some actual work done without planning out dialogues the whole day, everyday. My family would, for one, appreciate it if I stop scribbling on every available piece of paper, often leaving conversations midway! gives you guys more time to comment!

Edited - Since the college has re-opened after vacation, I'll not be able to put up OSs/MSs 3 times a week. (To the uninitiated, I'm a practising Architect and I also teach budding architects all about architecture :-D)
Hence the new schedule will be Sunday and Thursday

P.S.3 : Those who ask for PMs - please take the effort to send me a buddy request. And if you turn out to be a silent reader, you'll not get a PM.

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Posted: 8 years ago
I like all your stories so far, so do write moreSmile
Posted: 8 years ago
loving the entire series
Posted: 8 years ago
An index! That makes things easier :)
Posted: 8 years ago
I just read them all. They were so enjoyable. Liked all the scenarios and your writing is fab too. I hope you continue this series. Would definitely loved to read more of these OS's
Posted: 8 years ago
all your OS are beautifully written
Posted: 8 years ago
You are a fabulous writer. And I hope you know that. You are giving us the small moments and interactions we wish we had seen in the show. Thanks a lot. <3
Posted: 8 years ago
love the series 

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