Vignettes- 18. Hai re Nandkishore! Finished! Thread 2 - Part 30/ Pg 18

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Posted: 7 years ago

Hello, guys! It's good to be back... I have missed the world of Shantivan a lot!

And thank you for all your wishes... I'm glad that I'm back to 100% too... :-)

Here comes the next part... It is a brand new thread! We've come a long way with NK & Pooja's story, huh?To think that it started out as a 6-part SS :-D


Thread 1


Thread 2 - part 26

Thread 2 - part 27

Thread 2 - part 28

Thread 2 - part 29

Thread 2 - part 30


Here goes...

Scroll down for the English version (to be updated tomorrow)


Part 26



It was an odd feeling of deja-vu that accompanied the pain and disorientation to which Pooja awoke to, a day after her surgery. But through the haze of painkillers and the fire on her face, her eyes zoomed in on the one face that hovered beyond the anxious ones of her parents. The joy in NK's eyes telling her how successful the surgery had been, she heaved a gusty sigh and sank back into peaceful oblivion, leaving her body to heal itself.

The doctors having told them that Pooja was in safe hands and well on her way to recovery, and having shifted Pooja to the post-op ward, her tired parents went to Madhumatiji's house to rest, leaving their daughter in Arnav and Manohar's capable hands until their respective wives would show up as promised. The conversation between Diwakar Yadav and Jagraj Mohanty having happened without his knowledge, it was a stunned and jubilant NK who ran upto Arnav a few minutes after his prospective in-laws left.

"Nannav, guess what? Guess what?" And plowing ahead without taking a breather, "My mom and dad are flying down today! They'll land in another five hours! And dad actually mere se khush sound kar rahe the... imagine that! I think meri mom unko thoda exaggerate karke batayi hai, that I'm doing a good job under you. But he didn't say anything about meeting Pooja... kya ussko koi problem hogi usse? What do you think?"

"Woah, NK! Time-out!" Arnav placed a firm hand on his young cousin's shoulder, shaking him out of his tirade. Jagraj having told Arnav all about his plans, and how he wanted to keep his fidgety son in suspense, Arnav had been sworn to secrecy.

"NK, it will be fine. Hum sab hai naah, to convince uncle and aunty? Now tum decide karo ki unko tum pick up karoge, or do you want me to go?"

"No, no, Nannav, I want to go. I haven't seen mom in months! But first, mujhe Pooja ko yeh news dena hai, right? Let me go tell her!"

And it was a bemused Arnav who was left staring after NK's swiftly retreating back as he rushed head-long to tell his lakdi that her in-laws were about to come meet her. Thinking about how he too felt the urge to share every important news in his life with his very own girl, he smiled, "Yup, NK's fallen hard..."


Pooja once again awoke to NK's facing smiling down at her. Turning her hand that was lightly clutched in his, so that she could press it down in silent reassurance, she stared intently at him, noticing how he was fairly trembling with eagerness. And she didn't have to wait much longer. "Pooja, guess what? Mere mom aur dad aa rahe hain. Today! They're already in the air now! And I can finally get them to meet you! Oh, I'm so excited!..."

NK was so lost in his own excitement that it took him a couple of minutes to realise that Pooja was clamping her nails down on his hand. "Ouch!", he muttered as he pulled his hand away, "Why did you do that?"

Looking up from cradling his hurt hand close, he noticed the panic in her eyes, and in a rare moment of clarity, he understood that she was terrified of meeting his parents in this state. Sitting down gingerly by her side, he took her hand again in his, "Worry karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hain, Pooja. Maine unko sab bataa diya hai."

Grinning suddenly, he continued, "They're eager to meet you, you know... woh jaante hain ki tum ek aisi lakdi ho jo mujhe lifelong hooligans' se protect karogi. See, I'm getting a good deal, huh? Ek dum two-in-one offer. Biwi-cum-body guard!"

His flippant comment earning him a punch, but serving the purpose of distracting her, he continued to update her of all the news in his family and how Bittu was settled comfortably under Khushi's watch, until it was time for him to leave for the airport. Calling in his Mausi to sit with Pooja, while Khushi went with Arnav to talk to the doctors, he left to pick his parents up, suddenly nervous at meeting them. After all, he was about to get them to meet the girl he wanted to marry. NK felt all grown up for the first time in his life, and he wasn't sure he liked the sense responsibility that came with it.


"There he is!", the booming voice making heads turn, NK leapt up from his chair to rush headlong into his father's bear hug. "Meena, dekho kitna bada ho gaya hai humara ladka!", Jagraj boomed to his wife, who was now trying hard to extract her son from her husband's iron-grip. Relinquishing NK to his wife with a solid thump on his back, Jagraj looked on with pleasure at how his normally stoic wife melted into a puddle of goo at the sight of her Nandu.

With the family greeting session over, and the AR name getting the baggage out in record time, the Mohantys proceeded to Shantivan, the drive passing in a blur what with all three asking questions and answering them, all at once.

The car stopping at the gate to wait for the security to open it, the elder Mohantys watched the sprawling mansion in quiet happiness. While they were directly related only to Manorama, the Raizadas had become their very own extended family in every sense. It was their home-away-from-home in India.

Meena had barely stepped out of the car when she was enveloped in a tight hug by her sister. "Hellos, Didi! Tum toh ek dum maardern laagat ho, looking faine! Bahut hi miss kiye rahe hum tum ko! Welcome to India, Didi!"

Laughing at his sister-in-law's patented speech, Jagraj looked on with pride and pleasure at the young man striding forward to first touch his feet and then shake his hand. Having watched him grow up into the formidable person that he was now, Arnav was his favourite nephew, maybe dearer than even Akash or Dhruv. He was pulling Arnav into a one-armed hug when he was distracted by his wife's exclamation, "There she is! Meri bachchi! Aa jao!"

Looking up to see Anjali walking straight into his wife's arms, he excused himself to Arnav and walked over to get a look at his girl. Having only one son themselves, and Manorama too having been blessed with two sons, Anjali was the only daughter of the family and as such was their darling. Before long, Akash and Dhruv also rushed headlong into the melee and thus proceeded the homecoming party for a while, before they were all called in by the matriarch herself, "Arre andar aane ka kauno iraada naahi hai ka? Aao, aao..."

And sure enough, there she stood, at the door, her aarti-thal in hand, flanked by her two grand-daughters-in-law, who stood shy witnesses to the family reunion. Scanning them top to bottom with interest, Meena and Jagraj took a quick reading of the two girls who had won over the hearts of two of the most eligible bachelors in Delhi. And recognising each from the mutiple photos and videos they had seen, they greeted Khushi and Payal with warm hugs and generous blessings.

Walking in and settling down for tea, it was a while before the most important question of the day was asked by Jagraj. "Toh bolo, Nandu... iraada kya hai tumhara? Shaadi karna hai?"

Author's note:


There you go... a long-planned chapter... next update on Monday... sorry for a day's delay. It's taking me a while to get back into the swing of things... :-) So, please be generous with your support :-P


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Posted: 7 years ago
welcome back ... its good to veu bk
Posted: 7 years ago
Welcome back!!

 Its good to read Pooja is recovering, I feel Arnav and Khushi will help her a lot for her insecurities ..I can hear the shennai for NKs wedding already !! nice update ad his parents sound like fun too.. 
Posted: 7 years ago
Haaah... I have no patience to wait for English version and guess what, i can manage the hindi version pretty well too! *Patting myself on the back*
However much i miss NK's broken Hindi, I feel like you did not include them to show his transformation... Hmm that feels really nice Smile

I probably mentioned this in the previous part of HRN also, but anyways, I LOVE NK's dad! The way you write about him - there's a certain warmth in him. 

"two of the most eligible bachelors in Delhi"... I like that term... Although they have never shown Akash's importance in the show, you and Indu give him that well deserved prominence...

Waiting for the next part,
Love Ya! Big smile
Posted: 7 years ago
NK's fallen hardLOL indeedLOL
loved the NK-pooja moment...bodyguardShockedLOL

aww...nandu??Big smile

family reunionClap
Posted: 7 years ago
Welcome nk's shahid on the card now...
Posted: 7 years ago
Cool, I can hear wedding bells :)

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