Pouring Thoughts!

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Posted: 16 years ago

Hi YMLHians,

Ok as you all know, the show endedCryBut why not pour your thoughts on the episodes, well its easy, first describe the episode, then tell how you felt that time, what was runnin through your head, or some the greatest episodes, and how you thought about it.

Whatever you feel, think and want to write and express about the episodes, please utilise this topic- it will be a great way of getting to know of all the reactions and fun to read as wellEmbarrassed

All you need to do is just describe what episode you are talking about, when you do that - just go ahead and write about everything that went through your mind when the episode was aired..

I hope you all have loads of fun in this topic and make it rock! No chats in this topic and no quoting other posts as well! Let out your feelings for this great show, and enjoy, they are your thoughtsEmbarrassed



Posted: 16 years ago
My thoughts of YMLH !!!

~ I love this Forum~
~ I love my friends here~
~ I love this serial very much as everyone did~
~ I love Rahil Azam~
~ I love the actings of Pooja & Ronit~
~ I feel so sad that YMLH serial had to end so soon, atleast this forum didnt have to end so soon~
~ Iam grateful to all my friends that Iam also a part of their YMLH Rockerz Life~
~ I will never leave this forum~

no1kfan aka Priyanka
Posted: 16 years ago
Priyanka, you have to pour in your thoughts on a certain episode of YMLH Wink
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by prettyguria

Priyanka, you have to pour in your thoughts on a certain episode of YMLH Wink

okay... nausheen maam.....

i want pour my thoughts in this episode of Ronit n Pooja in the rain scene 2gather...... I wish LOLi was Pooja n jst me n Ronit in the rain....LOL !!!

It looked so innocent and passionate in Pooja's n Ronit's life............Embarrassed

Posted: 16 years ago
I poured one but it evaporatedDisapprove LOL
Posted: 16 years ago
well the epi's when pooja was in the hospital ( in coma) were sooooooo boring Ouch and i felt sad cuz well she was in a coma an yaaaaa.........haha
and i loved the epi when Kes had the dream abt spiderman hehe it was hilarious Tongue LOL LOL
an there are so many moreee great epis
i'll come bak when i think of more Tongue Embarrassed
Posted: 16 years ago
i never watched that episode b4 abt the dream of spiderman...
Posted: 16 years ago
Well when I first saw YMLH, I thought it would be an ok show, and thought Pooja would always be bullied, tought Akash would fall in love with Pooja, and Mandy with Akash(dun ask, its like mujhse dosti karogi) I thought Ronit would always stay bad, and make Pooja's life miserable, and Annie would cheat on Ronit(after the engagement) for Kushan, Mandy would use Khes but eventally fall in love with him, and Pooja would become a director, and fall in love with Ronit, but then go for Akash in the end. LOL I thought of alll tht, after the first episode Embarrassed LOL

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