Book 3 FF:Till the End of Time (book4 link: pg 148)(Page 107)

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i am so exited cont sooon
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Comment updated on page 117.Embarrassed
p.s. Sorry..i might have missed mentioning sum of the other important parts. Unhappy bt my comment was already so long..Ouchi guess i lost them! :(
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Originally posted by Bleak_House


This update was more on court proceedings! Infact the most of it highlights on dat yet the chapter dsnt fail to make a tremendous impact!! Approve bt there are so many n the chapter is i will just quote--Smile
so i will start 4m dis-'That's
why Abhay never wanted to get
involved with a human. Not for him,
but for her. He has suffered enough in this life to know how to bear isolation
and suffering. He would have lived like
this for another 200 years, won't make
a difference.
Why she had to come and
change everything for him and herself
as well? Why she had to give him a taste of love, being human, to feel and'- Clap Spectacular tanzie! This lines are just awesuum.! Specially the one that i undrlind. Clap so beautifully u have brought out his mind! True-isolation is nothing new to him! Very true!
thanks so much Indu. i always like how u highlight the parts u liked and honestly i like them more when i see them in our comment LOL 

'It's a hit or miss. If today if she
cant defend Abhay she might lose him
forever and she can't allow anyone to
do it. She didn't want Abhay to know it.
There's a chance he will lose the temper
and say something which might take wrong turn for the case. She felt
emotionally overwhelmed. There was
insecurity building inside, fear, anger,
madness and extreme love. Her heart
cannot carry all that together anymore.
Pia just wanted the case to end.' this isnt turning point part of the story yet i loved this one because the way it has been explained! here the pressure of conducting a case day after day n how horribly it effcts the mind n creates emotional hazards has been shown excellently!! Courtroom proceedings in supernatural world is no less traumatic!! Fantabulous! Clap thanks Indu. the case is key point right now in the story and i had to bring out the helplessness of both of them

'Abhay glanced at Kol, he has a feeling today is going to be an
extremely dramatic day.' was this a hint tanzie ? Wink i guess this was presented in order to prepare the readers for a good long roller coaster ride!Wink yes hint indeed LOL

And it starts here--'Pia wasn't ready for
this. the old man said he lost his powers
as wizard but he do know everything
and he isn't any compelled human that
Pia will easily counter-defense him. She
failed to prove him wrong. He confidently described how he saw
Abhay killing Gaurav Khurana, how and
when Abhay's eye color changed and
how for this even in darkness of the
forest he could recognize him that he is
a vampire. He perfectly described because he isn't afraid of darkness or
jungles because he has seen the
supernatural world for a long long time
and he was strolling inside the jungle
to search for his lost tiger cub!! To make
it worse, he brought photo of him with his tiger cub infront of his house and
the scanner resulted it as "unedited
photograph" ' Clap Clap superb..superb..tanzie!! Presenting a story wth a right dose..of good humour is extremely tough!! Yet u have blended it here marvellously!!Clap

'Kol was surprised Pia didn't even
point out a pet tiger cub is not allowed
on grounds of animal rights in India.
In truth Pia was too tense, sick and when
fear and frustration grip you usually
your sane mind betrays you. Exactly
was happening with Pia.'- amazing!! Dexterously amazing i say!!!Clap StarYou know i was completely bowled by the marvellous use of humour so efortlessly! Its so fluid that dsnt luk forced in anyway n neither it effects the seriousness of a courtroom proceeding!! Clap Clap and so true-in times like dis a mind dsnt work properly!! even a sane mind would collapse ! Cnt blame.Approve it happens right. she is a human and trama and too much tress can make peoples brain function differently so yea had to right it. 

and that dsnt end here!-
'He said
softly, "darling see..." But haseena cut
her in, "Sue your darling away Mr
Raichand. Save my son and I don't
know how.' superb!LOLMy god tanzie!LOL this was as amazing as the cub!!Clap

''WOMEN. be it vampire
and human can always drive you
nuts!!"-this dialogue is awesuum n i simply loved it!! Completely admire for the way u have suggestd it! StarNt to forget this also reflects even men are nthng bt same be it vampire!LOLThumbs Up yeap n its true Wink

Now abt the action-
tanzie u have to belev me when i say this-i really really was immencely amazed when i came to ths part! I wantd to mention it be4 bt forgot. The courtroom n its detailing are excellent!!! Perfect!! Clap I simply lovd Judge Terrance's portrayal n other details!! Superb!Star
'Jury Clementine who
was till now sleeping woke up.' -and this crackd me up! LOL bt thngs like dis does happn even in real court rooms! What a realistic credible picturisation!!!Clap

and tanzie i guess i havdm said dis number of times bt anyway am never tired so i will say again u are completely perfection personified especially when it cums to supernatural detailing-you are an ace!Star and dis says it all!- 'the man or whoever
from court stuff took Alina's left wrist
and cut a little, put the blood in a vial
and infront of everyone he poured the
vial of blood on a white plate. Pia was curiously watching not knowing what's
going on and what the plate is made of.
the blood started to travel inside the
plate and a wolf image raised in line of
blood and another one with light of
power, meaning wizard. The man declared: this girl is half sister of Gaurav
Khurana, Half werewolf and half wizard
bloodline.' Thumbs Up

and dis one! I couldnt stop laughing myself..ROFL- 'Abhay knows he was sleeping half of
the time. He couldn't help muttered,
"you would better ask what he was
dreaming for all the time he was
asleep."-You'r soo soo good in making such great humorous scenes!excellent tanzie excellent!! I don't know what else to say! U are just amazing!Star sorry bt am always short of words! Often i dnt knw how to express! Am just i guess too spellbound!!Clap
and dis again-'Some people started laughing and Mr
Paul Clementine gave a huge yawn,
"Your honor. I think the case was on
killing a fairy right? The accused should
be punished." the whole court started
laughing and Judge Terence rolled her eyes, "Sit down Paul. and read the
summary again."Star this might luk as nt so important compared to the story,i mean it myt nt concern the current track n the seriousness of the atmosphere bt it is in no way less in magnifying the impact!! These additions myt b little bt in effct they'r gruesome!!Approve i knw dis comment myt luk blabbering..LOL bt tanzie am too too enthralled!!
Plz pardon my rambling bt i cudnt help myself frm mentioning dis one!-'Abhay could read her face and he
couldn't help a sarcastic smirk and
before anybody can say anything he
couldn't stop himself, "that's because a
hybrid jury is sitting right on top left of
u. that rule changed long ago. care to stop using makeup for a while and read
the rule books instead?" !Clap
and wow! These.. ends wth a brilliance!!-Thumbs Up'The vampire Mrinalini was in shocked,
"OMG is she pregnant?" Victoria looked bored, "Mrina.. how
many times I told you not to watch
hindi serials? when a woman fell
doesnt mean she is pregnant always.
*BULLSHIT* she is sick I think." The werewolf Aditya looked amused,
"is she dead?" Victoria rolled her eyes again, "You are
seriously a wolf? can't you feel she is
and i love dis line-Embarrassed-'"Oh you got permission. Good.
Otherwise I dont know what Abhay
would have done. Their love is
legendary I must say. One of a kind."
would love to see more of kol!!Big smile perhaps mre in the future updats..if possible?Smile

Over all a stupendously fabulous update!! Clap Carry on please..and am again sorry for being soo..late.Ouch
bt like i said..i would always cum...Wink cnt miss u knw..!
n thanks a ton for the pm. And giving us such great updats inspite of ur crazy time scedule! Take care..Hug thanks a lot Indu . for such wonderful comment. it means really a lot to me 
Hug i tried to best to bring some humor. im not good with humor so i had to try it as practice maybe + the story is long so it cant always be the same type as in very serious or abhiya romance. i have to explore other tracks. different scenarios and people and i tried my best. the court situation is a mock kind of like real life political situation. how fragile they are. kol will be there for some time. he isnt wont dissappear in book 4. no worries LOL 

p.s. Cnt wait for book-4!!too excited!! PartyBig smile
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am first after a long long time Party

Hope my essay won't bug you LOL Coz well its a slightly lean period in office for today n I am making the most of it ROFL So sorry for unreserving late but u know my work life is more or less like yours Ouch I defo understand your situation and I pray you get a better assignment that will give you ample time for recreational activities as well Ouch I do miss reading your updates on a regular basis and I know what exactly is the reason behind it Ouch As for BD I am excited and sad at the same time to know its ending Cry  But yeah do take ur time n we shall wait. No worries.
Coming to the update, it was as good as ever Clap and I love the way even other characters are woven so intricately into the story. Finally Kol is close to piecing the puzzle together Cool Well Mohini will ultimately dig her own grave at the end and I guess this is a teeny tiny step towards it Wink Kol will make use of the information she had once given him to figure out about Pamona LOL
As for Abhiya, my heart goes out to them Cry They are suffering in their own hell right now but hopefully its short lived. The clouds have to part way for sunshine and cast a beautiful rainbow over the world Embarrassed But I know the clouds will threaten to reappear Angry As long they are together I know they will face the odds together and thats always been the beauty of their bond Heart Thanks for the kiss therapy. Missed it Wink
Mohini is surely one witch not to cross LOL And well hark who's talking? Angry She is cursing Alina for turning against her family but what about her? She didn't spare her own sister whom she claimed to love to use for her selfish motives Dead Now that Bhupen's testimony proved to be of no use, she has to have a backup plan but I didn't expect it would turn out to be Jeh in the last minute. But I am hoping for the best Confused
Abhiya part was as usual beautiful, poignant and heartbreaking at the same time Broken Heart  They are living the other's pain overlooking their own personal hell Ouch I love the way they watch out for each other. Pia is feeling helpless to see him behind bars and Abhay is unable to see his wife in this state all because of him, because of fighting for him. He knows how crazy the supernatural world is and despite being a fragile human she is braving it all, just to set him free. Abhay blames himself for Pia's state and she on the other hand herself for taking too much stress and landing herself in this state causing him pain. Man no wonder Kol finds their love epic. Abhay is now determined to win, not because he wants to be set free, or because he thinks the SPC will give him justice but he wants it so that her efforts do not go wasted. I loved it when she asked him to kiss him and it was described so beautifully Clap A moment of blissfull normalcy in their insane world Embarrassed Pia is in pain too, both physically and emotionally but she is holding herself together for Abhay Ouch Though Pia bid him goodbye she couldn't bear to see him go Cry And for one moment, she wanted to defy all norms and break free without giving a hoot for the consequnces and this part was heart wrenching Cry And that one moment rendered her completely vulnerable Broken Heart just like the time Abhay had come back to her on a rainy night after getting his memories back after Mohini had tampered with them and Pia had brought him back Cry Abhay is right - No matter what they will always find their way out to get back together Embarrassed There is no barrier that can keep them apart no matter the hurdles Heart
Aryan clearly guessed that someone was impersonating Ragini and I am surprised he couldn't deduce it but I am guessing it wont take him long Cool He can counter any of Mohini's moves Big smile Loved to see Amber fuss over the kids and help Aryan in his quest. Again it shows how u pay attention to even the minutest of minute detail and weave it seamlessly into the story and its the mark of a stellar story teller Star 
No wonder Pia is a detective Tongue Runs in her blood I suppose ROFL Arnab surely has a hyper active brain like his daughter LOL He even went to the extent of checking out facebook ROFL Well not everyone are active I suppose Sleepy I dont even go there often ROFL He is now looking for her in Belgium Shocked God, I hope he doesn't get to know she fell sick and was in a hospital and I hope he doesn't track her down but I am not too hopeful about this Ouch Now Armaan is a slayer? Shocked What the????????? Where does this leave Amber and Armaan now? Cry It reminded me of Beautiful Stranger where Arnab sends his son Abhay to get trained to be a slayer and use him against the person he loved Ouch Now he will use Arman to seperate Abhiya Angry I wont deny his fears are legitimate but seeing he is from the supernatural world, I wish he would give Abhay the benefit of doubt. But at the same time no father would be jumping with joy to know his son in law is a vamprie and his daughter is married into a family of vampires, warlocks and werewolves(considering Alina as a part of the family Wink) But who was the person at the other end who laughed? Shocked I am not getting a good feel about this Ouch
Finally Pia and Mohini came face to face Party Now dont think I have lost my marbles to be rejoicing but I always wanted to see that ever since you mentioned Mohini. And I just loved it. The whole scene was written brilliantly Star Mohini - I guess the name itself is enough to imbibe fear in anybody and imagine being confronted in flesh and blood for real Shocked Not welcoming exactly. I am not surprised at seeing Pia's intitial reaction of fear. She is a fool if she doesn't fear her coz if she doesn't she can never be on guard and knowing Mohini, even a momentary lapse in letting the guard down is risky. But I liked it when Pia snapped back at her when she reminded him of Abhay's state Cool That's Pia Raichand for you. The only person who is capable of taking on Mohini is her and not because she is extraordinary but her love for Abhay is beyond all the boundaries and she will not let anyone harm him as long as she stands by him. Mohini tricked Pia into taking a strand of her hair? Shocked I am scared for Pia now Ouch
At last Big smile Kol Mohini face off Dancing I wish next chapter would come sooner.
Donno if I have mentioned this before or not, but my fav fictional characters created by you would not be Abhay, Pia or even Aryan (dont be shocked, I love them too LOL) but Mohini and Peehu. Best characters you ever came up with ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
No adjectives this time either, as u will say I exaggerate again Tongue but I hope my comment says it all Embarrassed
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Abhay Pia scene was described really well. Nice play of emotions there. 

So mohini stole Pia's hair. I am really scared for pia now.
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That was a superb mindblowing update tanzie!!!Clap Clap
enjoyed reading it.Embarrassed

Pia didnot want to let go off abhay..and for abhay it was like tearing himself away from his life..! So sad but beautiful the moment was! Their love as kol rightly said- is Legendary! no doubt there love is incomparable!
It is this rare rawness that makes them epic and you in ur works have always portrayed them soo wonderfully!Star u have given abhaypia new lease of life n we as readers owe you for that!Smile
and as we know they will get out of this situation. Their love is strong.Embarrassed

ok moving to the next scene--aryan is madly searching for the spell..and amber is helpless..for nt being able to help hm!Ouch both in different situations tackling different things-and you have explained both their condition so well! Clap

Arnab again is after pia! Pia for once had kind of given him a chance bt i fear arnab's behaviour myt anger her again in future because i hope nt bt if Arnab does any harm to the raichands in any way pia would never forgive him. Though i hope it dosnt come to this.Ouch

nw the question is will armaan accept this fate? Hm..that is what am waiting to see nw-his answer.. Mohini is here!! The scene where she threatens pamona,you have pictured it too well! Her vengeful and dangerous side is well captured!Clap

nw again mohini is after another game! She never gets bored!
And this time too she is after something big! Her games are always dangerous!
I hope pia n abhay dsnt have to pay for it. Hope they get a way out this time!
Bt i must say you have dne an amazing job with this mohini character! You have given us such a terrific female antagonist in the form of mohini!! She is dangerous-vengeful-cunning-she has depth! It's book3 and still mohini is going strong!! Her character has not lost excitement one bit n credit goes to u!!Approve Excellent!!Clap

so jeh has agreed to give testimony?!! Hm interesting! Am waiting to see what actually happens in court!
Situations myt alter--who knows..?! Wink

Pia is roaming in the street waiting for here mohini comes!! And she succeeds in her plan!
Anther bad omen! And this is what i guess kol felt coming! We got the hint there when he saw clouds overhead and sensed something very bad happening!
Tanzie u have again portrayed this scene soo well! The clever and intelligent mohini behind the facade-trying to appear just a person who wants to meet pia bt has a big plan in her mind-is excellent!Clap the scene becomes alive! Clap

i just hope she dsnt succeed in her plan bt the precap suggests just the opposite!Ouch

Ow..Kol is here! Just in front mohini! What a timing! I wish he came a minute before, then mohini's plans wud nt hav been successful..!

Waiting to read their encounter..Wink
And tanzie am glad kol is there..Wink LOL and would wish to see him more..Embarrassed

p.s. Pia has still nt reachd that amiable place wth chand-in the brief space you have explained it wonderfully.Clap
and i enjoyed pia-mohini encounter! It was great!Thumbs Up

oh ya i forgot to mention earlier-you always explain hospital scenes too well. Its nt an easy thing to do yet you do them perfectly.Thumbs Up

waiting for the next part.Embarrassed
I know u are busy tanzie, so no prblem, take ur time-we will wait.Smile
P.P.S. And very very sorry for commenting so late. :(
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tanzi plz update kar b do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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