IPPKND OS: ARHI - Homecoming

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Posted: 10 years ago

I normally only update my fan fiction "Perfection" since I am one of those idiot writers who cannot hold more than one plot or story in their heads without getting muddled. But tonight this little idea that is typed out below came to me, and would not leave until it got written down.

Since I never ever do One Shots, I really don't know if its too long or too descriptive or, frankly, any good. Please let me know how it is, and if you liked it. Thanks!  Oh and yeah: Please excuse the horrible Hindi-I tried, but its laughable, I know..

                                       " HOMECOMING "

"Bhai, seriously, I wouldn't bother, whats the point ? There is no need for this!"Aakash said, smiling kindly at Arnav who was feverishly feeling his pockets for some change. The flower seller standing outside the window of the white SUV rolled his eyes. Only 1000 rupee notes came out of this rich sahib's wallet...and he was only trying to buy some maamuli flowers this evening! So many different bunches he had offered, cheap, fresh ones, too- sunflowers, orchids, peonies,  lilies and lilacs and marigolds, but no, this rich sahib kept saying that he wanted the perfect flowers and nothing else.  

The flower seller's eye rolls halted at particularly painful point when he saw the rich sahib throw a handful of  1000 rupee notes in his hands and grab the huge bunch of fresh red roses from all the other flowers on display. The most expensive ones, exclusive, imported from Holland. Too expensive for most men, the one bunch he set aside for hotel  and corporate orders. So much money on roses? The window rolled up and the light changed, the car driving on."Girlfriend ke saath zaroor kuch hua hoga" smirked the grinning seller as he sauntered off with his money.


"Arnav Bhaiya, please, ghar chaliye, iski koi zaroorat nahi hai!"
Payal's soft pleading voice didn't seem to register, and she shrugged helplessly at her husband. With Aakash behind him, Payal following reluctantly, Arnav strode into the most expensive jewellery store in Delhi. He had made Payal wait there for the past hour, called the store owner himself to keep the damn place open. No one in Delhi was about to say no to Arnav Singh Raizada, not when he was looking to do some immediate and expensive shopping. Trays of jewellery were brought out, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires --studded in pendants, rings, full bridal sets, delicate modern sets for rich executives and antique sets fit for zamindars. Gold worked into filigree settings, earrings studded with pearls and opals.

Set after set were placed before the rich billionaire who frowned and examined them as if this was a matter of life and death. Ignoring, the store-owner noticed, the very irritated looks he was getting from his exasperated brother and bhabi. Payal sighed and gave in to the inevitable.

A traditional set was chosen. A heavy gold neckace imbedded with rubies and hung with pearls, complete with large exquisite jhumkas that were beautiful examples of delhi artisan-work. A matching pair of anklets had to be found, then heavy kangans in ruby and pearls as well. The shop owner ran the credit card, as his assistant packed up the insanely expensive items in gold velvet boxes. "
Gold kee keemat bhi nahi poocha...Yeh sub kuch koi pari ya hoor ke liye hai kya? Kitne expensive gifts hai, bhai!" asked the shop owner to himself as he stared at his signed receipt, the many zeros making even his cynical brain spin a little.


"Chote, tum paagal ho gaya ho! I have been doing everything as you said, all day long! Iss sab preparations ka kya faida?Abh bas bhi karo, baba!" Anjali tried to grab the whirlwind that her brother had become after coming home, but Chote shrugged her hand off as he continued to harass his household help. Hari Prakash had looked at Anjali Didi very gratefully as she spoke, hoping to be given a few minutes break time from the day long preparations. But then, the whirlwind called Arnav gave an angry snarl when he paused in putting up fairy lights, and Hari Prakash quickly went back to turning Raizada House's living room into a fantasy land.

Servants scurried here and there, holding baskets of orchids and roses, some stringing up lights while others arranged tiny mirrored strings and floral garlands and colored streamers of gauzy cloth. The whole house had been under ASR's direct supervision, and he was a total maniac. Everything had to be exactly right, and he was here there and everywhere, making each detail perfect. One worker mumbled to the other that there was an excellent chance their boss was a jinn, he just showed up whenever anyone took even a minute's break---
"Yeh Arnav Bhaiya ko kya hogaya?" One worker asked the other, as another scream from ASR made them run to beautify the poolside with candles and lights.


"All controlled under my hands, supervisions by Manorama Mami is good happenings- Arnav Bitwa...complete unnecessaries hai I tells you, lekhin all this happenings yet still no?"
Mami-ji tried to pacify her nephew as he strode into the kitchen to check the preparations for dinner. She had protested this morning, telling him about her salon appointment that she could not miss just to stay home and supervise the kitchen where he had hired a new chef to help their own household maharaj.

But who could say no to Arnav bitwa, even though what he was asking her to do was totally pointless ? Mamiji had spent the day not getting a cream facial, and instead getting a steam facial checking dish after dish on the stove. She sighed, but made sure that the many different Indian and continental dishes being made by the maharaj and the five star chef were all excellent.

"Yeh jelebiaes cannots be home made, Arnav Bitwa, we not makes jeleibies like Phatti Sari makes. Hows I know where your wife gets buying from for her own tastings?"
Mamiji whined when Arnav told her firmly that no, the jelebies were not good enough and she would have to take a car and driver and get boxes of them  from every top sweets store in Delhi, and he would like her to go NOW.

"Aman how much longer will this take? Didn't you get there on time? Weren't our people at the airline told she'd be on board? Did she have to go through customs? Seriously, Aman, You are fired if MY WIFE wasn't greeted as a VIP at Delhi Airport and escorted to the limo, and if you didn't arrange to have all the paperwork and bullshit done for her ahead of time, do you hear me?" Arnav Singh Raizada had called his favorite punching bag/Man Friday while waiting outside Raizada House.  He had already called their airport agent seven times. That nervous man had assured ASR that the British Airways flight had landed safely, and yes, Khushi Raizada had been taken off the plane first, and yes, she was fine, unharmed, and, from what he had heard from the flight crew, quite chirpy.

Aman reassured ASR now that everything else had been done, that he had himself met Khushi Bhabi at the baggage carousel and escorted her into the limo that had been sent for her. And yes, he had made sure she had nothing to do at the airport other than smile sweetly at the minions sent by AR Group to guarantee her smooth travel "What is wrong with ASR? Abb Thank god biwi bhi aa gaya, ASR kya  tumko at least late nights pe phone calls karna stop karega?" Pam, Aman's wife asked as her exhausted husband spoke to update her on mission "Khushi Bhabi's Safe Return From Videshi Travel".


"Outside-everyone, outside right now!  I can see her car coming up the driveway. Everyone stand at the entrance, she will want to see everyone is here to greet her..Buaji, for God's sake, stop calling NandKishore to give me some brains, I have enough brains. I know what Khushi will want-she will want to spend the evening with everyone she loves, so yes, you do have to stay here and not go home.

Amma-ji, bring Babu-ji's wheelchair to the door now, ok! Nani, stop fiddling with your sari!  DI!DI! SERIOUSLY? Now, at this moment you've forgotten where you've put your puja thali? Isn't it always glued to your hands? Well, I had a thali ready for you, in case this happened. Here it is. Now come to the door! "
Arnav's shouted commands, so different from his low regular voice brought the Guptas and the Raizadas running to obey him, and they all met Arnav at the door.

The limo, a sleek black car especially hired for this occasion pulled up with the car escorting it behind. Three men in black suits, sunglasses and the self important scowls of security personnel got out to open the back door. Arnav's entire focus was on that car door, on the heartbeat he could sense  that was causing his own heart to somersault in his chest. His mind was completely focused on the person inside the car. He
 had stopped hearing his family's giggles or the Guptas' complaints that he had held them practically hostage here at Raizada House from this morning.


From the moment Lavaniya had called to tell Arnav that Khushi was on her way home, that she had changed her ticket so she could come back to Delhi five days early, Arnav had waited for this car-door to open.
 He had planned everything for this moment, even though he had been given only 8 hours warning that his wife was on her way back home to him because she couldn't bear to stay away any longer. Lavaniya had laughed at him on the phone, accusing him of having enslaved her best friend. Khushi  had flown to London by herself to attend Lavaniya'a Roka, and was now going home hours after the ceremony was done, and not spending the full week they had planned for originally.

No one who saw the blur of red that exploded from the back of the car and into the waiting arms of Arnav Singh Raizada would have thought that his wife Khushi was returning to him after a journey of only three days. Arnav's arms came up to grasp and hold the trembling woman in his arms, both of them totally, completely oblivious to the grinning family members, the frowning security men, or the staring servants who had prepared for this moment all day long.

"Aaj ke baad tum kabhi, kabhi bhi mujhe aise chorke kahi nahi jaaoge, samhje tum? maine yeh three days kaise spend kiya yeh tum nahi samjho ge- mujhe laagta hai mein tumhari bina adha paagal ho gaya tha!"
Arnav murmured into the soft hair of his wife as he rained kisses down on the upturned, smiling face. Aakash heard this comment as he helped with the luggage, and knew there were people at the office who would have insisted that ASR was not half mad, but fully insane, given the hell they'd gone through during the three days he was without his Khushi.

"Accha Khushi Biyta, Chote, tum dono abb andar ao"
-Nani-ji cleared her throat, and commanded, as Khushi turned reluctantly away from Arnav's embrace and greeted everyone, chattering happily. Anjali smiled at the glowing beauty who her brother was mesmerized by, and did the aarti. Arnav, as expected, hadn't looked at anyone else since Khushi got out of the car. Right now, he accepted the tikka on his forehead without comment, since Khushi had smiled at him, wordlessly asking him to do it.

Khushi gasped in shock as they went inside. She stopped at the entrance, taking in the decorations, the lights. The candles glimmered, the flowers overpowered her with their beautiful, heady fragrance and the room shimmered with the myriad gauzy veils. The mirrors were set everywhere and blazed with reflections and rainbow light, and the table was set with dishes and platters, emitting fabulous smells. It was paradise.

Red roses, a giant armful, were given to her by her husband, Payal opened and showed to Khushi the many boxes of jewellery that were welcome home gifts. Khushi smiled, and thanked everyone, joked with a beaming  Hari Prakash, and welcomed the new chef by complimenting his dishes. Mamiji-s offering of jalebi was eaten, and pronounced excellent. But Arnav, watching her like a hawk, took in the wistful expression behind the smiles and chatter, and saw her eyes turn to him every few minutes, looking a little sad.

He leaned in, forcefully grabbing her away from Payal and Anjali who were asking Khushi all about Lavanya's engagement. His hooded eyes searched hers, as he asked her, loud enough for everyone to hear, what was wrong- "Kya hua, sub kuch accha nahi laaga? Maine kuch karna bhool gaya?Aur kya chaiye? Batao, Khushi, tum khush nahi ho? Kya chaiye?"Khushi looked into the eyes of the man who's love was so potent, so deep, it made her shiver and melt, no matter what he did, or said or was. This incredible, difficult man, who, even after three years of marriage, still didn't get what it was she wanted, but tried his very best to give her everything he thought she might need.

She gently touched the worried face of her impossible, crazy, obsessed husband who she dreamed off night and day, and told him, loudly, happily, with no shame, the one thing she wanted that was still missing out of all this-  "Kuch baaki hai...aapki saath kuch waqt spend karna hai-I just want to spend time with you, be with you and I don't want or need anything or anyone else Arnav-ji- Only you ---mein e aap ke siva kabhi aur kuch chaha, kya?"

The smile that broke out on Arnav's face made Nani-ji  grab hold of Anjali's arm and turn away, to hide her joyful tears---their Chote had finally heard what mattered the most to his beloved wife, and perhaps, this time, understood her a bit better as well. Their scarred Chote still did not fully understand the woman he had married, but that woman truly saw the love starved, vulnerable boy that he still was underneath the rakhshas she teasingly called him.

Arnav Singh Raizada swept Khushi up in his arms, ignoring the food, the jewellery, the roses, ignoring the yells and wolf whistles from laughing family members. He carried his wife up the stairs, to their room, away from everything and everyone, away from the people he had brought here, the party, food and gifts he had planned with such obsessive care. He took her to their sanctuary where she would have exactly the one and only thing she wanted at the end of her journey. Him.


"Bataya mene Arnav Bitwa ko-all this was not neededs, but who listens to me? Yeh sub kuch karne ka koi waja nahi thi- Arnaav bitwa is all that Phatti Sari was going to be needings I tells you. "Mamiji said, after the giggles and exclamations of the families died down.

"Ha, Maaji-we all told him, naa-But now Khushi told him this too, so maybe he finally got it this time!" said Payal, smiling, and Aakash nodded merrily at them both. Daughter in law joined her saas and their family as the laughter roared out through the lovely, decorated living room, soared out of the open windows, and died out in soft whispers among the lapping waters of the glittering pool outside.

The Guptas, the Raizadas, the people of Raizada House, of AR Group, the many men and women of Arnav Singh Raizada's personal and professional world breathed a sigh of relief, and they smiled tonight with real, heartfelt joy and happiness.

Khushi Singh Raizada was home.

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Posted: 10 years ago
Awesome writing.. Loved it...
Posted: 10 years ago
this was sooo cute!!
this is the way i want him to pamper her after the truth is out.:)
and man..i think ill die if smeone does that for me..for real! 

and shubho naboborsho to you!:)

and a small trivia if you dont mind, im sure you dont live in india..we dont have 5000 notes..:) as in that denomination. and i can also tell that hindi isnt your forte but i think you tried that to being a real touch to the story because that how khushi speaks right? and thats why you are a great writer!

Edited by shaam91 - 10 years ago
Posted: 10 years ago
awesomeee ! luved Arnav's care nd luv for khushi Tongue
Posted: 10 years ago
Oh MY napstermonster, so lovely.  Stunning really.  I loved it.  What a fitting way to close IPKKND.  CV should have a talk with you dear.
Posted: 10 years ago
That was sooo sooo sooo cute!
This is exactly how I've always wanted arnav and khushi to be when they are living a happy shyam-less love-filled marriage- so thank you so much for putting it into words.

If I was ever showered with so much love...like shaam91 I think I'd die too! Only arnav

Wonderful writing; OS and your FF.

Posted: 10 years ago
he would though :P

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