Dips Art Mansion#1~Closed~xxx

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Posted: 11 years ago

Hello,hiii,bonjour'.A very Grand welcome IFians to my 1st Art Mansion. Party


Yo guys'hellooo my name is Dips and I reside in INDia and I am making siggies from last year<sudden passion developed> .well though my earlier works were crapped n deteroiting but literally when I joined IF I improved lot and alottt I must say.So having shops in Facebook and Google+ ,why I wud left out in India-Forums so tan taraaa i'm here with my first Gallery. 

I am better known as Dips,Dap,Dipu,Dipsie,Rasgulla blah..blah..blah'wateva u like u can call me wid that nameWink

I love dancing,painting,Swollowing up Mr.wikipedia,eating,sleeping,irritating and drowing in PS,roaming around new sites

I am a very diehard fan of GHSP and DMG..so maximum of my stuffs are dedicated to them.Apart from this I make nothing but if you wish me to make any bolly-holly-telly stuffs I'll sure make if requested else keep no umeed from me for other stuffs han sometimes you canLOLLOL

...What I can Make...

Non-Animated Siggies

Non-animated avis

Banners,posters for threads on requests

...Textures and Brushes...


Credits Post





My Other Shop Links

Facebook Shop.  


...Modes of request...

If you like my work and wish some request for me,do follow these modes

For Siggies/Signatures

The request should be made here only and plz do not Pm for request,I won't accept

Make Request only if the bottom section vv <Request status> is  stated "Opened"

Give me some time to make it and for god sake provide the pictures and text you want in it and it shouldn't be very long like a poetry or essay

Maximum Pictures is 6-8 and should be in high quality

The picture shouldn't have any vulgar scene


For Avis/Avatars/Signatures

Give Me Good HQ videos Link directly here for avis and The clip musnt be very long.20-30seconds or 1 min will only work.


...Rules To Follow...

My works were free to use and always be

Plz donot claim my work as yours

Don't crop out my works plz

Dont compare my works its absolutely my freaking idea!! If i will be inspired  shall state...

Suggestions and feedback and criticizm is always welcome as it help to improve more

If you are using my signatures r avtars,please use them at least for 2-3 days 

...Shop Status...




...Scroll down for more...


...Index Section...
Update1 : Drashti Dhami Birthday Special : Pg1 
Update 2 : Maaneet Mahi Ve anniversary Avis/Avril lavigne/Rihanna : Pg 3
Update 3 : Maaneet/DMG-rahul-muskaan,jenni/Abhiya/Requests : Pg 4
Update 4 : Maaneet/Jennifer/Shilpa Anand/KaSh/Punaar-Vivah : Pg 8
Update 5 : Drashti/DD_GC_VIVI_VAHB/Maaneet/Sanaya/Kajen/Jenni/Shilpa/RaMusk : Pg 10
Update 6 : Maaneet/Katrina/Avatars on Maaneet : Pg 13
 Update 7 : Romantic Specials : Pg 17
Requests : Page 17
Update 8 : Maaneet Avatars and signatures : Page 21
Requests : Page 25
 Update 9 : Maaneet : Page 26
Update 10 : GHSP/Kajen/JW/DD/gang : Page 29
Update 11 : Gurmeet houdhary Birthday Special : Page 29
Update 12 : Animated stuffs Maaneet : Page 32
Update 13: Maaneet/Drashti Dhami/Gurmeet Chaudhary: Page 37
Update 14 : Maaneet/Gc Bday : Page 39
Update 15: Karan Singh Grover/Jenni/Shilpa : Page 42
 Update 16 : Punaar-Vivah-Geet-Jenni-Shilpa-Bolly-Holly : Page 47
Update : Kash/Kajen/maaneet/DD/GC : page 52
Update : Gurtika/Maaneet/Riddhima/Rati pandey/Kareena Kapoor/Gurmeet-Debina/Gurti+Gurtika/
Avis : Maaneet scenes = Page 56
Update : Bebo/DD/Maaneet/Yashti : Page 60
Update : Katrina/Yashti/Requests : Page 66 
Update : Kajen/Kareena : Page 73 
Update : Maaneet/Requests : 81
Update : Huge Update : Page 88
Update : Maaneet and Kajen Video avis and requests : Page 96
Update : Signaures : Maaneet and Inshi+Requests : Page 108
Update : signatures : Maaneet,geet,sumit,Inshi,arya kajen : Page 118
Update : Siggies and Avis :Maaneet 2nd anniversary spl : Page 125
Update : Vid Avis : Maaneet Sigs : Maaneet/KaJen : 133
Update : Siggies : Sharukh-Ash,Maneet,RaMusk and req : page 141
Last Update : Siggies of kaJen,Geet,Shilpa and Nupur : 147
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Posted: 11 years ago


If You want me to PM you for updates Hit the LIKE button Tongue

Just add me to your buddy list and I will accept your request.If you don't want just Msg me that no more PM's for updates.


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Posted: 11 years ago


Do press Like If you like my siigiesssBig smile


Only maneeet<Coz em addat se majboor>

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Posted: 11 years ago
Congratz on urz gall hunHug
wish u make many many more
urz work is v beautiful :D
keep rocking
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by -Fatima-

Congratz on urz gall hunHug
wish u make many many more
urz work is v beautiful :D
keep rocking
Thnx so much beb...will make mny more sig...nice that u visited kip cuming ya...Hug
Posted: 11 years ago

...Update 1...

Drashti Dhami...my janu..my angel's Birthday Special...
Do Like+Comment
Posted: 11 years ago
Omg omg omg...look who have opened up her shop...eee
Congo shona thats a gud birthday gift u have given today...bechari today is urs bday and u r giving gift..hahahah but dil se em happy fr ur new shop
May u make moreee siggs...and rokk thz gallery...
Loving d update will definately use sum...
PartyParty PartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyParty
Posted: 11 years ago
WoW FABULOUS CREATIONS ClapClapClap ... thanx 4 pm <33333

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