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Posted: 16 years ago

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Posted: 16 years ago
HT Style

Mumbai, February 23, 2006
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Ekta Kapoor's much-awaited "gossip" show Kandy Floss is already being touted to be all spice and no sugar. The magazine-format show is all set to go on Sony TV on March 10, but only after the channel ensures the content meets the "Standards and Practises of television channels" says Anupama Mandloi, VP, programming, Sony.

In fact, one of the reasons the show has been delayed in telecast is because the content, unlike Ekta's other shows, is very "adult" and "hot". Sandiip Sikcand, creative head, Balaji Telefilms explains, "Kandy Floss is all about the behind the scenes goings-on and hot, unadulterated gossip related to the entertainment industry. In our show we have dealt with some issues like "homosexuality in the fashion industry", to what extent will actors go to gain name and fame' and "will heroines go topless for a scene".

We have people (actors, models) making some very candid statements on camera. So that's something the channel is not very comfortable with. They wanted us to make some changes and edit it accordingly. But we can't as we have already toned down the outspokenness' of the show. It's just a 21-minute weekly show and editing it further will not do any justice to it because we have really worked hard on making it something totally different from what you have seen before on TV."

Kandy Floss is anchored by Archana Puran Singh. Says Sikcand, "The reason we chose Archana to host it is because her personality goes with the profile of our show. She has always been candid about what she thinks and has always been known to do things differently." It was earlier meant to be a weekend show at 8.30 pm but now it will be telecast at 11 pm on Fridays.

Says Mandloi, "Keeping in mind the content of the show, we thought it would be wise to telecast it at a later time. Kandy Floss is all about unveiling the lives of TV and film stars and so we have to be careful about what we show."

However Sikcand assures that "whatever we show or talk about on the show has come out of thorough research. If we are making any statements about any issue, we have every reason to." After giving viewers an overdose of Indian traditions and values through her prime time family sagas, looks like Ekta Kapoor is finally going to tackle some real and adult issues.

Posted: 16 years ago
Nuzhat Aziz
Thursday, March 02, 2006  18:45 IST

Balaji's glamour-centric show 'Kandy Floss' which was scheduled to go on air from March 11 in the prime time slot (8.30 pm) on Sony has been pushed to the 11 pm slot.

Reportedly Sony is not too pleased with the allegedly bold contents of the show that spotlights hi-profile parties, controversies and the lifestyles of celebrities. The channel has insisted that the show be toned down and certain portions be clipped. But producer Ektaa Kapoor is adamant about airing the show as it is.

Sandiip Sikcand, creative head of Balaji defends 'Kandy Floss', "It is a saucy, spicy and a behind-the scenes show. It will take a different look at parties. Viewers will feel that they are right there."

Hosted by Archana Puran Singh the show will also feature discussions on current issues like actors Rakhi Sawant and Sandhya Mridul debating on what sells more - sex or talent? It will also thrash out subjects like the existence of the casting couch.

According to Sikcand, Sony has pushed the time slot because they feel the show is "hard-hitting". But he says that Balaji is in no mood to snip the scenes. "The show will be funny. We are not trying to hit anyone below the belt. It's not vulgar or cheap. It's hot! It's going to take the industry by storm," declares Sikcand.

Sikcand concludes, "We are still debating on whether we should use the clipped version or the hard-hitting one. But we are sure that we will go with the original version." Sony sources were not available for comment.

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Posted: 16 years ago
Suchitra gives voice to Kandy

Suchitra Pillai is the husky voice behind the inimiable animated Kandy, in Sony's new show Kandy Floss. The actor cum RJ cum VJ ,recently got married to Preity Zinta's ex-boyfriend and is Sandhya Mridul's closest pal. She started as a model and was seen in Hu Ba Hu,Dil Chahta Hai and Page 3 besides is now set to cut her first-ever vocal music album, composed by Mahesh Tinaikar and Ashish Banioli.
She is also doing Darshan Zariwala's play.

Currently the dusky beauty is shooting in the backwaters of Kerala.

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Posted: 16 years ago
Gossip gets teeth

what a Friday! The couch potato's finally gettting pampered for choice. In the increasingly crowded Friday space on 10 March , reality jostled with thrillers, rubbed elbows with game shows and finally ended with a late night spicy treat.
Kandy Floss on Sony is uncharted waters for Balaji Telefilms, and for a production house dabbling for the first time in a gossip show, it does commendably well. Of course it helps that most of the stars it features in catty dialogue are Balaji denizens and also, that its anchor Archana Puran Singh, is a brand in her own right in this genre.

Beginning from the opening credits (sleek and classy) to Archana's entry('That's Archie...' accompnaying her every witty remark in the background), and the inimiable animated Kandy, the show flows smooth and easy....just what the doctor ordered for the insatiable film and TV buff.

So if you wanted to know what TV stars think of their colleagues, and take voyeuristic pleasure is watching Sandhya Mridul and Rakhee Sawant having a verbal duel, and couldn't find it on your 'other' gossip chat shows on TV, Kandy Floss is the place to head for.

Kandy herself, and we got barely a glimpse of her in the first edition, could have been a trifle more catty than Archana promised she would. She did comment a bit on the kind of costumes and expressions worn by stars at the recent Filmfare dos and the like, but the effort seemed more to be on Kandy's own champagne swirling, slinky saree persona....one rather hopes Kandy gets bolder and bitchier as the show goes on.....isn't that why the show was given the late night 11 pm slot in the first place?

As for Archana, it's effortless going for her, taking up where she left off on a similar show some years ago. In spite of the fact that age now shows a bit on the peppy actor, Archana's unique style of connecting with the viewer, involving him in the gossip is the show's real USP. To her standard HS, LS repertoire is now added

To her earlier HS, LS repertoire of classifying trends and people has now been added the rather unnecessart but socially obligatory category - MS - Main Bhi Hoon Society of the wannabes, for the uninitiated.
It's enjoyable to watch Archana take harmless digs at the film and TV industry and its folks, and rather enjoyble was her take on Ekta Kapoor's own fetishes....the big red bindi on the forehead...very LS!! And the big headband that Ekta sports...quite MS! Nice touch, Ekta!

This is where KF can score over rival shows that merely skim the surface of the TV and film worlds. One however found the mediated duel between Sandhya and Rakhee a trifle stretched (helped in a small measure by spreading word in the media that the two are at loggerheads now!), nor did the promised mud slinging between Shweta Tiwari and Cezanne Khan deliver much muck. All Shweta kept saying was "Who's Cezanne Khan?' while the Khan diplomatically turned away without saying anything.

As for the bold quotient, all we had was Rakhee saying she would willingly go topless for a film. Ho hum.

Kandy Floss is indeed an interesting concept for a Friday night. If it can rake up enough hot content to keep it sizzling. Otherwise, it could just be MS. Neither here, nor there.

Posted on 11 MARCH 2006 6:30 pm
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Profiles of new Stars on Sony
Archana Puran Singh & Mukul Dev are the new Stars on the Sont television, working the brands Kandy Floss and Fear Factor.

Archana Puran Singh
She is vivacious, sprightly, full of energy when she is in front of the camera. Some find her too loud and cacophonous, while others may find her delightful and a great host. That's television & film actress Archana Puran Singh, who in her saucy & tongue-in-check style will host Indian television's hot new show, Kandy Floss.

Archana has been a part of the glitz & glam industry for over two decades. She has acted inmany Bollywood flicks starting her very first film, Jalwa, where she was applauded for her memorable performance opposite veteran Naseeruddhin Shah. Other films that followed were Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Raja Hindustani to Masti and Mohabattein, thus carving a niche for herself in the film industry. Over the years Archana has also become very popular face on television.

She began her career in television with the very famous Wah Kya Scene Hai where she was the first woman anchor. From then on she has never looked back and has acted and hosted many television shows like Sriman Shrimati, Uncensored, Archana Talkies, Samnewali Khidki and Aasman se Tapki and several award functions and beauty pageants. This mother of two admits that she can be just herself only with her husband Parmeet and her two sons, who help her unwind.
Posted: 16 years ago

Archana Puran Singh to host Kandy Floss
Reena Thapar Kapoor

It's going to be the first time that Balaji will have a chat show with an animation character. Kandy, an animation character that has been touted as the next big star in the Balaji circuit, now has tough competition. The stylish, catty and sophisticated Kandy, modelled on the gossip columns of film magazines, will now have to compete with Archana Puran Singh. The lady with a unique style, will co-host the show along with Kandy. Does she feel threatened? "Not at all! In fact, I'm looking forward to it. This is the first time that I'll be co-hosting the show and that too with someone who isn't real." Archana is not new to the field of playing a host to a show that is essentially about film gossip. In the past, she has had her brush with it during Kya Scene Hai and Archana Talkies.

So, what would she say is new about Kandy Floss? "I'm just going to be my good old self and as the anchor I won't don a fake persona. I'm not promising any newness as far as my style is concerned. But the formatting of the show will be different. It will cater to people of all age groups." Since this show will be based on Bollywood news and the gupshup surrounding it, is her look going to be glamorous as well? "I'm not sure what Ekta has in her mind," she says evasively.

"But my hairstyle and wardrobe will get a makeover." The actress who is making a grand comeback to television says that she is apprehensive about giving the green signal to soaps. "I'm not very kicked about taking up soaps as they are time consuming. I need enough time to spend with my kids as well. My husband Parmeet Sethi is the best example of it. He keeps complaining that he has no time for his family and if both of us get busy then the kids are neglected."

Talking about saas-bahu soaps Archana says: "I've been offered one such show. But I can't work till late in the evening or on weekends. So, if a producer is comfortable with that I'm fine. Otherwise I have enough work in films that keep me occupied on and off." But right now it's Kandyfloss that's keeping this anchor on her toes. "We've just shot for the promos and will commence shooting in a few weeks," she smiles.

http://tvguide.indiatimes.com/articleshow/msid-1311436,curpg -2.cms

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