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Final installment. Special thanks to Dishu for the Movie idea and some of the dialuges are hers in the beginning 2 3 paragraphs

:Chapter 18::Filmy Chakkar::

After a month Abhay received a phone call from Farah Khan for he next film as the main lead opposite a new actress. She'd spotted him at the party at New years with Salman Khan and Satish already in awe of his chiselled good looks and those gorgeous eyes had instantly won her over not to mention how charismatic he was. She'd requested a few photos from Satish of Abhay modelling for his book finalising this was the hero for her ambitious venture. It would be her first film where she'd introduce 2 new faces. Abhay was flattered by the offer but he declined for Pia's benefit. He would never put her in an uncomfortable situation and neither did he have ambition to try his luck. Ok so part of him found it a little alluring but thats as far as it went. 

Pia had overheard the conversation the second phone line. No way was Abhay going to sacrifice a golden opportunity for her. She'd stormed straight to Abhay hands on her hips flashing her doe eyes at him. Abhay knew this look Pia had plastered all over her face too well. 

Pia arched her brow-Why did U say no? U better take the offer Abhay. It would open doors for U. Farah Khan is a respected film maker and she can make nobodies into somebody. U are already my Hero Abhay i want U to become everyones hero so they can all see how Special U are.
Abhay responded back taking Pia in his arms playing with her curls-I don't need anyone to see how special i am Pia. Your opinion is all that matters. So long as you're happy i'm happy.
Pia tried again-But Abhay i want this for U. I'd be happy if U did this baby.  
Abhay tried to reason with Pia explaining how difficult it might be for her-Do U think U can stand back watching me romance other women in my arms, caress them the way i'm caressing U now and kiss them like this.
Pia wasn't going to let Abhay seduce her again not until he gave her what she wanted first, by distancing herself a little with difficulty-Abhay, on-screen U won't be my Abhay but the character U play and i don't have any reason to be insecure about other women into the picture when i know my Abhay only belongs to me. My Abhay only loves me. 
Abhay kept his eyes firmly on Pia's to make sure she was really comfortable with this deal-But Pia they'll probably be all over me and i'll have to do things U might not be...They are women Pia. Sexily dressed women all over your Abhay.
Pia countered back giving Abhay food for thought-Its not like i haven't had enough competition in the real world. I mean i literally had to compete with the rest of them for U and even now there aren't any shortages of your female army of fans. So there'll be more for me to deal with. I'm used to it. (Pia cups Abhay's face in her hands gently kissing his lips) You'll have to interact with other women wherever U go baby. I don't want to place restrictions on U by curbing your freedom or your space and privileges' it would mean i'd be suffocating U. I don't want to ever feel like i'm smothering U baby. (Kisses Abhay again deepening the kiss) I trust my love enough to set U free because i know U will always come back to me Abhay. Don't U have faith in us Abhay? Don't U trust in the love i have for U? 
Abhay smiled back to Pia getting swayed by her-Pia i trust in our love but i also know how jealous we get of anyone coming between us. I never want to hurt U. 
Pia trailed her hands round his waist-U can never hurt me now Abhay. Now i know your all mine i don't have anything to fear any more. U make me fearless. Now have i won this argument because i'm feeling a little in need of my husband to tend to me in the bedroom. I know how my husband likes to have his way with me whenever i get all emotional.
Abhay was already up for a round in the bedroom with Pia. The past 2 months they had never stopped loving each other nor where they ever truly satisfied-U do realise this means theres not much time in it for us? It means long hours. Can U handle this Pia?
Pia smirked at Abhay-I can handle it but can my husband handle not making love to me round the clock?
Abhay already found a drawback-Then maybe i shouldn't...
Pia hushed Abhay up by leading him to the bedroom and started stripping off-It will be fun. It will make our lovemaking even more intense don't U think? Before we get intimate Abhay go make the call quick so we can get started.
Abhay rang Farah up and had an appointment with her so they could start rolling the following week-Done! Now lets get down and dirty. 

2 months later Pia went to the film sets to visit her husband missing certain romantic scenes to avoid her green eyed monster from appearing. She couldn't help it if she didn't like other women touch Abhay but she didn;t need to see those moments after all she didn't want to make the actress performing with Abhay to feel like she was being scrutinized or even uncomfortable. Pia had some good news to share with her husband.

Abhay was in his trailer getting his make-up done. He knew Pia was here. It was turning out that he hadn't lost his powers at all. He was just adjusting to becoming a living being again but he was a superhuman. Abhay had waved his assistants off so he could have a little time with his darling wife. The only time he got to see her was when he got home and even then he was a little tired but he had enough juice in him to show her he loved her.

Abhay raised his arm out so Pia would come to him-You've missed a few hot scenes Pia.
Pia sat on Abhay's lap a little annoyed at him-Good. I'd rather catch it on film. They always seem more romantic than the ones i saw earlier with your actress. Poor thing seemed nervous at kissing U.
Abhay loved how understanding Pia was-U weren't feeling sad were U?
Pia was honest-A little its a force of habit we both have to get out of right? but watching her with U has only shown me how much i really do trust U. It wasn't all just words but i'd rather not be a hindrance baby. U work hard and let me lap up all the extra's.  
Abhay showed Pia how hurt he was pretending to hold his heart-My wife only wants the freebies???? U are selling me out for designers??? Pia how could U??
Pia winked at Abhay laughing at him showing his most innocent face-Oh please no need to be so melodramatic husband dear. Pretty soon i'll need all the luxuries U can give me. So i was wondering if i could be the first girl to get your autograph on here (Exposes her chest to Abhay giggling) Where nobody can see it.
Abhay got a pen out of his pocket and wrote his name right where her heart lay beating to the rhythm of his name-U shouldn't tempt me here. U know what i'm like. I better lock the door.
Both Abhay and Pia make out in the trailer where he takes her fetish to her exposed pert breasts teasing him suckling it making Pia moan out in pleasure. Pia reveals-I told U it would be so much more thrilling with U working longer hours. Just means you'll crave me more.
Abhay kept Pia still-My breaks not over. We have 10 minutes and i'm going to teach U the price for teasing me like this.

After 20 minutes of making love in Abhay's trailer Abhay brushes Pia's hair so she looks pristine. He heard the spot boy coming over. The spot boy came and told Abhay breaks over. Abhay to Pia-Was there anything U wanted to tell me Pia?
Pia wanted the timing to be right. When i see U tonight ok?

Pia observed Abhay with his heroine rescuing her from a plane burning down a little starstruck at seeing Farah storytelling every scene. Farah gave Pia a warm smile then indicated for her to sit with her.

Farah to Pia guessing by the way Pia was rubbing her stomach-How many months?
Pia blurted-3. Abhay doesn't know yet. 
Farah congratulated Pia-My triplets were a surprise as well although with IVF U can guess theres a chance of a multiple birth. I won't miss the morning sickness though. So U take care of the baby and i'll make sure i have Abhay sent home early tonight.
Pia's eyes lit up-Thank U so much.
Farah gently hugged Pia-My pleasure. Your husbands going to be a big star Pia. I can feel it in my bones. He has this X-Factor. He might not be a great dancer but he oozes sex appeal and charisma.
Pia couldn't agree more-I'll see U later. And say hi to the kids for me.

At home Pia waited for Abhay to come in to their hotel room where they were staying near the location of Abhay's work and hugged him real tight. She sat him down to have the chat with him.

Pia holding Abhay's hand motioned with eager eyes-Abhay we've never really spoken much about our future other than getting married.
Abhay listened to Pia sounding a little hesitant-Go on Pia.
Pia hoped Abhay wanted this as much as she did-How do U feel about starting a family Abhay? Do U even want kids? I know i joked about it 5 months back but i'm serious. Its been 4 months and ...
Abhay was beginning to get the picture Pia was getting broody-Do U want a baby Pia? Is this what this is about?
Pia closes her eyes-I'm not on about me Abhay. I want to know if U want a baby?
Abhay answered-Yes. But only when U feel ready for them Pia. There's no rush.
Pia's eyes fluttered open feeling relief-Good because i'm pregnant Abhay.
Abhay was shocked-How?
Pia joked-Don't U know how? U want a demo?
Abhay elaborated still holding Pia's hands smiling at her-I mean we used contraception for the past 4 months Pia. I've been careful with U. U said U didn't want...
Pia hushed Abhay by answering-The last night of our honeymoon we kinda forgot. U know with your heart giving out and i just...Its not just your responsibility ok i guess in the back of my mind i wanted to get pregnant. I want this Abhay. 
Abhay couldn't contain his joy  brushing his lips against Pia's passionately-So do i Pia. When did U find out?
Pia revealed coyly-Last month i suspected i was late and i sorta fainted. Mom was there. She made me go to the doctors and i got the result right away. I didn't want to worry U Baby. I know how U get with me. I wanted to make sure i got past the first trimester and then U know tell U. I wanted this to be a surprise. U do want it right? You're not just saying it for my sake. I'll understand...
Abhay shut Pia up with his mouth then placed her on his bed showing her exactly how he felt by a round of gentle love making enjoying the sound of Pia completely surrender herself to him and kissed her stomach-I want anything that will make U happy Pia. This baby was made by our love and i can't wait to be a father. I know we are young but we can give it all our energy, love and attention.
Pia in return murmured-Now this is over i can be free now from stressing about U not wanting it. I had to stop Mom from telling U so i could see your reaction. I can't wait to be a Mom i'm so excited.
Abhay felt like his cup was over flowing with happiness-Me neither. Lets seal this by some more lovemaking huh? I have 4 hours free and i need to fill my time with U. This time U can take control of me Pia. Lets see what you've got.
Pia teased Abhay-Oh i've got a lot of love to give U my dear husband. We have a lot of making up to do.

After 7 months Pia naturally gave birth to a bouncing baby Girl Luciana meaning moonlight for her pale complexion with Abhay present at the birth encouraging Pia to push. Abhay kissed his baby daughter then his beautiful glowing wife feeling like he was he luckiest guy in the world. Abhay was the proudest father and husband right now. Nothing could top this. In the same month Abhay's movie was released to full house raking in the moolah at the box office creating a brand new Star. Abhay was loved by his fans, critics appreciated his body and his work, the movie had rave reviews.

Abhay had his arm around Pia at the show on Koffee with Karan to discuss his rise to fame and his mentor Farah Khan to the new vampire movie he is doing. Abhay even showed the world his newborn baby girl. 

Karan Johar asks-So how has fame changed U?
Abhay responded clearly-I t hasn't. I'm still me. Just living out an adventure filled life i guess. Pia keeps me grounded and my baby keeps me sane. Family and having a positive influence is imperative to keeping yourself down to earth. Luckily i'm blessed with the women in my life not to mention my parents would kill me if i inflated my ego any more.
Karan Johar pressing on to Pia-Do U feel any insecurity or jealousy over the army of female admireres Abhay has?
Pia responded with conviction-No. We have a solid, stable relationship based on love amd trust. Besides i'm used to his fan club since our College going days. If anything i feel lucky to be the only women he'll ever love.
Karan Johar-So what are your plans for the future?
Abhay smiled back-Taking a break after my next movie and spend it wisely with my family. And to celebrate our anniversary.

Abhay told Karan to play a vampire U had to be born as one and he was born to be a vampire. He signed out with-Love is life. Everyone should fall in love because only then will U every truly be happy and to live everyday to the fullest. And Work hard because this is when dreams can become reality.

Abhay took Pia home back to Mumbai so Chand and Haseena could babysit Luciana. They were doting grandparents and loved Luciana's every word. She wasn't an ordinary baby. Luciana had inherited her fathers powers all of them. While Abhay wasn't entirely human either.

Abhay holding Pia in his arms mused-Looks like we didn't get the normal we'd hoped for Pia. 
Pia beamed holding her husband celebrating their 1 year anniversary with a glass of champaign-Normal is so overrated. I prefer my family being extra special and with your film offers flooding in and those dangerous stunts U have to pull it keeps me sane knowing U can't get hurt. Not to mention what its done to our sex life Abhay.
Abhay loved it when Pia got straight to the point-Shall we?
Pia kissed Abhay-Happy anniversary Abhay. Maybe we can create more magic and another playmate for our daughter?
Abhay was up for this task already-I can't wait.

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tooo good
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lovely update yar...abhiya romance r too gud...oh a baby girl so sweet of abhiya daughter...now abhay is famous star yuipieee...they also want to be loved yar...u r great writer awsome work u done...but this is the last update feling sad...do cont some more ffs plzzz
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great update love it!!! :)
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wow great story plz update soon
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Originally posted by hiddenpearl

tooo good
Its the final ever update
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Originally posted by bellaaa

lovely update yar...abhiya romance r too gud...oh a baby girl so sweet of abhiya daughter...now abhay is famous star yuipieee...they also want to be loved yar...u r great writer awsome work u done...but this is the last update feling sad...do cont some more ffs plzzz
 Now i can focus on only my FF'S now. I have 3 on the go. I'll be able to update frequently
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great update love it!!! :)

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