**High School**~UPDATED! p 79 LAST PART!!

Posted: 2006-02-03T16:39:25Z

hey guyz,

well, i just started readin fan-fics a few days ago and i got hooked! i bet u that i have read every single fan fic about A-K in this section!LOL  So, now that i am waiting for some ppl to update their fan-fic, i am startin my own!

Ok, movin on. This story is loosly based on my BF and meEmbarrassed. Its kinda abt how we first met and ect,

Also, i will be able to upate it may 3-4 times a week. Sometimes it will be less and sometimes it will be more. Depends. Also, i dont get much time on the weekends so all my posts will be on weekdays. Smile

lastly, i wont always proofread. The qoatation marks ect wont be right most of the time cuz i hate to proofreadLOL.

So leave your comments 4 me and tel me wat u guyz think!

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Posted: 2006-02-04T10:45:46Z
ya waiting hurry up plzzzzzzzzz
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Posted: 2006-02-04T11:05:44Z
k- the first part wil be up either tomoroow or monday.
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Posted: 2006-02-04T11:44:52Z
Main Character Details:

Angad Khanna- (A); always has been the most popular and the hottest guy. Going to start High School in a few weeks. He also is one of the smartest boys. But, not a nerd…loves going out and hanging out with his friends. Girls are fida over him but he doesn't give a damn.

Kripa Sharma- (K); was never really popular nor was she a nerd. Just a girl who doesn't stand out. Wants to start High School so she can show everyone how unique and amazing she is.

Josh- (J); Angad's hot best friend who is smart but doesn't like to show it.

Simone-(S); Likes Angad a lot. Been friends with him for a long time.

Prithvi- (P); Angad's friend….very conservative and is pretty popular.

**More characters will be introduced later on as the Fan-fic progresses!**

Angad's- Same as the show, except they are all kind.
Kripa's- same as the show.

This fan-fic takes place in an urban town in New Jersey, USA. This town is very happening and is always bustling with activity. It's famous for its breathtaking malls. But it is still is pretty homey and safe. (MY HOMETOWN!!!)

Background Info:
This school district has 4 elementary schools (K-4), 2 middle schools (5-8) and one public high school (9-12). A and K have never seen each other before nor have they been in the same schools..
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Posted: 2006-02-04T18:32:10Z
continue soon it sounds interesting Edited by unum ali - 2006-02-04T18:32:48Z
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Posted: 2006-02-04T19:56:03Z
sounds good, but can u tell me their age. i mean if their in highschool and just starting it, then they must be really young right? But i like the plot overall! Cont. soon!
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Posted: 2006-02-05T14:05:26Z
hey continue soon....cant wait...and wow NEW JERSEY is my hometown too!!!!
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Posted: 2006-02-05T18:05:29Z
continue soon
this one is going to be a different one I can tell because I have read so many fan fic and in all of them the setting is a college.!!
Continueeee soooonnn Tongue
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