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Posted: 17 years ago

Guys, I have started this new topic for you to post queries/questions you have related to WRWMK, and if any of us have the answer/s to your question/s, we'd post our reply (but please, if you do not know the answer to the question, do not post a reply).

This topic could be useful to those who may have the same question as others and would also help avoid similar & unneccessary topics.

Note: The Bold Black phrases are the suggestions/questions asked, whereas the Red ones are the answers..


If you're completely confused about the current storyline, please do read this very detailed summary (beginning right from Prince & Rani's death) written by romanticele Clap :

Part 1               Part 2

Part 3                 Part 4              Part 5

Part 6              Part 7


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Posted: 17 years ago
hey that's a good idea Tina! Clap Clap

Ok...this may not be the right question to ask...but hey, only lern if we make mistakes! Tongue

but erm...Tina yaar, wat happnd to ur 13jan update?? Confused

oh and since im askin...does ne1 have fotos of dheeraj and komal? coz i think ive forgottn how they look....last tym saw them wen rani and raj went to the beach thingo LOL

Ena Edited by mtina58 - 17 years ago
Posted: 17 years ago
ey ena, it as actually supriya's idea. she came up with some excellent ideas for this section..oh, i moved the update to the 'Archived & January Updates' topic.. Edited by mtina58 - 17 years ago
Posted: 17 years ago
Well basically Tan13 this is it...

the original raj was rani's husband both loved each other etc.
the "new raj" is prince a rich lookalike he accidently crashed into old raj and they had an accident, in which old raj was thrwon off his bike and off a bridge into ocean.
New raj meaning prince felt guilty so he went to raj's family to apologise...when he gets there they are mourning raj's death.
but upon seeing prince they mistake him for raj and become happy again, and prince cant bear to tell them that he is not raj. so he goes along with it pretending to be raj.
he tries to tell rani, but something always happens and she finds out through karan (her boss and friend).
she confronts prince who tells her the truth including the fact that he accidently killed raj.
rani is angry with him but later realises that raj's dad (who suffered a stroke or paralisis after hearing the news of raj's death) will not be able to take the 'real' bad news.
so for their sake, rani asks prince to continue their lie that prince is raj...event though they live together rani has not forgiven prince for what happened to her raj...even though he is very regretful.
then police call rani to identify a body that was found in river...she goes and it is raj , then with the help of karan she pays last respects to him by herself and karan...but doesnt tell anyone else...
and now she is still acting like a suhagan even though she is widowed for the sake of raj's parents...so hence the looks she gives prince, even though he is helping with their family matters too

i hope that helps.. Confused
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Posted: 17 years ago
Wow! Huma22! that was a wonderful recount/update... Clap Clap Clap

and Supriya's idea?? Clap Clap WEll done!! but Tina, where is she? last tym i had contact with her, she said she was in a hurry and a lil bit busy...

hey, since im here, i mite as well ask a question Tongue

What happnd with the Rani and Karan fiasco?

Ena Edited by mtina58 - 17 years ago
Posted: 17 years ago
Thanks bewafa Smile

As for the rani and karan fiasco....

rani ends up working for Karan, he requests that she wear more western outfits and he gets clothes chosen for her...etc, then he tells rani she has to go on a 'business meeting' with him at a hotel for a couple of days. rani goes reluctanly...there karan celebrates rani's birthday, and buys her expensive jewellery (that she does not take)...he advances towards her many times and she refuses each time staying very strong.
then one afternon he gets desperate and drunk...he pays a waiter to spike rani's drink...rani overhears and doesnt drink goes back to her room...karan follows he becomes sort of aggrssive in wanting her he is drunk...she runs away from him she runs downstairs..he stumbles and falls down the stairs (as he is drunk and unstable on his feet)..karan is unconscious after the fall..rani calls the doctor, and rani takes care of karan unitl he gains consciouness...gives him medications...stays up with him all night watching him...karan feels bad for being like that to her...he says sorry and reforms...and asks her to be his friend which she agrees...and from then on they had a good professional relationship as well as a nice friendship as well...

hope that helps! Tongue Edited by mtina58 - 17 years ago
Posted: 17 years ago
hehhe...sowie Ena...how r u? yaar, 2 months holidays na....so evryday gng to the rest..n i cant sit on net ..paretns r like wht u dng n i cant tell thm me on IF so ya...whn my skool strts i can say me studying n cn come on IF evryday so yea...till the strt of feb i wont be active.....me still in a hurry....jst came to copy paste update on word n read later...so yeah

anywayz...about wht happ to rani n karan fiasco...i know the ans..but dont hve time...some1 will ans....it was jst tht she strted working wid karan, coz he acted tht he has changed but thn thn found out he hasnt...n thn they both wnt on a business trip to some place...whr he tried to get her drunk, but couldnt as she found out his plan.....n thn the next day he got sick or something, n rani helped him get well, n from thr he changed,, as she cared about him, after how he acted wid her...he says sowie n ya its all

its not breif but ya...jst highlight...hehhe i said i dont hve time...but i did..hehe....okay i gtg now...tc love ...meee! Edited by mtina58 - 17 years ago
Posted: 17 years ago
lol, yay!!!

thankooo huma22!!---btw wat is ur first name? coz it feels weird callin u huma22... Tongue

thanx for that!! lol, ur like an encyclopedia on WRWMK!

(btw Supriya, gud idea for suggestin this thing...coz that way no1 wud have to make new topics askin questions...and thnx to tina for puttin it up Big smile )


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