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Posted: 12 years ago
Mrriage is taking place and everyone seems happy.  All are dressed up and smiling.   Kamya is NOT happy.   Vishal and asha get up for vermala.  and then they sit back down.   Asha is looking pretty.   Kamya is malini and geeta smiling at each other and she hates it.   She says everyone has lost it.   as everyone is celebrating this stupid couple wedding.   and kamya says mum is forgotten her goal and proudly standing with Geeta.   Kamya says god knows when this drama will finish..this is irritating me.   Vishal and asha takes pheras.   after the pheras rahul hugs them.  Everyone smiling except kamya.    they take everyone's ashriwaad.   Sudersan tells asha to take malini's blessing.   and then vishal takes the blessing but asha stands there.   Geeta says i know asha didi that malini was at fault.  But u r beginning a new life...so u should forget old tales.   and it is necessary to take blessing of ur elders on a wedding.  Geeta says i know...as i missed out on it.  But i dont want u to miss out on it.   She says come asha didi..take the blessing.   And then asha takes the blessing.   malini crys and gives her the blessing and hugs her.   Geeta smiles and so does prince.   Geeta says to neelam this is the same necklace that karuna didi gave me...i will give this to asha didi.   all are packing asha's clothes.   Malini comes and says hurry up...everyone is waiting.   Malini comes to geeta and says u really think i have changed.   And geeta says it is time for bidaai..lets go.  And malini says no..one thing i m guilty about.   No one knows this.. it is the biggest mistake.   No one knows.  And Geeta says what... i m getting scared.  And malini says i want to say something about karuna.   And geeta says what?  And malini says it is true that karuna came here that night.  She came to stop me from breaking her family.   Malini says i was scared she would tell everyone.  So i gave her ajma pani to karuna for her miscarriage.    and my kamya importance will increase.   And karuna will be depressed for losing her child and she wont open her mouth.  I never wanted to kill her.   NEVER.  and Geeta says who is WE??   and Jija comes and says the other person is ME.   Neelam and Geeta shocked.    JIja says i have committed many crimes and we belong in jail.   We should be punished.   And malini says it is up to yo uGeeta whatever punishment u says we will accept.  Geeta says leave from here.   Didnt u hear...LEAVE.   malini and jija leave.   Geeta falls down crying...and downstairs asha is crying cause of her bidaai.  
She is hugging sudersan.   Dr. Bhaghat says where is Geeta.??   Prince says i will go and get Geeta.   Geeta is coming downstairs...and prince says u look worried everything ok.  And she syas i m fine.  Come.   Geeta comes with prince .  Geeta hugs asha and then asha takes krishna.  Dr. bhaghat says god took karuna away but we got krishna and now asha.  Sudersan says its all God's act.   Asha comes to geeta and says what happened??  Were u crying?  Whats wrong?  and mami says tell us.   And prince says yes tell us.  And sudersam says tell us.  

and Geeta says i want to say someting about malini and jija.    Jija and malini are scared.   

Pre-cap -- i have no other option but to say the truth.  

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