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Posted: 12 years ago
Champaklal saying i wont leave asha until i get my money back.   Sudersan comes with rahul, Dr. bhaghat and manorama with krishna in tow.   Sudersan comes and writes a check and throws at champaklal's face.   And vishal says that u should be ashames to buy a woman to marry.   THings have changed now.   Now pick up ur money and leave or i will call the cops.   Champaklal picks up the check and leaves.   Pandit says this is unauspicious.   See...Dulhan got up in middle of marriage...so this marriage should complete.   And geeta says i dont believe this.   Asha was deceited.   Manorama says once sindoor is applied we have to accept the marriage...and mami says yes u r right.    Manorama says we cant go against society ...and it is dharam.   malini and kamya happy.   And manorama says remember we were against urs and prince's wedding but we had to accept it.    Malini says Yes .. it is true.   Now what..my daughter's life is ruined.   Now who will marry her...tell me..tell me??   Geeta says BAS mummyji.   Stop trying to prove urself right.   And malini says i m not...it is what it is.   ur mother is proving me right.   Now what about Asha???    she damaged my Asha's life.   And sudersan says SHUT UP.   this is all ur fault.   and asha says no papa...no one is at fault.   It is my destiny.  now who will marry me.??   first i was black and now this...this is my fate...and she crys and sudersan consoles her.   asha says i will go form here to some women institution.   and prince says no.u will not go.   i m ur brother..i will look after u.   asha says dont stop me.   and she goes on about black and white skin...

Asha says i dont want a mother like malini so i want to go away from here.   And i want to go away from here.   and geeta is consoling her.  and geeta says no bhabhi stop saying these things...let me go...dont stop me..and asha runs from there...and vishal stops her...and says lot of good things about her.   Vishal says i have recognized ur inner beauty.  So i want to say i will be ur supporter for ur whole life.   Everyone is shocked.   and vishal says krishna will get a mother ...and no better mother then u.    Vishal says tell me ...do u agree.   and malini says u r mad ???   Vishal says i know it is weird...and i love karuna and i always will...but the situation is such that i want to marry asha.   only if u agree.   and asha shuts malini up for the first time...and asha goes and takes krishna from manorama's hand and says i agree to this marriage.  And kamya is shocked.   

Sudersan also agrees to this marriage.   Geeta says no papaji...this marriage wont take place like this.   She says we will celebrate this marriage fully.   And everyone happy.   and jija malini and kamya thinking of doing something..and not letting the marriage take place.   Sudersan tells Dr. Bhaghat that please accept this proposal.   and Dr. bhaghat nods.   and geeta explaining to malini to change her ways even now...and is explaining how badly she needs malini's support.   and malini is looking down.   sudersan says she is not going to change.   and geeta says no i think she is going to change.

and then malini asks for forgiveness to sudersan and says i accept this marriage as well..and i will make this marriage happen.   She says i will celebrate asha's wedding.   pls forgive me.  and then they all leave the mandir.

And kamya and jija and malini all in mandir.   KAmya says u think u want this marriage??   jija says what are u thinking now?  Are u going to let this marriage happen or r u up to something??

Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Kasrana :)
Will Malini really change and become positive before the show ends this week? What about the no. of deaths she's caused due to her evil deeds. Kamya, Vasant & Malini should be punished!
Posted: 12 years ago
looks like a fast forwarded episode..

yes, Malini, Kamya and Vasant should be punished in the end..justice should be done
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for excellent update!!!

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