-ll- Thank You, Rakt Sambandhans -ll-

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Posted: 12 years ago
Since today was the last episode of Rakt Sambandh, and probably the last time a lot of us will get to see each other in this forum again, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you.Smile

This was the first time I was the sole viewbie of a forum (actually, I was the viewbie both here and in Jyoti, but there, I had a full dev team by my side).  However,  you guys have been an exceptional bunchClap. We had no fights, or wars in this forum, and even when we had our differences, we could really enjoy them and laugh @ them, rather than battle over them. We stuck together even when the serial languished, and we had some great contributing members here who posted some great discussions. I know that I had a great time discussing, and participating in the forum with the rest of you guys.

I also want to recognize your support in quite a few extra-curricular activities that we did, including

  • Fivr, who did a yeoman's job when launching this forum, and running it in its early days
  • All my fellow updaters who ever updated - Fivr, Gudgal, Sand8, kalika_29, Pink-Spy, Nikkie, Luv_cid_shreya, Shwetha85, p0lkad0t and last but not least Sonyfan for the video updates (apologies if I left out anyone - the omission was inadvertant)
  • The contributors of the -ll- RS Story So Far -ll- - _Sanjana23_ and kalika_29, due to whom anyone can read about the whole story @ a glance (I'll complete it this week to the final episode)
  • Everybody who participated in the banner contest - both contestants and voters
  • Everyone who participated in Neerdhya's wedding tribute
  • Everybody who participated in DOTWs, GOTWs and other activities that made the forum enjoyable
  • Everybody who contributed both photos of actors & the serial, as well as the creations (no thanks to Tinypic for ruining quite a bit of that)
I wanted to thank you all for making this forum a great, and comfortable place to discuss and vent out frustrations about Rakt Sambandh, and also praising it when the show looked like it was walking on water.  Oh, and I loved leeching support for this show from other forums, be it Jyoti, BAVD or wherever Evil Smile  A special thanks to all of you who came here on my canvassing.

Since the serial is over, please post your tributes in this thread

Wish you all the best going forward in whatever you do. 
Hope to see you guys soon maybe in other forums!

Posted: 12 years ago
well it was great being in this forum. a sad moment but all i would say that it was great reading the comments of all the members over here. it was great to be a part of this forum though i wasn't that active in the earlier phase & even in the latter phase i was more a silent reader than a poster. but RS forum was a great place to be. i thank all the wonderful members of this forum. 
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Vrish and others for clearing up some confusions I had earlier when I first started watching RS. And a big thank you to you and other RS members for taking the time to write up awesome updates! 

This is probably it for me, since I don't watch any other shows. RS was unique, and best of all made sense, well especially the beginning. The Vrinda track always kept me at the edge of my seat! And well since the new track didn't go as nicely as some of us hoped, the acting and memorable Sandhya, Neeraj, Shradhya moments still gave us a reason to enjoy. 

I hope to see the RS casts in other shows, and perhaps a sequel if it were to occur. Until than, I wish the best for every1 here. 
Posted: 12 years ago
it was really good in this forum,thnku to all
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks vrish. i enjoyed reading every post you have put on this forum and i haven't really had a chance to discuss much as i found this forum just dis year and i normally watch RS on tv. I dn;t know the ending yet but hope it ended good and just wanna wish best for all viewers in dis forum. :) .

gunna miss the show....
Posted: 12 years ago
it was really good in this forum,

Posted: 12 years ago
Its been a wonderful time here on the forum and that I made a lot of friends here...We all had a great time and that we all supported RS thought out even when the show was exponentially decreasing its popularity...Thanks to the development team especially Vrish for ahving such a beautiful and friendly forum...Hope to see you all in other forums too...

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