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Hey Guys,

I once read an English abridged translation of the Bhagawatham from my university library, and it mentioned a few stories in it where the Gopis were sometimes overwhelmed with so much love for Shri Krishna that they once in awhile became proud thinking their love was greater than each other's. In those stories, Krishna uses all sorts of tactics like remorse, flattery, and lectures on Bhakti and Prem to break the Gopis out of their pride.
Even Shrimati Radharani, the embodiment of Maha Lakshmi and the eternal consort of Lord Krishna, was once overwhelmed with pride when she saw Krishna with the rest of the Gopis. In the book which I read, it describes Radhaji's jealousy and anger in great detail when Shri Krishna fails to fulfill one of her wishes, and then later on how Lord Krishna breaks that pride by removing the illusion which made her think like a human and reminding her of her divine origin. He then gives Radharani an insightful lecture about true Bhakti and Prem, and how pride and jealousy take one further and further from self-actualization and true love. Radharani, eaten up with remorse and devotion to her lord, remembers that she is the mother of the world and all the Gopis are her expansions only, a part of herself.
I found this website which uses excerpts and quotes from the Bhagawatham and Vishnu Puranam to explain the momentary pride of Radhaji and the Gopis. If you would like to do some background research before participating in the discussion, feel free to browse it.Big smile
Ramanand Sagar showed this story in his Shri Krishna serial, which I was very happy to see because I never saw this story portrayed in any of the other mytho movies or shows I saw...of course, it is one of those sensitive topics of Krishna Leela since it portrays Goddess Radha in a slightly bad light, but I think people often forget the deeper meaning of this story, which is that we humans get eaten up by illusion and give in to such feelings like jealousy and pride, which takes our Jeevatma (Radha) further and further away from the Paramatma (God-Krishna). When we overcome such feelings and reach self-actualization, our Jeevatma and Paramatma are joined together again in reunion.Day Dreaming
So the question of this discussion is....how do you interpret this story of Goddess Radha's pride? Since she is the incarnation of Maha Lakshmi, do you think she was really overcome by pride or was it all a Leela on the parts of Radha and Krishna to teach us something? What about the Gopis? To be honest, I have no solid question for this so just discuss anything about this story...your feelings, your thoughts, etc...Embarrassed
Please do participate, or I'll feel like a complete idiot for creating this topic.LOL
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Hi guys!Smile Sorry it took so long for me to reply, but I went ahead and read all that was there on the website and tried to look up some more info upon Radha and Krishna. And I also had to do some serious thinking on this one! I hope what I'm going to say won't offend anyone. According to the website, Radha was only mentioned as the object of Krishna's love after Jayadeva wrote the GitaGovinda, which was written years later. I am beginning to doubt whether Shri Radharani even existed at all actually. I hope what I'm saying isn't blasphemy.  But what I'm intending to say doesn't insult Shri Krishna or any of the gopikas in anyway. Krishna belonged to everyone-all of the gopikas. He is paramatma, and we jivatmas, so his love can never be exclusive to one alone. So when the gopikas were disillusioned to think of themselves superior, Krishna broke ALL of their prides. Bhakti is when one realizes that one is small and God is great, right? So, ALL of the gopikas were corrected. And also di, you mentioned that while living on this earth, Radha forgot about her own divinity. Well according to the Geeta, isn't that what every jivatma trapped on this earth is doing? Technically, we are each divine beings, but we forget that, and everyone thinks materialistically. I think that as the world grew modern, Radharani simply became a model of what everyone of the gopikas and bhakts were and are, whether or not she existed at all. More like a symbol or as a way or romanticizing Krishna.  Upon that, Krishna used all of his deeds as examples to teach lessons to even more bhakts. Yes, Vedo is indeed right, all of Krishna's leela's have double meanings. Approve

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i think it was all His Leela!!
coz i believe all Gopis were Radha roop only so there were too in Love with Krishna
infact i believe all wifes of Krishna were Maha Lakshimi roop only .. How Shri Vishnu can marry any other then Maa Lakshami.

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Awesomeness.... reserved Dancing
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Radha So Shyam, Shyam Soi Radha

Ek Hi Roop, Dhare Do Naam

Rahet Hai Ek Bina, Ek Aadha

I completely agree with that above lines taken from the divine song of Ramanandaji's Shri Krishna. I am a great devotee of Radharani, sometimes I worship her even more than lord Krishna. I believe that she is the power of the Almighty. once Lord Krishna told her, "People address me as Krishna, if I am without you, but if you accompany me, then I am addressed as Shree Krishna!" So the Lord also claimed that he is glorified with the glory of Radharani. Thus Lord Krishna expressed again & again that Radhika is the "Sarva-shaktimayi", the world-mother.

But different stories of different period, has shown Radhika as the "Jeebatma" & Krishna as the "Paramatma". Here I think that Radha acted as a "Jeebatma", inspite of being the driving energy of the "Paramatma", & this is also a part of her leela. Being the mother of the whole world, she behalves like a human devotee of Krishna, because she wants to teach us how to worship God, & how to sacrifice all of own beloved belongings to serve God, as there is nothing for a man more than God.

And about her pride & jealousy, I think that it was also her leela. As she acts as a Manavi, she must have all the mistakes done by a man, & her intention was to teach us not to do such a mistake. If we believe in the theory that, "Ek Hi Roop, Dhare Do Naam", then we must have to believe that, the Almighty has divided himself into two parts, one behalves as human & does mistakes (Radha) & the other acts as  God & shows him the right path (Krishna). As God wanted to do wrong & to correct it simoultanously, he had to take the forms of Radha & Krishna simoultanously. When I think it, all of my respects lies down the feet of Radharani. How affectionate she is to all the mankind! Lots of salutation to her!

And about the Gopika's, I can only say that, all of them reached to the "Radha-Bhaab", & thus they became able to get the love of lord Krishna. As Krishna can't stay without his Shakti Radhika, he must have to stay with the Gopi's, when they were in Radha-Bhaab. If we want Lord Krishna's love, then we also have to reach to that Radha-Bhaab, which is the final stage of devotion.

Jai Shree Radha. Jai Shree Krishna.





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yes i to agree it was all leela of LORD KRISHNA
all the gopies eqully loved LORD KRISHNA BUT RADHA RANI was so special
RADHA RANI too was knwoing that Lord loves her the most
but sumtimes even Gods do envy
like there r stories of Lord Brahma for exam[ple wen out of jealosy ,he tried to test the powers of Lord Krishna by abducting all his frnds from gokul
may b Radha Rani for a minute came under this humane feeling of jealousy as on Earth she was a human being so for a minute or two she cud hv fallen under this affect of jealousy
by breaking  the pride of Radhaji ,Lord wanted to teach that he is equally owned by all his true devotees whether they r gopies ,meerabai or Radhaji !!!
dunno how my explanation was .......its a difficult question to reply for !!!!
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Lovely topic Janu! Thank you. Big smile

To answer your question, I think it was another one of Shri Krishna's Leela. Shri Krishna is known as "Jagad Gurum" (Krishnam Vande Jagad Gurum") or "Spiritual Master of the entire world",  there is always a deeper meaning/a lesson behind every action of his. Radharani is his divine energy manifested...they are inseparable. According to Srila Prabhupada "Radharani's only business is to fulfill all the desires of Krishna." So in this context we can infer that Shri Krishna 'used' Radharani to illustrate the dangers of jealousy and pride and how these feelings take us away from the Lord and his love. Or in other words he 'desired' to teach mankind a lesson and Radharani, being the fulfiller of all his desires, became the instrument through which the lesson was taught. Does that make any sense?! Embarrassed

Janu, can you please post the link to the video you refer to in Shri Krishna? I haven't seen this episode as yet but reading your post makes me want to watch it right away. I looovvee how Sargarji handled all aspects of Krishna's life. Everything was so beautifully portrayed that you just want to watch it again and again and again...Day DreamingHeart

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Wow, loving the explanations given by Pari, Sita, and Vedo! Very well said guys, I never thought of it that way.Day Dreaming Everyone else....take your time editing.Wink
I also love Sagarji's representation of Shri Krishna's life...ever since I began the DVDs, I can never get enough of them.Day DreamingDay Dreaming Every single episode and phase of Krishna's early years were shown so devotedly and beautifully, and all the actors did such justice to their roles.Clap
That episode you are talking about was not uploaded onto youtube by anyone as far as Lola and I know, and it's a pity too because it's my fav RadheKrishna scene.Ouch
But this one website that has the entire Krishna serial has it with subtitles.Dancing Though the quality is not that good, it's not that bad either....so have a look!
It starts from 3:20 or so, though you could watch from the beginning of the vid if you want because the convo Golok RadheKrishna have leads into this scene, with Radharani asking Krishna to teach her the flute.
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