ERRRR Maneet Bumping - Dear God, more PHAMILY?

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Posted: 12 years ago

HEYLOOOO WORLD...ahem Geet forum LOL How are you awl? Hug

Those who are reading this for the first time Im Faz and here's my version of todays Geet episode LOL I used to do loads of bumping topics before and they all sucked just like this one ROFL
Stupid laptop, I lost my last intro to the BT and now I have to do a new one AngryLOL
Anyways, im back only for today, yes sadly my education still comes first, I did intend on doing the BT yesterday but taking my 5 hour nap (your probably think its not a nap but believe me it was, i sleep like a horse LOL wait how do horses sleep? ROFL) Okay thats not IMP I got late and couldnt do much, I did have alot to say...mostly in the perverted way, *Joey ishtyle* HOW YOU DOIN'?ROFL Yes i still havent changed LOL
Im not having a great day thanks to my laptop keys jammng Angry but hey we gotta get things that I dont mean Manisha-Maan-Adi's dostana ROFL but *scary music* THE PHAMILY MATTERS LOL
Dear Jesus, they introduced another nautanki from the khurana clanConfusedLOL Hello Earth to GHSP team in outter cloudy space somewhere (that doesnt make sense) LOL What happened to Pammi dukhi aatma mummy ji of Dev Confused and Kamya the villager, the sister? ROFL you know its true, i used to enjoy taking mick outta the way she talked VILLAGER VILLAGER i used to shout at ma screen LOL Mind you I wanted them back when the Dev track was finally revealed but NOOOO they ruined the whole damn thing Angryand yes im keeping a grudge against them LOL
I think its a conspiracy *I have been reading conspiracy theories lately*LOL Im sure they have a Khurana sibling popping machine somewhere, they let it loose on us unsuspecting INNOCENT fans at an unexpected time...AND OUT POPS ANOTHER KHURANA KHADAAN KA CHIRAG or in Dev's case kaali dhokaybaaz billi who must not be named ROFL We still have too look forward to Vicky's entry LOLD'oh
Oh I heard an ARJUN is enterting....YES YES im reaching my *desi accent* PHAMEROFL i FORGOT to say that Im also known as Arjun Big smile now all we need is a Karan in the show and TA DA...*starts singing: yeh bandhan tohhhhhhhh...pyar ka bandhan haiii...janoom ka sangam hai*  Music halts...oh right LOL This is Karan Arjun the movie ROFL Damn I miss my twin Asma, who btw is not gonna return...Ouch COW LOL
I did say I wouldnt do another BT because i found Geet boring Ermm changed my mind today LOL anyway getting back to the tapic LOL lets get on the bump...
*Cue in superman music...DA BRIJ in red chaddis and a talwar* ROFLROFL
Sorry sorry my random lame jokes still exist and NO i wont stop LOL
*blonde moment* SHOPPPINGGGGGG *jumps up and down excitedly*LOL
Oh wait there was no shopping ROFL Just Dadi and Geet having a cute moment Wink *starts singing: Kabhi saas bhi bahu thi* I duno how this song fits here but I found it appropriate ROFL Geet thinks that Maan won't find out HER being alone...THINKS is the key word here LOL either Kurri is stupid or im plain thick....I go with number 1 ROFL WHAT? dont you gimie them eyes...LOL I pride myself upon my *ANGELIC MUSIC...harp plays* WISE GENE LOL And besides in the Fazeet (Faz-Geet) relation, at least one person needs to have some brains without being stupid *desi accent* PHOR EGGJAMPLE: Geet ROFL  remember people I swing both ways...keeps the playing field INTERESTING WinkWinkWinkROFL Just to confirm everyone's suspicions, YES IM GOING TO HELL LOLLOL Again Geet-Dadi have that very cute moment, YAY dadi is back, I lubs her again LOL I wont hate on her....not until she does something absurd again Big smileLOL
Office is the place where you recycle clothes...ROFL
I gotta ask...i cant stop myself, why exactly are the 3 CHIPKUS from the paintfactory still wearing their old uniform? *scratches head* Confused What happened to formal office wear? Unless the Geet Team has run outta clothes for them LOL I think they should do the EKTAMAI magic and the planet LOL Though im sure ektamai has done more damage to our brains than anything else ROFL SEX BOMB Munda *AHEM AHEMWink* is talking Gibberish about some pillars LOL FALTOO AADMI, wasting precious time, if I was there he wouldnt be talking about pillars thats for sure Wink *Fazaan (Faz-Maan) moments* We'd be busy in...ACTIVITIES Embarrassed not for the faint hearted ROFL Gotta exercise ROFLROFL Do aerobics, flex them Muscles Maan has WinkBlushing WHOA WHOA NO UNDER 16s are allowed to read this...I have many underlying meaningS related to that last sentence ROFL Hell just opened its gates to me ROFLOuch Im wondering how Adi has so much control over himself when Maan's around LOL I would rip them clothes off him in seconds...t..a..b..l...e....l...ovin...gBlushingClapLOL *starts singing: MAAA DA LAADLA BIGAD GAYA....MUNDA SADDA...* Faz concentrate on the *desi accent* TAPIC ROFL I'm missing Manadi Ouch now Manisha is in the picture i guess its become a FULL CIRCLE OF LIFE ROFL Been watching Lion King ROFL Oooo that reminds me, Munda Maan can be my lion any time Wink I'd love to tame him RAWRRRRRRRRRRRR BlushingNuke$ TICK TICK BOOM, TAKE ME TO YOUR BEDROOM *Faz wacks herself* LOL
Woman thats my kinda topic LOL
This is for defaming Annie - Ash said stick it anywhere LOL
So comes out the feminist in me LOL but first I feel evil and to let out my *desi accent* FUSTRATIONS, I shall defame the *desi accent* PHAMOUS Annie...complex ki mari...bechari...OEYEEEE that rhymes ROFL So Geet-Annie (what is she a gori?..oh wait I have no room to nick is Faz ...or DA FAZ LOL) *starts singing: Everybody put yo hands up...hypocritical Faz in da house...ayyyy...ohhh* LOL Im defaming myself right now ROFLEmbarrassed Right Nikunj...UUGGHHH what were they thinking bringing her in? Dead They took my favourite BHEEGAY NAIN out for this? Shocked Thats blasphamous...I use that all the time in the wrong context ROFL *DA BRIJ FED EXS A TALWAR TO THE GEET TEAM* ROFL First of all, they need to stop with the baby popping machine popping out fully grown new khuranas ROFL ...DAYUM I want that machine, i could make soo much money, I could even print out 2/3 copies of MaanWink and keep them alll TO MYSELF ROFL Faz doesnt share Maan *licks lips* Embarrassed...NEITHER DOES DA BRIJ ROFL You know I wouldnt bother printing more Deva's since billis arent loyal (one of my kittens ran away...PROOF ROFL) and because no one in their right minds would buy Dev, unless they were highly drunk or drugged or were named Meera or had bheegay Nain like Naintara (she obviously couldn't see what she was marrying, her blurred vision made it impossible hence the Devtara marriage ROFL) Weird eyes woman comes out of nowhere to interview LOL And instead makes GeetNie  fight LOL DHISHUM DHISHUM BOOM KAPAO all this didnt happen ROFL Instead Kurri gives her big speech about women and their roots or something Confused But she was right, dont forget what you are and where your from in hopes of achieving sucess Wink Annie is annoyed...biatch LOL DA BRIJ wants to make her LICK DA TALWAR and also Geet since she is stealing DA MAAN from DA BRIJ AngryAngryLOL Even Annie had a point, always running after the same words isn't the way to achieve success but DEAR GOD girl, I poked my eyes out because your acting was so boring and made me want to drink LAVA LOL Jee nahi says Geet *Go Geet its yo birthday* LOL Geet hits her back...not literally but I wish a cat fight had taken place *MEOWWWWWWWWWWROFL Geet was right though, hard work and determination can take you a long way but I wonder what Annie meant by her words LOL KAMINI what do you mean? Angry The tart I wouldnt be surprised if she meant what i think she meant when she meant what anyone would mean except for Geet ROFL Im old fashioned...kinda LOL and I took offence by her words Angry *TALWAR TIME* DA BRIJ is going to make her LICK DA TALWAR....sprinkle a bit of poison on top...EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT  ROFL Seriously what happened to respecting other peoples opinions? Confused Why are educated, modern people in indian dramas as shown as snotty little tarts PigROFL Anyway moving on from this crappy scene...,it was pretty much crap dont watch ROFL oh wait *desi accent* PHIGHTTTTT between GeetNie ROFL No seriously it didnt happen, im losing it Wacko Oh wait I wanted to biatch slap Annie...she deserves...enwavi faltoo aurat, saddi Geet naal inni zaida batameezi? *Kieron kher ishtyle* NAHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN LOL 
Office, Sexy Maan, Missed Calls, Sexy Maan's Arms, Silent Presentation, Maan looking sexcier, Drama of the sister, Maan brings Sexy back (plagirism ROFL) GeetNie fight again, Maan is beyond Sexy, I killed myself due to boredom, Maan is HAWT, Where is Jo Frost the Nanny when you need her to control tantrum throwing toddlers like Annie, Maan is smiling (HAIN?) Todays episode becomes completely faltoo, Maan wagera wagera (plagirism i hate love stories ROFL) Dadi/Annie's plans....OH MY GOD *FAZ TRIES to strangle herself* ROFLDeadDeadAngryAngry OH LORD menu chak lay ROFL 
As you can probably tell by the title, this is how I felt about these faltoo scenes Dead Seriously where is Kurri's phar phar wali zubaan? LOL Couldnt she put Annie in her place, I cant believe Annie told Geet to learn manners? Shocked Hun tak kamini LOL *Faz snaps fingers* OH NO YOU DIDN'T *rolls up sleves...takes out DA TALWAR to do DA DAMAGE* ROFL Gosh shes such a snotty cow, I wanna kick her ass Ying YangLOL But I guess with money comes the license to be A COMPLETE AND UTTER TANTRUM THROWING COW WHO NEED TO BE TAUGHT MANNNERS BY BEING SENT TO THE NAUGHTY STEP ROFL Im being so random right now since I lost interest and all I wanna do is box...using Annie as ma punching bag Evil Smile It was such a drag today, yesterdays episode was good Embarrassed Annie doesnt like Kurri Geet and Munda Maan tells her not to make her mind up about not liking the bhabi, about time someone around the khuranas started using their brains LOL *FAZ RIPS OUT HER LOVELY LONG HAIR* Angry Isnt the brother sister relationship annoying? LOL She calls Maan Bhaiii...wait what happen to "BRO?" LOL I swear its been awful today, I have missed out soo much since my eyes were tryna kill themselves LOL and my ears wanted to explode LOL and Im missing BHEEGAY NAIN Cry AND DEVTARA TORTURE ROFL *Faz wipes tear from eyes* Ah the golden days when I used to enjoy that LOL Annie-Maan reach home *bangs head on wall* blah blah happens...Geet comes.....SHOCK HORROR GASP *ektamai ishtyle* TUM? says Annie...that's BHABHI JAAN to you dear, Maan ki Geet Embarrassed UFF ALLAH that reminds me no MG romance today OuchOuch but hey all im waiting for is their wedding night WinkROFL Thats when I get to see if my training with Maan and Geet paid off or not WinkLOL Oh jee Sadda couple Maneet bohat hot shot haiga Wink OYEEEE HOYEEEE I seriously cant wait till the Suhaag Raat Blushing DAYUM I been waiting since the day Geet takkar maroed Maan LOL and Maan saved her from drowning Day Dreaming AHHH sweet love Embarrassed yes I know im a complete XRATED cow who mostly thinks about XXXRATED stuff LOL Now you might think how does she know this? Well lets just say im *desi accent* WALL INFARMED ROFL (well informed ROFL) i swear if they had a subject called XXXRated, i'd be top of the class aceing that stuff, A* baby Wink Oh right back to the episode  IM COMPLETELY SHAREEF BTW Big smileLOLLOL I swear I will commit many murders if Annie tries to be a kanta beteen MG's wedding night I mean errrBlushing their love and marriage LOLWink I didnt like the last look she gave Geet....KAMINI saddi aankh tuada utay he haigi....LOL OH BTW no more OUTHOUSE ADVENTURES for me OuchCry *starts singing:  DIL KE ARMAAN ANSOON MEIN BEH GAYE...*CryCry Chalo koi gal nai, I can make do with office table lovin'  Wink Fazeet and Fazaan together  THREESOME ROFLROFL *Faz shut the hell up...* Im NOT sorry...I have no *desi accent* CONTROL atm...actually all day never ROFLROFL In HELL the first seat is booked for meROFL moving on..
DEVAAAAAAAAAA....I have never been so happy to see him ROFLDead That's a lie...I REPEAT A LIE LOL
Well he's defo better than Complex ki Mari Annie ROFL But even Dev the billi who must not be named has limitations ROFL HOYEEEE the Deera story is still going on....i still dont like them...IM MISSING DEVTARA TORTURE Cry BRING BHEEGAY NAIN BACK LOL Oh no wait, Meera is torturing Dev....YES YES DEERA TORTURE ROFL Kaali Dhokaybaaz Billi who must not be named in short KDBWMNBN ROFL is apologising to Meerapid LOLHe's right every relation hes had hes given them nothing but pain....or a sperm...but lets not talk about that LOL I did mention before Billi gets frisky with everthing that moves ROFLROFL SHUT UP FAZ LOLDead OMG he feeds her so many lies and Meerapid (Meera + Stupid) believes them ROFLROFL I swear this show is awesome...we get to see all kinds of stupidity that we would never encounter in real life LOL WHY WOULD ANYONE BELIEVE THE KDBWMNBN MACHINE? ROFL Oh wait i spoke too soon, Meera drops a wise bomb on Billis ass LOL GO MEERA its yo bday we gonna party like its yo birthday LOL *angelic music* HAAAAAAALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH ROFL I never expected such wise info from Meera seriously Tongue but the episode ending on I HAVE ONE EXPRESSION WHICH I USE ALL THE TIME AND BORE THE AUDIENCE TILL THEY JUMP OFF A CLIFF's face made my day worse ROFLROFL Abhinav, man I do like you but DEAR GOD work on your acting! Any Devtards out there...DO NOT TAKE OFFENCE...I dont like Deva LOL
New no entry sucked LOL Thats her name from now on *desi accent* NO ENTRY ROFL *starts singing: NOOO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOO EN TREE* LOLMG were okay considering they hardly had any scenes but im glad since GC and DD both need to rest and getting MG scenes or 10 hugs in one episode ruins the whole flavour of the episode, spacing it out is a great approach. Dadi was good too I guess, if they wanna run parallel tracks then the office staff needs to be used more, by that I mean my stuttering machine Adi Embarrassed Samosa Pinky LOL Gay Manisha ROFL and Romeo romeo where art thou? EmbarrassedLOL i guess the music is getting better, I gotta hand it to the CVs for being wise (FOR THE FIRST TIME) LOL and showing parallel tracks since the episodes started airing 6 days a week...something im not happy about since its too much workload for GurTi Ouch but oh well....
Star of the show - Maan's mobile phone, I have the same one LOL
Action of the day - My dream sequence about Fazeet and FazaanWink ROFL
Comedy goes to - The uniforms ConfusedLOL
Expressions today - DevBilli who must not be TAMED OR NAMEDROFL
Annoying persona - ANNIEEEE Angry
Wait what am I hearing? Annie says her and Geet think completely opposite to each other....she's talking as if she's getting married to Geet...OH WAIT DAMNIT, she's a lesbo ROFL Maan's got *desi accent* COMPATITION from his own sister ROFL just like DA BRIJ he has competition with Geet ROFL HAILAAAAA I love this....this is defo a BOLD DRAMA with so many dostanas and swinging every which way ROFL There's only one straight couple ROFL BriMaan ROFLROFLROFLWink
I miss them HP old days when DA BRIJ and Maan used to meet in the fields...Brij on his tractor with DA TALWAR in one hand singing tujhe dekha toh ye jana sanam...whilst Maan in slow motion runs towards Brij with love in his eyes...oh wait this is my  BriMaan FANTASY ROFLROFL I wish we could have a scene like this now CryLOL I know everyone is a bigger BriMaan fan than a Maneet one so shut up and lets petition ROFL
Oh btw with Arjun entering, we'll have to endure ArjNie torture *FAZ KILLS HERSELF* Dead but parallel tracks are needed Angry *curses under her breath*
So here it is people, the most boring and pointless bumping tapic ever ROFL I hope you enjoyed this crap LOL My defaming of Annie will get better today was not my day Ouch
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Posted: 12 years ago


Fazzzzz ur backkkkk!!!Hug even tho i kept texting u today keeping track of wen u r gonna post it ROFL i get overexcited u see LOLLOL no need to change love u the way u are EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL
khurana sibling popping machineROFLROFLagree wer did this no entry come from ROFLDead
and the go go the brij make that no entry lick ur talwar ppaaahhahahahah ROFL
and yep we all are eagerly waitin for their SR Day Dreaming
FAZ thankyou so much hun for making me laugh like a Wacko today enjoyed every but of it !! ROFLROFL
no entry seriously needs to get a entry to some wer else and bugger off from maaneet life !!
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Posted: 12 years ago
Annie u did one Mahaan Kaam..Got Faz out of the Bushes to writee sum Lafz abt YouBig smile
Faz put it Dear Jejhuss *Rakhi sawant style*
I hav no IDEA how many chiraggs are gonna pop out faz vickky ki baat hai but where the heck are the producers of these Infinity ChiragssROFLROFL
Karan Arjun Haiyeee I mishh you guyyssHugHug*Nostalgic abt thressomee*ROFL
Faz if u were Nissar ke sang u wuld hav portrayed tht as a catfight in the middle of the shopping mallROFLROFL
U shuld hav made NT lick da talwar in front of Dev instead of spiking the drink SAVE money you knw especially wen she in bankrupttROFL
No No NO entryROFLROFLROFLgrooves to it wid Karan arjun blockingg anniee
Maanadi Romancee did u miss their Bumping session YesterdayyROFLROFLROFL
and Khethh mein BriMaan Romancee Tujhee Dekhaa toh Yeh Jaana as I said earlier Faz u r Classiccc Moi lovezz ya for mkaing my NighttBlushing
and W*F? how can u call ur Jokes lamee I loveee themmmBig smile
PS: Mum wants to give you Jhappis for writing thiss so here form herHug
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Posted: 12 years ago
Wow  a BT from Faz!!!!!! After soooooooooooo long......that too the right day when the future of  GHSP looks sooo gloomy..... Thanks Hug

I am not quoting anything...cause each and very dot and comma was hilarious!! Smile
Your BT ... the random songs, dostana moments, xxxrated thoughts, weird smileys everything brings a nostalgic feeling of those Golden days of the show and the forum!!!
 I guess I never commented much in the Bumping Topics those days, taking it for granted. Now realizing how much it was missed!!!

Thanks again.... Please do continue whenever you can Hug

PS: Thanks Rush for bring Faz back even for a short more reason for me to eat ur handBig smile
Edited by Rolzz - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago

did you post..for you to do this??

if not that is fine...  thanks for this..

will read...and comment
Posted: 12 years ago

Welcome back Da Faz and Da Brij, raises her talwar in happiness above her head and does a swish from left to right LOL 

you sleep like a horse ROFL I wonder if that explains a lot of things if only i knew more about horses, damn it ROFL
I remember that freaky smiley with eyebrows like it was yday ROFL
Pammi and Kamaya (thanks for reminding of what her name is, at least someone in the forums remembers) have gone to that far away cloudy space never to mentioned or remembered again
like soo many characters or even entire families in this show Angry
Khurana sibling popping machine ROFL let's hope it breaks down soon, these siblings are getting worse instead of better as production continues ROFL If vicky is to bridge the gap somewhere between Dev, Annie and Kamaya then maybe I should stop and begging for his entry ROFLROFLROFL
Desi Accent is back again Big smile ROFL
Karan Arjun ROFLROFLROFL we probably will have a Karan soon at this rate the way we go through characters in this show like pieces of gum
Have you seen SuperMAAN yet? Someone from the den please show Da Brij if they haven't, I'm sure he wouldn't want to miss seeing Maan's chaddis ROFL
angelic harp music, wise gene and Faz, a sentence I thought i would never read ROFLROFLROFL
did you see the episode where kuri called him bhaiya, I still can't get over her lil moments she has every now and then ROFL
biggest swinger in town is back, there should be a swinger's partyROFLROFLROFL 
rang badalti daadi will probably change now Annie is back in town, she's almost as big a swinger as you  in the gender dept when it comes to moods
you need to get back the private outhouse sessions with Maan, he hasn't progressed at all since you left and we all know Maan loves free things so lage raho with the exercise ROFLROFLROFL
ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL I remember when you used to hit on yourself ROFLROFLROFL
please feed the CVs your talwars personally don't leave it up to Fedex ROFL
your kitty ran off with Dev ROFLROFLROFLROFL she's probably been ditched by now, go check your local animal centre
meowwwwww ROFL, I would love to see Geet take her out, not in the date sense as in knock her out
early christmas present your too kind Da Brij, fake tears ROFLROFLROFL
please slap away to your hearts content I will a duputta at Maan if i see him coming ROFL
Jo Frost I think Annie would scare her off, I don't know if there's a naughty step that will accomodate her and her luggage, what airline did she fly on with such a high weight allowance ROFL
please Da Brij you need to save the khurana izzat as soon you will be related to the khuranas and free them of this insolent girl, she is a daang on the khurana name, I will gift you a new scarf in return ROFL
Faz the SR, will we get a special BT since it's judgement day for all the training you've put them through ROFL
I missed bhegay nain today, at least there would have been one good scene then
and Dev's relationship gifts bang on ROFLROFLROFL
who know stupidity was soo complex until we started watching this show ROFLROFLROFL
we go from 50 cents to angelic music in the same sentence ROFLROFLROFLROFL
I'm happy they realised they need parallel tracks but the one they have planned on giving us has left me anything but happy so far
DD deserves her break, she has been working non-stop for ages so I hope she has a fab time whateva she gets up to
star of the show = a mobile phone ROFL says it all about the episode
action of the day = your dream, no fair we can't even see that and again says it all ROFL
dev = expression of the show, same as above, i feel like Dev now using the same line over and over again ROFLROFLROFL
Annie wants both Geet and Maan, how could you forget her poster, she is trying to steal your swinging throne in your absence and do her own private sessions in the khurana mansion and outhouse, sort her out Da Faz before it's too late ROFLROFLROFL
BriMaan fantasy ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL the wind blowing Maan's hair I can see it now
I don't even have time to check or read this now to see if it makes any sense so apolgises in advance
Edited by Sigma - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
@Vrush - yes I did read it LOL I got alot of requests and annie compelled me to do this LOL but it may not be up to the mark, after a long time, one loses their touch OuchLOL however its still faltoo and i tried my best LOLEmbarrassedEdited by maybe-just - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Toooooooooooooo Goooooooood, missed your posts ROFLROFL.....

Welcome back sweety with bang Hug


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