Viraat Swaroop/darshan scenes (AS Ramayan)

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Posted: 2010-11-11T20:47:21Z
One unique feature of the Sagars' new Ramayan is that in quite a number of scenes, it shows Shri Ram revealing himself as Vishnu Bhagwan and/or giving some sort of mystical vision to his devotees. This is kind of a nontraditional take on Ram Avtaar since most sources - even Tulsidasji's Ram Charit Manas which goes to the greatest lengths in deifying Shri Ram - for the most part do not describe him acknowledging his own divinity. He gets message across that he is one of us, so that we can easily follow his example. Still, these darshan scenes are among my favorites in AS Ramayan because they create devotional fervour without really breaking that "I'm just like you precedent that the texts set - he doesn't perform any extraordinary acts through the mystical form he takes for the bhakt; it's just a visual representation of "Jaaki rahi bhaavna jaise, prabhu murati tin dekhi taisi" - the devotees saw him in their hearts in that same form anyway, so why not give their eyes the same treat! So... yeah... most of the scenes I like from the new Ramayan are those which show Shri Ram granting a divine vision to his devotees, and so I'd like those of us who've seen the show to use this thread to discuss those scenes in greater detail. Here's a list to help you out, and I'll edit in vids also as and when I find them... if there's any I missed please help me list them, I'd love that!!!

- right at birth, to Kaushalya Mata (Bhaye Pragat Kripala)

- when entering the Swayamvar Sabha

- to various sages while visiting them during Aranya Kand

- upon Sita Mata's invocation when she shows Ravan the shakti that is behind her blade of grass

- after defeating Ravan, to give Sita Mata the good news (not Viraat Swaroop, but still a mystical non-human-body sookshma sharir darshan)

- after his rajyabhishek, to give each of Ayodhya's citizens the joy of greeting and serving him one-to-one (again not Viraat Swaroop, but he multiplies himself Raas Leela style by specifically invoking Yogmaya like in Krishna avtaar - so definitely superhuman)

Any others??

Would love to know you guys's reactions to the individual scenes as well as your view on this "twist" in general - should Shri Ram's character be portrayed without these superhuman touches so he's easier for karmyogi type viewers to relate to, or is this little touch good because of the feeling it gives to a bhakt?
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Posted: 2010-11-11T21:03:33Z
In my opinion, any scene that creates Bhakti in a person cannot be wrong, even if it is not in the text, because in the end of the day, God is God and no text can describe God like how he truly is, it is up to the devotee to visualize him how he or she wants, whether it be through Karma Yog or Bhakti Yog, because the devotee's visualization of God is what gives him or her moksha.Big smile So a scene in serials that not many have heard of, but creates an aura of deep devotion to God, is definitely worth seeing in my opinion. The only problem I have with scenes unheard of is when they destroy a character's divinity, but when they uphold a character's idealism, I enjoy that scene a lot, no matter what serial it is in.
This post is RESERVED to write a more in-depth response to each of the scenes listed above.
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