Dill Mill Gaye Forum Rules (Please READ these)

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Posted: 9 years ago


In light of recent events and issues we are making some additions and changes to the DMG forum rules and regulations. We are also carrying forward several of the older rules, but reorganizing them in a more simplistic easy to understand manner. Please take time to read through all the rules, understand them and be thoroughly familiar with what rules you are expected to follow.


The India Forums Code of Conduct is applicable universally through all sections within IF. This covers some basic expectations of conduct like spamming, flooding, advertisements, language and other broader issues. The IF Code of Conduct can be found here http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4420 . Review these rules thoroughly as these are applicable not only in DMG but in every other section you be active in.


1)     Zero Tolerance Policy and Legal Notice:  India Forums strives to provide a platform for a diverse set of audiences to express their views and opinions on a television show. Unfortunately, some members of this forum have been taking this freedom of expression too far and abusing our platform to express highly derogatory  and crass messages. Many of these posts can legally constitute as harassment, abuse or slander. This problem is not limited to the forums, but recently we have been informed that Star One has been receiving several of these abusive messages and threats. They are taking these abusive messages seriously, and may even get their legal cell involved. In order to preserve the reputation of India Forums and to continue providing a platform for our well behaved and respectable members we will be henceforth adhering to a zero tolerance policy towards abusive messages and topics that assassinate character real or fiction, or express abusive/violent terms towards DMG its team and crew
a.       This is a serious issue and the channel has considered legal action. India Forums will be cooperating with any legal measures. To avoid embarrassment for yourself, stop posting such messages.
b.      Topics that are abusive or derogatory, or get flooded with abusive or derogatory posts will be locked and trashed.
c.       There will be no chances or reminders. Members engaged in such behavior will receive corrective action up to and including a ban with blocked IP. This includes ban without notice even if you have never received a WL before. This includes ban on any and all IDs associated with your IP.
d.      This policy will be extended to chat clubs, fan clubs and other relevant sections to ensure that India Forums does not provide a platform for abusive and derogatory members.

2)     Derogatory name calling/bashing/personal attacks:  Making any personal attacks or derogatory names calling against members, actors, characters, or CVs is not acceptable. Please know the difference between bashing and criticism. Dislike, criticism, disagreement or contradiction are not considered bashing. Only direct comments with the full and clear intention to put down in a derogatory manner is considered bashing.
a.       Here are some examples
Not Bashing
OMG! 'X' is totally confused, I don't get her.
OMG! 'X' is such a clueless b**ch, only an a$$ would like her
What is the big deal with 'X', he can't act and I find him ugly. His character is cheap too.
'X' is such a cheap slut. Why do they have an ugly freak like him on the show.
I don't know how any reasonable person can even think of supporting adultery, it's just wrong and not done.
Only cheap sluts and people with no morals can support something sick like adultery.
The writers are losing it and coming up with very weak plotlines. It's totally stupid and pointless, they better get their act straight soon.
Are a bunch of bonehead bozos writing this show? Where do they come up with this crap from.

3)     Signatures: It has come to our attention that members are using signatures, banners and AV to instigate, mock and rile up people. Henceforth any signature with negative direct reference to a member, fan groups, the show its actors or characters will be prohibited. You have the freedom to express your disagreement or dislike over something. However, going overboard and doing it in a condescending, sarcastic and mocking manner is not tolerated. (Link to previous notice on signatures - http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1494552)

4)     Personal lives & Non DMG topics: This section is only intended for the discussion of the show DMG and topics related to it. Any topics or posts about the personal lives of the actors or makers outside the show will not be allowed unless it has a clear and direct relationship to the show. Any topics or posts judging or commenting on the personal life of the people who play the characters will not be allowed. While certain issues are related to DMG, if you want to discuss issues like morality, censorship, marriage and relationships on a broader scope beyond the limitations of the show please take it to other appropriate discussion sections.

5)     Repetitive Topics: Just because you have a point of view or a differing point of view does not mean it merits or warrants a topic on its own. Recently we have had a flood of repetitive topics on the same issues. For example
a.       Critiquing CVs for their plot could be one cohesive discussion instead of several people flooding with new topics for their personal opinion.
b.      Speculating on how the story would proceed could be one cohesive discussion instead of several people flooding with new topics based on their own speculations.
Before opening a new topic please take time to see if your view can be integrated or connected to an existing topic. Flooding the forum with repetitive topics or failure to comply with this expectation will result in increased WL even if your topics do not necessarily violate other rules. It's a matter of keeping the forum neat and organized.

6)     Explicit Language & Content: India Forums is a family friendly forum and we expect that members keep this in mind and conduct themselves in a manner that is respectable to all members of the forum. There is no room for X rated conversations, comments or jokes on this forum. We understand that there are some mature relationship issues related to DMG and its plot. However, such issues can be discussed in a mature respectable manner with proper language and decorum. There is no need to stoop to cheap levels and bring in explicit language or content into your posts. Members using sexually explicit language, sexual slang or derailing reasonable conversations to crass and cheap levels will be severely dealt with.
This rule applies to abbreviated forms like WTF as well as censored words like b**ch, f**k.  We wholly support member's freedom of speech and expression. However, freedom of speech and expression lets people express their views and opinions. There is no need to use obscene of cuss words to express one's views or opinions. This can be done in proper respectable and mature language.

7)     Instigation: Recently we have had a spate of topics opened with the sole purpose of riling up fans and disrupting decorum of the forum. This includes but is not limited to stories, theories, comparisons, images, cartoons or other content which is intentionally sarcastic, mocking and derogatory to cause discontent and rile people up.  While there is no hard and fast rule on which topic can incite fans, it is pretty evident when members ' especially MID new comers are attempting to cause chaos. At the same time simply because there is an instigating topic does not mean that other members should respond and carry on such a topic.
a.       Topics created to instigate fan groups or cause chaos in the forums will be closed and addressed per Dev Teams discretion
b.      The Dev Team will also take appropriate stringent action based on our zero tolerance policy
c.       Regular members are expected to refrain from commenting on responding to such topics and posts. Members who continue to comment and extend such arguments will be held liable for continuing and adding to the instigation
d.      If you find a topic to be instigating report and stop at that. Do not reply, argue, or talk back.

8)     Appreciation Threads:  Appreciation threads are created for members to express their praise and appreciation for the jodis in the show. These threads are for the specific fan groups. If you dislike a Jodi or a fan group do not enter that thread period. At the same time just because disagreeing people are asked not to post in the thread does not mean that you can comment or criticize on other fan groups, characters or jodis in your respective ATs.  AT's will also be held strictly liable under our zero tolerance policy.
9)     Moral Policing & Dev Team: India Forums is a platform to allow everyone to express their opinions freely within COC and respectable limitations. Members have the freedom to disagree, dislike or contradict other opinions. However, members should not be morally policing the members and telling them how to think act or behave. There is a Dev Team in place to address all concerns within each section. All matters that need review or addressing should be reported and deferred to the Dev Team. Members should not take matters into their own hand and retaliate, chastise, correct members or point out COC violations. These are matters strictly to be handled by Dev Team.

10) Discussing IF or Dev Team:  Topics comparing/criticizing India Forums in relation to other forums or criticizing the Dev Team are prohibited.
a.       Discussing IF: We realize there are several different forums on the internet. Each forum is different and runs on different principles. At India Forums we try to make rules that we feel is best suited for our forums and the direction we want to go. We welcome members to post comments/suggestions as well as constructive criticism in the comments/suggestions section, and we do try to incorporate your ideas. However, the DMG section is not a place for such topics. Nor do we welcome negative comparison. Posting on an online forum is a privilege not a right. You have the choice to choose which forum you want to be on, we have a choice to choose how we want to run our forums.
b.      Discussing Dev Team: We understand that sometimes you have questions/concerns over how we handle things. Sometimes you may disagree with the way we have handled a situation. We definitely do not want any member feeling ignored or mistreated. We want to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and all sides are heard objectively. However, we require that you do not create topics within the forum questioning or criticizing Dev Team members. This creates arguments, chaos, a sense of mistrust and negative atmosphere. If you have a grievance PM us and let us discuss with you. You may approach someone else in the DT if you are not comfortable with one of us. 

10) PM and Reporting: If a group of people has an issue. Choose one spokesperson and have them PM us. Don't have everyone PM us the same thing over and over again. The report button is for serious issues, not for frivolous nitpicking, getting back or petty bickering. Use it, DO NOT abuse it. We will be taking action against consistent reporting abusers.

12) Miscellaneous: A reiteration of other minor rules and reminders
a.       Do not make headings or posts in ALL CAPS.
b.      Do not chat/spam or flood
c.       Do not post only emoticons
d.      Do not post personal information on stars
e.      Do not post fan fiction they go to fan fiction section
f.        No advertising
g.       Do not create games, activities without permission of Dev Team
h.      Do not create threads to introduce yourselves
i.         Do not create threads to congratulate members on post count ranks
j.        Do not post morphed pictures
k.       Do not quote long posts or quotes with several pictures. Do not have more than three quotes in a post
l.         Use like button instead of one line appreciation posts
m.    Do not post articles from Tellychakkar or IndianTelevison
n.      Do not make help or questions topics, refer to the helpdesk


Reporting and Issues Addressing

DMG Dev Team

Video Updater


Moderators(1st point of contact)


Channel Moderators (2nd point of contact)


General Moderators (3rd point of contact)


How to address violations and issues

1)      If you see a post that violates the rules or could be a potential issue. Immediately report it. Do not quote post, respond, retaliate or do any action beyond reporting. You will be held liable if you responded and aggravated the situation.
2)      Please allow a reasonable timeframe of at least 24 hours before escalating the issue and PMing a moderator. We try to address reports as soon as we can. Please avoid PMing the moderators unless the issue has been neglected for way too long or it is an extremely pressing matter.
3)      Please allow reasonable time frame of at least 24 hours before further escalating issues to CM or GM
4)      The chain of command is GM>CM>Moderator>Viewbie>Coolbie/Videobie. If you have issues with decisions made by the Dev Team you may escalate via PM following this chain of command. There are several members in the Dev Team you can discuss your issues with. There is absolutely no reason to complain of partiality or unfair treatment.

Link to Previous Rules: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1285826
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Posted: 9 years ago



The guidelines of the DMG forum are not mandatory or strictly enforced like the rules. However, these guidelines are created to help you utilize the forum in a constructive manner. As such these guidelines can become more important than the rules as following them will make your experience on the forum pleasant and easy. If you take time to read through these guidelines and make it a personal commitment to stick by the, you will find that the forum magically becomes a better place to be.

The Guidelines are simple. Think! Respect! Relax! Enjoy.


1)     Before you Post

a.       Take time to think why you are posting and for what reason

b.      If you are posting because you are angry or upset chances are you will post something you regret or hurt yourselves and others, take a break cool down and then post

c.       If you have nothing good to say then it's better not to say anything at all

d.      Take time to think of what you are trying to say and how your words come across

e.      Make your posts coolly and calmly, don't unnecessarily get yourself  banned by losing control of yourself

f.        Try to think and make a good effort to avoid repetitive and instigating topics

2)     Before you react

a.       Take time to think on why you are responding to something

b.      If your response is not constructive or positively contributing to the forum don't do it

c.       If your response is to retaliate, argue or talk back to someone then definitely don't do it

d.      Remember the only reason trolls and instigators exist is because people feed them. If you completely ignore the topic and refuse to quote or reply, it will simply go down unnoticed and be worth nothing. If you react trolls and instigators will keep doing it more. If you ignore they don't get fed and have no choice to be ignored

e.      Remember a post will become as prominent or insignificant as you make it to be

3)     Before you report

a.       Take time to think why you are reporting. Try to get a clear picture in your mind on what rules have been violated, how and why you feel it is necessary to report.

b.      Could it be a slip on the other persons part, did their words come out wrong, are they just posting strong criticism. Don't let people get under your skin because they are on the opposite side. Report only when necessary.

c.       Bashing, please close, stop this, ban this person - have absolutely no meaning to us. We are not mind readers and don't know what you are thinking. We often have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out why something was reported and what was violated.

d.      Try to present a clear and concise picture when you report. Think thoroughly and explain the reason for your report. This will help us address reports faster and more efficiently as we don't have to read your mind. It will also help us prioritize and address the major issues before the minor ones.

4)     Before you PM

a.       Please keep in mind moderators are also members. We would also like time to make our own posts. We also have our own lives and cannot be here 24/7

b.      Please be considerate and PM us only when necessarily and something has not been addressed properly in time.

c.       If you are PMing at least try to give us a good constructive reason for the PM than merely links and abstract requests

d.      Sending multiple PMs, or having ten people send the same PM to all of us will not get us address something faster or weigh it higher. In fact it slows us down going through all of them and actually works against you.

5)     Before you make an MID

a.       In the real world people who use multiple identities are considered criminally or psychologically insane

b.      When you create MIDs know that you are emulating deviant and socially frowned upon behavior. Is this really what you want for yourself?

c.       Try to think about your own self, your personal identity and integrity. Why are you holding viewpoints that you cannot express constructively as yourself? Why do you want to use verbiage and language that you would not yourself? Why do you need to hide behind masks and cause problems?


1)      Your fellow forum members – You do not have to agree, like, be friends or even interact with everyone. However, you will respect them as individuals.

2)      Conflicting opinions – You do not have to agree, like, accept, or even understand a different opinion. You can also find an opinion against personal moral values, find it bizarre and express your disagreement. However, you should respect diversity in opinions and express your disagreement in a polite and civilized manner.

3)      The Forum and Its Platform – India Forums is a privilege, not a right. You have been given an opportunity to express yourself and your opinions. India Forums is by no means obliged to give you this privilege. So respect the fact that you have a platform to discuss and speak your mind. Give yourself and others the opportunity to use this platform respectfully. Don't speak or behave in a way that disrespects your privilege or brings it to disrepute.


1)      Of course many of you love and enjoy DMG passionately, at the end of the day it is just a television show

2)      It is purely fictional and solely for entertainment purposes

3)      It is not meant to reflect reality or preach any moral standards or values

4)      The makers are in business to gain viewership and may do it in different means, be aware of what a any show or channel is in business for and don't get agitated over it

5)      There are literally thousands of viewers with thousands of perceptions on how the story should go and who should be paired with whom, not everyone can be pleased

6)      It is just a show and will be ending some day or the other, don't get to tied up and agitated over something that is fiction, not real, will end and actually become an insignificant phase of your life


1)      Try to enjoy the show and the forums for what its worth without being judgmental or expecting too much

2)      You are here to enjoy and it is against that purpose to let things ruin the enjoyment and make you agitated or irritated instead

3)      If you don't like something, you can always change channels, log off, go do something else.

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Posted: 9 years ago

Moderator's Note: 

If you have query  related to closing or warning issued then pm to the DT  clearly citing the issue. There is NO need to be angry/furious over it.  
Its important to note here that the pm should come only from the member( topic maker) concerned and NOT any member. The DT wont entertain such pm or posts on the forum.
If a topic is closed then there are sensible & valid reasons behind it, DT does NOT act on whims and fancies of ANY member or actor. Also Do not blindly compare two topics/threads, DT evaluates and takes a non judgemental view.Do remember 'A topic wont be closed just becoz  its a different view than yours. "
To all members Do Not Turn DMG forum into a senseless minefield.
Learn to Respect and Tolerate a different choice or opinion and stop turning any view against your own into a battleground. It defeats the basic purpose of being on a open forum.Tolerate and understand a differing view. 
Zero tolerance policy towards derogatory/demeaning and obscene references.
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