Posted: 12 years ago

For the past few weeks I have been trying to keep things calm here on the forum. The goal is to create an atmosphere where ideas and thoughts can be shared. However, there seems to be one particular rule that is not followed (not by all, but by some). While things have been much better on the forum there is still a lot of NAME CALLING & BASHING going on.

Please keep in mind that if anyone name calls, uses inappropriate language or does character/actor bashing, then from here on out, their warning levels will be raised without any warning PM's. This is now really getting out of hand as i've seen a few members using profanity on the forum which is against IF rules/policy. Any kind of name calling and/or bashing will NOT be TOLERATED.

Please keep in mind that this rule applies for ALL forum members (Sumran and Karman fans alike). I am the only Dev Team Member fully active so it gets to be a bit much at times, but understand that i'm trying my best. I am not picking on people, I'm not baised - just simply following the rules.

Below are links to the PKCM Rule Book. Please take a look.

Rules & Information
New Rule Book

NOTE: If you see any post that violates these rules please feel free to hit the "REPORT" button at the bottom of the post or PM me (jnawaz) directly. The matter will be dealt with ASAP.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM me.


Posted: 12 years ago
Aap ka hukum sar aankon par
Posted: 12 years ago
kya kahoon Vinu....Disapprove i didnt want to take such steps but i've been left with no choice...


Posted: 12 years ago
I know Jaz how you feel and I feel for you. trust me. Dil Se.
My best wishes are with you.
Posted: 12 years ago
Your order on my head,eyes and wings Jaz.
Posted: 12 years ago
Hey.Jaz, we will take care of thatEmbarrassed, try to keep peace on forumEmbarrassed
Posted: 12 years ago
Oh Jaz, not again!  I mean in the sense that you have to go through this again Hug
Jaz, here's a thought dispense with the warnings and ban the culprit/s outright!  Whoever they are. Evil Smile
Seriously, while the majority seem to have understood the rules and are trying to implement it, theres a few that spoil it for everyone.
Posted: 12 years ago

A family emergency came up so most likely i'll be away from IF until Saturday. If you have any concerns in the mean time, please PM -tellyaddict- or me (just keep in mind ill take care of it on saturday). All reported posts will also be dealt with after i come back on Saturday.


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