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Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by sweetassygar16

@honey.....hiii i dont think we have been introduced but im karishma :)....great post today😊

Hi Karishma 🤗...nice to meet u!!

Thanks...glad u liked it!😊
Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by sarab123

Haha...kharcha tu dena
waise chalega isliye..kyunki mera dream boy to Robert pattinson hai..uske saamne ye chaii kam paani !!

ok thik hai...if me giving kharcha me getting Abeer...tum jao dracula ke paas😉
Posted: 13 years ago
Whr did sanju dissapear? 😕
Posted: 13 years ago
😍 Haaye mera dracula...choro rehne do !!

Waise once again m saying wondrful opening..U shud open annex more often..

Chalo me off to continue my sleeep warna wil miss clg tomrw..Edited by sarab123 - 13 years ago
Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by sarab123

😍 Haaye mera dracula...choro rehne do !!

Waise once again m saying wondrful opening..U shud open annex more often..

Chalo me off to continue my sleeep warna wil miss clg tomrw..

thanks  a lot...whenever there is a free slot...I'll do it again!!

chalo GN.....n don't dream of the dracula!!🤗
Posted: 13 years ago
😆 Hehe...wo to incorrigible hai
Bye honey 🤗


P.S: Sanju,natz,K and Arpita.. 😡
whr did u disappear !
Posted: 13 years ago
Sanju don't give me those angry emoticons yaar😆..even though I m born in Kolkata but I m a true cheering for Mumbai team😳..there was a huge fight at my hubby was supporting Kolkata and I was supproting the end I double khushi😈😆..
Honey..thats a sweet name😳
Ekss wonderful take as usual👏 and I agree today's episode was definitley a treat compared to last week's episodes😳 least we had more of AbHer and less of Omi tamasha😡..
Karishma thats a perfect Dadi 420🤣🤣🤣🤣 reminds me of SBS's chugolkhor aunty too😆😆😆
Chalo heres my Take
Akele Hum Akele hum tum sang hai toh phir kya gham:😳Its a real heartwrenching moment between AbHer..both r alone..Both r thirsting for each other's love..both r unable to forget those wonderful memories and moments when they were together😭..but still both cannot b together😭..."Aaoge jab tum sajna" was a perfect song for this situation as it depicts their pain and emotions perfectly👍🏼;The scene where Abeer is standing outside the temple and remembering Leher or the scene where both r on the terrace and looking at each other with hope and pain in their eyes,were beautifully captured👏👏👏👏;Gaurav was too good in this emotional avataar👏😳..
Maa Tujhe Salaam:😆I m not talking about AR.Rehman's song but about Sudha here😆😆;She has full faith on her Laala and believes that one day he will become Albert Einstein of Lucknow and will make her feel proud of him🤣 only time will tell whether he becomes Romeo of Lucknow courtesy Leher or Gabbar Singh of Lucknow courtesy Omi or a Scholar of Lucknow courtesy TN😆😛 ...But on a serious note it was a wonderful mother-son scene which proves that a moher always keeps faith on his son irrespective of what others say😳..
Omi ban gaya Munnabhai MBBS:🤣🤣🤣🤣The way he was doing research on Heart and his Arteries after he gets the information about Leher on phone from his men,it seems soon he will leave all this politics and will join the classes of Munnabhai to take some gyaan on "How a normal heart functions after falling for a girl"😆😆😆;Chalo one good thing is that the scene was short and was not dragged unlike last few episodes😃
Bittan playing the second Cupid ??:After Deepa,it seems Bittan is all set to play the second cupid in AbHer relationship😛;Loved the way she does all the special arrangements for Leher to make her feel better😳;For a moment when Leher was following those arrows,I thought its done by Abeer mayb😉..but it was sweet the way Bittan gives that sweet little card and teddy to Leher just to give a message to her that if u love someone,then confess it and make the other person happy😉😳;I m sure Bittan did all that just to make Leher realize that she will feel better if she confesses her love to Abeer as only this can make her as well as Abeer happy😃.
Misleading Precap??:I know everyone might b thinking that Leher's marriage is fixed as per the precap..but I hv a doubt🤔...How can her marriage b fixed so soon when her mother is out of town ??and I don't think Brij will fix her daughter's marrige without letting her complete her education ??😕..So this makes me think that mayb its Bittan's idea to unite AbHer😉..Or else why she will go and give the sweets specially to Abeer knowing that the newws will hurt him the most😉..Today Bittan gives those gifts to Leher and also gives one huge lecture on Love😉 mayb somewhere she is trying to unite AbHer tomorrow and so all this marriage drama all of a sudden 😛
My Rating:8/10..Just because of AbHer song in the first part which was very well shot capturing the right emotions on their face👍🏼 ,Sudha-Abeer fantastic scene and the last scene between both the sisters😳..overall a good episode😳
Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by hapinezz13

What an episode! I am still reeling with the precap and the grin on my face is making me look like an idiot but who cares. After the Friday filler episode, it was a dhamakedar Monday.

Abeer & Leher:

My song for the day

Ajab hai ishq yaara

Pal do pal ki khushiyaan

Gam ke khazane milte hain fir,

Milti hain tanhaayian

Kabhi aanso, kabhi aahein, kabhi shikve

Tera chehra nazar aaye mujhe dil ke ujalon mein

Teri yaadein tadpayein,

Machal machal ke is dil se aahein nikalti rahi

Mujhko sazaa di pyaar ki aisa kya gunha kia


Just loved how the two were remembering each other in their houses. They were seeing each other, missing each other and the background music'..excellent'love the songs this serial has going'.I am the typical fast forward the song girl but wow'ek ke baad ek this serial has a beautiful collection of melodies.

The "Aao ge jab tum O sajna'angna phool khilenge" has put me in a positive note for the upcoming episodes.

Coming back to the scenes'..loved how Abeer was trying to fight his tears, trying to explain to his heart but the memories are so overpowering that he lost. The way he wandered to the mandir and looked around hoping to see 'sirf ek nazar'.of Leher, the same Leher he told a few hours ago to get lost and stop bothering about him.

Leher actually wanted to follow Abeer as she imagined him climbing the stairs to the terrace'the beautiful memories interspersed with the sad ones''.one showing a tender moment and the very next about a moment which broke their heart'..the song, the scenes ''excellent!!👏👏👏

The scene outside the mandir, where Abeer remembers Leher rejecting him '.the hurt and the shock still afresh in his mind was beautiful'making him leave the place the very next second as staying there hurt but he can't help looking back and imagining her'..standing outside'..trying to be angry and trying to control his hurt'.I loved GK's expressions and what a treat.😊

Then slowly the two bleeding hearts wander to their favorite meeting spot'THE CHATT 'where they know they will find the other.

Abeer remembering her and opening his eyes to see her standing there'.looking at him'speaking to him with her eyes. Him wiping his tears 'his heart urging him to talk while his mind telling him to walk away from her'.the struggle between the heart and the mind makes him stop and look at her with the same question in his eyes but the small shake of her head reinforces her answer to him and he walks away'.keeping his promise'.these two broke my heart. Both stubborn in love'..both wanting each other but the reality of life standing between them'..breaking their heart.

Leher trying to study hard but Abeer's thoughts, her guilty but loving heart refusing to concentrate on anything but him'.the truth of his words....his promise to love her forever but the angry Abeer telling her the facts and saying I am going away from you'.resounding in her ears'.getting her ready to pour her heart out'.am loving this coz soon she won't be able to live with his words which are true in her heart too.

Abeer & Sudha:

Beautiful mother son scene 👏'..Abeer telling her not to worry'..he might make her mad but she sweetly accepting it. Telling her that her heart bled to see him so sad'.asking for his smile and asking if he was trying to punish the whole household coz he was angry with dad?

The child in Abeer still needing his mother's soothing words while the grown 'up Abeer trying to tell her that he was trying to become serious as per the want of the rules of growing up and manning up. Sudha tells him that he was their zindagi ki kamai''loved that statement of hers and how he nodded coz he understood the same things TN was trying to tell'.better the way she explained them.

True I must say '.


Bina bole  jo samajh le,Mere maan ki baat

Mere dukh mein'mere such mein

Jo hai har pal saath Sabse acchi sabse sachhi

Lori ka de haath O maa tere haath

Sardi mein wo dhoop ki chadar Garmi mein barsaat

O maa'.tere haath



Hate that guy'..the way he told his tattoo panjus that Omi bahiyya's dil'which is near the phephdas'is beating for the gali mein marz ki dawa'..ewwwww that music n the creep'.I wish he disappears '.forever'..jaldi se jaldi


Guddan n Bittan:

Bittan asking her didi 'who though living in la la land drops the tea but still insists that the world is a wonderful place'.understands the problem.

Beautifully put by Bittan'"hum tum se chote hain'shayad problem na solve kar paayein par hame pata hai tumkhe kaun se fikar sata rahi hai"'she knows that he sister is running away from the truth but the younger one has more brains and a quick mind I must say that she made her di smile. Ok me rushing ahead so coming back to the sisters.

Bittan celebrating sisters day out of the blue 'putting a smile on Leher's face'..asking her  how she felt  when  Bittan expressed her love and  leaving the question hanging''for her to figure'.whether she wants to give the same happiness to someone else'.by simply expressing how she felt?

 And that pyaar ho toh sab achha lagta hai'.caught n bowled!!


Precap:                I can't tell you how excited I am!!

Bittan telling excitedly to Abeer that the mithai is for her Di's shaadi n the color draining from his face.

Saari herogiri bechaare ki dhari ki dhari reh gayi sachhi'."Sh..shaddi'.kab tay hui?"

"Hui nahi hai'par ho jayegi"

Three cheers for Bittan'.the best sister and an amazingly wonderful saali!!

pholon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai

ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai



Loved the episode'.a bag of emotions. Gaurav stole my heart and yami was excellent but the icing on the cake was Bittan.

9/10'..for Bittan

  Honey ur writeup beautifulClap song selection beautiful.⭐️
for me episode was ......hmmm OK ..well its just monday rite ...but thank god Omi was only in one segment but even then he gave me chills?Abeer was good.CVs missed the opportunity one more time..😒 on the rerrace when Leher walked up to Abeer and when Abeer walked way ...she could have pulled his hand and confessed 😉😉😉😍 intense scene me confession hoga to ..😉😉😳
   now girls u r on page 10 ...i have to read 10 pages..maybe by then ...natzs good nite song time will come ..soo hav FUNN ..and keep going.
Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by sarab123

Haha...kharcha Kaun dega?

waise chalega isliye..kyunki mera dream boy to Robert pattinson hai..uske saamne ye chaii kam paani !!
  sarab wow u still wake ? or got up early?
Posted: 13 years ago
@Shilpa.....itni jaldi leher ain't gonna melt!!! I am actually loving this build up towards a confession!!

@ Jo.....the marriage thing is a Prank Bittan is playing on her to be Jeejs!!

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