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Posted: 14 years ago

"I was working as the script consultant and the CEO for a channel"- Sakshi Tanvar

January 20th, 2010 - 5:09 pm ICT by sampurn -

Lipika Varma

Sakshi Tanvar needs no introduction. She represented the Indian Bahu on the idiot box in the famous serial "Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii'. Stars belonging to the idiot box get over exposed so much so-they are hardly left with any more interesting know-how about their persona to be represented, other than the serial where they may have got exposed. Sakshi was the heartthrob of the trillions of middle class families for almost seven years. But now indeed for more than two years she has been out of sight and obviously out of mind too. But she refuses to accept that she is getting no more offers. Sakshi Tanvar had hibernated for a while now. She is back with a bang as a host of show titled "Crime Patrol' on Sony Channel starting from Jan 26.

Ask her the reason of her disappearance act and she snaps, "Yes, I did not want to work for sometime as while doing "KGGK' I was literally fed of getting up early in the morning and had to be on my toes like 24X7. I was dog determined to take a long break. With due respect to the directors and producers who approached me I am back now as I feel that "Crime Patrol' has brought life to a full circle for "Crime Patrol' makes me feel good."

Well, what has she been doing? How was she passing her time? While taking a break from acting I realized that even before starting acting it is very essential for the actors to know the work behind the camera. I was working as the script consultant and the CEO for a channel. Knowing the scripting details and other technicalities is much more important than acting." Confesses the bahu turned host.

We quiz as to- what is her feelings towards the new entrants? Does she not feel jealous of them? "No not at all. I too was a new comer at some point of time. Change is the spice of life. Change is a must. Any change that brings smile on your face should be welcomed with open arms. I find the new comers very enthusiastic, energetic and also passionate about their work. Their hard work reminds me of my good old days. While working for "KGGK' I would always consider myself as a worker going to studious regularly although it had become monotonous but those were the days. After going through this journey I must confess that I am in a position to pick and chose work which interests me more."

You tried your hand in Hindi films last year but could not allure the audiences at the box office your film Coffee House, flopped miserably comment? Actually the story of the film was brilliant. The film could not get a good collection. I am doing a Pritish Nandy film titled Saluun directed by Nikhil Bhagat which will showcase me in a different avatar

altogether. It is a cameo role but yet very prominent. A woman power packed role indeed. It's a firebrand character. The tale is intriguing based on a true incident that occurred in Thane- Bhiwandi Taluka."

Well, reveal your memorable incident with your fan? "I was all set to take a flight to my home town while walking into the aerodrome. A mother with her kid on the wheel chair came running towards me and said, "Parvati please shake hands with my daughter. She has always been wishing to do this.' The child was almost in tears hugged me and I too felt very emotional. People really love you as they love your character too. It was a touchy moment for us."

How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?" I have a small gym in my colony I attend that gym and my trainer who trains me have made this possible. I do a little of yoga too. I perform breathing exercise regularly."

Sakshi is single when will she mingle? "I do not know when! These are celestial arrangements will happen when destiny will come calling." What kind of man will Sakshi love to get entangled? When will marriage happen? Turns red literally get ups from the chair and says, "A man with ample of wisdom, caring, sharing and loving." Look up and says," God knows!"

Finally, your wishes to our country men on Republic Day-I remember right from my childhood day my father used to take us to attend the salami at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Even now we do watch the Republic Day Parade on the Television or attend the flag hoisting nearby our residence as a token of respect to the martyrs who fought to obtain freedom from the clutches of the British. Learn to respect your matrubhoomi and the countrymen.


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Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks so much for sharing!👏👏👏..Sakshi's interviews always have some food for thought!👏👏👏...makes for Gr8 reading!!😳...She's so genuine n down to earth n that's what makes her such an Amazing person!🤗...Sakshi Rocks!!⭐️...Hope she's blessed with life's best gifts always!!😃...Love you loads Sakshi!😍