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Posted: 16 years ago


Amisha goes to the temple and she is waiting for someone. A car stops and Tilak comes out of it. Amisha becomes emotional on seeing Tilak. Tilak had called her to talk about Vishwa and Suhana.

Tilak loses her temper when Amisha behaves very coldly with him. He tells her that he knows that she is Saroj and he will prove it. He walks away.

A photographer clicks their photograph. Then he calls someone and tells him that the job is done and that the photographs will be delivered the next day. At home Vivek and family are waiting for Amisha. She rushes in and tells them that she had gone shopping for all of them.

Shubham also joins them for the Pooja. At Chopra House, Reshma is preparing for the pooja. She wonders where happiness has gone from the house. Dadi tries to console her. Meenakshi goes in to call Tilak for the pooja.

hope u guys enjoyBig smile

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Posted: 16 years ago
Bhabhi UPDATE - 1st Nov

Amisha shows Meenakshi a video clipping of her and Uppal in a compromising pose. Meenakshi is shocked. She threatens to show it to the rest of the family. Just then Vishwa intervenes and asks Amisha to leave. He raises his hand to hit her when Tilak screams and stops him. All are shocked.

Tilak follows Amisha on her way out and pleads with her to tell Vishwa that she is his mother. Amisha says that she is not Saroj. Vivek wonders why Amisha did not show the clippings to the Chopra family members and prove Suhana was innocent. Reshma cannot forget about Saroj. Tilak also cannot sleep and he walks into Reshma's room.

There Tilak tells her to admit that she believes that Amisha is Saroj. Reshma finally accepts. Meenakshi overhears their conversation and realizes that Amisha is, in fact, Saroj and only Tilak and Reshma know about this. Meenakshi wonders why Amisha is pretending and decides to beat her at her own game.

By Woow
Posted: 16 years ago
Bhabhi UPDATE 2nd NOv

Saroj is thinking about whatever had happened. She picks up her phone to call Tilak. He suddenly gets up from his sleep and checks his phone to see if there is a call. Meenakshi knows why Tilak is so restless. She is about to call when Amisha hears Suhana's scream. She runs to her room to find Alpa trying to console her.

Suhana is screaming out for her dead child in sleep. Amisha is heartbroken. Meenakshi tells Uppal that Vishwa raised his hand to hit Amisha. She tells him that Amisha is Saroj and that Tilak and Reshma know it. Uppal shows her photographs of Amisha with Tilak and Reshma at the temple.

Meenakshi is shocked. Uppal tells her that Reshma and Tilak have joined hands with Saroj and are planning to oust Meenakshi from Chopra House. Meenakshi is furious. Shubham meets Alpa and tells her that he still loves her and is not ready to marry Suhana. Alpa tells him that he has to marry Suhana for Ammu's sake.

By Woow
Posted: 16 years ago

scene 1

Amisha is telling Meenakshi that she is gng back to da Chopra House as Saroj, which shocks Meenakshi. Vivek overhears her and realises dat da time has come to let her go.


A lot of discussion is gng on at Chopra House over Saroj returning back. Reshma tells evry1 that she is SAROJ and that she was quiet all this while coz she was "sworn to secrecy". Tilak is very excited when he hears the news but Vishwa is furious. He fails to understand how they can welcome Saroj. Tilak and Vishwa have a heated argument over Saroj. Tilak tells him and the family that if anyone objects to any of this, he will take Saroj with him and will leave this house forever. Everyone is shocked n surprised. Meenakshi says to Tilak that she is wid him n supportes him in his decision and he doesnt has to worry n will make Saroj will welcomed n comfertable in da house. Tilak is overwhelmed. Vivek helps Amisha to pack her bag. Suhana becomes hysterical when she sees Amisha leaving.

thats all for today guys
hope u enjoyed
i will try my very best to update....i hve my finaly exams gng on so pretty busy, n after tht i will be hving my 2 months holidays...n not sure if i will hve time thn to visit IF as i would be working at our rest from evening onwards...will try my very best
n hopefully u guys will finally get a Forum of ur own for bhabhi Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago

starts off wid the inspector telling her to take care n not to feel alone in her fight for justice.

Amisha is on her way to the chopra house, she is remembering all the times she spent wid vivek n his daughter. She rings him, but is unable to speak whn she hears his voice, n does not utter a word. Vivek senses it amisha, and askes her not to ring him again.

Another car comes n stops behind amisha's car. the guy who planted the bomb in amisha's car is driving the car, there faces are covered wid a black mask and r following amisha's car. one of the guy takes out a gun n is aiming at amisha, suddenly amisha sees the guy aiming at her n tries to run away but is unsuccessful n gets "SHOT". She loses the control of her car n the cars lands up off the road.

Amisha has fainted. The gunda's come to check on her if she is alive or dead. They see her lying unconscious and guess tht she is dead. Uppal tells the others that they should hide the car and bury her body somewhr so no one finds out.

Chopra house
Everyone is waiting for saroj to arrive. Tilak is wondering where Saeoj is and prays to god for her well being n to always shower his love on her n protect her forever.

And the episode ends…hope u guys enjoyed it

Posted: 16 years ago
3rd November.

Renita - hope you do not mind I have posted your update hear.

Hi, I just saw bhabhi in which menakshi leaves after her crying episode saying she would like saroj to come back to the chopra's. Vivek, Alpa and suhana leave when saroj claims that menashi is lying. Saroj then overhears alpa and suhana saying that their amu shd go to her house but they dont want her to.

Saroj then goes to vivek and says that she has regained her memory and why she remained amisha(the part why tilak mom asks for her promise). After that she claims she is amisha but vivek says that she is first saroj chopra them amisha saet. He then gives her the mangulsutra he found on her upon her arrival and goes.

Aval then poisons vishu's mind and vishu leaves angry. Aval then calls menakshi saying the job is done. Menakshi says that vishu will not allow saroj in the chopra's house and the saets will not allow saroj in their house thus she has nowhere to go and will most likely commit suicide.

Vishu then goes to the saets house and arrives when alpa and suhana tell saroj not to go. Menakshi then tells the family that amisha is saroj and tha ma and tilak are meeting her secretly and she went to see saroj so that she could ask saroj to come home.

Vishu then tells saroj that he would never let her enter the house and spoil his real mother's life. he also say find some other way to get rid of suhana's beziti. Saroj is shocked to hear vishu call menakshi his birth mother. Menakshi is crying abt the fact that maybe saroj hurled abuses in the past as she did not recover her memory when saroj calls. Menakshi then tells the family saroj must have called to hurl abuses and is abt to leave when the chachu says to on the phone on loud speaker. Menakshi answers it and puts it on loudspeaker in which saroj says i have lost and that i am saroj chopra and i am coming to the chopra's house and be ready for me. Menakshi is shocked speechless.

The End

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------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------

His acting after finding out saroj is alive is superb. After he pulls saroj of the cliff, he actually accuses menakshi of purposely calling off the wedding to prevent him from meeting saroj and claims that all the proof she had against suhaina was made up.

He also claims that she purposely tried to prevent the whole family from finding out the truth that's why none of them ever met suhaina's mother.

At the same time tilak's mother goes to temple and saroj comes there. After praying when tilak's ma turns to leave she sees saroj and is shocked. she is further shocked when she sees vivek calling her his wife.

Tilak's mum arrives home to find tilak and menakshi fighting abt saroj and menakshi runs to the ma claiming that whatever she did was for vishu and tilak's sake as she loved them very much. She says tilak would have got back saroj but what abt her.

She then tells tilak he can bring saroj back but he has to give her the wish he promised her. her wish is that vishu never finds out who is real mother is and when he does that will be her last day alive.Tilak gives the promise.

Amisha who was brought to the hospital frm the temple to see vivek's didi. She starts to recall her past and they are shocked to learn that she is saroj chopra and has a kid. Tilak arrives at the hospital with his family and thay see saroj.

After a few minutes of trying to remind saroj abt themselves, she faints. In the later episodes she actully regains her memory and goes to live with vivek and decides to prove that suhaina is innocent. Menakshi and apal then decide to use vishu to fight her as this will create enimity btw mother son.

By ronita
Posted: 16 years ago
hey thz my last exams tomm...i will try my best n keep u guys updated

here's yesterday's update


Everyone see Saroj standing infront of them and they all become very emotional. She takes greeting from all of them. Saroj was looking around for someone but couldn't find she then askes Nanda as to whr Vishwa is and nanda replies tht he was annoyed on hearing that u were coming so left the room. Meenakshi and Saroj share some cold feelings. Saroj goes to meet Kukku in his room but he refuses to believe that she is Saroj and walks away.

Dadi is talking to Reshma and tells her tht she thinks Saroj has changed a lot in these twenty years but Reshma tells her that we will have to accept her the way she is.
Saroj is talking to Meenakshi and is telling her tht she will hve to make soooo many sacrifices and slowly slowly she will take everything away from Meenakshi. Meenakshi becomes nervous on hearing this and tells Saroj to get ready to meet Tilak for their first night together. Saroj puts on an act in front of Kukku.
Thts all for today
Hope u guys enjoyed

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